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America's Wolves At Risk
The proposal to strip protections from most wolves across the lower 48 states has left many shocked and angry. Help spread the word by sharing this video today http://dfnd.us/1390clt
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How To Install an Electric Fence to Prevent Bear Conflicts
Do you live in bear country? This instructional video walks you through the basics of how to build a bear-resistant electric fence. Properly installed bear-resistant electric fencing is a simple and effective way to protect the attractants found in your backyard and reduce conflicts with bears and other wildlife. For more information, visit http://www.defenders.org/gotgrizzlies
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Fort Peck Bison Release
Defenders' Jonathan Proctor travels to Fort Peck Indian Reservation in northeastern Montana for the release of 82 Yellowstone bison from a temporary surveillance corral into a 2,100-acre pasture. Learn more about bison and Defenders' work to restore them to the Great Plains at http://www.defenders.org/american-bison/american-bison-101.
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Bringing Jaguars back to the U.S. Southwest
Learn more about our efforts: http://www.defendersblog.org/2017/03/u-s-jaguars-need-help/ Thousands of jaguars used to roam the U.S. Southwest, but over the past two centuries, jaguars have been eliminated from more than half of their range. Defenders of Wildlife wants to do everything we can to bring these elusive, endangered big cats home. Check out our report here: http://dfnd.us/2o1mVLR
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Lynx: Feeling the Heat with Jeff Corwin
Jeff Corwin visits with the New England Zoos Canadian lynx to talk about the problems this species will face as the effects of global warming become more pronounced and what can be done to help them. Part of Defenders of Wildlife's Feeling the Heat series. Watch it now at http://www.defenders.org/jeffcorwin To learn how warming temperatures are harming some of the Earth's coolest critters and what can be done to save them, go to http://www.defenders.org/act
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Celebrating 20 Years of Wolves in Yellowstone
20 years to the day since wolves returned to the wild in Yellowstone National Park, members of the reintroduction team gathered to talk about the success of this incredible event. More at http://dfnd.us/1C88ExX
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Defenders: Helping people coexist with wildlife
Hear from regional experts about the tools that Defenders is using to help people and wildlife coexist. Learn more at http://www.defenders.org/living-wildlife/living-wildlife-101
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Caribou: Feeling the Heat with Jeff Corwin
Jeff Corwin tells you fun facts about the caribou, talks about the negative impacts global warming is having on them, and about what you can do to help. Part of Defenders of Wildlifes Feeling the Heat series. Watch it now at http://www.defenders.org/jeffcorwin To learn how warming temperatures are harming some of the Earth's coolest critters and what can be done to save them, go to http://www.defenders.org/act
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Your WildLifeStyle Tip: Toad-Friendly Yard
Toads just love to eat plant-destroying insects, making them a great addition for any garden. In this video, Defenders' Cindy Hoffman demonstrates how to attract these amazing amphibians to YOUR backyard. For more great tips on how to improve your WildLifeStyle, visit http://www.defenders.org/wildlifestyle.
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Wolverine: Feeling the Heat with Jeff Corwin
It's not the comic book hero, but this critter can be just as ferocious if cornered. Jeff Corwin talks about the snow-loving wolverine and the crisis it is facing as the snow it needs for survival continues to melt away. Learn more about wolverines and the threats they face at http://www.defenders.org/wolverine/wolverines-101
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20 Years Later: The Release of the Mexican Gray Wolf
To learn more about what Defenders is doing on the ground, go to https://dfnd.us/2GdQGCC March 29 marks the anniversary of the release of 11 Mexican gray wolves in the Apache National Forest in Arizona. Two decades since the release and lobos are still the most endangered subspecies of wolf in the world. There is hope that with political courage and the help of dedicated advocates that this beautiful wolf can recover in its natural habitat.
