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Terraria - Rod of Discord; rare teleportation item
https://twitter.com/Yrimir - News & previews This item is a very cool addition to 1.2, and something that I wanted to highlight in a video. The Rod does not use mana, so you can keep spamming it forever. It's a hard item for me to highlight, since the teleportation creates stutter which doesn't really work well with how I want to make videos. But it's worth getting the information out about this item, since it adds a lot of flavor to the normal gameplay. Credits https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria - Trolling developer, reddit and terrariaonline staff (with love)
https://Reddit.com/r/Terraria https://Terrariaonline.com The map is available to download from here: http://speedy.sh/cPmEs/World-21.wld I really love the work that is done at the community pages, and this is me saying thank you in a different way. Nothing says love as much as a Dungeon Guardian trap =) So do it to your friends! Credits: MachinimaSound.com - "Queen of the Night" Origin - "Jahzzar" http://www.jamendo.com/en/track/599227/origin Kevin McCleod - "Spazzmatica Polka" https://incompetech.com
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Terraria - Tax Collector NPC & Classy Cane Guide (Duck Tales Style)
https://twitter.com/yrimir The Tax Collector is a new NPC in Terraria 1.3. He doesn't sell anything, but instead gives you money. I got this inspiration of doing something related to Duck Tales, and the Tax Collector fit that profile very well. Hope you enjoy my take on the Tax Collector. Find it here: Peritune - "Enjoyable" http://peritune.com/ Royality Free
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Dungeon Guardian in 2 seconds - RotFT2
https://twitter.com/Yrimir This video was recorded on wednesday just after I got the Black Belt. I had tried with just the Turtle Armor before, but yeah that doesn't really work. I managed to kill the Dungeon Guardian with just one dodge - but that also ment that I died... I don't consider that a valid victory so I kept on trying till I got a double dodge. That took a lot of time to complete. Also I couldn't get two Guardians at the same time, as that (most likely) would leave me dead - which would also not be a victory. It needs to be perfect... =) Credits: https://terrariaonline.com Nikos_Boubas - "Waltz of the little ship" Music by Approaching Nirvana http://youtube.com/user/approachingnirvana Song: Fade Away Buy the song on iTunes: http://bit.ly/R8hVSy
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Terraria - Dungeon Guardian Kill (Revenge of the Fallen Terrarians)
In Terraria this is probably the monster that has scared me the most.,, or wait, scared? Never. I've tried to sneak into the dungeon so many times - lured by treasures or water candles... but then... death from above :) Bullets used in the video are normal bullets - bought from the arms dealer for next to nothing. Hope you enjoy this small taste of revenge. Some mechanics of the games might change in future patches - which renders this impossible - but untill then enjoy. It tastes great! Btw defeating the dungeon guardian won't give you access inside, you still need to beat Skeletron. Songs: Artist: Kevin Macleod, http://music.incompetech.com/royaltyfree2/The%20House%20of%20Leaves.mp3 Artist: Snabisch Song: http://www.jamendo.com/es/track/874883 Screamsound: thanvannispen http://www.freesound.org/people/thanvannispen/
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Terraria -  Halloween Special: featuring developer, spriters, modders. Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween all you Terraria fans! I got to play a Game with some awesome people, and I'm glad they took their time doing it. I hope you enjoy this short Halloween video, and there might be some other materials coming in the future. There are some outtakes that I think might be fun to watch. Credits: Redigit (Andrew) Cenx Omnir Suweeka Kelp Lazure Crowno
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Terraria - Gelfactory, simple, clean and effective
Before someone asks, yes I spend a few hours looking for statues today. I managed to get most of them - I think. This is a great way to get all your ammo you need for the Flamethrower, which I love dearly =) Heck I would never switch it out of my actionbar. About the farm, I wanted to keep it as simple as I could, and I think it is. I havn't watched any other videos on these things, so incase there are others that look like these I wasn't aware. I will be doing my own take on these things. Hope you enjoy it, the music is a bit weird but works. Song: http://www.jamendo.com/en/track/489586
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Terraria - Enraged Plantera, no armor & pre-plantera gear
https://twitter.com/Yrimir - News & previews First time I tried this I had my normal set of weapons, and then it was no big problem (just a small one). I decided to do it without armor, as I was suppose to make that video anyway, and it was a good kick of adrenaline. It's a lot easier to kill him in the jungle - so enrage mechanic work. It's a lot better than him one shotting you - like other bosses do when timer runs out. Credits https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria - Sniper Rifle, max crit loadout
