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President Obama addresses the "I'm not a scientist" deniers
On Wednesday, July 25th, President Barack Obama addressed the Annual Capital Dinner of the League of Conversation Voters in Washington, D.C.
Florida's Gulf Shores beaches covered in oil
Stephen Smith, seen here on Monday, June 28, 2010 -- first walking along National Seashore on Perdido Key with tar balls as far as the eye can see, and then visiting the beach just west of Gulf Shores where said a strong diesel smell hung in the air and a thick reddish oily slick on the water left its devastating mark on the previously pristine shoreline.
Solatube Installation Video
This video follows the installation process of several solatubes at the home of Libby and Steve Smith in Knoxville, TN. Watch as these inventive light fixtures are used to increase dependence on energy efficiency.
Los impactos de la subida del nivel del mar en la Florida y Miami
El video "Los impactos de la subida del nivel del mar en la Florida y Miami" nos pone de cara al cambio climático global. El video muestra impresionantes imágenes producidas por Architecture2030 y Google Earth, que representan como ciudades populosas como Miami y Tampa podrían ser drásticamente alteradas por los impactos del calentamiento global.
CEB Biodiesel Retail Station - Atlanta
Highlights Clean Energy Biofuels' biodiesel operation in Atlanta, GA. CEB is a full circle biodiesel company. We collect waste grease from local restaurants, process it at our 100% solar-powered production facility and sell it at the retail level at our fueling station at 250 Arizona Ave. near Candler Park. More information can be found at http://cleanenergybiofuels.com
Largest Solar Site in Tennessee
The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy supports the first one megawatt solar farm in Tennessee
Sea Level Rise Impacts on Florida and Miami
Sea Level Rise Impacts on Florida and Miami Music by Brian Fisher and Slow Motion Crash Narrator: Susan Glickman Director/Editor: Video Rahim Executive Producer: Stephen Smith
Plant Washington: Coal Vs. Water
The proposed Plant Washington in Sandersville will rely heavily on regional water resources. Even though water is very scarce, a coalition of EMC's, Power4Georgians, is pushing ahead with plans to build the coal-fired power plant with a promise of a handful of specialized jobs.
12.27.08 NBC News Coverage of TVA Coal Ash Spill
Stephen A. Smith, executive director of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, talks NBC Nightly News about the TVA coal ash spill in Harriman, Tenn.
Duke Energy's plan to save you money...
Duke Energy wants state legislators to let them raise rates in North Carolina and make you an investor in a scheme so risky, big banks won't finance it. Click here and sign the petition against risky rate hikes in NC: http://bit.ly/hXYIwH
What is polluting Biscayne National Park?
Sign the petition demanding that FPL stop the leaks, clean up Turkey Point and save Biscayne Bay: http://bit.ly/SaveBiscayneBay Just south of Miami, Biscayne is the largest marine park in the National Park System. For years Florida Power and Light (FPL) has known that their cooling canal system used at their Turkey Point power plant, is polluting and adding salt to the Biscayne Aquifer and Biscayne National Park. Sign the petition demanding that FPL stop the leaks, clean up Turkey Point and save Biscayne Bay: http://bit.ly/SaveBiscayneBay
WEBINAR: #MayDayTVA - A new analysis of TVA's proposed rate scheme
April 30 2018 - SACE staff hosted this discussion to educate supporters on TVA's proposed rate restructure that could increase mandatory fees on customers' monthly utility bills.
Offshore Wind Energy & Birds Can Coexist
There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about offshore wind energy and impacts to birds. Since the U.S. doesn't have any offshore wind farms at the moment, we turn to one study conducted in Denmark. This study evaluated flight paths of ducks and geese and found that less than 1 percent of birds flew close enough to a turbine to present any threat of collision. The study concluded that birds generally flew around the wind turbines. To learn what SACE is doing to promote clean energy sources, like offshore wind, visit www.cleanenergy.org
Solar in Hurricane Season
Hear from SACE's Alissa Jean Schafer talk about solar panels, battery storage and hurricanes.
Protect our drinking water in South Florida!
SACE High Risk Energy Choices Program Director, Sara Barczak, is at city hall in Homestead, FL to fight the contamination of drinking water in South Florida by FPL's nuclear reactors at Turkey Point!