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Fladry At the Wood River Wolf Project July 2012
Patrick Graham, lead field technician for Defenders Wood River Wolf Project, walks us through the process of setting up fladry to deter predators. For more on the nonlethal methods we use in the field, and other ways we work with ranchers to protect livestock and wildlife alike, visit http://www.defenders.org/living-wildlife/defenders-action-working-ranchers
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Coral Reef: Feeling the Heat with Jeff Corwin
Jeff Corwin talks about the magnificent diversity of life contained in the worlds coral reefs. Diversity that is now slowly diminishing due to an event known as bleaching that kills the corals and is a direct result of global warming. Part of Defenders of Wildlifes Feeling the Heat series. Watch it now at http://www.defenders.org/jeffcorwin To learn how warming temperatures are harming some of the Earth's coolest critters and what can be done to save them, go to http://www.defenders.org/act
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The Return of the Bison (Full Version)
On March 19, 2012, about 60 genetically pure bison were relocated from a quarantine facility outside Yellowstone National Park to the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in eastern Montana. The long-awaited move marks the historic homecoming of wild bison to an important part of their historic range on the Great Plains. For more on the history of bison and their recovery, visit http://www.defenders.org/american-bison/american-bison-101
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Conservation Crossroads: Extinction or Recovery?
Today's wildlife is at a crossroads: we can take action to help move imperiled species closer to recovery, or allow them to slip toward extinction. Which will you choose? Visit http://www.defenders.org/crossroads to learn more.
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Solar Spill
A lighthearted look at the impacts of transitioning away from dirty, energy to clean, renewable sources.
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Defenders of Wildlife Reports from the Gulf Oil Spill
Defenders of Wildlife Executive Vice President (and former head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) reports from Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge -- an important nesting area for threatened and endangered sea turtles
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Working with Ranchers to Protect Livestock and Wolves
Defenders' Suzanne Stone and Roger Olson of the Wood River Project in Idaho demonstrate the proven, nonlethal techniques being used to successfully prevent wolf-livestock conflicts. To learn more about these techniques, visit http://www.defenders.org/coexistence
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Wolves in the Wild: An Alpha and Omega Featurette
The makers of the 3D animated wolf adventure, Alpha and Omega, share how their perceptions changed as they learned more about the complex behaviors and social bonds of these magnificent animals. Beginning January 11th, for a limited time only, you can order a special Alpha and Omega Wolf Adoption Kit from Defenders of Wildlife—including a wolf plush toy, certificate of adoption, activity book AND the Alpha and Omega DVD!. Visit https://secure.defenders.org/site/SPageServer?pagename=wagc_graywolf to adopt your wolf today! Alpha and Omega is available on Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital Download and On Demand January 11.
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Watch Out For Wildlife
Watch Out for Wildlife Awareness Week September 13, 2009- September 19, 2009 Defenders of Wildlife is not only committed to protecting America's wildlife, we are committed to protecting our members and the driving public from the dangers of wildlife-vehicle collisions. Did you know that every year.... * an estimated 1.5 million animals are hit on U.S. roads? * more than 200 people are killed in collisions with deer, elk and other wildlife? * wildlife-vehicle collisions cause $1 billion in property damage each year? Visit WatchOutForWildlife.org for more information and to take the WOW Pledge
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Jeff Corwin on the Bald Eagle
Jeff Corwin, a member of the Defenders of Wildlife board of trustees, discusses the bald eagle's recovery from the brink of extinction and his new show.
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Your WildLifeStyle Tip: Eco-Friendly Holidays
Did you know that between Thanksgiving and New Year's, American households increase their waste output by over 25% with cards, wrapping paper and ribbons? Check out these tips direct from the North Pole on how to make your holidays more environmentally friendly. For more great tips on how to improve your WildLifeStyle, visit http://www.defenders.org/wildlifestyle.
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We Can't Give Up on the Florida Panther
This month we're promoting coexistence with the Florida Panther. Stay tuned for for more videos about the work we're doing on the ground. Additional Photos and Videos Provided by: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission United States Fish and Wildlife Service William Freud
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Footage of bison courtesy of Pronghorn Productions. www.defenders.org/animals
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Help Save Wolves...
Hundreds of wolves could be killed... unless we help.
