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Ethnic Indian Furniture For Interior Decor
http://www.mogulinterior.com/indian-wooden-furnitures.html "Mogulinterior presents the vintage and the antique collection of Indian furniture rustic wood sideboard, cabinets, sculpture wall hangings, door frame and more"
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Indian Shawls: Embroidered Shawls
Grand Opening : Versatility features provide you to put on around your neck, head, waist and over shoulder. click here http://www.mogulinterior.com/shawls-throws.html
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Silk Sari Zari Borders Cushion Covers
These Cushion covers give you the opportunity to change the look of your room adding a fabulous taste. The ethnic combination of sari borders and stunning vibrant colors make these a spectacular pair of pillow shams. Fabric is silk blend and the backing is plain linen in base color with zippers to put the pillow or insert in.Add the choice of luxurious bold colors, hand embroidered and classy patterns that will add a touch of sophistication to any room.
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Meditation Yoga Bracelet
The word 'Mala' means 'Garland'. Mala beads can be made from wooden beads, seeds, semi-precious or precious stones or gems
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Vintage Sari Wall Hangings Indian Tapestries
If you're looking for fine art detail in your home decor, wall tapestries are an incomparable decorating solution. Your tapestry wall hangings will last through generations. Owning even one is a true investment in your wall decor. Posters on your wall are nice, but a home adorned with tapestries makes a personal, elegant statement. This could be used as a wall hanging, rug, throw for a bed, or even as a curtain if you add some ties at the top. Wall hangings make walls and by extension, rooms appear more visually attractive, inviting and an absolute treat for the eyes. This tapestry is not only impressive by its sheer size but also in its design. Beautiful Heavy Embroidered Zardozi Sari Tapestry in Exotic Red, Crimson, Pink, Fuschia, Purple, ,Pearls, Inkblue, Black, Green, Silver and Gold Copper Beads intertwined in an intricate pattern recall the mesmerizing beauty and mystery of exotic lands. Tapestries are versatile, and will work in any home design or decor setting, including in offices, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways - virtually any room in the home.
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Silk Sari Bedspread Coverlet
Silk Bedding, adding a warm freshness function, which meets for the middle and high class. It is durable, can be used for at least 10 years. ...The silk can maintain constant temperature and humidity similar to the body, make you not feel dried or inflammable. ... Silk Coverlet is the best alternative for opulent beddings as it imparts a very shimmery look to the bedroom. An intriguing mix of rich floral and coordinating borders in a traditional India pattern create this awesome sari bedding set. Banarsi silk fabrics in bold shades of color that are sure completely transform your interiors.Classically designed with an exquisite touch the silk bedding from mogul interior are gorgeous in feel and design.Beautifully adorned with elaborate paisley motifs, and Zari borders these bring in an exotic ambiance to your interiors. Different kinds of silks such as Silk Satin, Dupioni Silk, Taffetta Silk, Jacquard Silk, and Shantung Silk are used to create an enviable range in silk beddings.Made of 100% silk, silk bedding is best for specific usage. It is available in different sizes, designs and patterns.
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India Antique Furniture
Eclectic and unique furniture from India, hand carved and beautifully detailed with a rustic patina, our collection at MOGULINTERIOR is spectacular. Wooden furniture from Jodhpur has a quaint, antique charm, with typically ethnic color combinations. A cabinet, for instance, might feature red and green floral motifs with a border of cobalt blue and ochre. Decorative wooden wall pieces often feature richly carved borders that frame paintings of Hindu gods or Rajput kings and queens.
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Indian Lakh Handmade Necklace Jewelry Earrings
Indian ethnic jewelry creates exotic accessories,intricate designs,handmade jewelry with rich colors.Trendy and Gorgeous Lakh Meenakari jewelry set antique finish with Dangling Earrings.This Necklace Set would make a lovely gift or great addition for your own jewelry wardrobe.This Costume jewelry sets are also very popular as Casual,informal and friendly party wear.
