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f(x) Krystal cut at SK - Brain wave test
HAHA. When Hodong mentioned Sica, she totally can't focus on the ball anymore. HAHA !
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[Collection of Fancams] [HD] SNSD's Yuri looking at you (Fanmade)
A collection of SNSD Yuri looking at you ! Multiple events, collection from different sources. Hope you all enjoyed ! Please rate, comment and subscribe.
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[Fancam] Kara - Wanna & Mister @ Joint fanmeeting with 2PM
100410 Ent Relay fancam
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[Fancam] Kara - Lupin @ 2PM & Kara Spris Fanmeeting
100410 Ent Relay fancam
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[FANMADE] I'm a girl like this - TaeYeon
Fanmade by lyly_flower2000 @ Soshified.com
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T-ara We Are The One MV Teaser
Teaser for T-ara's We Are The One MV 100427
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[FANCAM] SNSD Yuri @ ŚßŚ Hope TV (100430) - Eye contact
소녀시대 유리 @ ŚßŚ Hope TV. Kyaaa~ I'd die if I'm the one that's holding the camera. Wonderful girl. ♥
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Rubik's Cube Single - 17.97s
This is a video recorded for the community service by MalaysianCube. Didn't record videos for quite sometime already. It's not a +2 and the timer is accurate, it's delayed just because of the lagness of the laptop.
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걸그룹 갤러리 - 하아... 순규야 (Girl Group Gallery - Haha... Sunkyu-ya)
A solo by Sunny from SNSD. Oh my, she's so damn cute. I love her voice so much. 걸그룹 갤러리 - 하아... 순규야
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