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Turquoise Days - Grey Skies
Artist:Turquoise Days Grey Skies Format: Vinyl 7'' Label: Disques Strategie Catalog#: STRAT XX1 Released: 1984
Views: 1911352 MacedonKing
Gold Zebra - Love,French,Better
released 06 July 2011 Julie / Vocals JP Richard / Synthesizer / Guitar Recorded in Montreal / April 2011 Mixed by JP Richard & JB Valiquette At Showroom Studio / June 2011 Produced by JP Richard All Lyrics & Music Written By GOLD ZEBRA 2011 // Lyrics are available here : youtube.com/watch?v=_Seo6uGOsNg
Views: 533160 MacedonKing
Led Er Est  -  Scissors
Dust On Common Format:Vinyl, LP Country:US Catalog # VR009 Label: Wierd Records
Views: 836828 MacedonKing
Lebanon Hanover - Totally Alive
Artist: Lebanon Hanover Lebanon Hanover / La Fete Triste ‎-- Lebanon Hanover / La Fete Triste (Split ) Format: Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, C30 Label: aufnahme + wiedergabe Catalog#: [a+w 004] Country: Germany Released: 29 Sep 2011
Views: 45156 MacedonKing
Com Truise - Smily Cyclops
Artist: Com Truise In Decay Format: 13 × File, Compilation, MP3, 320 kbps Label: Ghostly International Catalog#: GI-160 Country: Us Released: 17 Jul 2012
Views: 58271 MacedonKing
Noir Deco - A Cruise With Crockett
Artist: Noir Deco Nemesis Collision Format: 8 × File, MP3, Album Label: Playmaker Catalog# None Country: Uk Released: 06 May 2011
Views: 64118 MacedonKing
Linea Aspera - Vultures
Artist: Linea Aspera Track: Vultures Country: Uk From an upcoming tour cassette of material not featured on the main 12" release. http://www.discogs.com/artist/Linea+Aspera
Views: 164153 MacedonKing
Martin Dupont - Just Because
Martin Dupont - Just Because
Views: 160194 MacedonKing
Xiu - Why We're Gone
Artist: Xiu Country: Italy Format: Cassette, Tape, debut album Label: [aufnahme + wiedergabe] Released: Oct 2012 mixed & mastered by A A at Mannequin studio. July 2012 http://www.discogs.com/artist/Xiu http://www.lastfm.it/music/Xiu http://www.myspace.com/oksana.xiu
Views: 15408 MacedonKing
Agent Side Grinder - Sleeping Fury
Artist: Agent Side Grinder Hardware Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition Label: Energy Rekords Catalog#: ERLP163 Country: Sweden Released: Feb 2012
Views: 20717 MacedonKing
Nitzer Ebb - Crane
Nitzer Ebb EP Label:Power Of Voice Communications Format:Vinyl, 12" Country:UK Catalog#: NEP 1
Views: 43661 MacedonKing
Peine Perdue - Je Penche
Artist: Peine Perdue Peine Perdue Format: Cassette, digital mp3 Released: 22 Feb 2013 Label: Vocoder Tapes Country: France For more visit: http://vocodertapes.bandcamp.com/album/peine-perdue
Views: 48665 MacedonKing
Ferdinand Cärclash - Black queen on dancing cave (Video)
Artist: Ferdinand Cärclash Title: "Black queen on dancing cave" Bogotá, Colombia Video editing: Fernando Carranza
Views: 23820 MacedonKing
Linear Movement - Five Faces
Artist:Linear Movement On The Screen Format: Cd-r, album Label: Mircraft Catalog#: MCD 8307 Country: Belgium Released: 2010
Views: 78570 MacedonKing
Autumn - The Game
Autumn - The Game
Views: 55924 MacedonKing
Ferdinand Cärclash - Find Your Heart ( Video )
Artist: Ferdinand Cärclash Country: Colombia Release: April 30, 2014 Infravox Records https://infravoxrecords.bandcamp.com/album/ferdinand-c-rclash-find-your-heart-ep Follow updates at: http://soundcloud.com/ferdinand-carclash Video Editing: Special Thanks to Ferdinand Cärclash
Views: 18473 MacedonKing
Kinder Aus Asbest - Dark
Artist: Kinder Aus Asbest Inside Format: Vinyl, LP, 12 '' Limited Edition Label: Dödsdans Rekords Catalog#: DDR003 Country: Sweden Released: Jan 01 2012 Download at http://kinderausasbest.bandcamp.com/ Special Thanks to Erik
Views: 7375 MacedonKing
Varsovia - Pertenecemos A La Muerte
Artist: Varsovia Country: Peru
Views: 13325 MacedonKing
The Human League - Crow And A Baby
this video is not intended to infringe any copyrights of a third party, promote or sell it. COPYRIGHTS BELONG TO THE OWNERS OF THE MUSIC AND LYRICS.