https://twitter.com/Yrimir - News I really wanted to do a Counter-Strike intro, and thus the idea of max Sniper Crit was born. This is a short video, but I wanted to show best loadout for a ranger and well this is it. It's not practical, and I wouldn't recommend using it - but it sure is fun! I choose not to include how to get the items in the video - as that would have made it way to long. You will also need chlorophite bullets for top damage. Thanks to Omnir, Luna and iRandomness for helping me record the intro. Also a special thanks to Yoraiz0r who did the calculations and confirmed that the tooltip damage was a bug. Credits MachinimaSound.com - "Escape from the Temple" https://machinimasound.com/escape-from-the-temple‎ Maf - "shroomy 2" https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria - Truffle & my Mushroom Biome
https://twitter.com/Yrimir I wanted to do a video on my Mushroom Biome, and Truffle came as a bonus. This biome is part of my world, which I'm gonna edit heavily in the coming weeks so that I (one day) can release it. Remember; having an npc is fun for a moment - having a nice enviroment is fun forever. Credits: https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria - Dungeon Guardian Pet, Baby Skeletron
https://twitter.com/Yrimir After I made the Dungeon Guardian kill on console Red (Terraria developer) said he would do something to reward the player. I'm happy with this pet! I didn't want to showcase one more Dungeon Guardian kill video, so this is just a small on as a tribute to my old one. Nothing in the fight has changed - and it's still a lot easier on PC than console so I have no doubt that you can add this to your collection. Credits: https://Terrariaonline.com Snabisch Song: http://www.jamendo.com/es/track/874883
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Terraria - Birdstatue engine and Twitter announce
https://twitter.com/#!/Yrimir A tiny project to get me back on track after a few days off head-to-wall-syndrome. This engine might not be the best, since I don't keep track really. But this is what I use, and it's really simple, elegant and efficient so I hope you have time to add it to your map. Again, feel great to do a small project that I can finish in one evening =) Have a good one, and see ya soon again! Link to song: http://www.jamendo.com/en/track/373372 Made by Maf
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Terraria - Crab Engine, +50% statue farmrate
Well this was an awsome thing, really cool and creative. I tried to not apply it to the imbalanced things, which I would consider sort of an exploit. If you want to know more about it I'm sure you can google or youtube it. Either way, it's cool, and I hope it can stay (but modified) or that they add some sort of booster. Music by: SYRSAmusic Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_1XaspSAEs
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Terraria - Flame wings; drop, craft & function
https://twitter.com/Yrimir "Red Devil spawn only if 1 hardmode boss has been killed" - Garwan50 As you requested - my most desired item to get in 1.2 I love these wings, and there isn't much else to say. It sure is a grind, unless you are lucky, but I wouldn't mind if they were even more rare. The artists did an amazing job on these. Credits: https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria - Horseman's Blade Trick on Hardmode Bosses
Been a little inactive because of the awesome Blizzcon! https://twitter.com/Yrimir - News & video previews This is a little trick I've had in my sleve for a while. Quite interesting one, even though I'm hoping it will be fixed in some way. Probably not intended to do that much damage. Blizzcon was also awesome, even though I only watched the stream. Hearthstone and Heroes are what I'm looking forward to the most. Also the new character models in WoW. Could do some cool machinima with those. Credits Gregoire Lourme - "Spy Hunt" https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria - Golden Shower Spell
https://twitter.com/Yrimir - News and stuff This is a truly amazing spell, and I just had to cover it with Merlin. If I had a caster character that just got into hard mode I would go and get this straight away. Might show some tricks with this spell in the near future. Doing these short item videos also helps me remember things for the playthroughs that are inbound. Also a 100k sub special video coming soonish. Credits https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria - Cultists Boss Expert Mode with YoYo (and Sniper Rifle)
https://twitter.com/yrimir Welcome to Cultists on expert mode! This is my personal favorite so far, as I really love the design. It might be easier with using the healing of Spectre armor, but at the same time that's not as much fun. I've also grown very fond of the Master Ninja Gear and hope to put it to more good use in the future. Music: Buttefly Tea - "End of the Wonders" Buttefly Tea - "Another World" Find it here: http://butterflytea.bandcamp.com/music https://soundcloud.com/butterfly-tea Special permission from the artist to use this song.