Old energy past and clean energy future in Denmark
On a tour of the Middlegruden Offshore Wind Farm in Copenhagen, Denmark, SACE executive director, Stephen Smith, points out the juxtaposition of the dirty energy past that Denmark is fast leaving behind in favor of the clean energy future of wind power. Denmark's DONG Energy has a goal of moving from 85% fossil fuel and 15% renewable to 15% fossil fuel and 85% renewable by 2025.
SACE Runs FL Energy TV Ad
Sace TV Ad to Promote Clean Energy for Florida -- The State Deserves A Better Renewable Energy Rule Florida is in the rulemaking process to adopt a Renewable Electricity Standard that will require our state's utility companies to produce more electricity using clean renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and agricultural-based biomass. Unfortunately, the Florida Public Service Commission staff has drafted the weakest rule in the nation, placing Florida dead last among states with a Renewable Electricity Standard. The Florida Renewable targets are as follows: 2% clean electricity by 2010 3.75% clean electricity by 2017 6% clean electricity by 2025 20% clean electricity by 2050 By the time Governor Crist's goal of 20% renewable energy would be reached, he would be over 90 years old! The Public Service Commission granted Florida utilities massive rate hikes to build expensive new nuclear power plants, but that same commission has been timid in advancing clean renewable energy sources that insulate customers from such rate hikes while reducing global warming pollution from energy production. More needs to be done -- Florida deserves a stronger renewable electricity standard that will drive renewable technology investment and create new jobs in the emerging clean energy economy.
Lugares Preciados en Peligro: Los Everglades
El video "Lugares Preciados en Peligro: Los Everglades", lleva a los visitantes a un viaje a través de los Cayos de la Florida y El Parque Nacional de los Everglades, entrevistando ciudadanos y científicos preocupados  quienes están ya viendo y sintiendo los efectos del cambio climático.
WEBINAR: 2017 Solar in the Southeast Annual Report
On March 12, 2017, SACE hosted a webinar featuring an overview of SACE's 2017 Solar in the Southeast Annual Report. The report highlights solar data and trends throughout the region, including Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Using the metric “watts per customer,” which looks at the amount of installed solar relative to the total number of customers served, this report provides a unique analysis, with detailed information at the regional, state, and utility level. The watts-per-customer metric provides an unbiased standard by which utilities and states can be compared and contrasted.
CNN's Rick Sanchez Interviews SACE's Stephen Smith
More nuke plants: Good or bad? From CNN: "President Obama is funding the construction of at least two new nuclear power reactors, but not everyone is on board."
Electrify the South: Benefits of Electric Vehicles
Lynn Stevens with the EV Club of the South talks about saving money on gas and having little to no maintenance for her electric vehicle.
WBRC Fox Alabama Interview: Dr. Stephen Smith and Twinkle Cavanaugh
August 5, 2014 - Mike Dubberly with WBRC TV Channel 6 in Alabama interviews SACE Executive Director, Dr. Stephen Smith, and Alabama Public Service Commission Chair, Twinkle Cavanaugh, about the EPA Hearings on the new carbon pollution rule.
Update on Failing V.C. Summer Nuclear Project in South Carolina
SACE's Sara Barczak gives a quick update on the over-budget and delayed V.C. Summer nuclear project in South Carolina.
Clean Power Plan Conference - Jaime Hart
The Clean Power Plan: Health, Energy Demand and Economic Effects Panel I: The Clinical Health Effects of Air Pollution Speaker: Jaime Hart, ScD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Channing Division of Network Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School and Dept of Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health May 18-19, 2015 - Vanderbilt University Law School and Vanderbilt University Medical center co-hosted a two-day event that focused on the health, energy demand, and economic effects of the EPA's Clean Power Plan, and the potential impacts on Tennessee and the Southeast.
Share the Pennies Program
Sandra Upchurch, SACE's Energy Justice Manager, explains the "Share the Pennies Program" in Memphis, TN!
