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Season's Greetings from SimCorp
To say happy holidays this season, we asked SimCorp'ers around the world to record their own messages in their own words (and language). Have a look, you might see someone you know! Learn more about SimCorp by visiting our website, https://www.simcorp.com/
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Validation & Test Service
Description: Validation & Test Service turns your annual SimCorp Dimension upgrade process into a non-event by applying industry best practices with experience from more than 60 client upgrades. Watch the video to learn how the service helps investment management organizations mitigate the risks associated with a constantly changing system environment and reduce costs through automation and industry best practices. Learn more about SimCorp’s Services: http://www.simcorp.com/services
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Client Story: Genesis Investment Management
Established in 1989 and based in London, Genesis is a specialist investment management firm which focuses purely on investment in emerging markets equities for institutional investors. Using SimCorp's Front Office suite, Genesis has successfully increased operational efficiencies, reduced risk with automation and data control, and have positioned themselves for future growth without increasing head-count, all while satisfying regulatory requirements. To read other client stories, visit http://www.simcorp.com/en/client-stories
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Introducing SimCorp Standard Platforms
Klaus Holse, CEO of SimCorp, and Lars Moestrup, Vice President of Global Consulting at SimCorp discuss the benefits of SimCorp Standard Platforms. Visit our website to learn even more about our SimCorp Standard Platforms offering: https://www.simcorp.com/en/services/delivery/simcorp-standard-platforms
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What are the consequences of running on a legacy system?
Relying on a legacy system for your investment management processes means high operational risk: risk caused by low levels of automation, lack of total risk exposure overview, and poor data quality. And legacy systems aren't always up to code when it comes to new regulation and forecasting and reporting options. They're expensive, too. Keeping them running costs more and more. Learn more at http://www.simcorp.com/legacysystems
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DEMO: Asset Manager for Portfolio Managers
A 7-minute video for Portfolio Managers. See how to fix a compliance breach in Asset Manager, SimCorp’s portfolio management system.
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Meet SimCorp’s Management Team
Meet SimCorp’s management team, and hear their thoughts on what it is like to work at SimCorp. We post new open positions every week. Find the current ones here: http://www.simcorp.com/en/career/find-a-job
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What is MiFID II exactly?
Carsten Kunkel, Head of Regulatory Centre of Excellence explains MiFID II. Learn more on our regulation theme page: http://www.simcorp.com/en/insights/themes/center-of-regulatory-excellence
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The value an IBOR brings to investment managers
James Carter is Product Manager for the Investment Book of Records at SimCorp. In this video he talks about the value of maintaining a past, present, and future perspective of positions and trades of all assets within an IBOR. Learn more about SimCorp's approach to Data Management by visiting our website. https://www.simcorp.com/en/insights/themes/data-management
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SimCorp IUCM 2014
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What's the difference between a data warehouse and an IBOR?
Michael Sinnet is Product Manager for the SimCorp Data Warehouse. In this video he talks about some of the key benefits a data warehouse brings to a firm, and how it is different from an investment book of record. To learn more about SimCorp's approach to data management, visit our website. https://www.simcorp.com/en/insights/themes/data-management
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SimCorp System Performance Service
IT systems relies on multiple layers of infrastructure - each one critical to your investment management activities. To ensure the day-to-day business operations work smoothly, the infrastructure layers must work in parallel for SimCorp Dimension to perform at a high level. SimCorp’s System Performance Services offers single cross layer monitoring, so you can check inter-layer performance and gain an overview of issues that may exist.
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Why join SimCorp? Some SimCorp'ers share their thoughts
Get insights on what it's like to work at SimCorp. Learn more about careers at SimCorp here: http://www.simcorp.com/en/career/working-at-simcorp
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Agile Transformation at SimCorp
During 2016 SimCorp’s Product Division implemented agile development in a department of 500 employees. This video shares some insights about this transformational journey. Read more from Georg Hetrodt, Chief Technology Officer at SimCorp here: http://www.simcorp.com/en/insights/simcorpblog/agile-product-development
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Accenture - The case for system consolidation
Jeremy Hurwitz and Dan Pitchenik, Managing Directors, Accenture, explain the drivers behind the move from best-of-breed towards system consolidation in the investment management industry. The benefits of consolidation make a strong case for simplifying your operation model. A SimCorp Journal article on this topic is also available at: http://bit.ly/2euGeOA
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Meet Jenny, a SimCorp’er who loves to learn and do new things.
