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Greg Koch - Koch-Marshall Trio- song called Absinthe played on a vintage 1958 Stratocaster
Koch-Marshall Trio - Recorded live May 18, 2017 on a Sony A6300 with kit lens at Anodine in Milwaukee Wisconsin http://www.gregkoch.com/
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Koch-Marshall Trio- Greg Koch playing Rex Charmer on a vintage 1958 Stratocaster
Koch-Marshall Trio - Recorded live May 18, 2017 on a Sony A6300 with kit lens at Anodine in Milwaukee Wisconsin http://www.gregkoch.com/
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Koch-Marshall Trio - Greg Koch playing a song called Unrepentant Wildwood Telecaster Fluence pickups
Koch-Marshall Trio - Recorded live May 18, 2017 on a Sony A6300 with kit lens at Anodine in Milwaukee Wisconsin. This song is the title track of the new release called Unrepentant. http://www.gregkoch.com/
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Koch-Marshall Trio - Greg Koch playing a vintage 1958 Stratocaster - Heed the Boogaloo
Koch-Marshall Trio- Recorded live May 18, 2017 on a Sony A6300 with kit lens at Anodine in Milwaukee Wisconsin http://www.gregkoch.com/
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Tim Geithner in China Getting laughed at by Chinese Students
U.S. Treasury Secretary goes to China and gets laughed at by Chinese students. Geitner was in china where he attended school years ago, to assure the Chinese that the U.S. dollar is stable and the U.S. is going to keep the dollar stable and reduce deficits yadda yadda yadda.
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Black lighting vintage guitars and equipment blacklight nitro lacquer finish Authenticating
Authenticating vintage guitars (Pre 1968) with black light or wood lamp After many years (there is a debate about how many years) something happens to the nitro lacquer from being exposed to light. Some people argue that an additive in the nitro evaporates, dissipates or settles over time. In any event, the nitro finish on a vintage guitar glows green under black light. And if the vintage guitar has any touch up, or any repair, it is easily detected under blacklight. You can buy a cheap hand held blacklight here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GU55270/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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Koch-Marshall Trio - Greg Koch - Lets get Sinister live at Anodine in Milwaukee
Koch-Marshall Trio - Recorded live May 18, 2017 on a Sony A6300 with kit lens at Anodine in Milwaukee Wisconsin http://www.gregkoch.com/
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Breeding Bengals cats Bengal cat cats breed
Dazzledots Gold Standard is the male and Cazpurr Cover Girl is the female. Their first litter was phenomenal. www.paintedcats.com
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Patches the male bengal kitten
Born April 7, 2014. Probably the most unique and hard to get clouded leopard pattern. I call him patch or patches.
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Braun ThermoScan Bengal
Taking the temperature of a Bengal kitten. Non invasive
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Sky the Bengal kitten
Bengal Kitten with a clear coat
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Painted Cats Bengals
www.paintedcats.com www.bengalkittens.com [email protected] Hello and welcome to Painted Cats. We breed the finest Bengal cats in the world and we are right here in beautiful Milwaukee Wisconsin. Our foundation breeding cats have come from the best catteries in the world. Our theory has always been, if you want to make the best Bengal Cats you need to start with healthy, beautiful and structurally correct Bengals. Our cats are registered with two cat registries, TICA and CFA. We sell breeding cats around the world, and we also sell the best pet Bengals. Not all Bengals look like they came off the pages of a magazine, but our Bengals do. All of our breeding cats are screened for HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) by a board certified cardiologist. In addition we DNA test all of our cats for PK Deficiency and PRA. If a breeder does not test breeding cats for these things we suggest you find a breeder who does. Our kittens are all veterinarian checked, wormed, micro-chipped, given two sets of shots and they are neutered or spayed prior to coming home with you. We are extremely proud of our Bengal breeding program. We have placed cats in some of the finest Bengal breeding programs. We have a US Fish and Wildlife Import/Export permit so we can ship our kittens anywhere in the world. When you want the prettiest Bengal cat. And the best tested Bengal cat. You have found it at Painted Cats. Video and logo by: Visual Eclipse Productions [email protected] Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Elektra x Jordan bengal breeding
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Pregnant Bengal
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Female Bengal Kitten
Bengal girl with no rib bars, tri colored rosettes and a nice head.
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Chevy and Kia Bengal Kittens
Bengal kittens born May 22
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Grace Bengal Kittens
Bengal Kittens at one month old.
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Guy King at Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago Truth 12-26-17
The Same Thing That Can Make You Laugh (Can Make You Cry)
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Carpe Diem the Bengal Kitten
Exotique Bengals Carpe Diem
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Taylor Davis music
Taylor Davis sings Dixie land delight with the house band from losers Nashville.
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Heat wave bengal kitten
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Tasha bengal kittens growing up fast
Growing up so fast
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Spencer Bengal Kitten Open Rosettes
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Tasha bengal kittens first time outside
Bengal kittens
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Painted Cats Bandit - A Silver Charcoal Bengal
13 weeks old in the video
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Bengal Kitten Johnny One Month Old
Johnny baby boy from the Dazzledots X Destinybengals pairing
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Cazpurr Cover Girl loves a good brushing  Bengal
My bengal loves to be brushed
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Bengal kitten fetch retrieve
Bengal kitten will retrieve all day
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Chad Wilson from John Brown Plays an Accoustic Song at Sloppy Joes
Chad Wilson from the Nashville Country Band "John Brown" played at Sloppy Joes in Hubertus Wisconsin. Chad usually plays with his brother Kyle Wison.
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Carpe Diem Bengal Kitten
Bengal boy
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Little wing on guitar
My guitar Teacher Keith Pulvermacher showing me some different chords to play a song
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Finger picking 16ths Guitar lesson
My guitar teacher Keith Pulvermacher teaching me some Chet Atkins style playing
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Bavaria Bengal Kitten
Painted Cats Clear Skies x Painted Cats Ginger
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Anthony the bengal kitten
Drinkwater Cloud Reflection X Cazpurr Cover Girl
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Carpe diem Bengal kitten
Running the yard with the stud
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Hillary Bengal Kitten
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Hammerschlagen at Sloppy Joes
Playing Hammerschlaggen at Sloppy Joes,
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Patches the Bengal Kitten
Patches is a product of Dazzledots Gold Standard X Cazpurr Cover Girl
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Cats and chickens bengal kittens
Bengal cats explore the back yard and meet chickens
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Painted Cats Bengal Kittens
Bengal Kittens. The first two are nearly one month old, and the last two are two weeks old.
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Gogees Black Beard famous bengal cat
The cat behind many many bengals is Gogees Black Beard. His breeder is the very famous Gene Ducote.
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Destiny bengals kitten fetches
Bengal kitten 11 weeks old already fetches like a fog
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Male Bengal Toy Possessive kitten
Bengal kitten
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Bengal kittens
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Bengal flower
Bengal kitties eating
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Vintage 1959 ES 335 Minty
Original Pafs are the stuff!
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