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Article 13 Final video, and 22nd of January 2019
For more latest information on article 13. follow this person: https://twitter.com/Senficon im making this the last article 13 video. clearly i dont have much information about it. and i really don't want this channel to get too political. In the video i will be sharing some brief information of whats going on with article 13. and about 22nd of January. if there is some wrong information. just check out julia's twitter. she will have the most accurate info you could find. ok, hope you found this video useful. and hopefully we will all be updated with whats going on with article 13 later on. peace please subscribe. it would be awesome! #article13 #saveyourinternet #22nd
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Casey Nestat Interviews Robert Kyncl ( a cartoon parody) Animation
i was really happy when Casey nestat interviewed Robert Kyncl. robert kyncl is the youtube mangager. he deals with all the videos and stuff. the most interesting part of this interview to me was, the new rule to be part of youtube partner program. personally i think the response was not enough to make me understand youtube's situation. its still very unclear. its not transparent enough. This video is just a mini animation parody. where i am also part of the interview. i didnt say much in the video. i wanted to keep it short. Here is what i want to say, in the actual video, robert kyncl response for the new rule was. he thinks by doing this. it helps them learn about the partner. so they could put ads on them and etc. To me it doesnt make sense. and its quite unclear. im quite sure there are many ways to learn about a creator. when youtube reviews a channel, to see if the channel is at a good standard. thats already a great way to learn about a partner. its not a fair reason why many small creators are kicked out. when small creators were following the guidelines and their channel already being reviewed. this is just my opinion. well, its been a while now. just thought its a right time to talk about it again. when im not too upset about it. Nothing is going to change. whats done is done. i could only hope youtube does things better in future. even those who are part of the YPP. some channels were automatically terminated by bots. and automatically demonetized because of bots. and even those with over 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watchtime within the 12 months were still not able to be part of it. All characters are made exaggerated for entertainment purposes. nothing is real. btw. if you were concerned about what that sound was at the end. this video will explain it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq9I1Pfjcxc please subscribe. that would be awesome. #1ksubscribers #4000hourswatchtime #caseyneistat
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I Auditioned for Xfactor before ( story time) Animation
how much i love singing. this was the experienced i had when i auditioned for xfactor. it was indeed a wonderful experience. it was during the time when Sharon Osbourne returned back to the show. when the show started. the original Xfactor judges was Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, and Sharon Osbourne. later how Sharon Osbourne left. then after a few years. she returned. it was awesome. to see the return of the original 3. when i auditioned. Sharon Osbourne was not there. something happened to her house. she had to fly back to America to sort things out. so we were left with just Simon and Louis. which wasn't fair. but for me. i dont think it made much difference. i've got 2 No's. so even if sharon was there. its not gonna change my fate. i really hope you watch the whole entire video. it would be awesome. please subscribe. because i need your support. #xfactorUK #simoncowell #audition
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IT Pennywise Dancing scene ( a cartoon parody) Animation
After watching the Remake of IT. i just fell in love with the movie. i then went to watch the original IT movie from 1990. Before i watched the movie. internet was filled with IT clown dancing scene. So i decided to do one too. Hope you enjoy it. I always wanted to create a complete cartoon parody episode of a movie . but i cant. it will just take too long to make. im afraid i can only create small clips of some scenes instead. maybe combine them later on. All characters are made exaggerated for entertainment purposes. nothing is real. please subscribe. make me a happy man to get over 100 subscribers ^^ Thanks for reading X_Noob_Animz_X . this is a description shout out for you. ;)
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What you should NOT Do for Youtube Premiere! ( read description )
I Don't believe everyone knows about this. so here is just a quick video letting you know. For the youtube premiere. you should never select " unlisted" mode to upload a video and save it for premiere. because then you cant select the "Schedule" mode to schedule it anymore. and it would be a shame especially if its going to be a very long video. or a video that took a while to upload. so be careful. surprisingly, you can still select the "private" mode to upload and save it. you can still select the "schedule" mode to premiere it at the right times. just something for you guys to be aware of. #youtubepremieres #youtube #premiere
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Tom Cruise Broke his Ankle in Mission Impossible 6 FallOut (Animation) parody
I am a huge fan of Tom Cruise. i admire the guy. many actors would usually have a body double during any stunts. But Tom Cruise. He does the stunts himself. which makes him very unique. its like American Jackie chan. During Mission impossible 6 fallout. tom cruise injured himself. the actual footage is all over the internet. you can go and search it yourself. So. i am definitely watching this movie soon. This video is just an alternate version how he broke his ankle. completely made up. nothing serious. hope you guys enjoy. All characters are made exaggerated for entertaining purposes. nothing is real. please subscribe. it would be awesome. i think. ^^ #tomcruiserunning #missionimpossiblefallout
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Cloverfield Paradox, The Ending Monster Scene ( a cartoon parody) Animation
I knew nothing about a new cloverfield movie in 2018. I was on Youtube. then suddenly. i saw on the banner. Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix. i was so happy. i thought it was promoting it when it will release in the cinema. but it was straight on to netflix. i quickly watch it. for i was a huge Fan of the orginal cloverfield in 2008. i liked cloverfield lane too. But this one, Cloverfield paradox was a surprise for me. yep, i've watched it. and i heard there could be another one coming out. and i think daisy ridley is going to be in ti this time. as in rey from star wars force awakens and star wars the last jedi. Because i enjoyed it that much. i decided to create an animated version of it. hope you like it. please subscribe. the more people support. the more i will try and maintain my weekly uploads.
