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On Star Trek, The Motion Picture Premiere
Made in 1995 for Sci-Fi Channel Europe, interviews conducted and edit produced by Kevin Jon Davies. Featuring: Robert Wise, James Doohan, George Takei, Nicholas Meyer.
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More Than 30 Years Manopticon '94 Trail
Trailer made by Kevin Davies for showing at the 1994 Manopticon convention in Manchester. BBC Video were still pondering whether to go ahead with the VHS version of his BBC1 documentary "Doctor Who: Thirty Years In The Tardis". They arranged for a questionnaire to be distributed asking for opinions on the Doctor Who VHS range. The success of this and the trailer screening helped towards securing the eventual deal. The material here was culled from a mish-mash of sources, including timecoded VHS viewing tapes of rushes and other clips. Music by Mark Ayres. The documentary "More Than 30 Years in the Tardis" forms part of the BBC DVD release "The Legacy Collection" in January 2013. 23rd November 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the TV series.
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When Gerry Anderson Met Ray Harryhausen
October 1995, London. Legendary filmmaker Ray Harryhausen had just been interviewed for the fledgling Sci-Fi Channel UK, when the next interviewee arrived. It was Gerry Anderson, producer of Stingray, Thunderbirds, UFO and Space 1999. The cameras kept rolling as these two giants of the industry met. Now, many years later, although these gentlemen are sadly no longer with us, we can all share the moment... Cameraman: Dave Hicks Sound: Mark Ayres Director: Kevin Jon Davies
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Paul Darrow and Pamela Salem in Macbeth
A report on Paul Darrow's early 90s theatre tour of the Scottish play. Found this on the end of an old VHS tape.
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Barrington Black Trail (Doctor Who Spoof)
The unseen, 'forgotten' Doctor, Barrington Black auditioned for the role several times. Stephen Mansfield as Barrington Black Nicholas Briggs as the Interviewer Made for "Myth Makers" in 1990.
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Daleks 2013AD (Filming for "An Adventure In Space And Time")
Behind the scenes filming in February 2013 for "An Adventure in Space and Time", a BBC TV drama about the early days of Doctor Who. They were re-creating a moment in 1964 when the Daleks were filmed crossing the bridge, an iconic shot from the early years of the show. All footage and edit copyright, KJD. None of this is BBC footage.
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DWAS Blackpool 1981
Fans of Doctor Who on an annual trip to Blackpool in May 1981 to see the exhibition.
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DR.HOO cartoon (1977)
Made on 8mm film, directed by Kevin Davies. Premiered at the world's first Doctor Who convention in Battersea, London, in August 1977. Animation: Kevin Davies Andrew Harlow Steven Harlow David Beasley Mark Fuller Artists: Kevin Davies Steven Harlow Andrew Harlow Mark Fuller Ning Lee Gary Saunders Music: 'Dr.Who' by Mankind (1978)
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Prof Stephen Hawking as Deep Thought
Prof Stephen Hawking (RIP) as the voice of Deep Thought, in excerpts from a film about "The Hitchhiker's Guide" written and presented by Sanjeev Bhaskar from "The Big Read" series (BBC2, 2003). With Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish as the Magrathean programmers Lunkwill and Fook. Hawking was the Voice of The Guide Mk2 in the recent Hitchhiker's Guide Hexagonal Phase BBC Radio 4 series (March 2018).
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Adventure Game S2 E3 (1981) Clip with Sue Cook
Found on the end of an old VHS tape; an incomplete episode, sorry. This one aired on 16 November 1981 (according to IMDb). Presenter Sue Cook was the guest. Patrick Dowling was the Host. Blue Peter's Lesley Judd also features.
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Gerry Anderson and Terrahawks (TV-Am 1984)
An interview with Gerry Anderson and a small team of freelancers who happen to be fans, promoting the "Terrahawks" series and that weekend's convention, "Fanderson '84". Presenter Henry Kelly fumbles his way through, but you'd never guessed we'd rehearsed earlier, would you? He forgets the names, forgets the girls aren't wearing microphones and calls Lady Penelope "The Dame". And Anne Diamond such a fan as well...! The freelancer fans are: Terrahawks graphics designer Kevin (Jon) Davies (as Yung-Star) with his wife Elaine Davies as Cy-Star, plus sculptors Susan Moore (as Zelda) and Stephen Mansfield with a puppet they'd made of Gerry. The puppet Gerry was used in the spoof sketch "Gerryhawks", which is available elsewhere here on YouTube.
