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"Hot dry summer" in the UK
The Met predicted a hot summer in the UK. After getting the short term forecast backwards, now they are warning us of hot weather "after 2009."
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Correcting Global Warming Maps
A global temperature map, corrected for area and sensitivity biases.
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Ocean cooling in 2007
This short clip shows how sea surface temperatures near the equator have declined during 2007
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SST Anomalies Through August 2007
SST Anomalies Through August 2007
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Normalized SST anomalies
SST anomalies
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Polar view of corrected SST maps
A view of SST anomalies at the poles.
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2007 vs 1934
1934 was the hottest year in the United States according to NASA data. This clip shows how 2007 has compared vs. 1934 worldwide. February temperatures averaged as much as 24 degrees cooler in 2007 than they did in 1934.
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