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Article 13
In the beginning. its just a mini parody animation i've made on James Blunt. I truly believe James blunt knows what he is talking about. However he is just speaking on behalf the music industry business side of things. Yes it will do them good if article 13 happens. so then everyone who wishes to use their music. they will need to pay a license. but aren't these artistes getting payed already through Content ID. They get majority of the ad revenue anyways, i still don't understand why they would still support article 13, when they know its gonna hurt their revenue. unless i've always been right about the third party companys. How they are false claimers. it just doesnt make sense. unless artistes wants to earn both content ID revenue and those who paid for their licenses. If article 13 happens. it means websites like youtube, facebook, twitter will be responsible to all the copyright material on their site. so for youtube. it means they would need to pay licenses to all those creators doing music covers. those making music covers may have to do the same. it puts youtube in a position they have no choice but to block all creator's from the EU. because its too much to deal with. unless individual creators have some official writings to prove everything they put in their videos are theirs. Not only on youtube. it may also effect other social network we are on. like facebook and twitter. if we post any pictures up. if it contains any copyright material that we dont own 100%. it may get taken down. because facebook or the uploader may have to pay a fee for that copyright. Youtube supports Article 13 that works for everyone. and clearly this Article 13 does not work for everyone. Although this is just gonna happen in the EU. But it still effects everyone. because creators from the EU may be blocked from outside of the EU. so there will be some disconnection. we cant view each others content. which means creators will lose viewers too. so please make awareness of this. #saveyourinternet #savetheinternet #article13
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Superman Vs The Flash  (Animation ) The Race
This Animation took me a few days to make. i did work hard for this. so i really hope you like it. in this animation it is the 1978 superman (christopher Reeves) vs 2014 the Flash ( grant gustin ) he is from glee. i also included the 13th Doctor Who in 2018 ( jodie whittaker) its a pity i heard she will be leaving the role as the doctor in 2019. its too soon. she has really grown on me. i ever so hope she continues. All characters are made exaggerated or in a parodic way for entertainment purposes. nothing is real. Please subscribe. the more support i get. the more i will try and maintain my weekly uploads. If you are interested, you can check out these Animators out: skarpantre: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaGi1JqbqFSpgfLNhJ8TNFA Explaining It: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKpaBe3vywq8Iu_PTpzH1wg Animation Zeus Al: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfgJhVbvBe7X_amWCnXZTDA #superman1978 #vs #theflash
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Logan Paul vs KSI, Deji vs Jake Paul face to face ( prediction video) Animation
majority of people in the world is looking forward to the fight on august 25th 2018. between logan paul and KSI. not sure about Deji and jake Paul. many people including myself feels that jake would win. anyway this is just a prediction video. and hope you guys enjoy the mini animation. all characters are made exaggerated for entertainment purposes. nothing is real please subscribe. it would be awesome. if you're interested seeing how i created these characters. here is the livestream link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMpF5t-njq0 #ksivsloganpaul #dejivsjake #prediction
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Youtube New Monetization Rules in 2019. Is it True?
