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Friendship is the Best Thing Ever - Doctor/Donna
Another Family Guy song I heard and immediately thought, "Oh brilliant, I've GOT TO do something with that. So here it is: Donna Noble and the tenth Doctor's (I think) most fitting theme tune ever. Except their official theme tunes which are a little better. Allright, a lot better. The song is from Family Guy and the clips are from Doctor Who; The Runaway Bride. and various series 4 episodes. I own nothing and don't make any money.
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Doctor Who - Cartoon Heroes
Using clips from seasons 2-4. Yep, it's Cartoon Heroes by Aqua dedicated to the tenth Doctor and his friends. Although not the first I ever made, this is the first video I've posted here. Made in a rush and for fun only. Doctor Who is property of BBC No copyright infringement intended And so on.
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What is this feeling - Doctor and the Master
I was surprised when I didn't find another version of this on youtube. The song is "What is this feeling" from the musical Wicked. Clips are from episodes 12 and 13 of the 3rd series of Doctor Who, enjoy. I own nothing.
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Doctor Who - Heffalumps and Woozels
This is one of the first videos I ever made, so forgive me for any and all faults. Maybe I'll remake it one day. Maybe. The song is one of Winnie the Pooh's most bedwettermaking; title's in the title. And the clips are from Doctor Who which I do not own.
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Sympathy for the Dark Lord
I occasionally get the Potterfever over me, and even if versions of this video have been thrown around youtube a million times over, I still felt I couldn't not do it. Clips are from the Harry Potter films, Doctor Who and Fight Club. The song is Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones. Contains half a second of covered up bedfootage from Fight Club. Enjoy. I don't own these.
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The Doctor and Wilf - My drunken Irish dad
Ten sings a tribute to his favorite father figure. This is the 3rd in my series of Family Guy-Doctor Who mergings.
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Doctor Who and the Vasectomy song
The song is from Family Guy, clips are from Doctor Who. I own neither and do not make any money from this video.
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Doctor Who Spoofing Extravaganza! pt.1
Warning! If you have an extremely quarrelsome tummy, don't watch 'till the end. As if that'll stop you. Oh whatever. View at your own risk, as they tend to say/write. Oh, how many times has this been edited and reedited and viewed and reviewed and - just about every other verb and reverb in existence - by me! Parts of this were my very first stabs at editing, other parts were put in later. Finally I've womanned up and decided to let stand as it is today. For your enjoyment. All clips except the very last ones are from Doctor Who, series 1-4 (I think) Sound clips: Europe - The Final Countdown The Human Footprint The Simpsons George Carlin - Oxymorons Winnie the Pooh - Heffalumps and Woozels Futurama Family Guy Monty Python's Universe Song A bit of Fry and Laurie South Park And I snuck in a Hamlet spoof at the end; I figured I might as well, seeing as Shakespeare's already in this. Unfortunately I didn't have any clips of Penny Downie doing what I needed her to do, so she conveniently turned into an American girl on a plane in House for me. The name of this actress escapes me for the moment. I don't own anything.
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The NAAFP anthem, the slitheen and God
The slitheen of Downing Street sing the anthem of the National American Association for Fat People, (I think that's the name of it at least,) with some special help from the absorbaloff in the end. Song is from Family Guy, clips are from Doctor Who, 1st and 2nd series. Made for entertainment purposes only. I don't own Family guy or Doctor Who and make no money from this.
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Rose the Dinner Lady - Ding fries are done
A tribute to the most heroic dinner lady in sci-fi tv. Clips are from Doctor Who, sound is from Family Guy.
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Doctor Who Spoofing Extravaganza! pt.2
Warning, the video contains some swearing and humour of a sexual nature. Pretend you care and view at your own risk. This won't be quite as interesting to read, but the video above, or to the left, or somewhere on your screen, will. Be interesting to watch, that is. Quite proud of this one actually, even though there's discontinuity where it shouldn't be. Oookay, I don't add credits in the vid, it's such a killjoy. So here they are. Sound clips: Futurama South Park Family Guy The Simpsons Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata Real Time with Bill Maher A bit of Fry and Laurie - You I don't own them.
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A short Death Eaters tribute
I was going to make this a preview of something else, until I realized I didn't have anything else for which this could pass as a preview. Anyway, the music is "Dead Man walking" by Neil Young, and the clips are all from Harry Potter films 4, 5 and 6. I don't own any of these.
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Doctor Who - Rock Lobster
This might have been done before, but anyway. The song is Rock Lobster from Family Guy, performed by Peter Griffin, and the clips are all from the Planet of the Dead episode, with the excepton of the moonlight clip from Tooth and Claw at the end. Don't ask me why I put that in, because I don't know.
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The Master's message for the Democrats
I am not pushing a political point here, this is made and intended for fun only. I used a part of this sound clip for my 2nd spoof compilation and immediately thought I should do one with the whole thing. The sound is of course one of Bill Maher's New Rules from Real Time, containing a lot of swearing and humour of a sexual nature, I'm very pleased to say. And all the clips, except an almost negligable Hamlet shot, are from Doctor Who. I own none of these, enjoy.
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Doctor Who - Nu Flow
Don't know where the idea for this came from. Anyway all the clips are from the Sound of Drums episode, and the song is Nu Flow by Big Bruvaz - I think I spelled that right.
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The Doctor and the Umpa Lumpa
The Sontarans are a bit Umpa Lumpa-like, right? Maybe not. But still, the Doctor and General Stahl should have a duet.
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Popular - Rose and Donna
The song is "Popular" by the musical Wicked. Made for fun. I own nothing.
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Gwen C loses it
Flung together in a haste out of boredom.
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Doctor Who - Rocket Man
This is the first of my Family Guy-Doctor Who musical mergings, made, as always, for entertainment only. No copyright infringement intended.
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Solomon teaches Hoovervillians about cowboys
Bit of a random thingy this one. Anyway the song is Cowboy Gay Sex from Family Guy, and the clips are from Doctor Who; Daleks in Manhattan. I own nothing, and earn nothing from this, I'm just having fun.
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