Meet other SimCorp'ers on our Career section and find out what it's like to work at SimCorp. Visit, https://www.simcorp.com/en/career
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SimCorp eLearning Portal
SimCorp’s comprehensive eLearning program aimed at supporting its clients in their use of SimCorp Dimension. Learn more about our services here: http://www.simcorp.com/en/elearning
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Industry Insights on the Benefits of an IBOR
Tom Phipps is Principal at Cutter Associates and in this video he talks about how to get the most out of data and how an IBOR helps investment decision-making. An IBOR helps buy-side firms increase operational simplification and aggregation of data across silos, especially for firms operating globally with multiple products and in multiple asset classes. Learn more about our IBOR here: http://www.simcorp.com/en/insights/themes/ibor
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SimCorp sucht Querdenker rund um Finanzsoftware
Nicht einfach nur Softwareentwicklung. Bei SimCorp wird um die Ecke gedacht. So entstehen hier IT-Lösungen für Finanzdienstleister ganz nah am Kunden. Und das in einem lockeren Arbeitsumfeld, das als eines der besten in Deutschland ausgezeichnet wurde.
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Professor Massimo Massa interview at the SimCorp StrategyLab Copenhagen Summit 2011
SimCorp StrategyLab interview with Massimo Massa, Rothschild Chaired Professor of Banking and Professor of Finance at INSEAD. Professor Massa discusses the SimCorp StrategyLab Copenhagen Summit 2011 and the challenges that pension and insurance organisations face in 2011 and 2012. See more at http://www.simcorpstrategylab.com.
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SimCorp rings the Nasdaq closing bell
SimCorp rings the Nasdaq closing bell on 6 September 2011, celebrating 40 years of delivering world-class investment management software solutions and services. Learn more about SimCorp at http://www.simcorp.com.
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How to approach regulatory change management
Experts from Achmea Investment Management, EY, and MN Services discusses their approaches to regulatory change management. Learn more about the challenges of regulation here: https://www.simcorp.com/en/insights/themes/regulatory-compliance
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SimCorp's ASP offering
With ASP, we can host and manage your entire SimCorp Dimension system and ensure consistent operational efficiency. Learn more here: http://www.simcorp.com/en/services/delivery/deployment-model/simcorp-asp
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Trends and challenges in collateral management
David Field, Managing Director, The Field Effect, explains why taking a strategic approach to collateral management is necessary to achieve long-term competitive collateral optimization and manage the trend towards constant regulatory changes that we have seen over the last 10 years. A trend that is likely to continue. Read the full article http://bit.ly/2hMZHL3
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Thank you for joining us at IUCM 2018 in Milan
Want to join us next year in Amsterdam? Keep an eye out for updates here: http://simcorpiucm.com/
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Growth drives need for integrated front office solution at KBC Asset Management
Klaus Vandewalle, COO, shares his story on why growth and increasing complexity made Brussels-based KBC Asset Management look for an integrated front office solution.
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Groupama Asset Management automates their front and middle office operations
Hubert Le Lourd is Chief Operating Officer at Groupama Asset Management. In this video he talks about some of the challenges that lead them to selecting SimCorp Dimension. Learn more: https://www.simcorp.com/en/client-stories/groupama-asset-management
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Risk management solutions helps cut costs at AIMCo
As one of Canada’s largest and most diversified institutional investment fund managers with a global portfolio of over CAD 80 billion, Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) serves a client base of 27 pension, endowment, and government funds in the Province of Alberta, AIMCo’s sole shareholder. Learn how AIMCo fulfills client-centric goals with maximized risk-adjusted returns https://www.simcorp.com/en/client-stories/aimco
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Meet Wade, a SimCorp’er passionate about race car driving and his workplace.
Meet other SimCorp'ers on our Career section and find out what it's like to work at SimCorp. Visit, https://www.simcorp.com/en/career
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SimCorp Regional Summit London 2019
Thanks to all who attended the Regional Summit in London. Stay up-to-date with all upcoming events here, https://www.simcorp.com/en/events
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SkyNews interview with SimCorp CEO, Klaus Holse
SkyNews interview with SimCorp CEO, Klaus Holse, on big IT companies like Google looking at entering the asset management industry.
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Cross-Talk with CNP Assurances
Find out how CNP Assurances achieved their two goals of the system modernization project, firstly to give their management teams a better daily overview of asset positions, and secondly, automate middle and back office processes of the investment department. Laurence Giraudon, Investment Department of Middle and Back Office at CNP Assurances talks with Francois Thaury, Director Account Management at SimCorp. Discover more client stories here: http://www.simcorp.com/en/client-stories
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SimCorp Upgrade Service
SimCorp’s Upgrade Factory specializes in technical version upgrades, performed and managed remotely. SimCorp’s Upgrade Factory brings years of experience, best practice, and know-how to offer an end-to-end technical upgrade process, letting you focus on your core business. The technical upgrade of SimCorp Dimension is not trivial, version-to-version changes can directly affect your live production environment; the Upgrade Factory is there to safely transitions your SimCorp Dimension solution into production.