recently i've seen a lot of rumors that youtube will tighten the rules again for monetization. i dont even know where they found the information. if its true what they say. Youtube would have notify us already. its a huge information which concerns all creators. Everything we are hearing now are just theories. different possibilities. Then i can Go ahead and say Youtube wont be tightening the rules in 2019. because they are dealing with bigger issues. like the article 13. which they know they will lose many creators and viewers in the EU. so why would they reduce even more creators in the platform. it would be insane. unless their "original" series is doing very well on youtube red. so keep your hair on. Just wait till youtube confirms it. maybe then we can react. lol im from the EU. this could be the end of my youtube channel. just posting videos when i still can. please subscribe. because youtube on the 13th and 14th took a chunk out of my subscribers. it hurts. anyway. hope you enjoyed this video. #youtubemonetization #monetization2019 #youtubepartnerprogram
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Article 13 on 22nd of January 2019?????
This is my last video before 2018 ends. i'll be talking about my slight concern about article 13. how i am clueless about it. Many creators from the EU have received a message about how the terms of service will change on the 22nd of Jan 2019. No one knows what it is yet. so its gonna be exciting when the time comes. and also a short thank you message to all of you who have been watching. you guys are amazing. please subscribe. it will assuredly make me a happier person ^_^ #article13 #saveyourinternet #22nd
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The Jump ( animation shorts )
This could be the last animation shorts im making. Through out the whole 2017. not a single animation short reached its 100 view. which kinda proves that people dont take much notice of these types of animations. these animation shorts i make are similar to explosm entertainment style i came up with this idea in 2017. so i can maintain my weekly uploads. so i can buy time to work on other difficult animations. But now in 2018. weekly uploads on youtube is pretty much out the window. i did make a video concerning about animation shorts. whether should i continue or not. but many suggested me to continue. even on twitter. many voted for me to continue it. and here is the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Km50cjoWOHw on this video i did say if the next one i make (which is this one i uploaded) reaches over 100 view in less than a year. then i'll continue. so im letting the audience decide. please subscribe. it would mean a lot to a small YouTube channel. and with more people supporting. the more i will try to maintain a weekly upload. thanks
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How to Create a Character in Anime Studio ( for Beginners ) tutorial video
If you still find a 5min video annoying. i created chapters for you 0:00 intro 0:23 choose software to draw and save work as png 0:52 make image background transparent ( if necessary ) 1:22 open anime studio, how to import and adjust. 2:09 how its important to save your work in the same folder 2:26 how to add bones to the character 3:07 how to smooth the character movement 3:32 how to connect bones that are not connected 3:57 how to add switch layer for the face 4:56 how to connect the switch layer to the head bone 5:14 Thank you guys for watch, hope it helped. First thing first. i am not a tutorial channel. This is just a one off tutorial video. i just thought it would be nice to help out someone that is interested in using this software to animate. i know there are already loads of tutorial videos out there showing you what to do on Anime studio. but you would have also noticed many tutorial videos are over 10mins. i personally dont feel there is a need to be that long to explain how to create something in anime studio. but i could be wrong. I am actually using the older version anime studio pro 8. if you are using the newer version. i believe the old tools are still there. but with extra new features which you could explore yourself. If you found this short tutorial video useful. let me know in the comments. if you know anyone that wants to use anime studio to animate. you can share this video to them. and sorry about the different tone of voice. i actually recorded my voice in different days. so my mood was constantly different. hope its not much of a bother. please subscribe. it would mean so much to a small channel. thank you. #animestudio #tutorial #howto
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Doctor Who Peter Capaldi Regeneration ( a cartoon parody) Animation
hey guys. Happy new year. i wanted to start a new year with an epic animation. an animation i worked a little harder. i really hope you do enjoy it. if not. what a shame. its not suppose to be funny. i was just trying to show off some minor effects i can do. thats all. i was gonna do an animated reaction video on twice upon a time christmas special. then i felt. nah. its kind of pointless. music: Hero Down by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100880 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ 2nd music: Jimmy Fontanez - Puerto_Rico_Me_Llama please subscribe. help this small channel out. so i can try my best to maintain my weekly uploads. #doctorwho #tardis #jodiewhittaker
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World Cup Prediction 02, England vs Croatia ( a prediction video ) animation
Ok, last time i predicted wrong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbwm-jIqvfY But now i am predicting Again. It just sounds too good that england will win the world cup this year in 2018. its been over 4 decades. right now. they are in the semi finals. i weren't even born when england won the world cup. to see it and witness it as a grown up adult. i will be over the moon. i've always been the unlucky charm. anything i guess will become the opposite. so i am here predicting that england will lose to croatia. hoping things would turn out differently. England, england, england, england, england, england. oh btw. if you havent done so. subscribe.
