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100 Years of Toys
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com 100 years of toys. Every child deserves their chance to play. Toys were a part of our lives, our developing into the people we are. Here is a list of some popular toys over the last 100 years. What was your favorite toy. Come share the story at our site. Click on the link above
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Marvin Your A Rotten Kid!
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com A performance at a party a few years ago from my friends Marvin and Daisy Frager. With their permission I added this to you tube.
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Oscars Video 2008
Tears of Joy Video visit the oscars. The year of the montage. http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com
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Mykonos Greece 1993
http://tearsofjoyvideo.com This video was taken 20 years ago on my vacation to Greece. I decided to take the original video and transfer it to my computer and edit it into a short video. Do you have vacations you took on videotape? Have Tears of Joy Video transfer them and edit them to enjoy with your family and friends.
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Ethics-Building your email list
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com 5 Ethical ways to build your Email marketing list 5 Unethical ways to build you email list Create your own video series: http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com
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Weight Loss- Herballife
http://www.herbalfix.biz/evitality/? I offer Education, Incredible Products, On-going Support and a Desire to help you achieve your goals. Why wait to begin living healthier? Contact me to get started. Brian Francis [email protected] 724-984-2100
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Funny Family Stories
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com A Place to share your funny family stories. Everyone has a story...what's yours?
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Children's 1930's Song-Chocolate Ice Cream Cone
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com Come share children stories. This song is a story about a child and an ice cream cone. This is a song that my mom sang to me from the 1930's when she was a child. I have since sung it to a number of children who continue to be entertained by the song. I thought it might be a good theme for a video.
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I love my mom video
www.tearsofjoyvideo.com Join our Newsletter [email protected] Tears of Joy Video for mom. This video was done by a 13 year old girl to say thank you to her mom for all she did. Her mother adopted her as a baby and she wanted to do something more... special for her mom. A very touching video. Her mother couldn't stop crying tears of joy the whole time she watched it. If you would like to create a video for your mom, Tears of Joy Video would be glad to make your mom cry tears of joy as well. Check out our site for information and pricing http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com or call us toll free at (877) 887-8658
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Words of Wisdom From Andy Rooney
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com What I have learn...Quote from Andy Rooney. Life Lessons he learned. What have you learned? Tears of Joy Stories is looking for your contributed stories.
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Advice to new convertible owners
I was inspired to create this video when driving in my convertible today. I have had my car for 2 years, but in those two years I have learned many things about driving a convertible, so I thought I would create a video about it. I think other convertible owners can relate.
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Bear Creek Lodge-Mountain Village-Vacation Rental-Telluride Colorado
Telluride Colorado Vacation Rental-Virtual Tour- Check website for availability and pricing: http://www.vrbo.com/500289#
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Ed Debevic Diner in Los Angeles
Dinner with Entertainment. Sorry this restaurant is no longer there.
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100 years of the telephone
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com I think the thing that has changed the most over the years is the telephone and the different ways we communicate. This video shows the changes over the last 100 years. How has this effected your family? What memories do you have in the past that are linked with the telephone. Share them with us.
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Children's Stories-Long Live the King
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com Create your children's stories on video. This story is created and written by 11 year old Zoe, animating her toy earsers as characters to tell the story.
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100 years of Cameras
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com A tribute to the little devices that capture our memories and our stories.
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Jim Summers and Friends
Jim Summers and Friends at The Coach House
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Children's Stories-The 3 Funny Ladybugs
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com This story was written my 10 year old niece and the actors are her sisters and their friend. We helped them put this together as a movie over a the holiday weekend, and had a great time doing it!
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Epic Father Daughter Dance
Mike and Emily and their father daugher dance. #emanddrewsayIdo http://tearsofjoyvideo.com
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Moscow Russia  1993 Changing of the Guards Red Square
http://tearsofjoyvideo.com Moscow Russia changing of the guard at Red Square
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Celebration Of Life
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com/Celebration-of-Life.html Celebration of Life or Memorial packages which include Memorial video, Memorial website, Memorial program, Memorial poster and memorial guestbook.
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San Diego Things to do
Are you planning a trip to San Diego? Here is a list of things to do. If you are looking for a place to stay, check out this condo: http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p582083vb#calendar
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425 Skyewiay Road Brentwood
Home available for Hollywood Movie Shoots, Photo Shoots and Commercials. Contact Dr. Patricia Field (310) 472-4248
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Whale Watching San Diego
Whale Watching in San Diego
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Tears of Joy Stories
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com Share your personals stories. Make Connections
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Jeff and Jer Star 94.1 Thank You Party
Jeff and Jer (http://jeffandjer.star941sandiego.com/main.html ) is a radio team that has been in the San Diego, California area for 20 years. For the last 3 years they have held a "Thank You Party" for their "11 listeners" to thank them for listening. This year "Tears of Joy Video" received tickets and we were able to attend. We created this video of our night at the party and from the radio shows producer "Little Tommy", receive his blessing to upload it here. This is for all the other fans that couldn't attend that night, but would love to watch what happened there. Enjoy! And if you get a chance, visit us at our website http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com. We can edit your pictures and home movies into a video to create a special presentation for you. Feel free to comment below on what you think of the video.
