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Jenny glow wood sage & see salt vs Jo Malone wood sage and sea salt
Review video Links to follow Uk stockists Gordon's chemist direct Irish stockists Cara Pharmacy
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Thrifted Vintage FENDI bag Real or Fake pointers
I got this really lovely piece from an online auction for £33
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Perfume Collection part one
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette 50ml . Marc Jacobs Decadence 50ml Stella by Stella McCartney ltd print collection 30ml Woodsage and see salt by Jo Malone 30ml Cologne Woodsage and sea salt by Jenny glow 80ml Parfum Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 15 50ml Eau de Parfum Balenciaga Florabotanica eau de parfum DNKY Be Delicious 30ml eau de Toilette Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy 50ml
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Jenny Glow Pomegranate Noir versus Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir plus woodsage and see salt update
I bought woodsage and sea salt four months ago and it continues to wow me. I still prefer it to the Jo Malone version Thought I would try a different scent out. It does smell the same xxxx
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Jo Malone Lime Basil and Manderin versus Jenny Glow lime Basil and Manderin
www.carapharmacy.com For orders north and south of Ireland UK viewers try this company www.gordonsdirect.com/ www.youtube.com/channel/UCEXY6lC4ZImrxGiOy4RfLfA link above for Amber Marie Rodgers
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I thrifted a Radley Bag
Yes at last I spotted something nice from the charity shop A genuine black leather Radley for £8 As the saying goes here 'you couldn't beat that with a big stick'
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QVC Mini collection Go Flawless Unboxing review
http://www.qvcuk.com/Tili-Mini-Go-Flawless-Make-up-Collection.product.235843.html £12 inc P&P does ship to Northern Ireland despite it saying only available to UK mainland
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Elemis pepetide 4 night time saviours collection QVC UK TBS September 2018
QVC UK September 16 2018 Elemis Peptide 4 nightime saviours Contains a bag 30ml oxygenating night time marine cream (£50 rrp) full size Peptide 4 recovering eye cream 30ml (£38) Full size Peptide 4 night recovering cream lol 30ml full size product £49 I thought this was for the eyes but it is an all over product Last up is the Peptide flower mask, you get 40ml of this product the full size one contains 75ml and retails for £37 Wow I paid £60 which includes shipping
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First Impressions and unboxing of Shay and Blue Black Tulip and packaging fail
Ok so i reckon the more I smell this the more it smells like a cross between Black Opium and Balenciaga Florabotanica lol i just love those kind of scents that are vanila based. I would say this is more of a subtle scent. QVC UK have an offer on at 100ml for £50 which is a lot cheaper than i thought. Available from different stockists just Google and different sizes too
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Unpacking a preloved Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C bag
Preloved Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C bag. First impressions. This is an older version of the bag but not sure what year. I paid about £31 plus shipping. I thought it was a great deal because the actual leather on the bag ,even after closer inspection, is absolutely àmazing. I think I refer to the hardware as brass in the video, sorry I was just busy admiring the bag. I didn't mention I forgot how heavy those bags can be. I am used to carrying loads of stuff in my bag so we will see how I get on with this one. Also forgot to mention there are studs on the leather strap of the newer version of this bag
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Youtube hates Me! Warning of you make replica bag videos
Yes Don't upload replica bag videos. I don't think there is a difference in those bags that are similar in design and those that are exact copies. I would be very cautious either way. YouTube suspended my account. They do give you an opportunity to appeal but being stupid doesn't count lol It also doesn't matter how long you have those videos up, youtube has thousands of vireos, it might take a while for someone to notice, Also I noticed a moving light behind me while I was actually recording this clip. It appears in the clip just after the 1.00 minute mark. Let me know what you think it was
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Part two of my perfume collection
Details to follow but I'd you need to know something fast, drop a comment
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First aid beauty Coconut skin smoothie priming moisturiser
Please excuse the chopped nails and false tan between my fingers that's just how i roll in real life lol
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Prada, Gucci at the thrift shop?  Thrifting in Ireland
My August adventures
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Thrifted Vintage Dior Wallet on Chain Fake or Real pointers
Thrifted this little item for £10.51 Please watch there are some stupid fake or real guides out there stating that ALL DIOR bags are made in Italy, this is not true. If you have a bag that says it was made in France and it is vintage then it could be still genuine,
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Battle of the concealer/ Tarte Kat Von D Ckinque Bare Minerals
Me and my thoughts on these concealer Bare Minerals bare serum concealer Clinque line smooothing concealer Kat Von D lock it concealer Tarte Shape Tape Obviously I am not sponsered and these are my honest opinions
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Tarte 7 full size products £56/$70 Nov 2018
Free shipping today lnly