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World Cup Prediction, Sweden vs England on Saturday 7th july 2018 (Prediction video) animation
This is a prediction video for one of the matches of the world cup on 7th july 2018. i am not hating on a particular team. this is just a prediction. i can get it wrong. i made a simple animation on this. hope you will enjoy it. All characters are made exaggerated for entertainment purposes. nothing is real. if i get it. subscribe. if i get wrong. still subscribe to comfort me. anyway. this is just a simple video. have a nice.
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Trailer 2
hi I'm CartooonTHAT. I'm called CartooonTHAT for a reason. i cartoon many different things. things like Movie, TV show, Characters, Animation shorts, parodies, Information and more. if you like what you see. why not give this channel a chance ;) Please Subscribe. the more people support. the more i will try to maintain a weekly upload. ^^
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Alien Invasion ( animation shorts)
i have no idea what i am creating sometime. This is one of those days. ok i'll be honest. i actually took the idea from an awesome channel called "frame order" they make animation that will make you laugh all day. you should really check them out. i've been very ill lately. i would hate to make a video telling you that im ill. its just useless. here i am. managed to create something for you to watch. hope you're entertained. if you haven't subscribe. i'll be making more animation. once i am fully recovered. #alieninvasion #animation
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Maroon 5 - Girls like you (Acapella Cover) no lyrics
i really like this song from maroon 5. So i decided to make a cover song. YES. you're right. im not a very good singer. i had some difficulty singing this song. im not really good with tongue twister. i think this song has it. whether good or bad. who cares. i hope you like the animation. Do you recognize any of the animated girls, woman? i feel i need to draw more girls. what you see in the video is basically all the girls been drawn. all characters are made exaggerated for entertainment purposes. nothing is real. please subscribe. i guarantee you will make me a happier man. well, kinda. do it anyways ;)
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IT Pennywise The Dancing scene (just the dancing scene) cartoon parody Animation
you must have notice. yes you are right. this is a clip thats been trimmed from this original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJd7-PZRQMo i think the beginning scene from the original is rather irrelevant. so just want to get straight to the point. hope you still enjoy it. to be honest. i was just trying out the trimming effect. for the youtube editor is gone. No one said anything to me. if i knew it was going away. i would have used it a bit more before it ends. anyway. All characters are made exaggerated for entertainment purposes. nothing is real. please subscribe. ok bye.
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World Cup Prediction 02, England vs Croatia, Result revealed Full Time ( animation) parody
This is more like a finishing off video. i successfully predicted right. England indeed lost to Croatia. i was so hoping england would win the world cup this year. its just that. they were so close this year. im just gutted. but whats done is done. and life goes on. we should get over it. its been like this for decades of decades and years of years. we are pretty much use to it. good luck for the world cup winner on sunday 15th July 2018. Come on France, win Croatia for us. lol im just kidding. please subscribe. it will surely cheer me up.