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SimCorp Value Discovery Service
If you are alarmed that your company’s strategy and operating model have become misaligned, then it is time to take action. SimCorp’s Value Discovery Service looks for opportunities to improve your operating model, boosting business value, while keeping costs balanced. Clearly defined initiatives are set out in a prioritized roadmap supporting your strategic objectives and driving business value.
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Professor Ingo Walter interview on CNBC Cash Flow
Ingo Walter, Director of SimCorp StrategyLab, and Professor of Finance at NYU's Stern School of Business, believes that the U.S. fiscal policy has to be addressed as a matter of national urgency. Aired on Tuesday. May 10 2011.
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IBOR solves data management issues at Colonial First State
Brad Massey, General Manager, Fund Services, shares his story on why Sydney-based Colonial First State decided to move from a best-of-breed to a one-system approach to support the front office and position for growth.
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IUCM 2016 Trailer
What's IUCM all about? Check out the trailer for IUCM 2016.
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Highlights from the SimCorp GTS 2012 in Copenhagen
The annual SimCorp Global Technical Seminar brings together SimCorp Dimension users, administrators and experts for a highly inspirational one-day programme. Attendees can learn about upcoming product developments, share best practices and network with peers and SimCorp employees. Learn more about SimCorp and the GTS at http://www.simcorp.com
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Streamlining Alternative Investments at PenSam
In this video, Thomas Anker, Application Manager for SimCorp Dimension at Pen Sam, talks about how they use the Alternative Investments Manager to support their business strategy and members.
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Find out what it's like being a Developer at SimCorp
Bernd Kuemmel, Kristian Støvring and Finn Lindstrøm share their insights. To learn more: http://www.simcorp.com/en/career
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BMO Global Asset Management Realizes Significant Gains with SimCorp IBOR
Utilizing SimCorp Dimension as the firm’s ‘golden copy’ investment book of record (IBOR), BMO Global Asset Management has made its clients the biggest beneficiaries of the IBOR. Learn more about driving better portfolio and trading decisions with up-to-date position data: https://www.simcorp.com/en/client-stories/bmo
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Systems and vendors – a joint choice
Tom Sacauer, Global COO, Citisoft Group, explains why it is crucial to ask critical questions about RD investments, product roadmap, upgrade frequency, and more when choosing a new system and vendor, as this is like entering a long-term relationship - and making the wrong choice can be a big mistake. Read the full article - http://bit.ly/2e8dR78
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IUCM 2017 in Barcelona
Save the date for SimCorp’s flagship industry event, the International User Community Meeting (IUCM) on September 18-20 in Barcelona. Join hundreds of your peers and meet with SimCorp solution experts and partners for a three-day program of strategic and tactical value that will help you navigate a complex world.
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SimCorp's exclusive interview with Dushyant Shahrawat, TowerGroup Senior Research Director
Dushyant Shahrawat, TowerGroup Senior Research Director gives his thoughts on new regulations and standards such as the Dodd-Frank Act, IFRS 9, UCITS IV, Solvency II, Basel III, AIFMD and their impact on the investment management industry. Read more at http://www.simcorp.com/compliance
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Client insight: The benefits of SimCorp's validation and testing service
Hear how SimCorp’s Validation and Test service has helped BlueBay Asset Management save time and reduce cost with each upgrade, with insights from Natasha Breindel, Senior Project Manager at BlueBay Management. Learn more about our Services here, https://www.simcorp.com/en/services
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Collateral Management and the value of an IBOR
Joshua Q. Israel Satten, Director Fintech Practice, Sapient, explains that the value of an IBOR for a financial institution is vast and multi-faceted because– front, middle and back – as it works as the single source of data and truth across the organization.
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Enable Cloud - A Strategic Priority for 2018
Listen to Marc Schroter, Senior Vice President and Head of Product Management at SimCorp talk about why enabling our cloud offerings is a strategic priority for SimCorp in 2018.
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Client Insight: Ashmore Investment Management executes high-growth strategy
Entering new countries can be complex, and as a specialist in emerging markets, Ashmore Investment Management realized that they’d need an agile and flexible IT solution to help manage global expansion efficiently. To learn more, read the full client story: https://www.simcorp.com/en/client-stories/ashmore-investment-management
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The value of data in SimCorp Dimension
Anders Kirkeby is the Head of Enterprise Architecture at SimCorp. In this video, he talks about the benefit of having one source of data within SimCorp Dimension and now making it easier to bring data in from the outside to strengthen the internal data. To learn more about SimCorp approach to data management, visit our website. https://www.simcorp.com/en/insights/themes/data-management
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