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Ball Mason Jars  spec. commercial
Made this little spec. spot for Ball. Doubt they'll like it but it was fun anyway! starring Jeremiah Benjamin, Kenny Apel, Charley Rossman, America Del Sol, Enrique Tito Contreras, Mia Cardena written - directed - edited by Eric Sheffield cinematography - Garret Lamb sound design - Colin Yarck make up - Mariel Katherine color and VFX - Mike Wilkinson
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A Fart Story
He wants her to fart, but is it a good idea? written/directed/edited by Eric Sheffield co-written and starring Alexandra Hensley, Andy Sheffield and Zooey Dogschanel photography and coloring by Garrett Lamb music by Parker Davis boom mic operated by Esray Melendez
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The Facebook Facade
The reality behind that perfect couple on Facebook. Written, directed and shot by Eric Sheffield Starring & co developed by Alexandra Hensley and Andy Sheffield Coloring by Garrett Lamb
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Baby Talk
A difficult subject we all face in a new relationship. Starring Alexandra Hensley, Andy Sheffield and Eric Sheffield Cinematography by Garret Lamb Written, directed and edited by Eric Sheffield
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Do'in It With Dean - Ep. 1 How to skateboard!
A new "how to" show that teaches you all kinds of fun activities!
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Spoon Me
Written, directed & edited by Eric Sheffield Starring Andy Sheffield & Alexandra Hensley Shot by Garret Lamb Lighting by Ben Kilmer
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Do'in It with Dean - Ep.3 How to play guitar
Deans back and this time he's teaching Paul how to play the guitar!
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I Love the NSA
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Hatchback - feature film trailer
This is the trailer for our first feature film "Hatchback". We are in the final stages of post production but need help with funding. Please check out our Indiegogo campaign and consider sharing and/or contributing. Thanks! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hatchback-feature-film-finishing-funds-movie-drama--2/x/15739907#/
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A Baby Werewolf in America
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The Alien's Guide to Picking Up Humans
This video is part of the Dutch TV show De Donuts. A show made collectively by YouTubers from Italy, Japan, New Zealand, England, Venezuela, Germany, the USA and The Netherlands, all about one specific global theme: The Art of Picking Up. Watch the whole show at VPRO Dorst: http://youtu.be/tUy1fnr7ofE. Starring: Taylor Carr, Andy Sheffield, Alexandra Hensley, Reed Windle, Gabrielle, Gabrielle Lamb, Vivian Lamolli Written/Directed by Eric Sheffield Cinematography by Garret Lamb Sound by Eugene Thompson Music by Kelsey Danzeisen Gaffer: John Moody Grip: Chris Visual effects by John Cranston Monster make up effects by Alexandra Hensley
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Couch Mix
A new and tasty snack. Written, directed, edited by Eric Sheffield, Director of Photography Garret Lamb, Starring Anthony Schrader and Zooey Dogchanel, Graphics by @localherocult Voice over by Richard Sheffield, Lighting by Anthony Schrader
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Do'in It with Dean - Ep. 2 How to garden
In this episode we will learn how to garden. :)
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Dub step biking
This turned into a little promo for Alex Hooper's comedy show Crave.
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The Porn vs. Girlfriend Dilemma
A man's struggle with the choice of whether to masterbate to porn now or wait until he sees his girlfriend later.
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Fog Machine
Eric gets a fog machine. We made this video a while back. Decided to repost it for you guys. Enjoy!
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The E-cig Mafia
Rival mafia groups share a common interest in their smoking habits. Written/directed/edited by Eric Sheffield Photography & coloring by Garret Lamb Music by Parker Davis Starring Snake - Cristian Gonzalez Spider - Eric Delgado Gimpy - Alex Hooper Smoker - Andy Sheffield Hat man - Wub Savell Tall guy - Russell Mills
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Commercial for Dick to Dick Executive Consulting
A little commercial I made for Dick to Dick, LLC It's a real company I swear! www.iinventeddicktodick.com
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Bum Vision
A homeless man finds some glasses and his life changes.
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Do'in It with Dean - Ep. 4 Yoga for beginners
Learn how to do some basic yoga poses with your favorite instructor, Dean!
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Pabst Smear - banned PBR commercial
Make it a Pabst!
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Director Eric H. Sheffield's Sizzler Reel 2018
A highlight reel of all my best moments eating alone at Sizzler's.
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Benny Hill's Last Stand
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Porn: The Game! - Party Crashers (director's cut)
Super fun branded content we created for a hilarious new drinking card game. Check out the official cut at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwuTklHPbuQ Get your deck now at www.pornthegame.com Directed, edited by Eric Sheffield Produced by: George Souris DP: Garrett Lamb VFX/Color: Mike Wilkinson Score/Sound design: Justin Wilks Hostess: Alex Hensley Cable Guy: Andy Sheffield Nurse: Rachel Alig Gimp: Cesar Cipriano 70s Guy: Peter Tahoe 70's Gal: Karen Oblom ADDITIONAL CREDITS 1st AD: Dom Poniac 1st AC: John Lee Gaffer: Anthony Schrader Sound: Ed Spangler Wardrobe: Aubrey Preble Hair/Make Up: Mariel Villavincencio PA: Chris McQueen PA: Esray Melendez
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