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Poor Husband - Radio Mirchi India Naved Delhi ka Don
Kayla Eby knows how to keep her husband on his toes. In a hilarious text exchange, the mom convinced her partner, Justin Bogh, that she had taken in a stray coyote, or what she called a “cute little dog outside.” She even sent a Photoshopped image of their son sitting next to a coyote on the couch. “This is a joke, right?” her husband texted her after seeing the Photoshopped pic. After Eby persuaded him that she let the “poor pup” into their home, Bogh repeatedly told her that the dog was actually a coyote and that she needed to get him out of the house. Eby kept the prank going, convincing Bogh that she truly thought their newest family member was a dog. She added that she wanted to keep him and that Bogh was “freaking out for no reason,” to which he had a hilarious response. “There’s a coyote in my house and my lady is acting like it’s a chihuahua,” Bogh wrote back. Eby sent the Photoshopped image of their son with the coyote one more time, and at this point we learn that this isn’t the first time Kayla has brought an animal into the family’s home. Eby went as far as to tell her husband she named the coyote Spot and said that he started “kinda pacing” around the room. That’s when Bogh told her to go into their bedroom with their son and close the door until he got home. After joking that there were more coyotes outside howling for their friend, Eby finally came clean about the prank. Eby shared screenshots of her conversation with Bogh on Facebook, where they have been shared more than 426,000 times. In an interview with Scary Mommy, she said that her relationship with Bogh has been full of jokes and shenanigans from the beginning, which only makes their love for each other greater. “We are both very big pranksters and have a very wide sense of humor,” she said. “We respect and love each other to the ends of the earth.”
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Gharwali vs Kaamwali
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Dangerous Circus Stunts ever
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Safety meter for Gas Cylinder
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How to open car if you lost your key
How to open car if you lost your key
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How To Make Paper Bead Jewelry
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Ompuri in Pakistani TV show
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5 Best Adults Only Resorts in the Caribbean
Traveling to the Caribbean either as a couple for a little romance, or with a group of adult friends can go one of two ways. You can either take your chance on a resort that allows children and spend your days getting splashed, listening to little ones cry and fighting over breakfast buffets or you can book an adults-only resort where you will be treated to impeccable service, luxury accommodations and an abundance of activities included at the resort. From Jamaica to Mexico to Cuba, these ten adults-only resorts will have you never booking a traditional resort again. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! ADVERTISEMENT
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Pssy Grabbing Self Defense
With the threat of 'Pussy Grabbing' on the rise, Funny Or Die staffer Langan Kingsley heads to a self defense studio to see how she can best protect herself from Donald Trump and other potential pussy grabbers.
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XCOM Honest Game Trailers
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Don't even trust HALAL meat
Please don't even trust on HALAL meat
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Rs. 2000 - Micro Cheap found in New Note - Must Watch
new Rs 2000 notes have Nano GPS chips to track them buried deep into the earth? The Rs 2000 currency is designed keeping in mind to eradicate the black money issues using state of the art indigenous nano technology, every Rs. 2000 currency note is embedded with a NGC (Nano GPS Chip) The unique feature of the NGC is it dosent need any power source. It only acts as a signal reflector. When a Satellite sends a signal requesting location the NGC reflects back the signal from the location, giving precise location coordinates, and the serial number of the currency back to the satellite, this way every NGC embedded currency can be easily tracked & located even if it is kept 120 meters below ground level. The NGC cant be tampered with or removed without damaging the currency note
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Largest chapati ever
Huge chapati maker
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Uneducated Teachers - India
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Sairat Dave Gujarati Jokes
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Horse Dance
Very funny indian horse dance
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Gujarat Got Talent Must Watch
Many people misunderstand and don’t fully realize the real essence of talent. For example, a ball player’s talent is fully expressed when contributed to a team. But if the player only uses his talent to define him or herself better than the rest, then their talent will only take them so far, a place that is usually lonely, isolated, and unfulfilling. A ball player’s, or anyone else’s talent becomes fully realized when they serve others, a team, and not just themselves. One thing I have learned about talented people is that they don’t look to others to define their talent. Their talent is “not about them.” In other words, they don’t use their talent to create a superiority complex to make them anymore special than the next person. Actually these talented people are just the opposite. They are usually humble and see their talent as something was given to them and to be used as a service for others and their talents are meant to be shared, not hoarded. They feel they are not any different from the rest of world and we all could do what they do, only if we tried. How do you know if you are talented at something? The first indication is time flies while you are doing. You enjoy the intricate details and it feels like fun even if it is hard work! For example, a talented writer will agonize over a word or sentence. Or a singer will sing a line trying many different melodies to find its perfect expression. They love the work and their love hones their skills. True talent is expressed through the sheer joy of doing it, not praise, recognition, or validation. Ethel loves cooking. Even as a small girl, she loved making her daddy sandwiches and packing his lunch sack. It fulfilled her with a sense of contribution to the household. She grew up, became a nurse but still deeply enjoys preparing meals for family, friends, and church events. She built a public demand for her cooking and her kitchen grew into a catering business. She felt a little guilty at first about being paid for doing something she loved so much. But the cost of ingredients eventually justified it to her. Her catering business soon grew so much she needed more than her home kitchen. But she had to make sacrifices and quit her day job if she were to open a restaurant. She eventually opened a bistro that has become very successful. Life was difficult for awhile, but also very fulfilling and rewarding. Ethel put in the time because she loved what cooking did for her soul. It was never for money, fame, or recognition.
