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Leadership Beyond Boundaries - Social Identity
Leadership is a lot about boundary spanning. It's about building bridges between us and other people. So how is it, that we find the bridge? Discover CCL's social identity approach to help you find that bridge
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Leadership & Social Networks or how not be “that guy/gal “on social media
Samir Mehta speaks at BILL Talks (Big Ideas about Leadership & Learning) on December 3, 2015. BILL Talks gives homage to TED Talks and is dynamic Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) presentations in a 5-minutes Ignite format.
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Dr. Shivon Byamukama
Dr. Shivon Byamukama is the Company Secretary and Head of Corporate Affairs of Bank of Kigali, Rwanda’s largest bank. She provides legal advisory services and heads the investor relations, PR and marketing functions, as well as implementing the Bank of Kigali’s CSR strategy. She is dedicated to helping women gain financial independence through the provision of legal services.
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Yawa Hansen Quao
YAWA HANSEN-QUAO is the Founding Director of Leading Ladies’ Network & Eisenhower Fellow.
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LSPT Message
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RWJF Executive  Nurse Fellows Program Overview
Andrea Williams, Deputy Director of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Executive Nurse Fellows (ENF) Program under the Research, Innovation, Product Development (RIPD) at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) overviews the ENF Department.
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Global Citizen Leaders Lessons Learned 2014
Here's a video created by SEEK Company for year 2 of the Global Citizen Leaders effort. What's interesting is that footage was created by asking students and faculty to interview each-other (on iPads) about their program experience.
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Girls Driving for a Difference  Interview
Janet Carlson and Val Swan from the Center for Creative Leadership interview Jenna Leonardo, Katie Kirsch, and Rachel Chung from Girls Driving for a Difference. GDD is a 4 woman team of Stanford students using design thinking to empower middle-school girls across America to become leaders of social change.
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Global Product Development Overview
George Hallenbeck, Global Director of Global Product Development (GPD) under the Research, Innovation, Product Development (RIPD) at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) overviews the GPD Department.
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Congratulations to Jeffrey Tanner for winning the judges choice award for the best individual costume at the Center for Creative Leadership’s annual Costume Contest. Jeffrey works at a program coordinator for Leadership Beyond Boundaries. Watch his award winning dance performance as a Jabbawockeez.
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Tsegga Medhin
Meet Change Maker, Tsegga Medhin, Executive Director of The Pearl Leadership Institute. Tsegga received a Women in Service Award in 2013 and is a recipient of the US Presidential Volunteer Gold Award from Presidents Obama and Bush. In this interview Leadership Beyond Boundaries’ Janet Carlson asks Tsegga the following questions: what inspired her to do this work with women and young girls; what are the 3 most pressing leadership challenges facing women and young girls; in what ways are these challenges universal versus being unique to certain cultures or regions; what are the contributions women have made to leadership; and how she views future connections with the Center for Creative Leadership.
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Community Voices
Too often the world views the term "leadership" as something only found in corporate boardrooms and at the top of the socio-economic pyramid. We're challenging that mental model by exploring the leadership of a woman named Gofa, and how her voice is changing their community for the better. Gofa lives in the Ethiopian border region of Benishangul Gumuz, an area that has seen little development and only recently has started challenging harmful traditional practices by creating community dialogue. For more info about the Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) in Ethiopia please check out cssp-et.org For more info on The Center for Creative Leadership and how we're unlocking human potential, check us out at ccl.org and like us on Facebook facebook.com/cclethiopia
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Ejaj Ahmad
Meet Change Maker EJaj Ahmad Founder and President of Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center and Eisenhower Fellow.
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Ruby Brown Interview
Watch this interview with Ruby M. Brown, the Chief Executive Officer of the Management Institute for National Development (MIND). Ruby discusses how leadership development with Leadership Beyond Boundaries has impacted her, MIND, and their stakeholders. Hear about Ruby's vision for Jamaica and the Caribbean islands and how she believes leadership development can make a difference in these developing countries.
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Young Women’s Leadership Institute: Promotional Video
The Girl Scouts Hornets’ Nest and Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) Young Women’s Leadership Institute team is thrilled to announce we are now accepting applications for our inaugural cohort in 2016-2017! The Young Women’s Leadership Institute (YWLI) is an exciting opportunity for high school girls to be a part of a diverse cohort experience and is open to all girls, including non-Girl Scouts. For more information on the program, key dates, cost, and to apply please visit: https://www.hngirlscouts.org/programs/young-womens-leadership-institute/
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Alvaro Delgado Aparicio
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Leadership Beyond Boundaries Overview
Lyndon Rego, Global Director of Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) under the Research, Innovation, Product Development (RIPD) at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) overviews the LBB Department.
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Rewriting motherhood
At CCL we're inspired by mothers from across the world. This is a film about a 12 year old girl, Zelalem, and her mother Zehlu, who are rewriting the story of motherhood in Ethiopia. This video is for 12 year old girls and their mothers, across the world, that are changing the statistics of what it means to be a girl. Mothers, take some time to watch this video with your girls and share the inspiration.
