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Thank you 🙏🏽 !!!!
Whole lot of gang shit
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PAC-By RichLaFlame
Give me credit for at least having the courage to upload this Ik it’s not the best or that ima not the best rapper out there bud sooo I will Be this was recorded on my phone so give a name some credit for it show some love for a young one and leave a like Gang 🙏🏽
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BLAZIN Hot Wings Challenge!!!!
Let us know if you want us to try any other challenge as well as if you want us to go try this at Buffalo Wild wigs with the 12 pack
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Reacting to 5Band by Biggie Estilo !!!!
Reacting to one of my homies video pleases go check out the original video and leave a comment on who you want me to react to next https://youtu.be/-olWjplboNQ
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Fight At School!!!
There was a fight or sum didn’t really get anything just some click bait lol but shout to everyone that chill with me and shout to Carlos for showing his full moon 🌕 IG:Unknownprodigyyy
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Hang Out With The Bros
Today I didn’t do much I didn’t get to hang out with all my bro we didn’t do much well we really didn’t have much to do I hop y’all enjoy this video and pleases leave a like !! IG:gmpolosb IG:Tweakinfool SoundCloud: http://SoundCloud.com/tweakinfool Link to full YouTube video : https://youtu.be/o-1KYyeU8Ko
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About My YouTube Channel
What Up guy my name is Ricardo im going to be recording my every day life hopefully y’all join me in this Journey and soon I’ll be putting out mover video of differ things let me know what are some of the things you would like to see in my channel
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Day 1 vlog
Had a lot of fun today hang out with my friends hop y’all enjoy this vlog and come back IG:@allisonshinn IG:@Fuego_40 IG:@Tweakinfool http://SoundCloud.com/tweakinfool Sc:gokanssj
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Chillin With The Fam!!
To day was just another normal day got to hang out with my boy ajb and my mom and cousins it was a pretty chill as day hop y’all enjoy it and pleases leave and like and share it with you friends Sc:conchiiito7
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Field Trip With The Gang!!
Had fun with all my friends and people that came throw hop y’all enjoy this vlog so pleases subscribe and leave a like and a comment of your favorite part of this video IG: @Ajb_h.r ( YouTube Channel @ Ajb https://youtu.be/PnRx5x6lo6s ) IG:@Christina._.nyugen IG:@names_armando And also big shout to both my camera people Christina and neno
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Reacting to Hot wing challenge !!!
Shout to Spencer’s Adventures pleases go check them out !!! https://youtu.be/LOzE3H53WSc
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Second semester!!!!!
Gang shit at school
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Wildin Out At School !!!!
Chillin at school bing wild asf with my bro ajb IG:Onlyorbit SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/orbitofficial/hoes-on-lock IG:Chicken.Alfredoo Sc:ephraim2k9 Sc: flayoav
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Cleveland proud 🐏
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Changing the Channel Name ???!!!!!
We have decided to change the channel name because we don’t do much right now in are life to be showing y’all on the Daily because we still in school we hop that y’all steal stay here with us and support us all the way there going to be new content coming soon !!!!
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Just another day at School !!
Didn’t really do much yesterday but chill with every one and had fun hop y’all guys enjoy the video and leave a like Shout to Sc:zdaman13 Ig:t.riddle68 Ig:gray.long Ig:thehuntermorris Ig:__nickmaxwell__
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iPhone X!!??
Mom got her self and iPhone X
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Last Video for a Minute!!
Hop y’all enjoy this I’m stop making videos for a couple of day I will most definitely be back I just got to fix some stuff and get things straight I hop y’all come back when I’m back
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Whole Lot Of Gang Shit
Chillin with the fam and and just messing around Pleases go and subscribe to my bros channel and leave a like https://youtu.be/8Vz5vfDDNts IG:Ajb_h.r SC: Ajb.hr0
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I’m Back !!!!
Didn’t do much in this video but I hop y’all enjoy it !! And leave a like
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Reacting To TWEAK Video!!
Reacting to my Bro TWEAk video Shout to TWEAK Link: https://youtu.be/o-1KYyeU8Ko Let me know what you want me to react to next
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Chillin With The Fam!!!
Had a great weekend with every boy hop y’all enjoy this video
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Monday 👌🏽
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Went downtown!!!!
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Burgundy ??!?
Didn’t really do much but Chang my hair color hop y’all still enjoy it
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Work Flow!!!
Got to get the bread
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(Part 3) last part
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No School !!!
Gang shit
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Federal-By RichLaFlame
Had to re upload because this one sound better you can hear me more
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Reacting to KTRasta “ME”!!!
Shout to the the bro KTrasta his on the come up IG:@ktrasta55 https://youtu.be/_MSfSiY-SW0
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6SiiCK-by RichLaFlame
Thank Allan for convincing me to drop this cuz I wasn’t Gang 📲♿️🔊🔜🔛🔝
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Isrrael Graduation day !!!!!
Had a fun time with the fam want to give a big shout to my bro Israel for graduating early his next stop is the marines 🤘🏽 Shout to Sc: kendalljackso IG: abby_posey44
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