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Indian Antique Wooden armoires
Beautifully crafted and hand carved in teak. Each Indian furniture piece is embodied with history and the vaastu art. This armoire is a very classic piece of Indian furniture.
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Beautiful knee length or short length skirt made in cotton fabric. The skirt looks stylish with flares in different levels. Perfect for casual or semi formal wear.Look hot in this plaid mini skirt featuring a knee length with wide waistband.
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Ganesha Carved Panel
The chubby, gentle, wise, elephant-headed Ganesh. Ganesha - the Vignaharta, or remover of obstacles to whom every boisterous prayer sung in his praise.The three heads of Trimukha Ganesh depict the three states of being inherent in any manifestation, which are named the Guna.
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Meditation Prayer Mala
This mala is known as the "mala of victory" and is used to call upon Ram and Krishna to dispell untruth and injustice. Vaijanti seeds come from a tall grass and it's seeds have a polished finish and a natural hole through the center. The guru bead is Rudraksha Bead. The cosmic energies we receive from the universe contains wavelengths of different energies coming from different celestial bodies. When we repeat a Mantra we are creating a path for a particular frequency and its vibrations to establish a connection with the cosmic energy and drag it into our body and surroundings. This energizes the specific chakra and leads to fulfillment of desires as needed.
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Indian Wall Hanging Tapestries
Mogulinterior offer you a wide variety of Indian Tapestries to bring an ethnic Asian style to your home décor. Beaded tapestries, vintage sari tapestries, mirror tapestries, Ethnic wall hangings.Tapestry with mirrors that reflect away evil the rustic charm of Indian interiors with their astonishingly detailed embroidered textiles is so creative and artistic. With their rich color palette and unique designs, wall hangings, also known as wall tapestries and wall décor, can be used to add an instant focal point and drama to any room. The combination of the thread colors and weaves create a unique art experience that changes with each viewing angle. http://www.mogulinterior.com/wall-hangings.html
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Antique Wooden Indian Doors and Windows
A wonderful way to accent the entry, intricately carved big door frame has a timeless look which fits easily into decor with a contemporary twist.
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Pashmina shawls
Pashmina shawls are create a sensual warm and soft texture manufactured in beautiful colors.woolen shawls, stoles and scarves in India for a long time.Designer silk shawls, fancy silk shawls, ladies silk shawls, printed silk shawls, embroidered silk shawls, multicolored embroidered silk shawls and fashion silk shawls are available in wide range of value.
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Indian Palm Leaf Painting
This artistic work with highlighting golden paint is made up on palm leaf by engraving which is one of the ancient traditional art of Orissa. The printing of New Year cards and wedding invitations on palm leaf is still popular in Orissa. Frame it, hang it on wall to achieve country style home decor.
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Boho fashion free spirit wanderlust and hippy chic
https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=me%3DA3U14AQ0VIC4TS&field-keywords= The ultra modern Bohemian grounds herself to Mother Earth, rejoicing in her love and radiates confidence through her choice of earthy colors. The style manifests in the romance of original tribal art with pure cotton and ethical fabrics. Upcycled saris made into skirts and dresses, the fun and playful look is easy to accessorize and you create a fashion statement like no other as these are so unique and one of a kind.
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Fancy Jaipur Print Womens Bandhani Cotton Skirts
This beautiful Jaipur skirts from India is made from soft tie-dyed (bandhani) cotton skirts with drawstring waist band closure with zipper at the side.
