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Yard Sale (Garage Sale) Haul - 6-24-17
I can hardly believe some of the great things I got for just 10 cents! Love to go garage saling! Hope you guys enjoy. -Amanda
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Kohl's Haul - Clearance + 30% off Kohl's Charge
Awesome deals at Kohl's. I wanted to get this video out before Christmas in case you guys are wanting some ideas. -Amanda
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Flea Market and Yard Sale Haul! 8-19-17
Long time no see! This is a bit of a rambling video. -Amanda
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Jump To It Designs planner sticker Haul - Etsy
Hey everyone, this is from a few days ago! -Amanda
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Flea Market Haul - stamping stuff! crafts (only $5)
I bought some great crafting items today! I got stamp sets from Stampin' Up, Stampology, and Studio G. I also bought some ink pads. Please comment and subscribe. πŸ‘
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Target and Five Below (College Dorm, Etc.) Haul 7-29-18
I had a headache so I rambled a lot more than usual. But there are many great deals for college students or apartment people or anyone who just wants a bit of cute decor! -Amanda
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Online Used Clothing Haul - July 25, 2018
Lots of clothes. πŸ˜‚ -Amanda
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Flea Market Haul - Aug. 2018 - Clothes at End
This is a very chatty video! I have a lot to show so I decided to blab while doing it. Lots of clothes at the end, if you guys like to see clothing deals. Thanks for watching! -Amanda
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Discount Fashion Warehouse - a few purchases - May 2018
I heard about their $10 dresses and found some gems! I went to a DFW in central Ohio in Northland Plaza. I would recommend going there if you have a lot of spare time (it's a lot to look through - but it's all new and more affordable than the mall!). -Amanda
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Tuesday Morning Haul! 7-8-17
Wide variety of craft goodness. Links to photos down below! Thanks for watching. -Amanda Graphic 45 banners + SMASH stuff https://goo.gl/photos/YhEuqYVD2AFCw3xu5 (sorry, no SKU numbers) Graphic 45 "Artisan Style" paper pad (never seen hauled before) SKU is 1862104 https://goo.gl/photos/6hHRcvcbadMTCZQf6 Martha Stewart + Happy Planner stuff https://goo.gl/photos/QEbbiiYN11Z7ZrsT8 (The Happy Planners were in the same section, just out of the frame)
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Tsum Tsum Haul - THANKS Tsum Tsum Obsessed + my tiny collection
Hi, I'm Amanda! 🐏 I received this awesome package on Thursday. Here's Tsum Tsum Obsessed's channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfF_n7ps-SedY_e3r9WpNWw
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Flea Market Haul - clothes, more clothes ($1 ea.)
Subscribe for yard sale and flea market hauls! -Amanda πŸ‘Œ
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Family Dollar Store Haul - Aug. 2018
Lots of chit-chat, as you know. Had a lot of difficulty getting to this store!! Btw, I ended up doing some research and the Dollar Tree does exist, but at a different address (2 miles away, not 1). I edited Google Maps and Google emailed me saying I was right. Sigh. -Amanda
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Etsy Planner Haul - Sticker Monster Co - December 2017
Hello everyone! I love getting planner stickers in the mail. 😍 I picked up some things for my Big Happy Planner. http://etsy.me/2zYdfIp -Amanda
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Flea Market Haul - just $1! (collective)
Hey! Please subscribe, comment, and like. :) In this video, I got Vera Bradley items for $1 and a lot more.
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Great Harry Potter item at Walgreens! πŸ“’βœ¨
It occurred to me that this journal could be a great gift for Christmas, it was $9.99 at Walgreens. I found it in a cardboard display with some other Harry Potter odds and ends. I don't believe I ever hauled this! -Amanda
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Tuesday Morning Haul 8-27-17 JACKPOT!
I got most of the items I've been looking for! I am definitely multiplying my craft collection... Yes, I am using it, haha. Spent $76.08. -Amanda
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Plan The Day planner cover Etsy Haul - CHATTY!
Don't watch unless you like a lot of rambling! I ordered several Happy Planner covers and things from Plan The Day on Etsy over 2 different orders. I highly recommend her shop! -Amabda
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Garage Sale (Yard Sale) Haul - May 20, 2017
I purchased some pricey items for cheap! I bought several knick knacks, books and crafting items. I hope I'm not too annoying or boring in this video. I found it hard to find the words to say, haha! -Amanda
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10% off Dollar Tree Haul (7-17-16) - PLANNER + MORE
Hey, it's Amanda! I stopped by the 10% off sale (today only; used a coupon) and grabbed some school items + gifts. Hit that subscribe button. :) DISCLAIMER: I purchased all products with my own money, I am not getting compensated in any way to review or discuss these products. I do hauls for fun!
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Joann - Paper Haul - Rambling πŸ˜† 3-26-18
It's been a long time! I have a scrapbook paper hall from Joann Fabrics and throughout the video I ramble about my life and the last 15ish minutes is me chit-chatting about Traveler's Notebooks! -Amanda
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Five Below and Michael's Haul - gifts and crafts
Hey, it's me Amanda! I picked up a few Christmas items. I'll be uploading multiple hauls this week (they're older ones I've been saving for too long). I upload thrifty videos every week!