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Terraria - Farming for Golden Fishing Rod
https://twitter.com/yrimir Grinding for items is something that I enjoy, but I also enjoy finding a good method to do it. I began farming the quests on small worlds, and it went really smooth. It also gives you the ability to pick up extra loot from ocean Chests, floating Islands and underground. Hope this helps you reach the magic 50. Why did I stop making videos? I will explain in the near future - right now I just want to enjoy gaming, editing and relaxing with you guys! So lets go! Did you enjoy the music? Feel free to cheer up the great artist at soundcloud. Rolemusic "A ninja among culturachippers". Find it here: https://soundcloud.com/trolemusico/i-cumple-cc-a-ninja-among
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Terraria - 4,5 platinum/hour: Goldfish and Shark farm (goldfarming part 3)
Someone asked me how I make gold in Terraria for 1.1 reforging. A simple answer is that I had a lot of currency since I've played the same char since may, but a better answer is to show one of the methods that I use in 1.1. This is possible to do when afk - meaning that you can watch some series or a movie while grinding some platinum. Wether you think that is ok or not is up to you. I do like when I grinded the black lenses - watch youtube and the game at the same time. Not the most fun process, but it's quite fun to construct and see how it works - and what doesn't. Hope you find this informational, and there will be a Nyancat in the near future ;)
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Terraria 1.3 - Celestial Event (Normal Mode)
https://twitter.com/yrimir Welcome Terrarians to the most epic event so far! When killing the cultists the Celestial Event will comence and you need to fight off four lunar pillars before you are free again... or well... as free as you can be considering what will happen next! Link for mobile users: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vnu842ymkDE
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Terraria - Warmth Potion explained
https://twitter.com/yrimir Frost Moon Final Wave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf07kjRB7pc I wanted to showcase the Frost Moon, but I also wanted to show a good solid potion that will help you through it (without using spikes and other weird mechanics). The Warmth Potion will keep you warm for those occasions, and will certainly help you on your hardcore adventures. Why did I stop making videos? I will explain in the near future - right now I just want to enjoy gaming, editing and relaxing with you guys! So lets go! Did you enjoy the music? Feel free to cheer up the great artist at soundcloud. Yermzmyey - "Break Space". Find it here: https://soundcloud.com/yerzmyey/yerzmyey-break-space
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Terraria 1.2 - Actuator, for traps or hiding your base
https://twitter.com/Yrimir Actuators are bought from the mechanic and changes the way we build our worlds. Before we only had inactive/active stone blocks, but now we can give that ability to any block. This opens up new perspectives to the games, and I'm sure map makers will love this. Credits: Nickolay Smirnov - "Stella Splendens" https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria - Raven Staff: The Bane of Scarecrows
https://twitter.com/Yrimir - News & previews When I first saw that you could summon Ravens I knew that I wanted to make a video featuring a Scarecrow. That's how the intro was born, and the rest is just basic things about the item. I'm a big horror movie fan, so with the new update I'm currently having a blast. Credits Omnir [The great modder] as Scarecrow #2 The Great Schizm - "Retribution Of The Purged Ones" https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria - Horseman's Blade [My favorite sword]
https://twitter.com/Yrimir - News & previews At first I thought it was just ment as a fun sword, but after trying it out on more than Slimes I realized that this blade is the one I wanted for 1.2. It feels like Excalibur did in the past, so for me this is the natural upgrade. It might seem a bit OP - but it might be because I'm using the best dps gear. Either way - it's super fun and I recommend you farm one for yourself! Credits https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria 1.3 - Deadly Sphere Staff (Summoner Weapon)
https://twitter.com/Yrimir Hagrid is back! Atleast for a short period to discover what 1.3 has to offer in terms of summoner items. The Deadly Sphere feels like a good summoning weapon fits well into hard mode. I hope you enjoy this short video, and I'll be back soon again with Hagrid's final episode prior to 1.3.