Clean Power Plan Conference - Scott Henneberry
The Clean Power Plan: Health, Energy Demand and Economic Effects Panel VII - Tennessee Business Perspective Speaker: Scott Henneberry, Vice President of Smart Grid Strategy, Schneider Electric May 18-19, 2015 - Vanderbilt University Law School and Vanderbilt University Medical center co-hosted a two-day event that focused on the health, energy demand, and economic effects of the EPA's Clean Power Plan, and the potential impacts on Tennessee and the Southeast.
Arklow Bank Wind Farm
SACEs federal policy director visits Arklow Bank Wind Farm off the coast of Ireland to see clean, renewable energy in action.
TVA's Proposed Clinch River Small Modular Reactor Site
Watch this video to find Clinch River's proximity to towns and cities, as well as the proposed Emergency Planning Zones.
Georgia Public Service Commission: Westinghouse Bankruptcy Committee Meeting
(March 30 2017) Update on construction monitoring after Westinghouse bankruptcy. Commissioners heard updates on how it could impact construction (almost 4 years behind schedule) of the Plant Vogtle nuclear reactors 3 and 4.
Solar in South Carolina!
Communications Coordinator at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Sarah Gilliam, is reporting from a beautiful house on Edisto Island, SC that is harnessing the energy of the sun and taking advantage of the solar policy SACE has helped get passed in the Palmetto State!
S.C. Sea Level Film Debut
The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy has developed a new sea level rise awareness video on behalf of the Southeast Coastal Climate Network. Video production and event planning have been achieved in partnership with the Coastal Conservation League, Carolina Climate Network, South Carolina Wildlife Federation and Architecture 2030. Rising Seas: Challenges and Opportunities for the Lowcountry shows never-before-seen imagery. This documentary shows the vulnerability of Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and neighboring barrier island communities to sea level rise as a result of climate change.
School Bus Demo at Georgia Capitol
March 27, 2008 School buses are often thought to be the safest way for children to travel to school. But it also a way that children are exposed to toxic pollution from diesel emissions. The pollution builds up in the cabin of the bus and can be 3-5 times higher than outdoor air. Diesel pollution can exacerbate asthma, contribute to respiratory disorders and even cause cancer. The Georgia Clean Diesel Campaign is asking GA legislators for a minimum of $1.3 million in the form of an appropriation that will leverage $5-6 million in federal funds already on hand. This would eliminate the need for school systems to provide a 20% match out of their own budgets. It would also allow Georgia to double the number of clean buses already on the road in our state. Special thanks to: Rep. Stephanie Stuckey Benfield (DeKalb) Sen. Doug Stoner (Cobb) Dr. Bruce Hill of Clean Air Task Force James Gooch of Clean Air Task Force Genevieve Stewart, Cherokee mother David Guillary & Danny Evans, DeKalb Co. School Transportation
Clean Line Wind Project Gets Green Light
The Department of Energy has finalized its review of the Plains and Eastern Clean Line transmission project. The Plains and Eastern Clean Line project will connect substantial quantities of the highest-quality, low-cost wind energy resources right into the southeast. The review process took several years and evaluated the technical and financial feasibility and whether the project is in the public interest. The Department of Energy's approval concludes its Section 1222 application and statutory requirements and allows the wind power transmission line to continue the development process. The Plains and Eastern Clean Line will connect up to 4,000 megawatts of high quality wind energy resources from Oklahoma's western panhandle to two electrical converter stations, one near northern Arkansas and another near Memphis, Tennessee. High voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission technology is not new; however, the Plains and Eastern Clean Line's use of HVDC technology is unique in that it is designated for wind energy resources. HVDC technology can move more power over longer distances with less electrical loss than alternating current (AC) transmission routes; by doing so, HVDC transmission preserves land resources and maximizes clean energy availability.
TVA Truth #1: TVA Is a Monopoly
At the November TVA Board meeting, TVA's CEO Bill Johnson made a bold claim: "TVA does not have a monopoly." Despite Johnson's efforts to state the opposite, we're absolutely convinced that TVA is indeed a monopoly. Watch this video to get the truth on TVA.
Electrify the South: Benefits of Electric Vehicles
Lynn Stevens with the EV Club of the South talks about saving money on gas and having little to no maintenance for her electric vehicle.