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Tuesday Morning Haul - washi, stickers, paper pads!
My very first Tuesday Morning haul! I found so many awesome items I just about fainted in the store. I only bought a few because I still need money to live, but I made sure to show you guys all that I found!
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Hollar "online dollar store" Haul - some college basics
A bit rambly this time. Picked up a bunch of random stuff on a whim, honestly, but I am using most of it for college. -Amanda
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Yard Sale Haul + Flea Market Haul 6-10-17
Get a snack to watch this long video guys, haha. I found a great deal on a box of Nintendo DS stuff for only $5 and various other great, low prices. Thanks for watching! -Amanda
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Flea Market Haul - $150 item for $10 (6-4-17)
Hey guys, the link to the video I mentioned is here: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zoGl8-Wc-L0 Sorry for the late post!
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Tuesday Morning Haul - Life update - 5-19-18
Hello everyone, I haven't been in the stores lately and haven't gone to the flea market or any garage sales. I've been too busy with school and work - but both are over soon!! Hope to see you all again soon. -Amanda
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10% OFF Dollar Tree Haul! (10-16-16)
It's me Amanda and I love to do frugal hauls! Subscribe for yard sale and flea market hauls every week.
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Flea Market and Yard Sale Haul - 25 and 50 cents!
Hey, it's Amanda and I do thrifty hauls every week. Please like and subscribe! πŸ‘
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Yard Sale and Flea Market Haul 7-29-17
I picked up assorted items for myself and my family. I have several antique books at the end of the video! -Amanda
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Yard Sale Haul - Sept 17, 2016
I went to yard sales and garage sales today instead of the flea market! I only spent $3.25 on some brand new (and used) items. Please subscribe πŸ‘
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Dollar Tree Haul - New Coloring Books? (July 1st 2016)
Hi! I'm Amanda (from OH), and I post very infrequently because I don't go to the DT as much as I'd like. I do frequent a flea market and yard sales, so if you'd like to see hauls for those, please comment! Thanks for watching, and please subscribe. :D
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Deals! πŸ’Έ Goodwill + Flea Market + More (7-1-17)
This is a collective haul from the past 2 weeks: yard sale, flea market, Goodwill, Amazon, and Five Below (mostly one or two items from each)! Thanks for watching. -Amanda
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(Accidentally Deleted) Yard Sale Haul + Flea Market Haul 8-5-17
Woops, accidentally deleted this video. I liked this one, so I didn't want it to disappear from my channel. -Amanda
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Michaels Sale Haul 8-6-17
Two things were on sale, two on clearance, and I used a 40% off coupon on one item. Thanks for watching! -Amanda
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Flea Market Haul - clothes and crafts 7-16-17
Hi everyone, I'm uploading a video I filmed last week because I didn't go to the flea market or garage sales this week. Hope you all enjoy! -Amanda
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Small Garage Sale Haul - 5-27-17
No flea market today. Honestly, garage sales might be better because so many people at the flea market are trying to turn a profit, so stuff isn't always that cheap. I've already moved the bookshelf into my room so you'll see it in later videos. Thanks for watching! -Amanda
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Yard Sale Haul - Sept. 24 2016 randomness!
My favorite had to be Pac Man, but I love the Bugs Bunny hat too!
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Flea Market Haul - 8-20-17
Hey guys! Thanks for watching. -Amanda
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Yard Sale, Estate, Flea Market - antique books, clothes, etc.!
I'm Amanda and I love to do thrift hauls. The antique books are on average over 100 years old! Don't worry, they're at the end.
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Flea Market Haul 8-25-17
Picked up some gifts and collectibles! -Amanda
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Garage Sale (Yard Sale) Haul 5-6-17
It's Amanda, hey everyone! I spent $13.25 today (2 items I forgot to show) and got a lot of assorted goodies: toys, craft items, and more.
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Garage Sale (Yard Sale) Haul - June 3rd, 2017
As always, my purchases are somewhat random - I didn't pay more than $1 for any items shown. I hope you enjoy (it's great to be able to entertain someone for even just a few mins)! -Amanda
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Dollar Tree Haul - Oct. 29th, 2016
Hey, it's Amanda! I'm so glad I was able to stop by DT twice this month. I love all of the tape I got.
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Flea Market Haul - Oct 15th, 2016
Hey, it's Amanda! Got a lot of random items, lots of holiday things. I do thrift hauls every week! πŸ‘
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Online Used Clothes Haul 7-2-18
Most clothes were from Mercari, but some were from Poshmark. Building up my dream wardrobe! -Amanda
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Flea Market Haul - Sept. 18, 2016
Hey, it's Amanda! Please hit the like button and subscribe! I do thrifty hauls every week and am generally a budget channel. πŸ’΅
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Tiny Flea Market Haul and Chatting
Hi! I'm Amanda and I like to thrift, though I have been realizing sometimes it's good to pay more for higher quality. :) Hope you enjoy stopping by!
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Hello, YouTube, it's me
Awkward intro video from yours truly.
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Dollar Tree Haul - Dec 3 2017
Hey guys! Got some secret Santa gifts and a few odds and ends for myself πŸŽπŸŽ„ -Amanda
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