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Tech N9ne "Fragile" Cover
Here is my attempt at an acoustic cover of Tech's song "Fragile" from his new release Something Else. I do hope you'll enjoy it!
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Krizz Kaliko "Scars" Acoustic Cover
Son of Sam is an amaaaazing record and Scars is hands down my favorite track. Powerful stuff. So I decided to do a tribute to it in form of an acoustic cover! I hope you enjoy it friendships!
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~Brother Ali "The Puzzle" Acoustic Cover~
Here is a looped rendition of the great Brother Ali's song entitled "The Puzzle". I hope you enjoy!
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Rivers & Roads Cover
My great friend Jun was leaving for Italy and we gathered together at my open mic to fare her well. Here is a cover of Rivers and Roads by The Head & The Heart. Fantastic band by the way. Shot by Andy Hoffman and sounded by Bryan Gordan. Such love, you guys. Such love.
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Tech N9ne ~Am I A Psycho?~ Cover
A cover of Tech N9ne's "Am I A Psycho?" off of All 6's & 7's. I had to whip out the lyrics for this one. You can purchase the album here: http://www.strangemusicinc.net/p8963/Tech-N9ne-All-6&%2339s-and-7&%2339s-CD/product_info.html?osCsid=6h0hsuk5rvrfklcni34pv9s571 Thanks all!
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Tech N9ne ~Worldwide Choppers/Dysfunctional~ Cover
I've have quite a few requests for these two songs. I didn't want to tackle ALL of Worldwide Choppers so I decided to meld it with Dysfunctional. Tech's tongue is hard to emulate for sure, but I give it a go. Thanks for listening! Facebook:www.facebook.com/davidcolonacoustic Twitter: www.twitter.com/davidcolonacoustic
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Tech N9ne ~Slave~ Cover
Here's a cover of "Slave" by Tech N9ne. Off of Welcome to Strangeland, Tech's newest Album release. Get it! Download the Mp3: http://soundcloud.com/davidcolonacoustic/slave-tech-n9ne-cover Facebook: www.facebook.com/davidcolonacoustic Twitter: www.twitter.com/davidcolonacoustic
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Hit 'em High...
We had a small gathering at our dear friend Eamon's house. Conversation led us to the topic of Space Jam. I brought up the song Hit 'Em High from the soundtrack and how I loved it as a kid. I hadn't heard that song for yeeeearrrss. Eamon found the instrumental, put it on, and I did my best to remember the words.
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An Original filmed on Omar's Stoop.
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~P.O.S. "Goodbye" Cover~
Here is a cover of a song by the hip hop artist P.O.S. entitled "Goodbye". It gets a bit shaky here and there, but whatever. If you're unfamiliar with P.O.S. I would seriously consider looking into him. Amazing artist, man. Enjoy!
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"Everyone's A Little Bit Crazy"
Here is this weeks submission. Enjoy! It involves the loop station, guitar hands, vocal throats, and the city of San Francisco. Lyrics: Okay, settle down man! You're so dramatic when you speak the flame. Like the possibility was even fit to gain. Psyche! A paraplegic reasoning to skip the pain, A modest understanding of demanding Nihilistic strange behavior rather wild you're reachin out Exit anatomic anabolic thunder mouth Basic unavoidable annoyed unfinished route. Just to face it and erase it lumber wood is under vow With a ring! BLING! So shiny and new. But the king... Blink! The kingdom, who'se under rule? With a linger fling is automatic and recruiting like a soldier HEY! TEN HUT! LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT to the (x2) Best bet is full release of all your stress When the pen is pushed to paper better way to make a vent. Cause I guess I see them talkin to themselves all the time. wavin making faces with a gesture call the rhyme An epic egocentric entity of energy or maybe elegant expression of confessional belief but Please...wait a minute. and JEEZE are you with it? and Freeze...pivot An instant omniscient, existent, omission of fate! Sick and tired of quotidian debates A cyclical picture of hidden scripture emulate. I'll fix and I swallow prescriptions on Missions of hate and a pigeon's my illegitimate and infinite mate. Just to make elucidation stick, I'm not lazy. Truth be told, everyone's a little bit crazy. And it's a possibility it don't phase me, CAUSE I'VE BEEN A PSYCHO ABOUT TWENTY YEARS (MAYBE)
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"Ignite!" ~08.24~
This weeks original, Ignite. Enjoy Her times are hard Contemplating all her secrecies and it's time she started using that mirror for what it's meant to be- fore too long it's time Take another long thin line, Disappear into your mind, Then begin the talking signs~~~~~ Listen, Will you listen? Another footnote, a little kiss and another fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la la-laaaaa Please spare me these jagged semantics because my arms are tired. And so, she goes on. Not before removing that thorn she pushed in his heart. Then the eyes will IGNITE! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And in a moments notice, she's floating. And in a moments notice, she's the sky! And in a moments notice, she's the Universe. And in a moments notice, she's mine.
