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Headstrong | TerroR| A Black ops Montage
this is my first black ops montage, i hope u guys enjoy it The edit is really simple, i like this editing style more than the style that the most montages use nowadays. It's a sony vegas edit only Music : Trapt - Headstrong Papa roach - Not listening I do not own any of the music, i use it for entertaining purpose.
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|The One| MW2 Montage |Nightz|  edited by ThaTerrorist
This is my biggest montage till now :DD how longer u watch how better it will be :P gameplay by Nightz editing by Thaterrorist sub : www.youtube.com/nightz777
Views: 3291 hoiyohoi
speed art ep #2
this is my new speed art, i hope u guys enjoy this i did put allot of effort on this 1 background time : 60 minutes render time speed art : 30 minutes upload time speed art : 30 minutes
Views: 862 hoiyohoi
1k GFX pack | Download link in Desc
http://www.mediafire.com/?12i4ipo6nhcmrxi i hope u guys like it ^^
Views: 1514 hoiyohoi
Speed art ep #1
this is my first speed art . if u guys enjoy this i will make more of this arts cause i really love to do them :)
Views: 1199 hoiyohoi
|NitoN| Skyrroz editing contest entry
this is my newest edit for the editing contest of skyrroz, i hope u enjoy it ^^ Players channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SkyRRoZ
Views: 3259 hoiyohoi
Speed art Ep #3   by TerroR
This is my third speed art episode where i create a youtube background :) I hope you guys like it . -TerroR
Views: 981 hoiyohoi
800 subs background template pack *FREE*
thx for 800 subs guys, i hope u enjoy the background templates psd http://www.filefront.com/17865763/terrorbackgroundtemplates.rar http://www.filefront.com/17865763/terrorbackgroundtemplates.rar http://www.filefront.com/17865763/terrorbackgroundtemplates.rar Jpg http://www.filefront.com/17866127/jpgbackground.rar http://www.filefront.com/17866127/jpgbackground.rar http://www.filefront.com/17866127/jpgbackground.rar
Views: 8457 hoiyohoi
MW2 Camo Texture pack nr1 by Thaterrorist
this is my first texture pack i made it includes 4 brand new camo's Ice colours black and yellow black black and red http://www.filefront.com/17392882/TerroRtexturepacknr1.rar i hope u enjoy it :DD comment rate and subscribe if u want more :DD
Views: 1992 hoiyohoi
New mw2 minitage..
this was a mw2 montage i was going to make but i got bored of editing so i quit with it. enjoy this part :)
Views: 1467 hoiyohoi
unfinished black ops movie
I was working on this project a few weeks ago, but i've noticed i lost all my clips so i cannot finish it anymore.
Views: 377 hoiyohoi
A Mw2 hour tage  :DD
just a really small hour tage without editing :P only syncing i hope u enjoy it :)
Views: 423 hoiyohoi
|PC|Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Sniper Montage ::| Thaterrori$t
a call of duty sniper montage played & edited by Thaterrori$t
Views: 377 hoiyohoi
Audiosurf Ep 2# | Linkin Park - The catalyst |
this is my new episode of audiosurf Linkin park - Catalyst I do not own any of this music, i use it for entertaining purpose.
Views: 1464 hoiyohoi
|PC| mw 2 sniper montage ::| Thaterrori$t
this is my own montage entirely played and edited by myself pls enjoy rate and sub :D
Views: 446 hoiyohoi
mw2 Hour tage  Ep.2
this is my second hour tage :D i think i am gonna do some more episodes :P
Views: 523 hoiyohoi
Speed art Ep #4  by TerroR
This is my latest speed art, i hope you guys enjoy it :D -TerroR
Views: 1236 hoiyohoi
Black ops Mini clip   |Theatre mode test|
What do you guys think of this ? I only used black ops theatre mode and velocity slow motion on sony vegas :)
Views: 276 hoiyohoi
MW2 mrSIINCLAIIR editing contest entry .:Inspire:. edit by Thaterrorist
this is entry is edited by me and played by mrsiinclaiir sub to : www.youtube.com/hoiyohoi www.youtube.com/mrsiinclaiir www.youtube.com/sfreaxmw2
Views: 737 hoiyohoi
[PC]A MW 2 sniper Montage "Unkown Soldier" ::| Thaterrori$t
this is my new montage , i think its my best montage till now ;D watch enjoy and important to rate (it just takes u 1 sec :D) and if u want more videos like this sub pls ;D Thx for watching :D
Views: 772 hoiyohoi
Terror promo | download link in description|
this is the first 1 i have ever made, and i am pretty proud of it :P i hope u guys like it :D http://www.megaupload.com/?d=K7T2P8RA that is the download link
Views: 672 hoiyohoi
MW2 camo Texture pack nr2 by TerroR
this is my 2nd texture pack with 4 brand new camo's!! i hope u enjoy it comment rate subscribe 4 more !! http://www.filefront.com/17397377/TerroRtexturepacknr2.rar
Views: 1870 hoiyohoi
Background Template pack 3 By TerroR *FREE*
http://www.mediafire.com/?5663860tcd6quci This is my Brand new background pack, it contains 3 new background with psd files and the jpeg files. I hope you will enjoy them :) -TerroR
Views: 2557 hoiyohoi
Proof video (for violent)
this video i made for violent cause they think i was hacking in the 2v2!!!! just tell violent that i am not :D
Views: 709 hoiyohoi
A MW2 noscope winning killcam montage ::| Thaterrori$t
sub to sFreaxmw2 to : www.youtube.com/sfreaxmw2
Views: 1291 hoiyohoi
Kables editing contest "Hero" (remake with colour correction)::| By thaterrorist
player : www.youtube.com/kablescantdance editor : www.youtube.com/hoiyohoi i'll hope u enjoy it ^^
Views: 197 hoiyohoi
Speed art | Desert | TerroR
this is my latest speed art this time its something different, instead of a youtube background i made a wallpaper I hope u like it :) download link : http://www.mediafire.com/?5q6onqcdeukgjf9
Views: 1422 hoiyohoi
Background pack *Free* by Terror
Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/?30os7t3v9li8o27 http://www.gamefront.com/files/20244407/TerrorBackgroundpack.rar This is my new background pack, it contains 3 Brand new custom backgrounds. I hope you guys enjoy this :) My back up channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/terror577
Views: 1881 hoiyohoi
|The End| Corrosive cinema Editing contest entry  ::|Thaterrorist
this is my entry for the editing contest of www.youtube.com/corrosivecinema pls subscribe them ^^ btw do u like it than rate comment and subscribe for more ^^
Views: 713 hoiyohoi
Black ops Test  |300 fps slow motion|
just another test with some new settings :)
Views: 639 hoiyohoi

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