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The Great Renewable Energy Breakthrough 2015-2016
The rapid development and globalized rapid increase in renewable energy is now unstoppable.
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We Don't Have Time Climate Change Conference
Peter Carter's video presentation for the April 2018 We Don't Have Time Climate Change on-line conference out of Sweden
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Siberian permafrost time bomb Dr Sergey Zimov
An expert on Siberian wetlands and permafrost, Sergey Zimov warns of the Siberian methane time bomb that could be a planetary scale disaster under global warming.
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Trump Agriculture gag order
The US Trump administration just issued a sweeping gag order on the research services office of the USDA. Why such a fast extreme action on this department?
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Spiraling Atmospheric CO2 and Global Temperature
Expert data visualization of spiraling atmospheric CO2 concentration and global temperature increase.
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Introduction to Peter Carter's 2017 Climate Series
An introduction to Peter Carter's 2017 new atmospheric greenhouse gas pollution planetary emergency climate series.
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IPCC AR5 Synthesis
The IPCCs 2014 video of the Synthesis report short edit
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Sea floor methane hydrate climate hazard
World methane hydrate expert explains the dangers from methane hydrate under global (ocean) warming.
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Peter Carter EGU 2017 Climate Emergency
Peter Carter of the Climate Emergency Institute at the European Geoscience General Assembly April 2017
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Arctic sea ice, permafrost, methane 2012
The link between Arctic sea ice decline, permafrost thaw, and methane emissions.
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John Holdren Why Climate Change is Climate Disruption 2018
Top world climate change expert updates the terrible climate situation.
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Titanic animation- climate change lesson
The titanic sank because of its enormous inertia-momentum, as shown in the animation.
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Dr. Reese Halter, The Climate In Crisis: Epitaph Earth?
A narrated report. The latest research findings on the climate, forests, species and oceans in crisis.
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Climate Change Impacts Limit 1.5C
Edited video to promote the 1.5C limit
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Young Turks on Climate Crime
Dangerous climate change denial is a crime against humanity
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Arctic methane hydrate animation News Direst
Explains the great danger of Arctic methane hydrate under global wamring
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Ocean heat lag - climate inertia
The ocean heat lag is the main cause of climate system inertia
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The 2016 El Nino climate change effect warning
The 20150-2016 El Nino huge boost of atmospheric CO2 and global warming is a big warning of things to come, and underscores the dire Earth emergency.
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USA: climate change threat to food
Already committed (locked in) global warming will cut US crop yields . The Trump agenda is devastating to future US food production.
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Climate impacts and prospects 2016
A 2016 discussion of greenhouse gas pollution impacts and responses
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Climate change and US food security
US food security is already compromised by today's committed temperature increases and climate change
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Climate change just hit home NBC
NBC series edited to one short video. Global warming, climate change, extreme weather, heat, wildfires, prolonged drought, floods, extreme NH cold, severe coastal storms, and Arctic rapid warming and Arctic summer sea loss. There is a link.
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Unprecedented by David Ray Griffin: the best on the CO2 emergency (long).
Short promo.Two climate books by David Ray Griffin. Unprecedented CO2 Crisis (2015) and Unprecedented Climate Mobilization (2016), co-author Elizabeth Woodworth.
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Arctic Tipping Point
The rapid meltdown of the Arctic summer sea ice is a tipping point for rapid global warming with catastrophic risks to the northern hemisphere and planet.
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Climate - James Hansen TED Talk - a short version - the science
Top world e expert James Hansen the science and solution of climate change
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Arctic snow and sea ice albedo - vital importance
The Arctic snow and sea ice amplifying feedbacks, and effect on NH food security.
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Lester Brown- climate mobilization at war time speed
The US WW2 precedent for emergency climate mobilization by L. Brown in his 2008 presentation.
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Climate change & food  2016 Prof. Battisti
Adverse climate change inpacts on food will affect all main fodd producing regions regions.
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CO2 removal rate from atmosphere IPCC 2014 AR5 assessment
Computer model of CO2 emission decline rate in the atmosphere
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US drought 2012 Jan to November
Animation by CNN of the spreading 2012 US drought affecting the great American grain belt.
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David Wasdell Climate Feedback Dynamics.avi
Lecture by David Wasdell on climate feedbacks and climate catastrophe
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Drought under Climate Change  Dr Dai.wmv
World expert on the drought risks of global climate change Dr Dai forecasts a world of increasing spreading drought.
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Carbon cycle zero carbon
Simple carbon cycle animation explains zero carbon climate science
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Fixed on a  a 4C world: Met Office global warming map
The UK Met Office interactive high definition regional temperature increase map at 4C.
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Pof. Carolyn  Merchant environmental history (lecture)
She wrote the book on why we treat Nature as we do. A must for every environmentalist or nature lover.
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Carbon cycle and global warming
A simple carbon cycle proof of global warming
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NASA expert Arctic sea ice tipping point
The 2007 sudden big drop in Arctic summer sea ice was its tipping point.
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Isaac Asimov global warming 1989.wmv
Part of a lecture by Isaac Asimov warning of global warming in New York 1989
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Greenhouse effect, dipole effect, global warming, climate change science
A climate change science video that includes a professor explaining the dipole effect that is the basis of global warming.
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IPCC 2014 AR5 5th climate change assessment
3 IPCC videos condensed into one.
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Energy Emergency: Golden Age or Greenhouse Gas Dark Age
Interview with Dr Peter Carter 2016 on the climate emergency and energy.
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Carbon cycle(s): why CO2 is forever
The two short term and two ultra long term carbon cycles and why industrial CO2 emissions must stop, if humanity is have any future.
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Climate Emergency Countdown
Toronto climate emergency public forum by Ecosanity- presentations by Peter Carter and Julie Johnston.
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350ppm  CO2  limit by James Hansen
A 2008 short clip of James Hansen explaining the atmospheric CO2 danger limit is 350 ppm CO2 or less, and who is responsible for the inaction to stop it increasing. .
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Kinder Morgan Salish Sea oil tanker hazard
Globe & Mail visualization report of Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain oil tanker hazards to the Salish Sea.
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Climate Mobilization John Mitchell presentation
Superb comprehensive climate emergency mitigation plan
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Climate science IPCC Thomas Stocker
Lecture on IPCC AR5 2013 climate science. Best case AR5 emissions scenario RCP2.6 is our only option.
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Canada WW2 mobilization
Canada World War W2 mobilization
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