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My good friend Bryan Gordon worked with a team of students and put this quick film together. It elucidates my car accident that occurred on Labor day.
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"I Need More Better Days"
This week's Songwriting Club title swayed me in a different route. I coalesced Garage Band Loops and some shots of my room as well as a brief glimpse into work life. I hope you enjoy it! Lyrics: In his sedated brain, No he don't feel the same. Oh look he's trying to make it "I need more better days" It's not just contemplate If reparations made Syncopated rhythm "You kidding me, baby?!?" EDUCATE! In a justice system when you see the head of state Pull a rabbit out of a hat, disappear like David Blaine POOF! And if we want to see the rearrange Better build the basic fundamental consequential gain "And if we listen to the speeches form the speakers to truth is founding teachers. How's the truth supposed to reach us? And in each and every creature there's a feature of a blessed, Magnetic, Prophetic, Magician of Elegant Masterful FATE!" Face to face, a naked and advanced imminent, epitomé of Inner Minute Inner peace If a bit of energy is inter-seeded in the streets Then I'll just high five every nice guy my pupils seem to meet. And she says "Do what you want to do my friend." "Do what you need." If you want a roof top date A new top, Eight Freedom is unavoidable, elemental escape. If the rooster makes a good draw face it A literal mix of a pocket prescription You're late! Pressure pointed, it's anointed Makes some musical interview Interludes just to wiggle to. If a body moves, to patterns of the grove. He comes from Saturn, never mind the silly skin he use! Extra-terrestrial, walking on the surface Understanding of his purpose To witness and insert his Observant, Immersion of local emergence, his service is worthless, so watch this, he cures it. Thinkin it's a piece of something new today He's speakin' equally abusive so he swerves the case Uses people as a reason to communicate And even MASTERS ATTACK! (I need more better days) Chorus
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An original that's in the works. Wrote it on the train whilst on tour. It's been a while since I've uploaded, so I'm poppin this guy up. I hope you enjoy.
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Salt & Sage "Things"
I am apart of a wonderful band unit named Salt & Sage. We've recently let loose a video for our song "Things". I adore this song and wanted to share it with all of you wonderful people. I do hope you enjoy. www.saltysage.com Shot in beautiful San Francisco, California. Directed, Edited, Shot, and Everything else by Louis Tovar. Recorded and Mixed by Ryan Clark Mastered by Piper Payne.
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~The Red~
An Original.
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~Little Bird~
Here's a fresh brand spankin' new original. I do hope you enjoy!
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Another original quite redolent of the previous one. Enjoy, friendship!
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"One Thing You Can't Lose" KC Turner's Songwriting Club
This weeks addition to the club! It was flabbed a bit lyrically, but oh well. Love love love. Lyrics: See the eyes change. Another one down the hatch Now inside rage He's doing it again, oh my he's doing it again! Raisin' up the hand Aiming for the face or body probably hobby locked in History He's an Army, Navy, maybe Airforce or sort of branch of the military Kickin' back 5 shots six beers I'll take another one and there's my son. He's having fun and that makes me PISSED! So I'ma HIT him Okay. Big Man, wanna go? Wanna throw?!? Big talk, now soft, where did all the anger go?? Sick of the bickering I might as well resort to violence if this is what you want! Thinkin' I'm a kid again well you're mistaken cause I'm just a man of 31 And you're 64 and we're on the floor I think you've had a bit too much. We've settled the score. What'd you do this for? It's seems we're lost and out of touch There's one thing you must choose. But there's one thing you can't lose. My love.