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Meet Change Maker, Vidyavathi Vaidyanathan, 2015 Eisenhower Fellow and Joint Secretary, Ministry of Personnel, Government of India. Vidyavathi visited the Center for Creative Leadership's Campus in Greensboro, NC, USA with Eisenhower Fellow program. In this interview Leadership Beyond Boundaries’ Janet Carlson asks Vidyavathi the following questions: what are your thoughts about individual contributions towards change; what is possible for each individual to bring about change; and what, or how, can women be full contributors in the government, to lead change or be an effective leader.
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Leadership Beyond Boundaries Newsletter Edition 8
Have you wondered how Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) has advanced it’s movement throughout the world? This video highlights how LBB continues to advance and create results through one of the world’s top 5 leadership and debate clubs; summer camps in Ethiopia; senior team retreats around the world; sharing our leadership lessons learned on social media; adapting our Early Leadership Toolkit in schools; releasing new publications and empowering adjuncts to reach new territories.
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LBB Newsletter Edition 7 April 2015
Stories of Impact! This video highlights how Leadership Beyond Boundaries is making an impact around the world. • Golden LEAF Scholars Program – Creating change-makers for rural North Carolina, USA • Far-Plane - New interactive video game on the cutting edge of leadership development • Portuguese Parliament – Program that stretches across linguistic, political & country borders • Mount Mary University - Developing purposeful and creative women leaders who transform society • Strauss Group – A workshop for Israel’s largest food suppliers • LBB Alums are being acknowledged as change makers by winning 2015 awards around the world!
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LF 99TH Program Overview
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LBB Highlights - Edition Three
This is the 3rd edition of the Leadership Beyond Boundaries Video update of the projects we have been involved in over the pass 3 months. Get updates on Milton Hershey School * Management Institute for National Development * Women's Leadership Clubs * International Visitor's Leadership Program * Youth Voices 4 Peace * Mount Mary University * Cargill Scholars * COMPLETE Conference.
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LBB Highlights - Edition Two
Have you wondered about the impact Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) has had throughout the world? This video highlights how we have created results through initiatives such as the creation of a Girls Club Toolkit in Ethiopia, leadership training with the Program for Young Politicians in Kenya, career preparation for young professionals in the US-based Greensboro Fellows Program, the development of an ethics toolkit and much more!
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CCL Labs In Africa
This is a fascinating interview with Chuck Palus, Senior Faculty from the Center for Creative Leadership, on his 1 month visit to CCL's office in Ethiopia. Chuck covers some of the innovative aspects of CCL Ethiopia and opportunities for the organization. Our CCL Labs mission is leadership tool prototyping, in community with passionate practitioners, producing innovations for an interdependent world. For more on CCL Labs, please visit: ccl.org/leadership/services/labs.aspx?v=1.1 Check out more from CCL and what we're doing across the globe at ccl.org
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Breaking Up is Hard to Do and So Is Leading Others for the First Time: Flip Your Failure
Bill Gentry speaks at BILL Talks (Big Ideas about Leadership & Learning) on December 3, 2015 BILL Talks gives homage to TED Talks and is dynamic Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) presentations in a 5-minutes Ignite format.
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What Would I Tell My 15 Year Old Self?
If you could travel back in time, what leadership advice would you give yourself as a 15 year old? At the Leadership Beyond Boundaries retreat we asked ourselves this question and were inspired with the results. Can you imagine as a teenager what you would do differently had you known what you do now?
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Expected Excellence: Why CCL is Ready
Ren Washington speaks at BILL Talks (Big Ideas about Leadership & Learning) on December 3, 2015. BILL Talks gives homage to TED Talks and is dynamic Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) presentations in a 5-minutes Ignite format.
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LBB Newsletter Edition 6
This video highlights how LBB is supporting change makers around the world; from protecting the environment in the Bahamas and Belize to teaching communication skills in Ethiopia; and much more. Check it out and share it within your network:
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Maternal health program in Uganda
Aaron is guiding us through is work in northern Uganda on a large maternal and child health program where CCL integrated leadership and mentoring to improve knowledge transfer at the grassroots level. Through ongoing mentoring, the program used leader mothers as change makers, to eventually reach 30,000 mothers improving their children's health.
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Ravenscroft LeadFromHere
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Overview Welcome
Jennifer Martineau, Vice President of Research, Innovation, Product Development (RIPD) at the Center for Creative Leadeship (CCL) gives an overview of the 6 departments under RIPD and introduces the RIPD Information Center located in the RIPD Living Room of the CCL Greensboro, NC campus.
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LBB Newsletter- Edition 5-Sept  2014
This video highlights the projects and program Leadership Beyond Boundaries has been working on over the past 4 months: Including helping to create better leaders of all ages: from teenage girls to young adults to senior citizens; introducing a four-year Leadership Curriculum for youth; and much more.