Views: 15275 MacedonKing
Petra Flurr + Modernista - Messer
Artist: Petra Flurr + Modernista Download Selbstmord Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition Label: Fabrika Records Catalog#: FP004 Country: Greece Released: 01 Jan 2012
Views: 11408 MacedonKing
Oppenheimer Analysis - Radiance
Oppenheimer Analysis - Radiance
Views: 73251 MacedonKing
Gatekeeper - Visions
Gatekeeper - Visions
Views: 13339 MacedonKing
Stratis - Herzlos (Better Quality)
Various -- New Deutsch Format: 2xLP,Compilation Label: International Deejay Gigolo Records Catalog#: GIGOLO 106 Country: Germany Released: Jul 2003 Photograph by Robert Longo
Views: 11532 MacedonKing
Noir Deco - Future To Fantasy
Artist: Noir Deco Future To Fantasy Format: 9 × File, MP3, Album Label: Playmaker Catalog#: None Country: Uk Released: 04 Nov 2011
Views: 59879 MacedonKing
Cold Colors - Regrets ( EP - Full )
Artist: Cold Colors Regrets EP Label: Romance Moderne Catalog#: RM 010 Country: Belgium Released: 05 Oct 2012 All Music written, produced and arranged By Frédérick Barbe Lyrics and vocals by Frédérick Barbe
Views: 63754 MacedonKing
Police Des Moeurs - Il Vient D'un Pays Qui N'existe Plus
Police des Moeurs 7'' vinyl Keyboard and vocals by Francis Date release: Feb15 2011 Location: Montreal, Canada
Views: 8371 MacedonKing
I Do Not Love - I Know That You Will
Artist: I Do Not Love VA - Beko Grrrizzly Format: 13 × File, MP3 Label: BEKO DSL Country: France Released: Sep 2011
Views: 5698 MacedonKing
Oppenheimer Analysis - Cold War ( Remastered )
Artist: Oppenheimer Analysis New Mexico Format: 12 × File, MP3, Album, Remastered, 320 kbps Label: Minimal Wave Catalog#: MW 001D Country: Us Released: 29 Sep 2010
Views: 30578 MacedonKing
Robert Görl - Wind in Hair
Artist: Robert Görl A Night Full Of Tension Format: Vinyl, LP, Album Label: Mute Catalog:# STUMM 16 Country: UK Released: 1984
Views: 21366 MacedonKing
Martial Canterel - Kiev Park
Artist: Martial Canterel Va - Death Disco Vol. II Format: CD, Compilation Label: Death Disco Catalog#: None Released: Jun08 2012 Country: Germany
Views: 8630 MacedonKing
Frank (Just Frank) - Child Play
Frank (Just ) Frank /Soviet Soviet EP Split 12" Label:Mannequin Catalog Number:MNQ 013 Release Date: Italy 2010
Views: 10225 MacedonKing
Ze Dark Park - Strange Planes (Cold mix)
Artist: Ze Dark Park Va ‎-- Something Cold Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation Label: Something Cold Catalog:# SC-001 Country: Us Released: 11 Jun 2012
Views: 2440 MacedonKing
//TENSE//  - Rapid Pulse
//TENSE// - Rapid Pulse this video is not intended to infringe any copyrights of a third party, promote or sell it. COPYRIGHTS BELONG TO THE OWNERS OF THE MUSIC AND LYRICS.