Solar Sunday at Highland Brewing
Thanks to Highland Brewing Company for partnering with us this month! We love companies like Highland that are leading the way with solar. Solar Sunday was a hit!
Solution to Pollution at FPL's Turkey Point Complex
SACE recently released an expert report outlining an economical and environmentally responsible solution to the open industrial sewer at FPL's Turkey Point Power Complex, just south of Miami, Florida. To read our press release or this expert report, go here: http://bit.ly/SolutionToPollution The report finds that mechanical draft cooling towers (which are already in use on the site as shown in this video) can be constructed in a timely manner, has been done successfully at other power plants, including nuclear plants, and can be built affordably making this potential solution both feasible and cost-effective even if the cooling towers only operate for a few as ten years through the current 2032 and 2033 operating licenses.
TVA at the Crossroads
America is at an energy crossroads and the Tennessee Valley Authority has a choice to make: Will it cling to old coal power because of its historic significance or will it retire its oldest, dirtiest and least efficient plants and lead America into a clean energy future?
Largest PV Solar System Installed in the State of Tennessee
Stephen Smith, executive director of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, witnesses completion of TN's largest solar system heralding the start of a clean energy future in the State. Owner of System Natural Energy Group Knoxville, TN 37871 Installer Efficient Energy of Tennessee Powell, TN 37849 Important Dates 04/19/2010 Design Commenced 05/24/2010 Construction Commenced 06/23/2010 first panel installed: (Stephen A. Smith, Executive Director / Southern Alliance for Clean Energy) 07/08/2010 last panel installed (Kimberly S. Greene, Group President of Strategy & External Relations and John G. Trawick, Sr. Vice President / Tennessee Valley Authority) 07/12/2010 Commission 08/12/2010 10:30AM Eastern, 1 MW Ribbon-Cutting (Installation of the 2,000,000th SHARP Solar Panel manufactured in Memphis Tennessee) System · The largest PV System in the state of Tennessee · 4,608 SHARP modules manufactured in the State of Tennessee Size of 4608 modules is 1.3 times the size of a football field including end zones PV Powered PVP 260kw-480-LV Inverters (Made in Bend, Oregon) · System brings federal ARRA funding to the state of TN · The economic analysis prepared by Dr. Martin of Pellissippi State Community College indicates that the Solar PV installation had an impact on 765 jobs. · Installation is part of Governor Bredesen's Legacy · Meets/exceeds Knoxville's Solar America City program objectives Exceeds goal of 300kW installed in Knoxville by 2010 · Contributes to the Oak Ridge Energy Corridor goal of 10MW by the Year 2030 · Supports and Implements the goals of the Volunteer State Solar Initiative o West Tennessee Solar Farm o Tennessee Solar Institute · Meets major solar manufacturers' goals of deploying solar within the state · 1st major link between solar manufacturer and installer within the State o SHARP's 2,000,000th panel will be installed at 1MW site (1,000,000 watts) · Contributes to Tennessee Valley Authority's Renewable Energy Portfolio o Reduces need to purchase power from out of state o Creates jobs in state o Contributes to sustainable source of energy in the valley · Increases Energy Independence · Builds/Strengthens Tennessee's Economy, transforming TN's economy into "clean energy economy" · Solar Education Center on-site to be used by all age groups/educational institutions (University of Tennessee, Pellissippi State Community College, elementary level, etc.) A system size of 1000kW / 1MW, with an estimated annual production of 1,198,920 kWh, the carbon offset savings every year is: Carbon Offset C02 emissions from 96,853 gallons of gas consumed. C02 emissions from 2,002 barrels of oil consumed. C02 emissions from the electricity use of 104 homes. C02 emissions from the energy use of 73.3 homes Carbon sequestered from 184 acres of pine forest Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by recycling 290 tons of waste instead of sending it to the landfill Average home consumes 10,000 kWh/year. That means this is system would produce enough electricity to power 120 families. FACT: One gas mower running for an hour emits the same amount of pollutants as eight new cars driving 55 mph for the same amount of time, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists FACT: Americans burn 800 million gallons of gas each year trimming their grassy yards, according to the EPA Links Efficient Energy of Tennessee: http://www.eetenn.com/ GoSolar.Ning.Com: http://gosolar.ning.com/ Flickr -- MW install Photo's http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157624079958607/ PR Site: http://www.pr.com/company-profile/overview/128409
Energy Burden High In Memphis, Atlanta & Birmingham
A recent study show Memphis TN, Atlanta GA and Birmingham AL as cities with the highest energy burden. This means people living in these cities spend a higher percentage of their income on their power bills. See energy equity data on these cities and more: http://aceee.org/research-report/u1602
Protect Tourism & Recreation Jobs: Don't Drill Our Coast!