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Noah Gundersen's "Ocean" (cover)
Hi Hi! Here is a cover of Ocean by Noah Gundersen...obviously! I hope you enjoy it. Go check out Noah! Strong musician that one.
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~The Shadow~
Anoza Oreejeanhal.
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~On The Phone~
An original song. Enjoy!
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An original inspired by a great friend in North Idaho. Enjoy!
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~Freedom Ain't Free Cover~
A piano'd cover of Brother Ali's "Freedom Ain't Free". Enjoy
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A newer original song. Enjoy!
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~In Between The Lines~
An Original Original.
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Here's the first performance of the newest song that's been created. Played at the Riptide open mic I host every Monday from 9pm until Midnight. Enjoy!
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~Little Bird~
Another Original filmed on Omar's stoop.
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A new guitar one I'm working on. I hope you enjoy it.
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Salt & Sage "Dancing"
We performed for a bunch of 5th graders a couple weeks ago. This is what we recorded before this event. After we played, the lil tots shared their poetry, and let me tell you, it was AMAZING! Such bright, creative individuals. It filled me with love and appreciation. So yes, here's "Dancing". Shot in a little library.
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"Find Your Own Railroad" For KC Turner's Songwriting Club
Each week Kc is going to put up a title for a song that we may all create. This week's word was "Find Your Own Railroad" (obviously!) Here's what came about! This is going to be a lot of fun. I'm sure the video quality will improve as time goes on! Here's the information: http://www.facebook.com/kcturnersongwritingclub Lyrics: Tracks, tracks, tracks barreling on rails wheels motion towards home. Home sweet home! Fast fast fast faster it passes past the present commotion kinetic emotion Your speed is a force! A force to be reckoned with! And I am a piece, mon fils, of course we'll next to this! To find your own railroad. Stack , stacks, stacks further she pacs past laugh while earning her throne. Mask, mask, mask, undo the mask mask master the humble and grown. Oh this need to report to report a small tumble it's a bona-fide repeat Repeat To find your own railroad. To ride your own rail. To find your own railroad. To ride your own rail.
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Week VII of adherence. This song is called Animal. 09.21.11
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The Pace ~08.31~
This weeks original is entitled "The Pace". It's a song about uncertainty and certainty, life, death, and love. I'll pass: On the proper placement of the words. And she'll laugh, "Hahaha!" Then we're back to the basics So....why don't we fold our cards? Just throw down our hands and expose these scars. Pacing back and forth Always have to move, we always have to breathe It's always gonna change, always stay the same A silent little scream. I hear you from the back room. I understand (I THINK I understand) your moves A witness to your audible little precision and I'll listen Maybe I'm listening So say what you need to say. What's on your mind today? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Back peddling Gotta find a way to dig up his own grave. And that's fast medicine. Let him in. LET HIM IN! Open the door Open your heart The future in store It's undetermined but we know it's gonna start Just focus on the breath Focus on the rest Focus on the life Don't focus on the death. Just know it's right around the corner Always in a shadow. And none of us will know What happens when we leave this plane. The heartbeat's passion goes away. So starting now I'd like to stay, In this wave length~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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"Inspiration" Live at Amnesia
Here is a vertical recording from a show I did at Amnesia in San Francisco's Mission District. Thanks to Jenny Lee for recording. Lyrics below: I'm thinking the same thing baby Why don't you come my way? I'm invading, but just maybe you'll let me stay. All the revelations stated Holding coversation Topical debatin' the nations si-situation It's a patient type of Ritalin Little kid was a motormouth, now just a citizen. Oh what'd he forget again? Aww wait, prescription. Well listen, It's not about the way that he walks ought not to box socks straight of the clock and he jots another note, another memory provoked. No joke, even joke about leaving it. Every word that he spoke cross it over and even it out. We live out loud and we breathe out sounds. No doubt. We live out loud and we breathe out sounds. A feather could drop and unlock like the crash of the wall or splash of typhoon So what do we do? Do we stand back content with sealed fate? Or is it too late, to ameliorate? Well, it seems that we're the condensation from a vast imagination mixed with matter manipulation, makes for magical vibrations. But patience! If we could all just take a breath... Let it rest. Picture the pinnacle interest been affected by the weight or the pull and the reason to face and feign unforgiven is botulism to the soul I don't know, how much room to grow Cuando solo Viente-ocho años (x2) Although it's not hard to Envision a better way. I've got scars, it's true But we keep moving through all our days. And every single breath is meant to take effect the rest is necessary, but stress is nothing less than a condition of your mind state Let's go and migrate. Pushing the vibration until all the rest of the people get hind legs And stand on up Oh Bits of a hella quick particle Artificially flooding the globe? But No! We can opposite control but who's gon' drive the boat?