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Verity Lambert - in her own words...
Verity Lambert (1935 - 2007) was a trail-blazing and award-winning British TV and film producer. This selection of interview clips is taken from three sets of camera rushes, conducted in 1993 and 2006 by director Kevin Jon Davies. It was screened exclusively at Riverside Studios on Wednesday 23 July 2014, when the Doctor Who Appreciation Society unveiled a plaque dedicated in Verity's honour. Also appearing in this video is Carole Ann Ford, the actress who played Susan on Doctor Who and Verity's friend, the director Moira Armstrong. NB: In this video, Verity mentions her friends "falling out of Henneky's" to go home and watch her early Doctor Who episodes. Henneky's pub was a hotbed of hippies and counter-culture in the 60s and early 70s. It's now called the Earl of Lonsdale and is still situated on the corner of Portobello Road and Westbourne Grove, West London.
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Robert Wise talks about Gort
The director of The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) talks about creating the robot, Gort. Interviewed by Kevin Jon Davies for Sci-Fi Channel (UK) in 1995.
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Gerryhawks (Terrahawks spoof)
Spoof of Gerry Anderson's puppet series "Terrahawks" - made by fans in 1984.
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Lordship Lane, London N22 (1981) + IRA Gun Car (1990)
Home video from 1981, followed (@ 0.58) by News reports of an IRA gun car being stopped by police - from 22 May 1990.
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Dirk Gently - BBC Radio 4 Trailer (2007)
BBC Radio adaptation by Dirk Maggs of the book by Douglas Adams. The series began on 3 October 2007 and features: Harry Enfield as Dirk, Billy Boyd as Richard, Olivia Colman as Janice, Jim Carter as Gilks, Andrew Sachs as Reg, Felicity Montagu as Susan, Robert Duncan as Gordon, Toby Longworth as the Monk, Michael Fenton Stevens as Michael, with Andrew Secombe, Jon Glover, Jeffrey Holland, Wayne Forester and Tamsin Heatley. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirk_Ge...
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BBC TVC Quad Edit Machine Room 1981
During a 2" tape edit at TVC in January 1981, two young enthusiasts shot this behind-the-scenes footage on a portable JVC VHS system. I'm reliably informed the guy loading the tape is Ben Robinson. I think the editor is Ian Williams, can anyone please confirm this? NB: This was part of my "Making of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" material which didn't make it into the final cut of the documentary released on BBC VHS in 1993 (and later as an extra on the BBC DVD of the series). Most of the nerdy tech questions here are from my pal David Beasley (who some years later earned a PhD in Artificial Intelligence).
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Worldcon - Seacon, Brighton, 1979
From the series Time Out of Mind in 1979.
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30 Years Photoshoot on Westminster Bridge 1993
A photoshoot for the 30th anniversary of the World's longest running Sci-Fi series. The gentlemen of the British Press and fans of the show photograph the Daleks with Jessica Carney (William Hartnell's granddaughter), Roberta Tovey (Susan in the Dalek movies), Carole Ann Ford (Susan in the TV series) and the original series producer Verity Lambert. This was at the film shoot for "Thirty Years In The Tardis", a 1993 BBC 1 documentary directed by Kevin Davies. The 1994 feature-length version of the documentary is available on BBC DVD as part of The Legacy box-set from January 2013, the fiftieth anniversary year of the series.
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The Illustrated Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 1994 TV Plug
Douglas Adams' digitally illustrated coffee table size version of his famous novel (art directed by Kevin Jon Davies) gets a good review by James Whale on ITV's "You're Booked!" upon publication in September 1994. Whale struggles with pronunciation of Zaphod Beeblebrox and mentions the proposed movie, but it was another 11 years before that reached fruition, by which time Douglas Adams had sadly passed away. "You're Booked!" was a Mike Mansfield production, the guy behind 70s music show "Supersonic!" and many a pop video.
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Douglas Adams & Ken Grieve Go To Paris
Clip from an interview with Douglas Adams (RIP) in May 1985, talking about an overnight drinking binge with Ken Grieve (RIP). Initially for screening at Lazlar Lyricon, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Games Convention in Birmingham 1985, clips of this interview have been used in many documentaries since. (e.g. This anecdote appeared as an extra on the BBC DVD of The City of Death.) The Crew: Interviewer: Kevin Jon Davies Cameraman/Editor: Dave Hicks Sound Recordist: Mark Ayres Production Assistant: Elaine Davies Facilities: Gateway Video
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Space Precinct (1995) Behind the Scenes
Starburst magazine celebrated their 200th edition with a special VHS video release presented by Jon Pertwee. This exclusive look behind the scenes on Gerry Anderson's TV series "Space Precinct" formed the latter portion of the programme. Interviewees include Gerry Anderson himself, plus several of his cast and crew. There is also teaser at the end for the next Starburst video, with a familiar face from Babylon 5.
