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DALEK IN LOVE ♥ (Doctor Who Cartoon Spoof)
Support me on Patreon :): http://bit.ly/1Ku2RG0 Credits music by Kevin Mcleod www.nathanviney.com Thanks to Matt Smith for donating your face for scientific research and a toy. :) The Dr Who train went by and we just had to jump on. Go go Dalek Rangers!!! You jammie dodging Dalek rangers!!! - Nathan and Lana
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Magical Land of Marshmallow Babies
Sort of a sequel to such films as Papa Fat and the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory spoof. This is a LAZYMATION. These are animations i think up, write, record, animate and have fun doing every step. Magical Land of Marshmallow Babies. Written and voiced by Nathan Viney - www.nathanviney.com - dailybloog.blogspot.com
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MATT SMITH HAS A BIRTHDAY (Doctor Who Preview Clip cartoon SPOOF)(2012)
Make sure you go and check out the new toon DOCTOR WHO GOES GANGSTA! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCGsRVAA-GM David Lewis at Cultbox.co.uk: "It is the Doctor's darkest hour -- there's some scrummy cake to be eaten, but the man who guides his every move is lying in a hospital bed, his brain spangled beyond repair by too many tortuous plot twists. Then there's the competition-winning fanboy (played by CultBox columnist Cameron K 'Blogtor Who' McEwan, nepotism fans) in need of meeting-and-greeting and Amy Pond has killed Rory... again! Can the Doctor save the day or will silence fall?"
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DOCTOR WHO GOES GANGSTA (Cartoon Animated Parody)
Click here for the MAKING OF video with EASTEREGGS REVEALED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NlRmwHL8BE Support me on Patreon :): http://bit.ly/1Ku2RG0 Twitter @thedailycrumb Beware the rise of Steven Moffat (The showrunner of Dr Who and Sherlock). What happens when the showrunner of BBC's Doctor Who goes a little bit crazy? Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman go on a rollercoaster of changes, 'Where are you taking this show Steven?' I made this animation to throw me straight into the deep end of Toomboom. It was a challenge, but fun! I hope Doctor Who fans enjoy it. Doctor Who is the property of the BBC. Parody by Nathan Viney. Voices and music by those credited. Rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (DR wHO Gangster) chris chibnall!
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Doctor Who 2010 Preview Clip MATT SMITH (SPOOF) Scene Filming
Support me on Patreon :): http://bit.ly/1Ku2RG0 Matt Smith s new Doctor and his companion Amy Pond arrive on the most beautiful planet. But what horrific creature lies waiting in the darkness? steven moffats new series - The Daily Crumb Everything by Nathan Viney Doctor Who created by BBC Matt Smith created by Magic Man
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Doctor Who Tardis Not Included (Amy Pond meets Jenna Louise Coleman (Clara Oswald) Cartoon
Support my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2360780 Twitter: @TheDailyCrumb R.I.P Rory who died (again) during the making of this film. Hope you all enjoy! Share with friends and please go and check out other toons and comics! Amy Pond meets Jenna Louise Coleman www.nathanviney.com HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY DOCTOR WHO
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Doctor Who 2008 clip (David Tennant and Catherine Tate)
Lots of Doctor Who fans have been frightened to hear that Catherine Tate will be becoming a new companion. I've based her character on one of her own characters. Lauren Cooper, the "Am i bovvered" girl. (More for british audiences) but hope everyone likes it. --------------------------- Uncredited Evil Voice, with the Jason 'Mounce' Mounce Also Courtney Leacock stars as our Doctor at the end saying "WRONG!" Credit him also for the 'wrong' idea. ----------
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Bring on the Doctor! (Doctor Who Fan Regeneration)
An effect experiment with my cousins.
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SIMS 4 EXCLUSIVE: Pools & Toddlers (Cartoon Animation Spoof)
Make sure you check out the sequel where the GURUS hold a Create a Sim conference! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9Jul4JXOXM Want me to draw you as a cartoon character? https://www.fiverr.com/thedailycrumb/draw-you-as-a-cartoon Check out my TOP 5 Sims Games List http://dailybloog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/my-top-5-sims-games.html Starring 3 of The Sims 4 producers themselves Simgurugrant, Simgurugraham and Simgururyan (I'm so sorry Ryan! I do not believe you are really this creepy) This is a parody toon and not based on my own opinions. I was feeling unproductive so I made this. One for the Simmers out there. Music by Kevin Macleod
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A animation/live action about a boy sent to a different world. He has to find his way back. with cheese
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2. Improvised for the Silver Screen
The long awaited sequel to Unsafe for the Screen. Thought of as we filmed. i really like it :) apart from the badly animated bits. Starring Matthew Menhenick & Nathan Viney Edited by NathanViney - The Daily Crumb & Blob Corp
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Coby Charles Episode 1: Meets Parallel Self
When arriving home, Coby finds himself among the company of... himself?