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Youtube Rewind 2018,  My Top 5 Predictions
I can't believe this year is slowly coming to an end. last year i predicted 2017 youtube rewind. now we are here predicting youtube rewind 2018. im quite sure there are many things i've missed out. but if i can predict these 5 things correctly, its enough. This video contains some screenshot of some videos on youtube. for information purposes. i hope its ok. i cant guarantee you a weekly video. because i just couldnt. i have things to do in my life. i have to put those things first. youtube is just something spare to do for now. please subscribe. because it makes me feel good. i think. #youtuberewind #predictions #fortnitedance
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Update on the 27th of July  2018
july and august time are my busiest time. it happens every year. for that reason. i wont be working on any animations. i will be around watching video and commenting and stuff. when i have free time during these months. i rather rest and take breaks. for i would be exhausted after a busy day. so i'll be back maybe in September time or October time. there's no guarantee. so talk to you guys then maybe. remember to subscribe. it would be awesome. i think. #update #27th #july2018
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FIRED FROM YOUTUBE - Demonetization and Failed to reach the new youtube partner program 2018
This is probably the last video im making. the correct term should be. i failed to reach the new rule of youtube partner program. where you need a 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watchtime. i remember the previous youtube rule. where you need to have 10,000 lifetime views. i was personally ok with that. because its something i could work hard towards. let's say if youtube only triggered the 4000 hours of watch time. im quite happy with that. all i had to do is concentrate making good content. But the subscriber count. it doesn't make sense to me. you can have loads of good content and still no one would subscribe to your channel. i remember watching casey nestat interviewing the manager of youtube. robert. he said he thinks with this standard 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of time. helps them understand the creator a bit more. i kind of dont like that explanation. there are many ways to understand a creator. if you can review channels in the first place. thats already a great way to understand a creator. what i think youtube could have done was. continue the 10,000 lifetime view and possibly with 10,000 hours of watchtime??? and then review the channels. another thing i felt quite insulting was. they criticize small creators not earning over 100 dollars a year. what they dont know is that. we as creators feel very successful by working hard and earning something tiny back. because its something we worked hard for. anyway. whats done is done. i doubt youtube would change anything. it would be a pity to give up completely. So i am still continuing. however, i wont be forcing myself to put out content. since im treating this as a hobbie now. whenever i feel like it. i'll post something. please subscribe, help me get 1000 subscribers. because thats beyond my control. share my videos to your sisters, brothers, mom and dad. and friends. ok bye.
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Copyright Music on Youtube part 2
i cant believe this is happening again. i made a video about this already. so basically this video i made in 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvRCkTD224w the music was played by me. i deliberately played it off beat so its no where near the original. i dont think you will ever hear this music anywhere. i created it. then these third party company. claimed it that it is theirs. i filed a dispute. it got rejected. so what i did was. trim this video and see what happens. this is what happened. this is the trimmed version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL7oVnyq6so . if the copyright owner is real then this trimmed version should be detected straight away. but it didnt. clearly they are false claimers. now recently. i received an email saying these guys. same third party company. claimed my work using the content ID. thats the thing youtube distributed to some creators. so now these guys. i dont know how. were able to scan my work and make it for themselves. well done. i explained the situation in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKXzwQD6Aaw and guess what. the same music was played in this video. and why is it not detected?. exactly. these are false claimers just trying to earn from your revenue. my advice is. dont waste time to file a dispute. its just a waste of time. anyway. subscribe. ^^ you will surely make me a happier man #copyrightclaim #copyrightmusic
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Should I Continue the Animation Shorts???
I stopped making these animation shorts for a while. and they dont seem to be getting any attention. whats surprising is. Not a single one of these animation short episodes has over 100 views. its been over 11 months now. im not complaining. if it doesnt interest people. i can simply stop making it. But i really want to know what you guys think. some of you are new to my channel. what do you guys think. you guys like watching these types of animation? let me know in the comments.
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Copyright Music on Youtube part 3
i got another copyright claim. this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u5Ae43oBfw This would be my third video claimed by some company. I am just giving my thoughts on this. This is not a hate video. This is just my perspective and suggestion of how things can be better in the future for Youtube. Youtube keeps changing. because of all these changes. i would like to talk about it. just to get things off my chest. you know what. just watch the video. hope you like it. I am also making this video the last copyright video. whether false claimers or real claimers. its not like we could do anything about it. maybe in future if youtube does review copyright claims and disputes. maybe then things can improve in someway. This video contains some screenshots of other videos. leave a comment if you like my topic videos. i would like to know what you guys think. please subscribe. the more support i have. the more i will try and maintain a weekly uploads. thanks ;) #copyrightclaim #copyrightmusic #coversongs
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Just having Fun ( random animation ) ft aliceanimation, amyinthestudio, cabininterviews,
I really dont know what to call this. its not really a collaboration. what i did was ask permission to use their voices from their previous videos. i made it look like we are talking to each other. im gonna call this " just having fun". because there is no meaning to it. and nothing is real. im just editing for the fun of it. It's my first time doing these type of animations. its fun. maybe in future. i'll do a few more. although its got no meaning to it. although its very short. but alot of effort was put in to this work. so hope you still enjoy this mini random animation. So here are the animator's channel. they are very talented in their unique ways. check them out: amyinthestudio https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ-3OwPJhInXLZduLCgROrw AliceAnimations https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu9nodAA-_qtBD8Tnn-xUYg CabinInterviews https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKbD7B-uEoVrn7PwKN7n7_g please subscribe to them and ME. because im awesome too. lol. im not.
