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How to Get Started in Acting and Show Business
This video was inspired by a lot of misinformation from basically a lot of unqualified people talking about how to get started in an acting career; so I thought I would share my experience and knowledge as a professional actor for 30 years and try to help as best I can.
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An Actor's Bag of Tricks
An actor's stories of the funny and sometimes thrilling things that happen onstage. A joke, a story about Barney Martin, who played Jerry Seinfeld's father on SEINFELD, and lastly one about Hollywood legend, Donald O'Connor, and a rainstorm, and the magic of show business.
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Introduction to Tom O'Rourke
This vlog is my belated introduction to me, Tom O'Rourke, actor for thirty years, including a brief history of my acting career from Justin Marler on "The Guiding Light" to "Working Girl" in LA. My plan is for boldrascal vlog to be a series of entertaining stories of funny and amusing experiences I've had over the years of my varied and colorful life. I expect to do at least a story per week. Looking forward to your feedback
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Justin Marler Lives
This is for all the Justin Marler fans out there, a little memory of a soap opera character they enjoyed. And believe it or not, they're still Justin fans out there, almost 30 years later. Tom was alwaysl being recognized and remembered for playing Justin, as well as for his work on Law & Order. Lots of college kids were GL fans and remembered Justin when they got older. And if you were an Alan Spaulding/Chris Berneau fan, nice scene with Chris at the end. This was a presentation tape of Tom's work on The Guiding Light that we made in the days when getting videos made of your TV work was almost impossible. It was done on a professional format, and I haven't seen it since it was completed in 1983. It's interesting to remember that when this show as popular the actual audience numbers were around 20 to 30 millions of people a day, five days a weeek. Almost no TV shows, even nighttime shows, today get those audience numbers anymore.
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Job From Hell -- Complete with Hatchett Attack
For all the young men out there with jobs from hell, here's one of mine --roofing, including a hatchet attack that should provide a few chuckles.
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Funny Pet Story #1
Truth is stranger than fiction. A true example of six degrees of separation. The poor dog that was made mad by its owner.
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The Four Thousand Dollar California Jeep
This was Tom's California coup, a postal jeep converted to hot rod by a real California Gear Head. It had a 327 Chevy Engine, Corvette distributor, Engle racing Cams, TRW pistons and rings, Offenhauser head, 350 Chevy Turbo distributor, Eagle Headers, and Oversize Dune buggy Tires. Listen to that throaty engine rumble. Driving the jeep was definitely a great California experience.
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A short scene of Tom and Natasha Richardson in the movie Patty Hearst
This scene is the opening moments of the Patty Hearst trial from the movie, Patty Hearst Her Own Story, directed by Paul Schrader starring Natasha Richardson. 1988
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Funny Travel Stories -- Irish Whiskey and Italian Communists
The joys of flying Aer Lingus followed by a political awakening in Venice.
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Tom and Bubble Bath
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How To Get Started in Show Business and Acting 2
My second video to set straight the misinformation from basically unqualified people about how to get started in an acting career. This one is about the actor's 8 by 10 headshot.
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Life in Hollywood
This video is a response to K80blog Back to LA, some tales of trying to make it in Hollywood, and a Leggs TV commercial audition.
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Who's the best James Bond?
Recounting the impact of seeing Dr. No, the first James Bond film, and how it changed my life, and comparing the later Bond actors.
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Salute to Youtube
First time youtuber talks about the challenges of getting started on Youtube and funny experiences of dealing with cameras and microphones.
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Michelangelo vs Margarita
Travel vs vacation. Is Rome the answer or do you need a beach with an icy Margarita? I need a vacation. Help! I need Tahiti.
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What's up with Billy May and Australian Macho TV commercials
TV commercials from the old raw live days to shouting Billy May and Australian Macho.
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Dying is Easy
Dying is easy...comedy is hard. You be the judge. First scene Johnny Depp kills Tom. Second scene Tom goes for the laughs.
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Tom's Laugh Riot Fifties Childhood
Tom's wry comments on his Fifties childhood during WWII, child of a whirlwind wartime romance between two very young parents. Tom grew up to be an actor on The Guiding Light, Law & Order, and in movies, 'Maid in Manhattan', 'United 93', and 'American Gangster', etc.
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Overnight Sensation
Tom's great guest spot on Growing Pains and his first job in LA.
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Funny Pet Story #2
The story of the cat that feasted on rooftop pet pigeons.
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Consolation Prize
Tom played a con artist victimzing foreign women, and he gets trapped.
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Sorry Charlie, not going to be a series
A movie of the week that was supposed to become a series. In our dreams.
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