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Terraria 1.2 - Extractinator, turns Silt & Slush into minerals/gems
https://twitter.com/Yrimir The Extractinator is one of my favorite additions to Terraria 1.2 because I'm crazy about machines. I love the look and feel of it, and I'll never throw away any SIlt or Slush ever again. This is a regular drop from chests, so you shouldn't have any problems finding it. Credits: https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria 1.3 - Plantera, Expert Mode Boss Battle
https://twitter.com/yrimir Welcome to Plantera on expert mode - a plant that will bite your face off if he gets to. The fight is all about mobility, but you don't need a huge arena to take care of him. You can easily take care of him in the normal jungle environment as long as you map out a route that you want to go.
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Terraria - Easy Wall of Flesh kill - No armor, 100 Health and Water Bolt Spell
If I could travel back in time I would definatly have done my first WOF with waterbolt instead of minishark and starcannon. But yeah; this shows just how easy it is to forget an item. If you add your normal armor to this + reforged weapon and accessories, the wall will go down sooo fast. Hope you enjoyed this quick guide :) Credits: Butterfly Tea - "The Last Mission" Butterfly Tea - "Dragon Dance" www.terrariaonline.com
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Terraria - God Mode Bug [The Bug Collector]
I don't like to feature bugs, but this one is way to much fun to ignore! https://twitter.com/Yrimir - News & video previews I'd like to thank Yoraiz0r for helping telling me that the 10th buff slot is what triggers the bug. This will be fixed very soon - but this bug I will remember for a long time. Also; don't use bugs when you play as that ruins the fun - report them instead (after you've used them on some people ofc). Credits Suweeka - http://suweeka.deviantart.com/ Omnir - http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/released-omnirs-modpacks.61543/ Yerzmyey - "Inside a game" https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria - Coin Gun vs Tactical Shotgun; Twins [Super Terraria]
No Platinum Coins for obvious reasons... https://twitter.com/Yrimir - News & video previews Feel free to come with suggestions for next Super Terraria! My goal was to see if the Tactical Shotgun could pair with Coin Gun when it came to shooting gold - and it couldn't. Then when trying Silver I thought it came close enough to actually make it viable for killing the Twins. I'd say that shooting gold at bosses is a waste of good gold, but shooting silver can make you a good profit. Around 120 gold were used and 200-something silver. Credits Stefano Palmonari - "The Wrong Funky" Ozzed - "Frigid Triumph" https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria - Lucky Coin, how it works
Second video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCHkSpQv0r8 NOTE: It's extra coin per hit not on kill https://twitter.com/Yrimir Well I knew what it did a couple of days ago, but I didn't really know exactly. I did some research and testing, and then went to Yoraiz0r - a great modder in the community. He explained the details and did some maths. We're not 100% the math is correct, but either way it's an awesome drop. Credits: https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria 1.3 - Eye of Cthulhu Expert Mode Boss Guide
https://twitter.com/Yrimir As we began our journey years ago, we once again begin were we did the first time. Enjoy my take on the first expert mode boss - the epic Eye of Cthulhu. I really like how they did this fight, and doubt I'll grow tired of it in a long time.
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Terraria - Demon Scythe Farm with style
Not only for the Demon Scythe, but also for farming some silver from bats and Imps for the Mario hat. Basicly I did allot of types until I settled for this one. The reason this works is because now spawns wont be wasted on those pesky lava slimes or giant worms eating away at your health. This is safe, solid and works! If you guys have any more ideas, just keep them coming. I read 100% of comments, and try to answer when I have time to do it.