Did You Know - The Obama Administration has proposed opening a huge area off the Mid- and South- Atlantic coast to offshore drilling. This decision puts thousands of tourism and recreation jobs at risk, all along our coast. Communities are standing up to SAY NO to this risky decision. Add your voice - Sign this petition: http://bit.ly/DontDrillTheAtlantic
Solar Sandy on Renewable Energy
Sandra Upchurch, Energy Organizer at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, discusses the value of solar for all people in all places. "Now is the time for clean and renewably energy!" Sandra has an extensive background in education and advocacy, and is now working in Memphis, Tennessess promoting low-income energy efficiency programs and growing clean energy resources.
Clean Power Plan Conference - Marc Hafstead
The Clean Power Plan: Health, Energy Demand and Economic Effects Panel VI - Economic Effects of the Clean Power Plan Speaker: Marc Hafstead, PhD, Fellow, Resources for the Future May 18-19, 2015 - Vanderbilt University Law School and Vanderbilt University Medical center co-hosted a two-day event that focused on the health, energy demand, and economic effects of the EPA's Clean Power Plan, and the potential impacts on Tennessee and the Southeast.
Rally Against Offshore Drilling in Columbia, SC
SACE’s Coastal Climate and Energy Manager, Chris Carnevale, joins House Representative Mandy Powers Norrell in Columbia at the South Carolina State House to rally against offshore drilling!
Solar Uprising Rally 2014 - Anthony Paz
Anthony Paz delivers his spoken word presentation on "The Power of Solar". April 10th, 2014 - Today hundreds of Floridians, including a former governor, college students, solar industry developers, faith leaders, clean energy advocates and more, converged on the State Capitol for a Solar Uprising Rally to demand that the legislature and the governor act to unlock solar power development in the Sunshine State.
We're Not Buying It, TVA - Clean Up Your Coal Ash Mess!
Sign the petition here: http://bit.ly/TVAcoalash The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is taking public comment on a proposed plan to close toxic coal ash impoundments at its coal plants. TVA hired the Electric Power Research Institute to complete a "framework" for evaluating coal ash impoundment closure options, but if you want to view that framework before making your comments, it will cost you $25,000. We're not buying it, TVA! Join SACE in calling on TVA to remove its coal ash to lined, dry storage away from our communities and waterways. We know that TVA can do better, and the time to act is now! Sign today: http://bit.ly/TVAcoalash
Webinar: What's Next for Electric Vehicles?
Webinar recording from "What's next for electric vehicles?" held on December 13, 2016.
WEBINAR: Electric Vehicles Trump Offshore Oil Drilling
Hosted April 19, 2018: SACE staff hosted a webinar titled, "Electric Vehicles Trump Offshore Oil Drilling." On the webinar, our staff shared data that demonstrated how electric vehicle deployment will drive down U.S. oil demand, making the expansion of transportation electrification a better option for increasing energy independence and security than President Trump's reckless proposal to open new offshore areas to oil drilling.
Clean Power Plan Conference - Eric Massey
The Clean Power Plan: Health, Energy Demand and Economic Effects Panel III - What State Regulators Need in Order to Implement 111(d) Demand - Reduction Speaker: Eric Massey, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality - Director of the Air Quality Division May 18-19, 2015 - Vanderbilt University Law School and Vanderbilt University Medical center co-hosted a two-day event that focused on the health, energy demand, and economic effects of the EPA's Clean Power Plan, and the potential impacts on Tennessee and the Southeast.
Southern Solutions to Gulf Oil Drilling
SACE launches a new video highlighting technologies readily available today that will end the need to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico and import resources from hostile nations in the Persian Gulf.