Videos uploaded by user “Colton Loewen”
Turret movement and camera
A demonstration of the camera movement and gyroscope movement. The hat visibility is a known issue.
Views: 13 Colton Loewen
Sonic Speed!
Look at me go!!!
Views: 3 Colton Loewen
Failed Microphone Test and Battle!
I've been testing my mic to do future recordings (mainly livestreams). Well it turns out I forgot to turn on my mic (don't blame me, the indicator is confusing and misleading). Thank you to: Kevin MacLeod for their song, Silly Fun, Ondrosik for their song, Crazy, and Lobo Loco for their song, Laguna Moonlight (Part C).
Views: 9 Colton Loewen
Bro Time Unofficial Base Snowfall Demo
This demo focuses on showcasing the snowfall for an unofficial virtual base being designed for the Bro Time community. Feedback! I need feedback in order to make the base better, so don't be afraid to voice your opinions related to the demo (please, try to stay on topic). At this stage, all I am looking to do with the snowfall is tweak it.
Views: 12 Colton Loewen
I'm on a boat!
My Roblox Lava based Banana Boat in action! Complete with my character waving to the camera!
Views: 25 Colton Loewen

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