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Terraria - Golem Boss & all drops [Spoilers]
https://twitter.com/Yrimir - News & previews This is the first time I show the Golem - and that is 20 days after the release of 1.2. Reason for not showing it prior to this is because I didn't have a good way to showcase the fight. I think this works well, as the drops are very interesting from the boss. Credits Butterfly Tea - "First Battle" https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria farming 1 - Spawning Meteorite (HD)
http://yrimir.blogspot.com/ latest news and videos! Do you know how to spawn Meteorite? It's a long process from start to finish, but well worth it in the end. The gear from Meteorite Ore is enough to kill Skeletron if you dont want to farm Hellstone. With the Meteorite you can craft the "Jedi-sabers"/Phaseblades. Combine 20 bars with 10 gems and you're game for some jedi-tricks.
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Terraria 1.3 - The Destroyer, Expert Mode Boss Battle
https://twitter.com/yrimir Welcome to the second of three videos of the expert mechanical bosses. They havn't gotten a big revamp in 1.3, but with more health and damage they can be very nasty. You should plan ahead and sort out good items and buffs so you can deal with them safely. I'm using 5 accessories in this fight, normally you would have 6, because I havn't activated it yet on this character.
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Terraria - Pirate Invasion and Pirate NPC
https://twitter.com/Yrimir I decided to keep the loot spoilers away because it's not fun to know everything. I might cover them in future videos, who knows. All I know is that this event is a blast!
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Terraria - Magnet Sphere, caster spell
https://twitter.com/Yrimir Oh boy do I love this spell. There are so many cool combinations that you can do with this that it's insane. In this video I will just focus on the basic stuff - like I've done with Water Bolt in the past. Wish I could do a Merlin twist on it, but I'll do that in the future... Credits: https://terrariaonline.com
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Terraria - How to get Santa and summon Frost Legion
Hope this quick guide helps - my time tonight was very limited. I was suppose to make a different video I started yesterday, but then I noticed the patch was up. I spend a few hours trying to figure out presents... not the most fun experience I've had. So I havn't really done a lot of 1.1.1 yet, and will cover more tomorrow/Friday. Enjoy this little Terraria tutorial for what it is - there will be more and better :)
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Terraria - Tempest Staff aka Sharknado Staff
https://twitter.com/yrimir Who doesn't want their own Sharknado? So far this is a favorite among minions, and that's not just because it shoots sharks. I like it because of all the gore - there is something special with having shark guts raining down from the skies. Why did I stop making videos? I will explain in the near future - right now I just want to enjoy gaming, editing and relaxing with you guys! So lets go! Did you enjoy the music? Feel free to cheer up the great artist at soundcloud. Aaron Anderson - "Who left the milk out". Find it here: https://soundcloud.com/aaron-anderson-11/who-left-the-milk-out Rolemusic - "donsi killed la rioja star". Find it here: https://soundcloud.com/rolemusic/donsi-killed-la-rioja-stars-2011
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Terraria - King Slime with Copper pickaxe, tips on how to spawn
Not sure I got the message through: Change your spawn to the outer edges of the map initially to have a higher probability of spawning King Slime. When I play I usually stick close to my normal spawn, meaning I am nowhere close to where he can spawn. This can be done no matter what gear you have. You can use the copper pickaxe with great success! I wish you the best of luck! Music is in the ending credits SYRSAmusic on youtube - great music, and a swede Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com/) http://www.terrariaonline.com/
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Terraria 1.3 - Golem Expert Mode Boss Battle
https://twitter.com/yrimir Welcome to Golem on expert mode! This fight is all about stamina, - if you can hold out the loot will be yours. Sure, not much has changed since you fought him before, but because of the limited space to fight him in and his huge health pool you're in for an entertaining fight.