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Pink and Nate Ruess - Just Give Me a Reason (acapella cover) Animation
Ok. the singing is bad. but i hope you like the animation. i know this is an old song. its always been one of my personal favorites. i think it was released in 2013. anyway. the most annoying part of this animation would be the lip sync. lip sync is a nightmare. especially when you are making them sing. i clearly enjoyed this making this cartoon animation. it was alot of fun. really hope you enjoyed it too. i might ditch the lip sync in the future. for its taking too long to complete one animation. but we'll see. By the way. i got the lyrics wrong again. ah who cares lol. you can point it out and tell me which part in the comments. here are the lyrics if you are interested: " right from the start, you were a thief you stole my heart. and i, your willing victim. i let you see the parts of me that werent all that pretty. and with every touch you fix them, you've been talking in your sleep ohoh. things you never say to me, oh you know what, just google it. who reads descriptions lol. i just kind of got sick of writing everything out. ^^ please subscribe. it would be awesome. If you're interested to see how i created these two characters. here is the link to my livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAEAZtfwsKo #pink #nateruess #justgivemeareason
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Update on 1st of March ( read description )
First thing i want to talk about is. if you are from the UK. stay safe. its been snowing for over 3 days now. from monday night 26th Feb to 1st of march. probably more coming. who knows. but take care. Let's talk about my Youtube channel. my main message is. im not keeping any promises i can't keep. so whether im i continuing youtube or not. im not gonna say anything about it. whenever i feel like it. i'll go on. i dont wanna push myself anymore. i dont want to grind myself to the point im not happy. the more i want to grind the more i'll upset myself. because when i know i can't reach to a certain standard or level that youtube requires. i would feel all weird again. so, i just want to enjoy it. and have fun with it. ^^ so this channel is still active. i will be around watching videos, commenting and etc. but i may not be doing weekly uploads. in the past i always did weekly uploads. or tried to maintain it. i just dont feel the need to grind myself like that. since im just having fun with it. ONE MORE THING, i really hope you enjoyed this mini animation. it actually means something. although i get let down by alot things. but i will try to keep going ;) hope you can too. please subscribe. it would be awesome.
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Copyright Music On Youtube
Just giving my opinion and experience on copyright music on youtube. if my video is unclear. then read here. when i was part of the youtube partner program. i read many guidelines concerning about copyright and fair uses. As an animator on youtube. i would like to play my own music for my animations. Usually i play it off beat just to make it sound terrible and unoriginal. so. i was not expecting any copyright claims. One day i got a copyright notice. someone claimed my music. These copyright owners cant even provide any information or duration to prove the music belongs to them. or maybe. they took my music and signed it for themselves. i disputed the claim. however they rejected it. if i am to dispute again. i will get a copyright strike on my channel. which i dont want. i messaged youtube. their response was, they dont deal with copyright claims. It just reaches to a point. you are better off just using youtube music. which i did. its not bad. But concerning about the copyright issues. i feel youtube should have the authority to check whether copyright owners are real or fake. because by doing this. They just letting third party bad actors to claim and steal peoples work and earn from their revenue. Talk to small creators about bad actors. they are not even dealing with bad actors. There is a new content ID system which they will bring forward. it allows creators to scan their work. so no one can steal our work. if others try. we could detect it to choose what we want to do next. take down their video or earn from their revenue and etc. but another thing i found ridiculous was. covering other artist songs. in the past if we use their original backing track we will of course get copyright claim. Now. even if we are not using the original backing track and if we are to replay the music ourselves. it will still be copyright claimed. my question is. what about acapella versions. does that still count?. i have a feeling. In future. bad actors on youtube will be using this system as a opportunity to earn from other people. claiming works that does not belong to them. whether music or videos. its gonna happen. i feel its gonna affect alot of creators. especially the reaction channels and song cover channels. even animator channels. its happening right now. please subscribe. ;) you will make me a happier man.
