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Testing rock specimen for Uniaxial Compressive Strength
This test shows how we tested a rock specimen to help determine the appropriate Rock Anchor for this rock type. The specimen was sent to us by Crag Studio, Hyderabad who has taken a major responsibility of bolting new routes in Hyderabad. This test was done to help them select the correct rock anchor for their requirement. For more information, visit http://gipfelclimbing.com
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Pitching Gipfel ORION 2 tent
The Orion 2 tent is a 2 person, 3 season tent with airy interiors and an expansive outer fly. For more information visit http://gipfelclimbing.com/product-category/camping-outdoors/tents/
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OEM production of Auto Belay Connectors.
Outdoors. Safety. Innovation.
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Gipfel rain poncho 15L
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Durable water Repellent (DWR) explained
We've recently started using the DWR coating on our tents recently and we had a bunch of questions on how it works. This is a simple example which clearly explains the advantages of DWR.
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Finding out breaking strength of gear loops of Gipfel Saltoro Harness.
What if you accidentally clip yourself in your harness's gear loop instead of your Belay loop? Testing done on a random sample of Gipfel Saltoro harness's gear loop reveals that it can withstand up to 3.4kN (about 340 kg) before breaking.
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Gipfel Climbing Equipment - India's leading producer of climbing and outdoor equipment
A preview of Gipfel Climbing Equipment's operations and working inside the factory premises. For more information, follow us on www.gipfelclimbing.com
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Gipfel Rain Poncho 40L
Gipfel rain poncho 40L with fully seam taped hood. Suitable for short treks and hikes.
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Testing the High Mountain 4 tent
Here's a video of how we test our tents for leakage and other defects. To know more about the features of the tent in the video: High Mountain 4 - http://gipfelclimbing.com/product/high-mountain-4/
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Shelter 3
Our super comfy and airy tent with a spacious living area for three people. Features DAC® Pressfit poles and accessories. The tensioning of guy ropes is done by Clamcleat® attachments. Zippers are world’s best YKK®. More details check out :http://gipfelclimbing.com/product/shelter-3/ For more products visit : http://gipfelclimbing.com/
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Gipfel Polar Ice Screws
Checking Gipfel Polar Ice Screw (20cm ) for screwability on a Type 1 block of ice
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Saltoro Harness Waist Belt- Strength Test
Strength testing a Saltoro harness waist belt. The test result of the Load at Peak came up to 11kN which is way higher than the required UIAA standards. Find out more about the Saltoro in the link Below: http://gipfelclimbing.com/product/saltoro-harness/
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Deburring the components of Maxwel Starting Blocks
This type of deburring and polishing provides a very superior finish to the sharp cold forged components of Starting Blocks. With the help of three step chemical deburring, polishing and drying the sharp edges are uniformly trimmed, chamfered and a layer in the thickness of micrometer is removed from the surface. This imparts the components a very exotic and homogenous texture unique to Maxwel Starting Blocks. For more information about our products, visit www.maxwelexporter.com
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Deburring and polishing Maxwel Dynamic Starting Blocks
This type of deburring gives a superior quality finish to forged metal components compared to manual process. Due to friction between the components and the grinding media, a micrometer layer is eroded off the surface of the components to give a very high quality finish uniformly all over the surface as opposed to spot treatments in manual methods.
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Saltoro Harness Belay Loop - Strength test
Strength testing a Saltoro harness belay Loop. The test result of the Load at Peak came up to 26kN which is way higher than the required UIAA standards. Find out more about the Saltoro in the link Below: http://gipfelclimbing.com/product/saltoro-harness/
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Deburring and finishing of Gipfel Figure of Eight Descenders/Belay Device.
After hot forging, the descenders have to undergo deburring to trim sharp edges. Climbing Equipment must always be properly deburred to prevent them from cutting into the rope and harness. Here is a short and informative video about how our descenders are treated before passing them on for individual testing at a proof load of 10kN and manual checking for correct surface finish. #gipfelclimbingequipment #outdoorssafetyinnovation For more information, visit www.gipfelclimbing.com
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A glimpse of working at Maxwel factory
Maxwel has 2 state-of-the-art factories and testing facility in Meerut. We are India’s leading producer and exporter of training equipment and have an experience of 40 years of manufacturing and supplying to many of world’s renowned brands and chains. Our products are competitively priced and our customers vouch for our services.
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Discus testing
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