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Terraria - Stake Launcher vs Heat Ray vs Magical Harp [Super Terraria]
https://twitter.com/Yrimir - News & video previews Super Terraria is back once again, and this time we try out some sweet piercing weapons. I actually thought the Stake Launcher would be the fastest - been a while since I actually did a Heat Ray Destroyer kill. I prefer the Stake Launcher since it doesn't use mana and it doesn't need buffs like Magic Power. Magical Harp is also still cool =) Credits: Stefano Palmonari - "The Wrong Funky" https://soundcloud.com/stefanopalmonari/the-wrong-funky Ozzed - "The Final End" http://ozzed.net/music/
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Terraria - Gauntlet Speed Contest Top 3 [Updated]
https://twitter.com/yrimir - for news This video was updated, as the third place was wrong. Congratz SirPozzuh and sorry wik for the mistake (but it's fine we'll see you soon again). Original contest video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0ApB9IM52E Gauntlet was probably my favorite contest, since people showed there were many ways to complete it. Grappling on the ceiling was one of those... In total there were about 50 submissions - which was the highest number for any of the contests. Channels: 1st: http://www.youtube.com/user/Nhan455 2nd: http://www.youtube.com/user/ShinyChoCo 3rd: http://www.youtube.com/user/SirPozzuh 4th: http://www.youtube.com/user/WikWikk Credits: Music by Approaching Nirvana http://youtube.com/user/approachingnirvana Song: Bangers & Smashed Buy the song on iTunes: http://bit.ly/r22aq9 http://Terraria.org http://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria - Speed Run 1, Shadowscale armor, Nightmare Pickaxe and Eater of Worlds
I wanted to show you how to beat EoW real quickly to unlock the Nightmare Pickaxe, and it kind of developed into me wanting the Shadowscale armor instead... I've got a thing for cool armorsets. Ah well, this took a bit longer than 60 mins but not by much and I could have done it a lot quicker. Unfortunatly I spend a few saves to try and do it with copper broadsword :( If you wonder why I use bombs/grenades etc. it's because I found those in chests along the way. For the first kill I just wanted to show how to do it without having found chests.
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Terraria - Caster playthrough: Day 3 "Goonies never say die"
The great thing about playing softcore is the ability to be flexible in the playstyle. Sure I died as I tried to waterbolt, but those things happen when learning new things. I did quit to start all over, but I really liked the run so I continued and don't regret it =) Good action coming up. If you would want me to vary the camera angles a bit, please leave some feedback on that. I can consider doing some good editing with the clips in the next video. Music by Butterfly Tea - "The Last Mission"
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Terraria - Pumpkin Moon Event, how to summon and basics
https://twitter.com/Yrimir - News & previews Final Wave video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWL1rWtROMA Pumpkin Moon is a new event in the Halloween patch. The event will be availible after Halloween, even though you can't get the vanity items them. The event is hard - maybe a bit to hard - as you want to use self heal weapons/gear so that you can stay alive. I tried it in low tier items, and you can basically do a few waves but you won't get very far as the bosses are quite hard. I did however try to reach wave 15. I did 14 with melee, but decided to go magic and that did the trick. Credits https://Terrariaonline.com
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Terraria Guide - Farming Fireblossom and Waterleaf (Plants/Herbs)
Orchid part III, a solid (?) way to setup a farm for the hightier herbs of Terraria. Would atleast count Fireblossom as the hardest herb to grind. Part IV will be out hopefully tomorrow and then Im moving along to show some potions!
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Terraria - Magical Harp, how to craft and use
In Terraria I have found a new gem, a weapon that's so fun to use it's impossible not to feature it. Stay tuned for part 2 and you will see the true awsome power of the Mystical Magical Harp with Hallowed armor and menacing accessories :)
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Terraria - Tavernkeep NPC & Ale Tosser guide
https://twitter.com/yrimir The Tavernkeep is an NPC that was added in Terraria 1.3.4. His shop is filled to the brim with useful and awesome looking summoner items. My personal favorite of the sets is the Valhalla Knight - which might not be so odd considering its Norse theme. On death he can also drop the Ale tosser, which frankly is a very interesting item. I mean, it isn't particularly effective - but it opens up for a real brawl. Something that I do think Coren understood when he found it in the video. Credits Peritune - " OverWorld 3" https://soundcloud.com/sei_peridot/peritune-material-overworld3-royalty-free-music http://peritune.com/ CC By 3.0
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