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She Stood for TommyToonsTV and explaining it
This is an entry competition video for "explaining it" and "TommyToonsTV". this competition is valid until 6th of may 2018. whether i win or not. its not too important. im just happy to be part of it. such a great idea. i had so much fun making it. hope you guys like it ;)
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Testing Youtube Premiere
This is just going to be a test for the new Youtube Feature. the Youtube Premiere. It's just cool to test the new things that youtube distribute. i remember last year 2017. i was testing the End Screen. i was surprised i got some comments on that. Ok this is just a short experiment video. please subscribe. it would be awesome. #youtubepremieres #test
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So Sorry ( read description)
im using Logan Paul, a cartoon character i created to present this. just thought it would look cool. This is about me. I feel i have done something thats not very good recently. as a creator. i've been comparing myself with other successful creators. i was so desperate. i want to grow my channel in a short period of time. so i thought of a plan. i started subbing to all random channels, channels i never checked or liked, or even channels that has no videos. just hoping to gain their attention. i was subbing to the point where youtube stopped me from subbing any more channels. i then realized. this isn't the way. i felt i disrespected each individual unique creator. for that reason. i was beginning to unsub some channels. i want to give them a true respect back. i dont wanna sub because of personal gain. i feel wrong. So. i just want to say im sorry. im most likely gonna concentrate a bit more on my contents now. hopefully i may gain true viewers. please subscribe. you would make a small creator like me, a very happy person. ^^
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Let's Hide!!!! (animation shorts)
I took an idea from a TV show. do you recognize the scene? i found it quite funny. so i decided to recreate that scene again. hope you enjoyed it. please subscribe. usually i would say. with your support i will maintain my weekly uploads. But im not sure do i want to continue that anymore. it just feels like im forcing all sorts of contents out. but we'll see ;)
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Laurel Or Yanny??? Does it Matter?
So, #yanny or #laurel . It's nothing new. it has been explained. the answer is = Laurel. its just that its in a different sound frequency. where as old and young people would hear different alternatives. the original word is indeed laurel. This really depends on what ears you have. so if you have curly ears, big ears. just kidding. its depends on each individual ear's frequency. something i didnt mention in the video. i'll say it here. from this trend i was able to learn to respect other people's perspective and point of view. i think as a human being. we are all opinionated creatures. its always about how we see things. maybe its time to respect how others do things. like youtube. alot of small creators dislike the new rule. some small creature loves it. it just happens that i dont like it. so. maybe theres a good purpose which i cant see. but they can. anyway. this video has got no meaning to it. hope you still like it though. please subscribe. even though i say this. in your perspective this might mean get lost right now. i can understand why people are not subscribing to my channel. because some people could be seeing different words. please subscribe, if you understand.
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UPDATE on 10th July 2017, weekly uploads??? probably a no no
if you dont want to watch the video. its fine. you can just read it here. July and august times is my most busiest times. i have other things going on. So just giving you guys heads up. i may not maintain my weekly uploads. As a small channel. i tried my best to entertain you weekly. There are some channels out there, they dont upload weekly and still have a large amount of supporters and subscribers than me. whatever you do. please dont hate me if i dont make it to upload weekly. i am human. i will slow down within time. lol. please check out my other videos. there could be some you have missed. All characters are made exaggerated for entertainment purposes. nothing is real. please subscribe! with your support. i will try and maintain my weekly uploads. lol. not really convincing after this video hahaha. have a nice day!
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I was Ill on 1st and 2nd of August 2017
i just got really ill. im feeling slightly better now. however. got no new animations. i've been quite demotivated. anyway. hope you still like this mini animation. please subscribe! because im lazy. you like lazy people?. you found one. subscribe!!!! lol.