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Doctor Who Minecraft (Don't Blink)
Hope you enjoy this short! http://www.nathanviney.com Those Minecraft fans out there will know that playing Minecraft will throw you behind the sofa as much as watching Doctor Who will. Here is our tribute to two great things in this universe.
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Doctor Who, Sims 2: The Royal Zombies
The sims 2 doctor who episode, pretty chuffed with it actually, hope it makes ya laugh machinima! (more)
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Blur I Broadcast Tribute Animation (Re-upload with fixes)
As seen in the Official Blur 'I Broadcast' Video!!
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SIMS 4 EXCLUSIVE 2: TODDLERS & 'Create A Sim' GAMEPLAY (Cartoon Animation Spoof)
The three Sims Gurus are back for round two. Sim Guru Grant, Graham and.. Ryan are back to bring you as much information as possible on The Sims 4. TODDLERS, SIMCITY(?) and CREATE A SIM. Shows off some gameplay
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Donald Trump: You're in Trouble (Animated Parody)
https://www.patreon.com/thedailycrumb A short cartoon that was meant to take a lot quicker but unfortunately did not but anyway, hope you enjoy and SHARE. Thanks to James Berridge and Thomas Nelstrop for being involved.
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Duncan Oakley - Devil Song (Official Animated Music Video)
Animated by Nathan Viney
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*Peanuts Movie* Trailer Fan Reaction!/Review
Just noticed Pig Pen's dust clouds!
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2012 Dr Who titles
EXACTLY what it says on the tin
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Artificial Colours - Hello, My Darling (Music Video)
Music and Video by Artificial Colours
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The Peanuts Movie Fan REVIEW (Charlie Brown and Snoopy)
Am I too old for Peanuts? I give my Review of the film! Music by bensound, kneecaps and marcus neely Video not by Christ Stuckmann, Jeremy Jahns, Beyond the Trailer or The Black Nerd. Oh, or Nostalgia Critic.
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Benjamin Biscuitboy in LADDER
a short animation by myself. 2009
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Cliff and the End of the Rainbow HQ
A boy, a witch and a talking blue cat. When Cliff's voice gets stolen by the evil witch, it's up to him with the help of Para Cat to get it back. Determined, the boy goes on a great adventure and finds some friends along the way.
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Hello, i'm a Mac (Doctor Who cartoon)
A spoof on the Mac and Pc ads with a general twist. Thanks to the uncredited voices of Courtney Leacock aaand.. myself Also thanks to Laurajs for being a 'god' and finding the background music. Enjoy this short
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Doctor Who - Paranomax (2006 Cartoon Animated Spoof)
I produced this animation in 2006 and posted it on Newgrounds, as well my own website. It was one of my first Dr Who spoofs and stars a little blue cat that went on to star in my webcomic 'Stargazed' as well as a short film called 'Cliff and the End of the Rainbow' which you can see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9awJrRcosXs
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Animation Test: Tomothy and Pals React to a Popping Balloon
Animation/ Art by Nathan Viney Character Voices by Lee James Sands (Vinnie) Annabelle Godbold (Yo) Eloise Viney (Ellie) Nathan Viney (Tomothy) Royalty Free Music by Bensound
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The Incredibly Amazing Man
better quality here http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/465244 or in video format here http://dailybloog.blogspot.com/2008/10/incredibly-amazing-man.html Incredible Cast: The Incredibly Amazing Man Mr. Matthew Mecanik with newspaper Lance Minool worried Professor Mcdoogle Ellie from Tomothy and Pals (you can't handle the knowledge) Blob from blobcorp.blogspot.com Medium Nathaniel Tinga Jerome from Tomothy and Pals (you can't handle the knowledge)
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Slice of Bravery (E4)
It is 10 seconds, not 11 seconds like Youtube likes to say sometimes. Idea and Art by Lana Cohen Animation and Art by Nathan Viney Voice by Bryson Baugus Foley by Nathan Viney www.nathanviney.com www.facebook.com/tomothyandpals Daily Crumb Animation
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Rioters Interview
Thought I'd try and brighten the mood in these dark times. By making some 'friendly' morons, rather than chav morons.
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No, I don't know what the time is.