Views: 28981 MacedonKing
The Short Wave Mystery - Still Laughs
Artist: The Short Wave Mystery Down And Out In A Town Of Yardsales Format: Vinyl 12" , Marbled Vinyl Released: May 2010 Label: W|S Collective Catalog # WS201001 Country: Us
Views: 17888 MacedonKing
Pas De Deux - Cardiocleptomanie
Axe Ends LP Label:Zip, Teldec Catalog#:6.25 632, 6.25 632 Format:Vinyl, LP, Album Country:Germany
Views: 12460 MacedonKing
Sololust - The Spark
Artist: Sololust The Spark Format: CDr, Limited Edition, EP Label: 4mg Records Catalog#: 4MGCDR04 Country: Slovakia Released: Apr 2010 Sololust is formed by one man. That man is a singer, songwriter, midi hardware composer and conceptual artist. Sololust's creations come to life in different ways. Experimental sounds to sweet drifting songs. Dark synth electro to warm dreamy tunes. Since 2010 Sololust is getting some serious support from the label Enfant Terrible that is releasing more and more of his tracks on vinyl. Sololust is a satisfied musician these days, for he consider himself a lucky man to have the possibility to send he's music into the world through vinyl. Sounds & visuals: http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/ sololust Label: http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/ http://www.myspace.com/sololust
Views: 5202 MacedonKing
Guyer's Connection - He Sabine!
Artist: Guyer's Connection Guyer's Connection Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Limited Edition, Green Label:Medical Records LLC Catalog:# MR-007 Country: Us Released: 2011 For more visit: http://medical-records.org/
Views: 9062 MacedonKing
Glass Candy - Labrea Tar Pit
The Sound Sick Of Not On Label (Glass Candy Self-released) Curator : WFMU Released : May 1st, 2004 Recorded : May 1st, 2004 Producer: Johnny Jewel
Views: 38404 MacedonKing
Jeff & Jane Hudson - Help Me
Jeff & Jane Hudson - Help Me
Views: 10698 MacedonKing
Mark Lane - Who's Really Listening
Mark Lane - Who's Really Listening this video is not intended to infringe any copyrights of a third party, promote or sell it. COPYRIGHTS BELONG TO THE OWNERS OF THE MUSIC AND LYRICS.
Views: 42067 MacedonKing
Morphine Boutique - Nothing Left Of The Lull
Artist: Morphine Boutique Country: Germany http://www.discogs.com/artist/Morphine+Boutique
Views: 7462 MacedonKing
Danton's Voice - I Hear The Bells
Various - The Hidden Tapes LP Label: Minimal Wave Catalog#: MW030 Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition Country:US Released:May 2011
Views: 30164 MacedonKing
Further Reductions on ESP TV
E.S.P. TV #10 http://www.esptvnyc.com/ Live video mix to VHS by Louis V E.S.P. (Scott Kiernan and Ethan Miller) Cameras by: Kellie Morgan, Jorge Day, Matt Bonner Production Assistance by: Lee Lichtsinn and Lucy Hunter Live Sound by Mika Tarkela Taped in front of a live audience at The Schoolhouse, BK, NY 2011 http://www.louisvesp.com/ http://scottkiernan.com/
Views: 11518 MacedonKing
Valis - Cold Hands
Artist: Valis Country: Usa Release:TBA Follow: www.facebook.com/people/Valis-Silav/1340521045
Views: 6076 MacedonKing
Martial Canterel - No Love On Video
Artist: Martial Canterel Empire EP Format: CDr, Limited Edition, EP Label: Xanten Catalog#: XANTEN 004 Country: Us Released: 10 Aug 2012
Views: 10531 MacedonKing
Autumn - The Third Autumn
Artist: Autumn Synthesize Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Translucent Green Label: Minimal wave Catalog:# MW027 Country: Usa Released: 03 Mar 2011
Views: 33992 MacedonKing
Gay Cat Park - Television
Artist: Gay Cat Park Synthetic Woman Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Remastered, Reissue, Clear with Red Splatter Label: Medical Records LLC Catalog:# MR-012 Country: Us Released: 25 Jun 2012
Views: 5870 MacedonKing
Chris & Cosey - Walking Through Heaven
Chris & Cosey - Walking Through Heaven
Views: 26997 MacedonKing
Police Des Moeurs - Un Monde Sans Evasion Possible
Artist: Police Des Moeurs N'en Parlons Plus / Un Monde Sans Évasion Possible Format: Vinyl, EP 7'', Limited Edition Label: F.K.K.- Musik (Förderung Kosmischer Kunst) Catalog #: FKK 08 Country: Germany Released: 2012 http://www.myspace.com/policedesmoeurs
Views: 14307 MacedonKing
The Actor - Lights
Artist: The Actor Expanded View Format: CD-r Label: Trumpett Catalog#: TRUM 0428 Country: Netherlands Date Released: 2004
Views: 11814 MacedonKing

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