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Help Me Help You  Acapella cover, by Logan Paul ( no lyrics )
i hope you guys still like this mini animation. its trimmed from this original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTnAoF9ASq0 i always wanted to be a singer. however. im not that good if i am being very honest. its a good attempt at least. All characters are made exaggerated for entertainment purposes. nothing is real. Please subscribe. the more people support. i will try my very best to maintain my weekly uploads. #helpmehelpyou #coversong #animation
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Star Wars The last Jedi, The Reach Out Scene ( a cartoon Parody ) Animation
This is one of my favorite scene of Star wars The last jedi. It was just funny. some people didn't find it funny. i clearly enjoyed it. So i decide to create a parody of this scene. Where Luke Skywalker trains Rey. and when Luke asks Rey to reach out. She literally reaches out with her hand. I Worked very hard on this Animation. Even the smallest movement of detail took a while to make. i can only hope you do enjoy it. if not. what a shame. maybe its true. im really not that good. anyway. im not sure will i definitely be carrying on this channel. Music: Ghost Dance by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100573 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ please subscribe. would love to hit 1000 subscribers. the more people support. the more i will try to maintain my uploads. if you are interested seeing me building the characters here are the links: rey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vywiGWCsAo8 Luke skywalker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkKqCvqwEfA
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Quick Update on 23rd of October 2017 ( read description)
This is just a quick update video. if you dont prefer to watch the video just read it here: "Hey guys, i feel bad i havent been posting. the main reason is, i got really really ill. i lost my voice. i cant voice act. my subscribers suddenly went up. from 82 subs to 92 subs. but that may go down soon. i was so happy when people joined this channel. The Support was amazing. So i quickly work on my next animation. when i started drawing new characters. i got ill. sore throat, muscle ache, headache. i cant even wake up for work. how can i work on my animation. weekly uploads is becoming impossible. i dont want you guys to get bored to hear me say im ill all the time. boohoo. Instead i want to let you guys know. if i havent been uploading. these are my main reasons: - i am ill -i am busy with other works -i am demotivated and lazy we are close to 100 subscribers. i really can't wait. i actually wanted 100 subscribers on my first year on youtube. boohoo that didnt happen. i really hope i can get there before 2017 ends. when i do hit 100 subscribers. i would like to make a Q and A video. you can ask me any question on the commetns (comments). i'll possibly be making shot(shout) out episodes. To help out small channels like me. Ok. i need to get well soon. wait for me ;) " thanks for reading. music was by me. yes. i cant play. but i learn but i learn. please subscribe. it would be awesome.
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Stuck on the Island for 6 months challenge
This stuck on the island challenge thing is an animator thing. i really dont know how it started. but its been passed on. and i was challenged by AliceAnimations: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu9nodAA-_qtBD8Tnn-xUYg So here is my perspective on what i would do for the 6 months. There are 3 rules. 1. bring any 3 items but no survival tool or food. 2. you need to challenge other people 3. you can't be boring i had so much fun creating this. i can only hope the 2 people i nominated would take part. amyinthestudio: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ-3OwPJhInXLZduLCgROrw cabinterviews: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKbD7B-uEoVrn7PwKN7n7_g extra information: i've always been a fan of Life hacks and DIY stuff. i think this would be a great educational video for everyone. incase we need it. the king of random, my science teacher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMcgs7Tx3Hs please subscribe. because i need help thats why. ;)
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Bonfire Night 2018 ( animation )
i heard from traditions that bonfire night is purposely to scare away all the ghost from halloween using fireworks. how many of us actually care about the traditions. i dont think any of us understand why people celebrate these events in the first place. it was just made available worldwide within time. so here is a mini animation showing off my terrible firework animation. WARNING: it contains mild violence. but overall everything is fake. it was made for entertainment purposes. there is no intention to shock or mislead. i am experiencing a burn out atm. but im still trying to keep it cool. hope you're entertained. please subscribe. would be awesome. #bonfirenight #scream #fireworks
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SomeThingElseYT ( a cartoon parody) voice impression animation
An animator i found quite interesting. it's like watching Markiplier junior. i just feel like i want to impersonate his voice. i believe its a fail. but what a great attempt. all characters are made exaggerated for entertainment purposes. nothing is real. please subscribe! with your support. i will try and bring a new animation each week ;)
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Kool & The Gang - Get Down On It  Cover ( no lyrics )
Basically i found a music from the Youtube Audio Library. That has a similar groove with the song get down on it. I really want to know is Youtube really broken. In this video i didnt sing the whole entire song. and of course i sang it wrong. got all the lyrics wrong. I am really interested will third party claim a music that's provided by youtube. I once said that using youtube music is the safest option. but is it really the case. lets find out The music i used is by silent partner - you're no help please subscribe. it would be awesome. #getdownonit #coversong #animation
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