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Space Island One Ep 7 "The Barrier of Second Attention"
British Sci-Fi series first shown in 1998 on Sky TV. Episode 7: "The Barrier of Second Attention" written by Matthew Bardsley and directed by Kevin Jon Davies. A space station's crew is threatened by an uncanny and mysterious unidentified object which somehow materialises on board. First broadcast on 18th February 1998. Regular Cast: Commander Kathryn MacTiernan - Judy Loe Walter B Shannon - Angus MacInnes Dusan Kashkavian - Bruno Eyron Paula Hernandez - Indra Ové Lyle Campbell - William Oliver Harriet ‘Harry’ Eschenbach - Julia Bremmerman Dr. Kaveh Homayuni - Kourash Asad Creator: Andrew Maclear Executive Producer: Andrew Maclear Producer: Margaret Matheson Science Consultant: Richard L S Taylor Music: Richard Blackford and Glenn Keiles Developed with the support of the European Script Fund, an initiative of the Media Programme of the European Union. Funded with assistance from the Isle of Man Film Commission.
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Late Night Horror - 1968 TV Titles (Rare)
Wrap around title sequence given to a strand of horror plays, shown on BBCTV, between 19 April-24May 1968, sadly no longer in BBC archive. The creepy soundtrack was provided by the now defunct BBC Radiophonic Workshop. This clip was discovered on a VHS of one of their old showreels, hence the timecode. More info at: http://www.eofftv.com/l/lat/late_night_horror_main.htm And: http://www.the-mausoleum-club.org.uk/Index/Index.htm
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Joey Deacon drama (Horizon 1974)
Snippet from a 1981 VHS tape of Horizon drama-doc on the life of Joey Deacon, a cerebral palsy sufferer who became a minor celebrity in the UK when his book "Tongue Tied" was published. Broadcast 9 Dec 1974. Mark Wing-Davey plays Joey's dad. Directed by Brian Gibson. More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joey_Deacon
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Bat Special (The Late Show, 1989) - Very rare!
15th June 1989 Documentary by BBC2's The Late Show, made to tie-in with the release of Tim Burton's Batman (1989). Interviews with: Frank Miller, Harlan Ellison, Jerry Robinson, Will Eisner, Legs McNeil, Trina Robbins, William Dozier, Denny O'Neil, Stanley Ralph Ross, Anton Furst and more...
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Space Island One Ep 12 "Nemesis"
British Sci-Fi series first shown in 1998 on Sky TV. Episode 12: "Nemesis" written by John Brosnan and directed by Kevin Jon Davies. The crew of a space station are under threat from an aggressive stealth satellite. Guest starring Barry Morse as the voice of Brubaker. First broadcast: 25 March 1998 Regular Cast: Commander Kathryn MacTiernan - Judy Loe Walter B Shannon - Angus MacInnes Dusan Kashkavian - Bruno Eyron Paula Hernandez - Indra Ové Lyle Campbell - William Oliver Harriet ‘Harry’ Eschenbach - Julia Bremmerman Dr. Kaveh Homayuni - Kourash Asad Creator: Andrew Maclear Executive Producer: Andrew Maclear Producer: Margaret Matheson Science Consultant: Richard L S Taylor Music: Richard Blackford and Glenn Keiles Developed with the support of the European Script Fund, an initiative of the Media Programme of the European Union. Funded with assistance from the Isle of Man Film Commission.
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My Hero Got Me Started (1995)
Ray Harryhausen, Rick Baker and Steve Norrington tell almost identical stories about how they got into the movie business as technicians and artists. A very rare clip from the early days of Sci-Fi Channel (Europe) with three generations of movie makers recounting tales of how they got their big breaks by meeting their heroes. Directed by Kevin Jon Davies for Sci-Fi Channel, 1995.
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Star Cops - Trailer (1987)
Amazing what you find on the end of old VHS tapes...
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Madabout with Robin Hill
Michael Bentine always promoted talented youngsters, and here is a clip from his early 1980s show, "Madabout" with (at around the 3 minute mark) a dear old friend, Robin Hill (RIP), in his Chewbacca costume showing some of his amazing Sci-Fi modelwork. Ex-VHS copy, so sorry for the quality.
