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FT ISLAND - LOVE SICK (LEE HONGKI - LEE HONGGI) new group pic are here!!
photos from asainfanatics.net.. 3rd stuff i made.. I LOVE EVERYONE!!
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FT ISLAND (LEE JAEJIN) HEAVEN ~with jaejins new hair cut~
ft island - heaven jaejins slide photos.. photos from - asianfanatics.com AND AT THE LAST PART OF THE VIDEO W/ JAEJINS NEW HAIR CUT AND IT SO SHORT :so cute: AND A PIC OF THE NEW FT ISLAND W/ THE NEW MEMBER!!:d enjoy watching.. its my 3rd time making stuff like dis.. pls coment!!
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YOOCHUN "MICKY" PARK (dbsk - step by step)
PARK YOOCHUN all the photos are from: *ASIANFANATICS.NET *CRUNCHYROLL.COM *MICKYFAN.COM ~just a little tribute are wat ever u called dis~ ~hope u have fun watching THE MAN THAT EVERY GIRL LOVES~ hahaha created by: shineYUNCHUN
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ft island-because  i don't know how to love (choi minhwan)new!
slide shows of choi minhwans photo from asianfanatics.net.. ft island song - because i dont know how to love.. thank u for watching.. minhwan w/ stephanies photos..:D pls coment.. rate.. !! saranghae.. ^^
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paris in flame - (my video)
first video dat i made.. hahaha enjoy!!! pls coment..:P
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having fun *copying jeabum*
nuffin just copying jeabom..hahahha its our prank call also!!
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~CRAZee~ (New Stuff)
~CRAZeeladiezzz~ a 4 girl group fan of kpop & jpop bands!! junne - yully jaebie - barbie yunrie - marie changnie - page ~CRAZee~ LOVE!!! DBSK/TVXQ BIG BANG SHINEE FT ISLAND FAHRENHEIT U-KISS pls do visit their sites: http://www.youtube.com/user/CRAZeeladiezzz http://www.crunchyroll.com/user/CRAZeeladiezzz THANK YOU MUCH!! PLS COMENT AND RATE!! loves lots!!!
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halo cover
past time karaoke funny.. lol
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