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LIncoln Brewster
Winterjam 2015 in Portland
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Trashed house
Views: 7022 Braheem Hazeem
Skillet 2015 Winterjam Portland
Skillet performing in the Rose Garden during Winterjam of 2015, playing Whispers in the dark and Comatose, unfortunately I got a call in the middle of the second song and it killed the recording :(
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Elder Scrolls  Online: A Khajiit's tale
A Khajiit that speaks normal???!!!! Recorded in 4k with nvidia shadow play, intel 6800k with nvidia 1070
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Chris Tomlin live in Portland
Wish video had worked out better, people kept getting up and walking in front of me :(
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Guild Wars 2 on Windows 10
Decided to try out Guild Wars 2 on Windows 10 using the new game DVR feature. My laptop is starting to show its age :(
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Elder Scrolls Online: The hand of Morkul
Recorded in 4k on a Intel 6800k and nvidia 1070
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Empty package from Amazon
Was supposed to be a bottle of vitamin C, instead I got an empty bubble mailer.
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Loves me
Jesus Loves me live in Portland by Chris Tomlin
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Guild Wars 2 Raid, Spirit Vale, Vale guardian Boss
First time doing this on thief, using Marauders gear with Exuberance runes. Music by Skillet off their new Album Unleashed
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Oregon Coast Aquirium
Otter feeding
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Guild wars 2 beta
Just a little bit of gameplay from the Guild wars 2 beta
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Elder Scrolls Online
Bogdan the Nightflame
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Elder Scrolls Online
Gothongor the Mauler
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Driving down my road on the way home from work
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Guild wars 2
Just a quick PUG in AC
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Guild Wars 2
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Goodbye channel!
Links to new channels! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDYWkc4wh9fytEvSiNfTptw/featured - Travel stuff https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOfXk8N3Ir_FfR3cwXM907A - Gaming and computer stuff
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Oregon coast aquarium
Bird feeding, video got cut off half way, cause the Nexus 5 is a pile of garbage phone with horrible battery life.
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Ottter feeding at Oregon coast aquarium
Weather was a little annoying plus crying children.
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Guild Wars 2, HoT Beta weekend
Just a little bit of gameplay from beta weekend, stopped playing when I realized absolutely NOTHING from the beta weekend carried over, not even gold earned in Dungeons. Windows 10 Game DVR being used, it picked up the music I was playing which is off Tobymacs new album "This is not a Test"
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Driving home in snow
I5 Northbound 9pm
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Sealions at Newport
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Enderal Gameplay
Got to this area and it looked amazing, I had to record a little of this, I was playing in 4k, unfortunately windows 10 game dvr only records in 1080p. Also, yes I know Jespers hands are missing, not sure what mod did that, also the letters on the screen, yea no clue how I did that either.
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WWE2K15 Hell in a cell BROKEN!
Since 2K won't acknowledge a problem, I guess I will post this REPRODUCIBLE bug for everyone to see. I only bought this game because Sting was in it. Nice waste of 80 dollars.
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Guild Wars 2 Gorseval the Multifarious Raid Boss
Failed run, but first time doing this on thief, learning experiance :D Music by skillet.
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The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited
broken animations
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ESO Broken loot box
Loot and exp automatically hide behind chat box when controller is enabled. Proof this has nothing to do with add ons.
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Ps3 sale
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Oregon coast aquarium
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Guild Wars 2 Teq
Tequatl the Sunless World boss, audio decided not to record. Mason is a Hedgehog :)
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Oregon aquarium
Otter feeding
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Guild Wars 2 WVW Dailies
I really suck at pvp xD
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Guild wars 2 beta
more beta gameplay
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skyrim SE in 4k
Just a couple minutes of gameplay in skyrim SE at 4k, yea, windows sucks and won't record past 1080p, but resolution in game was set to 4k.
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Elder Scrolls Online
Me being a horrible assassin :(
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OMG NO ONE PLAYS THIS GAME ANYMORE!! Just kidding, had to make a quick video to prove the game is not dead. This is a random log in, I didn't wait for a certain time of day, I just logged in and went out in a lowbie area and found people.
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Vizio tv
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Guild Wars 2, Fractals of the mist
Level 50 Fractal, recorded in 4k using windows 10 game DVR feature, gameplay was a bit choppy, think my OC on my cpu wasn't stable or tweaked right. Had my 3930k running @ 4.6GHz along with a gtx 980TI.
Views: 102 Braheem Hazeem

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