Views: 183 Kevin Jon Davies
Space Island One Ep12 Clip
Clip from TV series "Space island One", Ep12 "Nemesis", written by John Brosnan and directed by Kevin Jon Davies. Shot in Super 16mm in 1997 on The Isle of Man, and broadcast in 1998 on Sky One. Not yet available on DVD. Cast: Judy Loe as Commander Kathryn MacTiernan Angus MacInnes as Lieutenant Commander Walter B. Shannon Bruno Eyron as Dusan Kashkavian Indra Ové as Paula Hernandez William Oliver as Chief Science Officer Lyle Campbell Julia Bremermann as Harriet "Harry" Eschenbach Kourash Asad as Dr. Kaveh Homayuni Sally Grace as the voice of Control More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Island_One http://www.iomguide.com/spaceislandone.php?chosen_tab=1
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Scouse Con One on Look North West, 1982
Years before the word 'Cosplay' came into being, a previous generation was dressing up for SF conventions. Here, on Nationwide's 'Look North West' (a local early evening news programme) is Scousecon '82 organiser Roy Evans with his pals, plugging their big event. Friday 12 Feb 1982. (Can you name any of the other participants? There's George Barnes in the space armour, Martin ______ as Zaphod, Stephanie_____ as the Princess and *who* are all the others...?) Some of the outfits seen here were on loan from the touring Theatre Clwyd stage show of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', including the silver 'Marvin' costume, seen in the opening and closing moments. Author Anne MacCaffrey was Guest Of Honour that weekend in Liverpool, and one of the animators from 'The Hitchhiker's Guide' BBC TV series, Kevin Davies, gave an illustrated talk. The hostess with the mostest was the delectable Anne Page. The event was a huge success, with a spectacular pyrotechnic gun fight in the middle of the fancy dress parade when Space Pirates from "The 42nd" raided the event. More video of that to follow, when I have the time... KJD PS - this is a camera copy shot off a TV screen in the hotel at the convention that Friday evening, so long ago. That's also why it sounds a bit 'roomy'.
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Liam's Skydive for Young Minds
So proud of my son Liam Davies (23) who completed his first 10,000ft jump in aid of a very good cause on 3 October 2015. Please donate, if you can by the end of October: https://www.justgiving.com/Liam-Davies33/ YoungMinds help raise awareness of mental health issues for kids and teens. http://www.youngminds.org.uk/about/what_we_do GoSkydive in Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK, run a very safe and efficient operation, which offers you photos and video to take away with you straight after your jump! It really was a day to remember. http://www.goskydive.com
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Polyphase Avatron's Message to Douglas Adams
Douglas Adams' Virtual 60th birthday party was held at the HMV Apollo, Hammersmith on 11 March 2012 in aid of his favourite charities, Save The Rhino and the EIA. This is the video message from his creation, the robot parrot "Polyphase Avatron" (as seen in his Doctor Who story: The Pirate Planet). Poly Graphics by Chris Cassell Starry Background by Alistair Lock Voice by John Guilor Editing by Kevin Jon Davies
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Panopticon 5 in Birmingham, 1982
Just found this very rough bit of VHS which I shot in 1982, of Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney and John Levene signing. Aussie fan Suzanne Duffy in the Nyssa costume. We also see Toby Chamberlain (in glasses) and Melinda Webster as the Menoptera, plus Andy Zeus is revealed as the Sea Devil. Would be happy to hear from anyone who can name any other youngsters in the clip.
Views: 624 Kevin Jon Davies
Tricia McMillan & Zaphod Beeblebrox
Sandra Dickinson as Tricia and Mark Wing-Davey as Zaphod in a clip from the recording of The Quintessential Phase, the fifth radio series of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005). (Copyright KJD 2005)
Views: 2715 Kevin Jon Davies
Spitting Image SDI Graphic (1988)
Spitting Image special "Bumbledown" - how Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" (SDI) defense shield worked. It didn't. Animation by Kevin Davies, in the style of The Hitchhiker's Guide (TV series).
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Heather Hartnell in 1981
Brief clip of William Hartnell's wife Heather signing autographs for DOCTOR WHO fans, sitting in the (rather dark) auditorium at the 1981 DWAS convention "Panopticon 4". Shot on a VHS portapak by Kevin Davies.