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Meet Change Makers Geoff & J.L. Zoeckler
Geoff & J.L. Zoeckler
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Zala's Toolkit Testimony
Zala Ahmad and Janet Carlson highlight the tools in the Early Leadership Toolkit. As a participant of the Early Leadership Toolkit Train the Trainer program in Greensboro, NC, Zala shares her program experience and reflects on how she will apply the content and tools within her organization.
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The Leadership and Debate Clubs
Supported by the British Embassy, this project aims to support the free exchange of ideas and opinions in Ethiopia, focusing on current young female students to impact society in the longterm.
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A Leadership and Mentoring Program
This video is about the work Leadership Beyond Boundaries is doing at Dearden Leadership Academy and Milton Hershey School.
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Yenya Ampol - Our Light
Yenya Ampol, which translates from Amharic to "our lightbulb," is a spoken word project from Erica Licht performed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Erica is a post-Fulbright fellow with the Center for Creative Leadership in Ethiopia.
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Doug Hutton
Meet Doug Hutton, Director in Solutions Development with The Second City Works, the B2B side of The Second City, the world’s leading comedy theatre and school of improvisation.
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Nate Bowditch
An interview with Nate Bowditch from RTI International (Retired) and a Leadership Beyond Boundaries Alumni. Nate discusses: How Leadership Development fits into some of the experiences he has had with the Sub National Level.; Working with the Center for Creative Leadership and Leadership Beyond Boundaries on a product called Economic Growth in Leadership. http://www.rti.org/brochures/idg_economic_growth_program.pdf; and The need to democratize leadership in countries with traditionally strong authoritarian central governments.
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Jarvis Leadership Institute
The Center for Creative Leadership conducted 3 days of leadership training for incoming freshman and upperclassman mentors who are part of the Jarvis Leadership Institute at Eastern Carolina University.
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Positive Turbulence Room
Jennifer W Martineau announces the Positive Turbulence Room for Stan Gryskiewicz's reception.
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Chapin High School Teachers' Testimony
Want to Integrate Leadership Lessons into the School Curriculum, Ask Teachers! What happens when you give teachers the freedom to use their expertise and exercise their passions? The answer is – amazing things. The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) through the Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) team had the honor of working with teachers and administrators from Chapin High School. Located in Chapin, SC, the high school has created an Academic Leadership Academy (ALA) to help high school students in their growth and development as leaders in their school and community. LBB provided a 2-day Leadership Essentials Training to faculty who teach students in the ALA program and provided an Early Leadership Toolkit. The Toolkit has 20 modules of leadership content, some of which are CCL’s research-based content. From there, it was a combination of inspiration, creative and hard work that resulted in teachers weaving leadership lessons from the Toolkit into the core curriculum. The short video below highlights two of the teachers, Amy Carter and Dawn Weathersbee as they share their experiences.
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LBB Online Community Welcome Video
Leadership Beyond Boundaries welcomes you to our Online Community Welcome. Hear about who we are and why we are hosting this community.
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CCL GSO Fellows 2013
For 10 weeks, the Center for Creative Leadership worked with the Greensboro Fellows Program to provide leadership development for young adults. The Greensboro Fellows Program is a faith-based initiative for recent college graduates that combines real world experience in the form of internships and ministry with classes to help the participants discover their unique gifts and what they are called to do. Here's a short video from the Greensboro Fellows that captures what the experience was like for them and what impact it had! (more information available at http://www.greensborofellows.com/)
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Young Women's Leadership Institute (Extended Version)
We are thrilled to announce our 2016 Young Women’s Leadership Institute in partnership with Girl Scouts Hornets’ Nest council in Charlotte, NC. Join us for an exciting opportunity to be a part of a diverse cohort of young women on a leadership journey of a lifetime. Applications for our inaugural cohort will be available on June 1st, 2016. Watch the above video to learn more about our work and hear from some of our participants. Please contact Val Swan for more information at [email protected]
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Developing Leaders in Colleges and Universities
Developing leaders is no easy task. The Center for Creative Leadership’s Lessons of Experience research has indicated that leaders attribute approximately 70% of their development to direct experience, 20% to meaningful relationships, and 10% to classroom instruction. Said another way, roughly 90% of this development occurs through experience and relationships—not through instruction. What implications might this have for Institutions of Higher Education? In this talk, Preston Yarborough, Senior Faculty and Senior Director of College and University Programs for Leadership Beyond Boundaries, considers some of the challenges and opportunities that leadership educators face when working on curricular initiatives in college and university settings.
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Susan Stewart
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LBB mentoring book
Listen to LBB mentee Aklesiya share her story of our mentoring book that has been used by over 4,000 teenage girls in Ethiopia to help them connect to a positive female role model. It's an awesome little tool that is creating results that matter at a societal level. The video is made by Aaron White.
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Alemayu's Journey Home
Taken from home at age 7. Worked in textile mill for 3 years. Lived on streets for 1 year. Found hope at Onesimus Children Development Association in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Find out more about Onesimus Children Development Association @ http://onesimuscda.webs.com and The Forsaken Children @ www.TheForsakenChildren.org
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