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Beach Bohemain Fashionista Caftan
https://www.amazon.ca/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=me%3DA1FLPADQPBV8TK&field-keywords=+caftan caftans in beautiful lustrous fabric and cotton crepe are so exotic and chic, kimono sleeves and side slits give them easy style. Dress up in the caftans for the holiday dinners and getaways or lounge in your cabin with a hot cup of cocoa. Bollywood inspired caftans are stunning fashion statements and great quality gifts too. Beautiful handcrafted kimonos, caftans, resort wear and bohemian clothing inspired by Bollywood fashion
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Decorative Floor Pillows
Beautiful heavy embroidered Zardozi sari tapestry pillow cover in yellow, rust, purple, orange and gold, Made in India.Beautiful hand made tapestry floor pillow with rich embroidery and exotic jewel colors. Versatile in use such that you can use as a throw pillow cover or hang on the wall or as a table tapestry.Each tapestry is made from exotic vintage bridal saris and is absolutely unique.
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Party Icon Boho Dresses
https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=me%3DA1FLPADQPBV8TK&field-keywords=dress Street style bohemian can be funky or chic, the gauzy printed maxidress is good for all seasons. Sandals and a hat for the summer or add a light jacket and booties for cooler days. The authentic tribal patchwork design skirts
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Decorative Indian Tapestry Wall Hangings
Indian Tapestries are the perfect and one of the most unique ways of bringing a room to life while inflecting a bit of international influence. The great thing about Indian Tapestries is that they are handmade making each a unique piece of art created by dedicated Indian Artisans. From the beautiful Banjara hand embroidery, to the sequin and bead details, beautiful handmade Indian.
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Designer Kaftan Women Hand Embroidered Caftan Dress
These Kaftan dresses come with a V-neck Embroidered neckline You'll fall in love with its stunning designs that are Embroidered on both side its front and back. Click Here:- http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=me%3DA1FLPADQPBV8TK&field-keywords=kaftans
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Indian Organza Curtains
shimmering Organza Tissue Sheer fabric with elaborate floral embroidery with beautiful mirror work to create a lovely pair of drapes / curtains. Each panel of these glittering & sparkling shimmering pair is 92"L X 40"W with 4" tabs for rod pocket. The highlight of the pair is the floral embroidery with mirror work in Gold - the embroidered patterns on tissue Organza create a magical effect with the light reflecting and creating dancing patterns.
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Wrap Skirt: Vintage Silk Sari Wrap Skirt
It is a two layer and can be worn in many ways. Material is very soft, cozy, light and comfy. Having worn it, attend any events, parties, occasions. It will definitely attract everyone's attention to your unique outfit. click here: http://www.mogulinterior.com/silk-sari-wrapskirt.html
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Indian Silk Sari Door Panels / Curtains
Silk curtains actually gives a great impact to get the luxurious look of a room design.Dress up your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom windows with our beautiful golden border silk sari curtains.
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Subbychic Antique Handcarved  Armoire
https://www.chairish.com/shop/mogul-interior Whitewashed cabinets, soft neutrals and cooler distressed blue consoles influenced by Scandinavian decor take on a new meaning. Chakra carved consoles, floral carved armoires studded with brass and iron carry the story from the living room to the bedroom. Bold carved Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9777462
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Hand Embroidered Mirror Work Table Covers
Beautiful handwork creates an elegant shadow pattern, as rich embroidery and heavy mirror work reveal the amazing hand weaving technique. More often table covers are used for purely decorative or ornamental purposes, either hanging near two ends vertically over two parallel edges of the table, or hang mostly vertical along all four edges of the table.Decorate your corner with a table covered with this Table Cloth over a lamp or place the table on the centre and put a flower vase on the center piece of our designer table cloth.
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Ethnic Wall Hangings Indian Sari Tapestry
Tapestry is a form of textile art. The success of decorative tapestry can be partially explianed by its portability. Wall Hangings are also drapes on the walls for insulation during winter, as well as for decorative display. Wall Hangings have been used since at least Hellenistic times. Expressing the stark monotony of the engulfing deserts, the patchwork items of the westernmost states of Gujarat and Rajasthan reveal the imaginations and innovations of the craftsman. Bold and beautiful, created with warmth and artistry, patch work still remains the integral art of the western states. From patchwork quilts and bedcovers to patchwork wall hangings , runners and cushion covers, the range of patchwork items is a great one. It is made mostly by women. Such heavily embroidered pieces takes months in completion.