What better to do with your time than to make a pointless animation with your loved one whilst waiting for a new episode of Eastenders to appear on iPlayer. :)
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STAR WARS: Luke Awakens (Empire Strikes Back Deleted Scene)
While training as a Jedi Knight to defeat Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) speaks with an old friend. Will the force awaken in him? ?? WHAT? This is not a Force Awakens Review or Interview. It is a animated parody cartoon. Possibly a deleted scene from The Empire Strikes Back. I believe the clip was found inside a nice warm Tauntaun. I hope you enjoy and may the force be with you. Look out for Yoda and R2D2 Animation by Nathan Viney (2015)
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You Can't Handle the Knowledge
Please watch the BETTER quality version at http://www.nathanviney.com/knowledge.html Jerome the dog, lives with his family and the people of Penny Lane. A small street settled in the middle of the desert. No one takes notice of the fact Jerome is actually the smartest dog in the world, he can read, write, talk, sing, do maths... well maybe not do maths. Outside of town a suspicious character is sent forward to capture the dogs brain. Starring: Courtney Leacock Arthur Larsen Alex Crowley Lee Sands Nathan Viney Mike Swain review and rate with thought.. or ill put you in my '2spam' booklet. You dont wanna be in that now do you? thanks Mr P for helping me export to quality video for dvd (just a thanks) Along with Musician Antiseal who did the soundtrack! So enjoy his musical goodness!
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3. Gossip on the Silver Screen
Please view in high quality (button below video) 3 days worth of filming. A lot of fun work. Hope you enjoy the film! 4th in the Silver Screen Collection Explosion from DetonationFilms Watch it BIGGER AND BETTER QUALITY HERE http://www.nathanviney.com/Gossip.html
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MUNCH'S WAR 2007 (With Adam Phillips of Brackenwood Fame!)
A very old animation... from 2007 never before in video format until the SWIVEL converter was released. SWF to Video! For FREE http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creator-resources/flash-resources/swivel I meet and have a chat with creator of the 'Bitey of Brackenwood' Series, Adam Phillips. As well as creator of 'Blockhead', Mike Swain. We also see The Bullet Holes band and Ellie's plot to be gross.
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*Peanuts Movie* (Trailer TWO) Reaction!/Fan Review
Support me on Patreon :): http://bit.ly/1Ku2RG0 Check out the trailer here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El7chqzwKlo Charlie Brown and Snoopy, The Peanuts Movie. Snoopy Musical in Perth, Australia http://www.limelighttheatre.com/
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Tintut, small as he is can cause a lot of racket. If you've ever known anyone as small as Tintut you'll know how hard it is not to drink him when he's swimming in your mug of hot chocolate. This was a one day test a while back Everything by Nathan Viney 11/1/07
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Question for the PM
Jerome played by Courtney Leacock please watch Jerome's new film YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE KNOWLEDGE a t http://www.nathsviney.com/knowledge.html CATHERINE TATE IS TERRIBLE PEOPLE! REALISE IT
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Living with Pokémon GO (Cartoon Animated Short)
Hey everyone! hope you enjoy this short look at Pokémon GO from the perspective of someone who has not played it... twitter.com/thedailycrumb twitter.com/tomothyandpals facebook.com/tomothyandpals
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1. Beginning of the Silver Screen part 1
Find part 2 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oRXavTW6Kw Due to it's length we've had to split this episode in two. At leats 4 full days filling so quite tiring. We venture backwards from Unsafe and Gossip. This is as Nathan and Matt were taking off their career as film makers. I hope you enjoy the production. - nathan viney
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2.5 Village Survey (A Pre- Silver Screen)
(Sketch) Please click *watch in high quality* below the video for the full experience....? Taken from a short script i wrote on The Daily Crumb. I suppose the character is a lazy version of Mr. mood. The end is an extra test.
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Youtoon2: The Brackenwood Film Premiere
Adam Phillips, the creator of Brackenwood dreams of a feature film in the cinema one day. He also wants Tom Baker to do a voice of a character or narrator. i cant remember which. Anyway! This is Tomothy and Jerome (From my cartoon, Tomothy and Pals) Going to see the film first hand. (Also mentioned in Arj and Poopy. Arjandpoopy.com by Bernard Derriman)
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Journey for the Architect
Blob Corp and The Daily Crumb present a bad quality collaboration piece. please enjoy. http://blobcorp.blogspot.com www.nathanviney.com
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1. Beginning of the Silver Screen part 2
Part 2 of the previous aahhh. Please enjoy and make sure you watch 1 first
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Explorer, Nellie Bell (Short Film)
A Short Film with Eloise Viney Music by Dan-O and Kevin Mcleod
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The Making of 'DOCTOR WHO GOES GANGSTA' + EASTEREGGS (Cartoon Animated Parody)
I talk about the making of Dr Who goes Gangsta with my production assistant and voice actors. PLUS I reveal almost ALL of the easter egg SECRETS in the backgrounds of the toon. We also have a clip from the wonderful Rubberonion Podcast. Thank you to Eloise Viney for filming the extra bits and bobs for me.
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Moon and Water
An experimental experience animation using split screen. this animation took 1 day, then a little bit more to edit.
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Adam & Kat Meet The Vet
Adam and Kat meet the vet
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RMN CATZ (RMN Copz spoof)
Spoof of Matthew Menhenicks RMN COPZ find the series here youtube.com/menhenick
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