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The Wolf Slaughter Photos Alaska Doesn't Want You To See
WARNING: These GRAPHIC PHOTOS show dead wolves -- the raw, horrible aftermath of Alaska's out-of-control aerial wolf-killing program. On March 14, 2009 Alaska wildlife officials used helicopters and spotter planes to carry out Governor Sarah Palin's escalating wolf-killing program. The operation claimed the lives of 84 wolves -- and the killing only stopped when officials couldn't find any more wolves in the area. Although Alaska officials have claimed copyright to these photos, they were obtained through a public records request. Defenders of Wildlife believes the public has a right to know the truth about Alaska's brutal aerial wolf-killing program.
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Saving the World's Rarest Wolf
Only passionate public support will save the world's rarest wolf. Take action now: http://dfnd.us/2rQqsSf The world’s last wild population of red wolves lives in northeastern North Carolina. Fueled by politics and anti-wolf rhetoric, fewer than 45 wild red wolves remain, and they are altogether facing extinction in the wild. In September 2016, the US Fish and Wildlife Service proposed removing most of the last red wolves from the wild, confining them to zoos, and abandoning thirty years of conservation success.
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The Truth About Aerial Hunting of Wolves in Alaska
A short film on aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska.
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Northern Fur Seal: Feeling the Heat with Jeff Corwin
Jeff Corwin and Defenders of Wildlife hang out with the highly playful and charismatic fur seals at the New England Aquarium while Jeff details the repercussions of a warming ocean and the negative impact it is having on the fur seals as it drives the fish and prey that they need to survive further from shore and into deeper cooler waters. Part of Defenders of Wildlifes Feeling the Heat series. Watch it now at http://www.defenders.org/jeffcorwin To learn how warming temperatures are harming some of the Earth's coolest critters and what can be done to save them, go to http://www.defenders.org/act
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Carnivore Conservation Needs Evidence-Based Livestock Protection
A new study published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS Biology reveals certain nonlethal methods are effective for managing predators in agricultural landscapes. Twenty-one authors from 10 nations reviewed 114 peer-reviewed scientific studies measuring the effectiveness of lethal and non-lethal methods for reducing carnivore predation on livestock. Livestock guardian dogs, livestock enclosures and fladry all were scientifically shown to be effective conflict deterrents.
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Wildlife in the Hoback
Dave Gaillard, Defenders' Northern Rockies representative, uses remote cameras in Wyoming to document wildlife in sensitive habitat that has been proposed for oil and gas drilling. For more on Defenders of Wildlife's work in the region, visit http://www.defenders.org/rocky-mountains-and-great-plains/our-top-priorities
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Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife Wolf Fladry
The researchers at Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife set a fladry perimeter around a cow carcass (that had died of non-predation causes and was only fed on after death). The video was shot in March 2013 for three consecutive days and nights during which the wolf returned 17 times without once penetrating the fladry. The wolf was GPS collared and tracked more than 80 miles north of the fladry test site a week later. It did not return. Defenders of Wildlife has pioneered the use of fladry and other nonlethal methods in the USA for more than two decades and provided fladry and training for hundreds of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists and wildlife managers to assist in reducing livestock predation conflicts that hinder wolf conservation efforts. Defenders also helped the state establish a wolf compensation and coexistence fund to assist ranchers in wolf range.
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Black-tailed Prairie Dog
Footage of black-tailed prairie dogs courtesy of Pronghorn Productions. www.defenders.org/animals
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Monarch Butterfly: Feeling the Heat with Jeff Corwin
Jeff Corwin talks about the amazing 2000 mile migration the Monarch takes each season to Mexico and the dangers they now face of freezing to death due to the wetter colder winters that are being brought on by global warming. Part of Defenders of Wildlifes Feeling the Heat series. Watch it now at http://www.defenders.org/jeffcorwin To learn how warming temperatures are harming some of the Earth's coolest critters and what can be done to save them, go to http://www.defenders.org/act
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Protecting the Red Knot: Defenders on the Ground
Red knots are remarkable shorebirds who make an epic migration every year from South America all the way to the Canadian Arctic. But the overharvesting of horseshoe crabs, whose eggs are one of the birds' main food sources, has brought red knot populations to dangerously low levels. This spring, Defenders worked on the ground to learn more about the imperiled bird, and what can be done to save it before it's too late. Learn more about Defenders' work to protect red knots at http://www.defenders.org/red-knot/red-knots-101
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Ashley Judd and Defenders of Wildlife on the Idaho Wolf Hunt
Actress and activist Ashley Judd lends her voice to a new video from Defenders of Wildlife calling on President Obama to take action to stop Idaho's deadly wolf hunt.