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Silk Multi Wear Double Layered Indian Wrap Around Skirts
This is a beautiful skirt,made in India. There are two layers here each with a funky print and totally different style and it's totally reversible. This cute skirt is a unique and original piece,one of a kind,essential for your beautiful days. These beautiful 2 layers versatile vintage silk wraps offer an array of possibilities for over 100 ways to wear.
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Silk Sari Curtains: Indian Silk Sari Curtains
Stunning each curtain panel has a floral golden border. Silk curtains actually gives a great impact.These fresh and light curtains add a delicate and decorative look to your windows and doors --------------------------------------- Visit To Our Website: http://www.mogulinterior.com/sari-curtains.html
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Cotton Bedspreads
Gorgeously printed bedspreads beautify the ambience of the interiors of your bedrooms.
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Bohemian Outfits Bollywood Fashionista
https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=me%3DA1FLPADQPBV8TK&field-keywords=dress Spring and summer are incomplete without floral colorful dresses. Mid-length and fitted dresses in vivid hand printed cotton with a waistcoat to shapeless loose and extra short, bohemian printed dresses, each carries their own style and make you feel cool and pretty regardless of the weather. Floral dresses in dusty colors and soft hues, and zig-zag cuts elegantly drapes your body. Extra long maxi, high low dresses to wrap skirts with layered and ruffled bottoms, there is so much to choose from Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9927001
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Designer Ethnic Kurtis
Designer Kurti is just a top. Girls nowadays wear Kurti in collages, office wear, and daily wear over jeans, salwar, pant, capri and even a skirt. Indian Kurtis are accepted worldwide and it looks great. They look smart enough to be worn for family functions, religious functions or even for a party get together. Kurtis look decent yet traditional. They can be worn on any occasions formal, casuals, office wear or evening wear. For more visit : http://www.mogulinterior.com/ethnic-kurtis.html
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Womens Kurtis Tunic top
A Kurti Tunic Top gives attractive and decent look to any woman. Different type of fabrics are used like Cotton, Georgette, Crape, Art Silk, Chiffon, Cotton Silk etc.There are various varieties Embroidered Kurti tops, Designer Kurtis, Long Tunics, Printed Kurti and Fashion Kurtis are the variants of Indian Fashion Kurtis.Can be worn over jeans, salwar, pant, capri and even a skirt.
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Gypsy Style Summer Beach Fashion
https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/search/ref=sr_hi_1?me=A3U14AQ0VIC4TS&rh=i%3Amerchant-items&ie=UTF8&qid=1525774243 My style is a mix of street style, urban chic fashion but if you're more preppy, grungy, hipster or California cool these can be accessorized accordingly. Every girl needs a stunning, long fluttering feminine goddess renaissance style dress made from soft embroidered rayon fabrics in light muted colors or dark jewel tones. Hi low hemline dresses with spaghetti straps, add a fitted cardigan and sandals, beautifully feminine and lush creations complete the statement
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Chikan Embroidery Kurti Tunic Top
Stunning Cotton Kurti with gorgeous embroidery. This ethnic embroidery kurti is master piece of Indian Ethnic Art. Must have collection for party wear. Trendy stylish & Perfect wear for summer/spring & Yoga .These hand embroidered top for women are made in extremely light cotton fabric. Very beautifully detailed and a masterpiece, absolutely magnificent.
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Indian Sari Curtains Drapes
The fabric offers a perfect combination of privacy as well as filtered sunlight and ventilation.The sparkling embellishments will lend a spectacularly ethnic look to your window treatments
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Cotton bedspreads
Indian Casual Cotton Bedspreads,printed bedding set,luxurious bedspread,Indian Home decor.Today Decorate Your Home with Indian Collections.
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Brass Statue Altar Idol
This is Beautiful Hand Crafted Hindu Religious Brass Figurine Statue.This is genuine hand made cast brass statue .This piece of craft art will only increase in value. It is often believed that to bring a religious brass statue home symbolizes an invitation to God to stay at your home.