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DWAS Lord Mayor's Show 1981
The D.W.A.S. were asked to contribute fan-made costumes to an insurance company float in the November 1981 Lord Mayor's Show in the City of London. The newly announced 5th Doctor, Peter Davison, was unveiled and seen here in his costume in public for the very first time. His then wife Sandra Dickinson as hiding from public view in the cab of the truck. The first part of this is as broadcast, the rest was shot by me on domestic VHS. Music by Yopo Music.
Views: 1619 Kevin Jon Davies
Yogo Advert (1980s) Ken Campbell & Christopher Benjamin
Found this on the end of an old VHS tape. Theatrical legend Ken Campbell as the pack of Yogo with the brilliant character actor Christopher Benjamin as the psychiatrist.
Views: 968 Kevin Jon Davies
Sylvester McCoy on Daytime Live (1987)
Sylvester McCoy talks about the innovative kids' drama series "What's Your Story?" improvised by him and others from audience submissions sent in overnight. This was broadcast on National Television Day, 1 Nov 1988. Found on the end of an old VHS tape, so apologies for the quality and the fact that the top of the clip is missing. More info on "What's Your Story?": http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0462148/
Views: 399 Kevin Jon Davies
Monty Python Live - The Final Bow
Final night of the Pythons - the final bow. Live at the O2, London, UK on Sunday 20 July 2014. The enormous audience gives them a standing ovation.
Views: 411 Kevin Jon Davies
Towards Tomorrow Titles - 1969 TV Titles (Rare)
Towards Tomorrow was a monthly BBC programme designed for the serious, detailed study of aspects of science and sociology. The series has produced some good pieces of television - some of them attacking irresponsibility in science. The documentaries included Roy Battersby's Assault On Life (debunking the horrors of the DNA 'secret of life'). People Like Us (examining brutal methods of psychiatry) and Adrian Malone's A Plague On Your Children (on the development of chemical and biological weapons in Britain). Thanks to "Westengland" of The Mausoleum Club for the above info. (See: http://www.mausoleumclubforum.org.uk/xmb/viewthread.php?tid=19890&page=2) The music is by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. This clip was discovered on a VHS of one of their old showreels, hence the timecode.
Views: 2001 Kevin Jon Davies
Dr Who? (Time Waits For No man) Spoof cartoon
Amateur cartoon spoof of Doctor Who made in 1977, by Kevin Jon Davies and friends from Tottenham School in London UK. Music: Dr Who? (Time Waits For No Man) by Mankind vs Dos Amigoz - Available on ITunes, used here with permisssion. #SaveTheDay
Views: 493 Kevin Jon Davies
Beeblebear Advert 1992
Still available from ZZ9... http://www.zz9.org/merchandise/beeblebears.html
Views: 297 Kevin Jon Davies
HHGG Tour Trail 2013 - 30s Woking
30 second cut for Woking to show in their cinema.
Views: 181 Kevin Jon Davies
Ed 209 vs Joker 1991
Ridiculous peak in our fancy dress party nonsense of the very early 1990s. I spent all week building this silly mini-ED 209 (quickly dubbed Ed 2.9) costume out of a big block of polystyrene and various plastic buckets, then arrived *well after midnight* to the new year's eve party at David Graham Hicks's place. After challenging Stephen Mansfield's (amazing) Joker, I fell asleep within about 20 minutes. What a waste of time! Stephen later apparently staggered home drunk, still wearing his Joker prosthetic make-up. We were never quite that ambitious again, thankfully. :)
Views: 545 Kevin Jon Davies
Bessie on Oxford Street?
Is this really Doctor Who's car? Looks like he's giving a lift to a Sontaran. (A clip from BBC4 documentary "Hotel Deluxe".)
Views: 545 Kevin Jon Davies
Quark Hitch (1982)
From Quark Video, 1982. Kevin Jon Davies and Toby Chamberlain thumb a lift from passing bug-eyed monster. Which is green, yes. Monster puppet by Susan Moore Voice by Melinda Webster (Ex-VHS)
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Making of Hitchhiker's Guide TV Plug 1993
Gaby Roslin plugs "The Making of the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" VHS release in March 1993 on Channel 4's late and much lamented "Big Breakfast". During the break there's a snippet of a Ready Brek advert with Jon Pertwee's voice saying "Central heating, for kids!" and one of those stu..stu..stu...(stupid) ads for hair product. It all seems such a long time ago. ...And remember, don't phone, it's just for fun!
Views: 1024 Kevin Jon Davies

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