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Tears Of Joy Video
http://tearsofjoyvideo.com Video that tells about our business and our services
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Teach your baby sign language
http://www.tearsofjoystories.com/babystories.html How can you communicate with your baby and learn their needs and wants? Take a look at this sight and learn how you can train infants to use sign language.
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Teach Your Children To Read-Video Children's Books
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com Create a Video Children's Book for your child and have them become part of the story with their favorite cartoon charactors. Each book and story is custom made for your child.
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Drooling Babies
http://www,tearsofjoyvideo.com Drooling Babies
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Story Writing Contest-My Favorite Moment In My Life
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com Tears of Joy Stories Announces the first winner of their writing contest. Theme: My favorite moment in my life. Here is Susan Gumm's story she wrote for our site. This video was created with her reading- her voice. Some of the pictures used in the video are also her art work she provided to us for this video. Congratulations to Susan for winning first place prize and to Bill for winning second prize and Kathy Buck for winning third prize. Our next writing contest is March, but for the month of February we have a photo contest. Stop by and participate in our contest.
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It's Superman! Remote Control Flying
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com We created videos from your home movies and pictures. This video was created after passing by on my scooter on the coast in Carlsbad, CA. I noticed these remote-control flyers and stopped by and took some pictures and video with my little camera. They were having a special event. with the Video Pilot Association of America. Here is their website if you want to learn more about FPV Remote-Control Flyers http://www.vpaoa.org
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Inspirational Business Stories
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com Contribute Stories: Funny stories of things that happened at work. Inspiring stories about how you started your business. Stories about what drew you to your profession. Business advice to other business owners. Submit stories in writing on our website or by calling on your phone and leaving a recorded message (214) 615-6505 ext 5905
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Video Archives Montreal May 1994
Old travel vhs movies changed to digital
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Baby Announcement Alex 4D Ultrasound
www.tearsofjoyvideo.com Join our Newsletter [email protected] Birth Annoucement take Alex's Ultrasound and puts it to music with titles to create a video Birth Announcent. Available for your baby at .
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Cher impersonators
Staring Laurie and Chelse
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Sample Celebration of Life Video
http://tearsofjoyvideo.com/Celebration-of-Life.html Creating Celebration of life videos throughout the USA and Canada
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Funny Pet Stories
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com Submit your Pet stories in writing. Here is what we are looking for: Interesting stories about your pets Funny stories of something your pet did Inspiring stories about what a pet meant to you
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Your Family History on Video
http://tearsofjoyvideo.com Tears of Joy Video can take your family pictures and video clips and create your family history on video
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Children's Stories - The Happy Princesses
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com This is a video that I put together using green screen, my neices and their friends dressed as princesses. It's just a fun little story to watch. Hope you enjoy it!
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Millions of Dolphins off the San Diego Coastline
Dolphins, Dolphins Everywhere!!!
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Hawaii Property Video
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com Do you have a property you would like to display. Give Tears of Joy Video a call and we can create a property montage like this one.
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The Wait Is Over Party!
Created By Tears of Joy Video http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com Jeff & Jer San Diego's Premier DJ's were off the air for 17 months... they finally returned to KYXY radio. To Celebrate they threw the Wait Is Over Party for their 11 plus listeners. 11 may have come, but many more wanted to. Welcome back Jeff & Jer, welcome back.
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Vacation Video
www.tearsofjoyvideo.com Join our Newsletter [email protected] Tears of Joy Video Vacation Video. Cruise of the Caribbean.
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School Stories
http://www.tearsofjoysvideo.com Do you have some wonderful stories you would like to share? Submit them to our site. You can do this in writing or recording them over the phone: (214) 615-6505 ext 5905 Everybody has a story…lets us hear yours
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Teach Your Dog Any Trick
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Bill and Ruby 50th Anniversary
Part of a 50th anniversary video done by Tears of Joy Video
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Personalized Book Video
www.tearsofjoyvideo.com Join our Newsletter [email protected] Do you know a child that lives far away but you would like to find a way to read to them every night? Well here is a way to do it. Watch this sample personalized book. You can have one done at
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Tale of Two Kitties
www.tearsofjoyvideo.com Join our Newsletter [email protected] Pet Video done of two Kitties By Tears of Joy Video. You can have one of these done for your pet. Check out pricing at
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Kurk and Nekissa's Wedding Video Montage
http://www.tearsofjoyvideo.com Join our Newsletter [email protected] If you would like a video montage done for your wedding, come check out our website at
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