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~The Bottom~
Original Song
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An original
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The Return of the Open Mic!
August 18th, 2015, the beloved Riptide in the outer sunset suffered a two alarm fire. I was the host of the open Mic for four and a half years. On January 30th, 2017, the renewed and restored Riptide brought the open Mic back to life. I made this little ditty to commemorate the fire and the joy of returning. Hope you enjoy!
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An original on ze geetar. Enjoy! What are you scared of? Who do you fear? Thinking twice before flare up Consistently clear (clearly rolling on) Fuck it, the facet of the next best single It seems the goal of many's just sit back and let's mingle a tingle from the spine up He's make his mind up and now you've got him in his mood. It goes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Already turned the Page once Bene-ficial type of jump it's like a compass A little lump. Some focus needs to be sucked up with a little something "Here we go again!" Wrong! I think I sorta made a brand new friend song So who can tell me if this'll end strongly? So good on you, get one me That's an involved piece that I'm not ready for. But if she's all keeps the foot right in the door. But if that clock keeps tickin' Be careful there might be a day when we're just sittin' back and wishin' for ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No fishing line while we're fishin' It's like we're hungry as hell but we're just sittin' in the kitchen So listen I think I see something original. A double vision of one thing I'm rather critical of Could be a-both us Might be atrocious Especially when we woke up Bad thought! Don't even pay it any mind That's got The ability to hinder grind So stop! Bringin it back to fill up the memory I just got to go and compose the melody ~~~~~~~~~~~
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"Sideways" Cover
An acoustic cover of a song by Citizen Cope. ~09.15.11~
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A Tastelet Of The New EP
Just a second of studio footage. EP available February 15th!
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"Coming soon!"
An older song that I just remembered. Pack stands a billion to one He'll face a million infinite numbered suns But in the back of the mind He's not necessarily convinced That he's the leader of that consciousness and so he sits All alone, Come on not really he's connected by a phone. It's rather silly, but the matter-of-fact is Jason's never been led on and now they're coming strong. They're coming strongly, reaching, talking, preaching that "IT'S COMING SOON!" And we're just walking, speaking, gawking, eating We can't keep beating this thing up It's had enough. It's had enough. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh that girl's a cigarette No thank you. I'll pass. Let's not make this an event. We've crumbled this paved road, Let's not beat this thing to death. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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"Woe" Cover by Say Anything
An acoustic cover of the song "Woe" by the band Say Anything. I do hope you enjoy it.
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This is a song that was formed after my car accident on Labor day. I was overturned in a vehicle and almost careened off of a cliff. I feel very lucky to be here and I plan on great things for the future. Enjoy.
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"Hubris" ~09.07~
Week V's song is entitled "Hubris". It's a work in progress, but I wanted to put SOMETHING up. Love. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Explain your point! Pointer finger extended as if you pretended that way you coined (it) was something beautiful. This noise From the center of the vendetta you better remember that choice And face the consequences. Oh~ In a minute just a minute contrast If we hit it then I won't shoot mine fast It's such a fine dance Oh~ Not another break down baby I'm front and center with a live sound lady So who's gonna save me? (Do I even need saving?) The who, what, where, when, you know why? It's nice! So...glue shut holes made with false pride. Inside. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ If the mood's controlled If he's battered and blown If she's mattered and known. Then the tools unfold and you can feel it and peel it from stone. ~~~~~ Just a stone's throw away. Skip that rock across that water. If it's just how he's supposed to play Talk and talk. Open it farther. He seems to know about the way to behave So~ I'm gonna follow him See what I saw in him? He went from poverty to pace Out of place (But maybe ALWAYS out of place)
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"Rhythm of the Road" KC Turner's Songwriting Club
Week III of the Songwriter's Club.
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