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Indian Curtains-Organza Sheers
Each panel of these glittering & sparkling shimmering pair is 92"L X 40"W with 4" tabs for rod pocket. The highlight of the pair is the floral embroidery with mirror work in Gold - the embroidered patterns on tissue Organza create a magical effect with the light reflecting and creating dancing patterns. Add an airy & delicate feel to your room with this pair of Organza lightweight Sheer curtains. T
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Long Skirts for Women- Mogulinterior
Our stylish and trendy Bohemian Chic Skirt Collection is perfect for the women of today who has an eye on the past! The skirt is ideal for casual wear in summer on the beach or other sunny areas.
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Womens Tunic top
Stunning Cotton Kurti with floral hand embroidered. This ethnic embroidered kurtis/Tunics is master piece of Indian Ethnic Art. Must have collection for party wear.These embroidered top blouse for women are made in extremely 100% cotton fabric.
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Boho Chic Street Style
https://www.amazon.com/s?marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&me=A1FLPADQPBV8TK&merchant=A1FLPADQPBV8TK&redirect=true Style city chic dress-up with all the latest bohemian trends, from geometric prints to shabby chic ragged skirts, they are all there! Tons of new arrivals which increases the style statement and plenty of little details and extras like funky mala beads, tassel necklaces and chic earrings. Two layered reversible wrap skirts that can be worn in so many different ways each showing off a different print like a new dress each time its worn.
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Tunic Top Blouses
A very classy tunic Kurti with floral embroidery is very stylish and perfect for this summer Very Trendy and very comfortable. -------------- click here ----------------- http://www.mogulinterior.com/top-blouse-ss2.html ------------------ OTHER
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curved panel door
click here http://www.mogulinterior.com/carved-door-panels.html https://www.etsy.com/shop/MOGULGALLERY?section_id=16100203&page=3 #panel #vintage #door #indi #retro #furniture #hindu #god #boho #wall
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Bohemian Summer Sexy Lovely Skirts
https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=me%3DA3U14AQ0VIC4TS&field-keywords=Skirts A longer tunic style hand embroidered and edged with crochet lace that pairs nicely with printed sari pants or with leggings. Street Style Boho Chic, classic and timeless renaissance maxi skirts, we decided to expand with matching tanks and tunics further and mix up with love beads and chakra malas, creating the newage fashionista for you boho gals
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Party Mens Wear  Kurta Pajama
Indian fashions include kurtas as a popular traditional wear that adds up oodles of grace and refinement to ones personality. They are the most commonly worn traditional wears. Because they are decent, have a basic design they come up as a good option as party wear. They look good on men of all ages.
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Fashionable Cotton tunic  Hand Embroidery Summer Kurti
The Indian Cotton Tunic Kurti is made from soft cotton, so beautiful for a summer tunic. The Indian tunics especially cotton tunics have a touch of embroidered elegance so they can be casual summer tunics and equally good as dressy evening tunics. Machine washable cotton tunics are easy to care for and very popular. Gratify yourself and simply get gorgeous with this wonderful georgette Embroidered Tunic tops. It is very comfortable and looks very stylish. Can be worn over jeans, salwar, pant, capri and even a skirt. Indian Kurtis are accepted worldwide and it looks great. One can slip into a kurti for just about any occasion; be it casual or formal.
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Antique Old Carved Traditional indian Coffee Table
https://www.chairish.com/shop/mogul-interior This beautiful antique piece of art, hand crafted, and unique coffee table. Antique Vintage Hand-Carved Wood Coffee Table Beautiful Carving Rectangle Cocktail/Coffee Tea Table Vintage Furniture Farmhouse Decor Chai Table Amazing, Unique one of the kind table! Rustic one of a kind vintage doors re purposed into a table, spanish farmhouse chic, conscious interiors for the millennial
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