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Wildlife Volunteer Corps Celebrates Earth Day 2010
Washington, DC-area staff and volunteers for Defenders of Wildlife took time out of their weekend to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day by restoring wildlife habitat and removing invasive species at Roosevelt Island.
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Earth Day 2019 - Protect our Species
Join Defenders in celebrating Earth Day 2019!
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Wildlife Tourism Matters
Wildlife funding can accomplish even more than protecting wildlife — it can help create jobs and give local economies a boost. Hear more about it firsthand from these two Yellowstone guides.
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Frogs: Feeling the Heat with Jeff Corwin
It is projected that half of the worlds 6000 species of frogs are at risk of going extinct in the next century. Jeff Corwin and Defenders of Wildlife take a look at the negative impacts global warming is having on this keystone species. Part of Defenders of Wildlifes Feeling the Heat series. Watch it now at http://www.defenders.org/jeffcorwin To learn how warming temperatures are harming some of the Earth's coolest critters and what can be done to save them, go to http://www.defenders.org/act
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Living in Bear Country
For more on how Defenders of Wildlife works to encourage people to share the landscape with grizzly bears and other wildlife, visit http://www.defenders.org/living-with-wildlife
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Black-Footed Ferret Release
A win for wildlife! Defenders' Lacy Gray recently had the opportunity to participate in the release of endangered black-footed ferrets that had been bred in captivity. To learn more about what Defenders is doing to help black-footed ferrets, visit http://www.defenders.org/bff.
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Climate Change and the Polar Vortex
Climate change doesn't just mean hot weather - it means more extreme highs and lows. And in the case of the polar vortex, we're talking very low indeed.
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Habitat and Highways Program: Ten Years on the Road
Defenders' Habitat and Highways program works to reduce the negative impacts of roads and highways on wildlife and supports efforts to keep new roads and development out of wildlife habitat. As we mark our tenth year of the Habitat and Highways program, we celebrate our many victories. Learn more at http://www.defenders.org
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Endangered Species Under Attack (Mexican Gray Wolf)
Kim Crumbo of the Grand Canyon Wildlands Council explains the threats to highly endangered Mexican gray wolves by current proposals in Congress. To learn more about the plight of the Mexican gray wolf, visit http://www.defenders.org/mexican-gray-wolf/mexican-gray-wolves-101
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Defenders of Wildlife Reacts to 2018 Election Results
Wildlife should breathe a bit easier now that the American people have voted to dethrone House leaders relentlessly hostile to their interests. We anticipate the new House Democratic leadership will be good news for wildlife. We expect the new House leaders to vigorously oppose the Trump administration’s relentless assaults against wildlife, habitat and community health and safety, and to stand up to Senate leaders who have pursued an anti-wildlife agenda. To learn more, go to https://defenders.org/election
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Keeping Wolves out of Harm's Way
Defenders of Wildlife is working on the ground with ranchers, biologists and federal land managers to save the lives of wolves. These non-lethal methods are keeping wolves away from livestock and out of harm's way. To support these and other efforts, visit http://www.savewolves.org/donate
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Coexisting with the Florida Panther
Elizabeth Fleming, our Senior Representative Florida, explains why it's necessary to coexist with the Florida panther, and what efforts Defenders is involved in to protect and restore this endangered species.
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Living with Wildlife
For decades, Defenders of Wildlife has been a leader in working with lawmakers, conservation professionals, local communities, and private landowners to develop innovative and effective methods for minimizing conflicts with wildlife. Learn more about this work at http://www.defenders.org/living-with-wildlife
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Footage and facts about bats, featuring Mexican free-tailed bats outside San Antonio, TX and USFWS photos of Indiana bats and gray bats. Learn more about these amazing flying mammals online at www.defenders.org/animals
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