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First Ride of 2015 | Edmonton Bike Trials
Sessioned a "new" wall with Jason. Punctured my tube, then punctured it again on the pedal up to the garbage can. Music by DJ Spinege! Thanks Dad for the new camera!
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Kevin Liu at Crankworx
He doesn't know me at all but....
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Jason | 2016
Jason is basically the heart of Western Canadian Trials.
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Bike trial; Jason Yu's Summer - 2013
Jason riding his BREATH mod.
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Aran | 2016
Aran's skills will make you red with envy
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Israel Trip
Music is from buskers primarily on Ben Yehuda Street.
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4k Trials Biking | 2016
With the hot summer days in northern BC I can finally bike again. Although I probably shouldn't do stuff like this often. It *should* be 4k video, but its not an option on my own computer lol
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The Debate
So, we were biking on this wall and the nearby rocks and then this old couple started getting mad at us for riding on rocks. They lived across a stream and on the other side of a fence yet they claimed thi was part of their apartments property. It was a park. A public park....
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Jubal 'n Jay in Whistler
Jubal and Jay training the day before the Competition.
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Jubal - Harness the Gnarness
Had to put it together a little too quickly to meet the deadline for GETCreative contest, but turned out alright I guess. Except the ending. All filmed on iPhone 4s in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Thank you to James O. for filming certain clips.
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Jubal - Autumn 2013
The last clips of 2013. All on a 2012 echo mkII mod.
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Extra Rusty
It has been a while since I rode the mod bike. As a result I was feeling really rusty and all the shots in this edit took many tries. Even the easy ones. However, this is the first time in 2 years I did not suffer any back pain after riding! Hopefully this trend continues and I will soon be able to do more than this small stuff.
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The Shop Ride
I had so many clips of Jason I decided to just do a whole section on him.... to rap music! I believe we stayed up until 1 AM riding that night. :D
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Summer Trials 2012
Earlier this year I wasn't all that good at riding, so I am very pleased with my progression -- thanks to my friends for always pushing me to go further! Also, I must mention the multiple camera men; James, Jason, Aaron, Caleb, Matt, and I think Graham at one point.... Thought I'd use some Batman music :)
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Vijeo 2015
Bike trials riding in Edmonton. Basically the only riding I got done all year because of my back being out all summer
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Jason + Duy Biketrial
Jason and Duy work out the winter bugs in spring 2013.
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Extra Rusty Clips
Its been hard to ride trials without killing my back, but I felt great even after riding like this. I got to ride some stuff in Prince George that I've never done before. Some clips that didn't make it in another video.
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Beaver Park - Edmonton Group Trials Ride
Same day as this video, just a lot more, and all in the same location http://youtu.be/ke7jif71z_s
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Group Ride - Winter 2012
A cold-ish day group ride. Not many people were biking while I was filming, so its predominantly Jason Yu. Aaron D had no rear brake so he decided to go "fixie mod" with only a front brake!
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Pedurney PG
A little test edit of my brother and some pals early 2012
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Caleb has fun with his saw. I experiment with shooting video and editing colour.
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August Fun in Edmonton
The best clips from a day in early August.
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West Coast Reunion - Vancouver Island 2016
In July 2016 five friends from The Kings University reunited after a year apart for a trip full of camping, hiking, and shenanigans.
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Local Trials
Some close by objects and lines by my place for the summer. Really chill attitude with this one.
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Fort George Canyon 2017
A spring walk through the mud
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Jubal - Fresh Foilage
Some brakeless mod clips from PG and my first half hour on the new Rockman Slate II in whistler. Song is "Fresh Foilage" by DJ Spinege!
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I9 Hub Sound
Spinning my I9 hub
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Sophia|Genna pt1
Little montage of squeaky shenanigans from Israel.
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Jason Spins Out
Jason having some difficulty with the landing...
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Group Trials Ride 2013
How many times does the couple at 0:24 appear in the video?
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Meh, little line that took Duy a while.
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West Coast Reunion - Vancouver Island 2016 | pt2
In July 2016 five friends from The Kings University reunited after a year apart for a trip full of camping, hiking, and shenanigans.
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Jubal - Kings Klips
A nice afternoon, taking it easy because I rolled my ankle really badly before.
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Little Trials Clip
James and I having fun at Milwoods golf course rocks in Edmonton AB.
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Late Night Snippets
Some easy lines that were hard because it was 2 am
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Sophia|Genna pt 2
Little montage of squeaky shenanigans from Israel.
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A Usual Shop Ride
Nothin' much....
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Sun Peaks Solo
Some clips from August. It was steep, loose and dusty. My brakes sucked.
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Austin's Brakeless line
Made it look too easy after only a couple tries.
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Sledding to August Burns Red
My brother and I tried something new when it started to get too dark for sledding. At one point we reached 60km/h Music: "Sleigh Ride" - August Burns Red
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GoPro Time Lapse of Snow Serpent Construction
It has been titled "Hunting the Loch Ness" by Tom.
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Hot 'N Sawcey - Teaser
Teaser trailer for my brother's edit.
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Whistler Randoms
Luke says some weird stuff.
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Little Trial
Small line in my biking room with the three objects I've built so far.
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☯☯Jubal Rents a DH Bike☯☯
Mostly clips of A-Line. Unfortunately my GoPro only does 720p :(
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Eskers Mash
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James O. at Crankworx
James doing a line for Sport class
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Edmonton Trials - March 28th
Edmonton trials riders working out the bugs from winter. Spring 2013.
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A Whole Bunch of Meh Bike Trials
Mashed all the random clips from summer together.
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Jubal - Finally!
After two summers of wishing I could get up these two dumpsters.... Finally.
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