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Qvc TSV Elemis
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How I dyed my leather Rebecca Minkoff bag from white to Black
Sorry about the water mark I still cannot find a good editing programme Sorry about the quality in the middle, the lighting wasn't great but I didn't want to bin the video I wanted to show the results
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Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume versus Miss Daisy a .smell like fragrance by Creative Colours internationa
Creative Colours international Ltd frangrances are sold at fragrancesdircet.co.uk and cost from £5.95 They are also available from The old factory shops and cost £3 there Not as good a dupe side by side spraying but when I first sprayed it, it was definitely similar in scent. Would still recommend it
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Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume /fragrance versus  Colour International Flower edition
Ok guys i went ahead and published this, i can't put a direct link until my laptop decides it wants to work again For now if you want to find the Same fragrance go to Fragrancesdirect.co.uk and type in flower edition or the name of the company which is is colour international Ltd I highly recommend the daisy one which is a dupe for Marc Jacobs
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What is my thrifted Rebecca Minkoff mini Cupid bag
Bought for 25GBP Brand new with dust bag. For amazing thrift videos watch Miss Fili (link to follow) Don't watch her if you are easily offended by sex talk though. She is man hungry lol
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Shopping TK MAXX /TJ Maxx Sligo Ireland
Some footage inside TK MAxx Ireland
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Chanel Reveal. CC tote bag. Real or fake pointers
Chanel thrifted CC tote bag reveal. Help real or fake pointers
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Tom ford Emma Sunglasses unboxing
Depop purchase £45 RRP £245
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UNBOXING Benefit Cosmetics TSV QVCUK and a tiny beauty haul
Details to follow but basically the first part is an unboxing of benefit make up that was a TSV on QVCUK last week Great value £42 4 full size products, Rollerlash mascara, gimme brow, Gold Rush blush, they're real lipstick plus make up bag and compact mirror Second part shows a tiny haul from.TK Maxx and Cara Pharmacy Yes I knew it They have this deal available still but for a higher price. £54.99 Still good value because they are all full sizes I would split it into different gifts
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Glossy Box Special editon with Sunday Riley skin care
Details later folks
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August Let's talk Beauty free samples Debenhams beauty club card
Free samples with your beauty club card every month
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Sephora Haul x
Will stick in the prices later. They still haven't sorted the problems of shipping point perks and samples. I will update if the situation changes. So this haul was shipped to me in Northern Ireland.
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Debenhams beauty club freebie 14 September 2018
Selected beauty saamples (usually New launches ) are available each month to beauty club members. Just keep checking the beauty club community page at Debenhams.com I will of course be keeping an eye out too. If you are not sure what the beauty club is, it is a free loyality scheme , spend and earn points and rewards.
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Preloved  Vintage Christian Dior mini lady Dior bag
1990s vintage mini lady dior The marking on the inner zip reads YKK Bought for £150 Genuine
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Cartier, Hilfiger, Paul's Boutique at the thrift/charity
Sorry the end of the video is abrupt but I got am important phone call! OMG i think the wallet is real! The embossed stamp inside is actually a carrier stamp that is also on other vintage pieces I seen. The embossed front is also correct. I will do another bit of digging. The stitching is also spot on, I mean that's who picked it up it seemed good quality. The only thing that put me off was the lettering in the card slots , I just think it looks cheap. Have a look guys and tell me what you think. I defo need to do a follow up on this one lol. The bags I have not looked into yet but watch this space. Just to excited about that wallet lol
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Juicy couture and Fiorelli at the thrift/charity shop
Yes I was super happy with these finds . I never usually find anything because the staff usually have first pick.
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Byredo discovery set review £25
The discovery set is still avaikable from Byredo.co.uk but it is £25 There is only one discovery set but there are a few other collections priced at £75 that contain 3x 12ml bottles of various scents. I think my favourite is the Nomade collection which contains Bal d'Afrique Mojave Ghost Gypsy Water 50ml Eau de Partum is £105 OMG so expensive
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My everyday make up bag
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Some Jenny Glow Shopping. Plus Are they Rebranding?
The footage is awful i know, i was trying to be discreet lol
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Holy Moly a Prada at TK Maxx plus some Stella McCartney & Rebecca Minkoff
sorry I was messing about I am still learning how to edit plus I add to add that stupid music on because of the music playing in the store and copyright infringements Second Nature by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com
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Thrifting and a tiny haul
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