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Doctor ask her to get naked
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Rangeelo  desi dance
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Pakistan ends ban on Bollywood films
Watch Pakistan ends ban on Bollywood films 92NewsHD Fast News,Breaking News,Top Headlines,Super fast news,Khabare Superfast,Superfast!,news,sensational news,political news,sports news,Super fast,Jawaharlal Nehru University,controversy,students,union leader,sedition,anti-national’ slogans,Parliament attack,Kanhaiya Kumar,Rohith Vemula,Manish Sisodia,Nirbhaya Case,protests,Juvenile,Delhi Gang Rapist,DUSU,Delhi University Students Union,Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union,JNUSU,Jantar Mantar,demonstrations,Union Finance Minister,Quota ,Arun Jaitley,criminal,defamation,Delhi Chief Minister,Patiala House,AAP,Arvind Kejriwal,DDCA,Salman Khan,Acquittal,Salman Khan (Film Actor),Bollywood,Bollywood Str,Asaduddin,Owaisi,AIMIM,Bharat Mata Ki Jai,RSS,Bombay High Court,Congress,Sonia Gandhi,Rahul Gandhi,trial court,National Herald case,Gandhi,Congress,BJP,National Herald,Subramanian Swamy,Pakistan,Narendra Modi,Nawaz Sharif,Pakistani Terrorists,Pathankot,Uttarakhand
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Famous Stars was undressed Live Broadcast
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Alien found in Asia Unbelievable footage
Villagers in India claim they have witnessed a UFO land in their village and a “humanoid figure” emerge from what they said was a red spacecraft. The incident took place in the village of Kanagal in Periyapatna in the district of Mysore in India. Agricultural workers working in a field close to the village said they saw the UFO at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The workers claim a red spacecraft emerged from the clouds, landed briefly and then quickly took off again amidst flashes and sparks. Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, spoke of the incident, as reported in the Journal Telegraph. “Sightings of flying people are not uncommon and such sightings have occurred long before the interest in flying saucers or aliens,” said Watson (1). Reports of the Sighting Since the details of the sighting were reported, UFO and alien enthusiasts have been traveling to the village to speak to the locals who claim to have seen the spacecraft and “humanoid figure.” One such enthusiast is T A Manjuntha who attempts to rationalize the sighting. “The women claim that the spaceship descended close to 500 feet from them and they could spot humanoid figures. They have no clue about aliens and they have not even heard about such things. So we are assuming that they are not lying,” said Manjuntha. “The women could have mistaken some kind of a flying object as a spacecraft. Besides, it was a cloudy day and this has to be probed.” In a separate report about the incident, UFO Blogger describes how the sighting took place on October 1, 2015 as local women worked in paddy fields. The report describes how the workers said they saw an “alien humanoid figure dressed in orange” coming towards them from a “red spacecraft which has flashes and sparks around it” (2). The witnesses say the humanoid figures took several photographs before emerging into the clouds again in the spacecraft.
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Panis Prank on girlfriend
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Fastest Spreading Letters in the World
The most selfish 1 letter word: I. Avoid it. The most satisfying 2 letter word: We. Use it. The most poisonous 3 letter word: Ego. Kill it. The most used 4 letter word: Love. Value it. The most pleasing 5 letter word: Smile. Keep it. The fastest spreading 6 letter word: Rumour. Ignore it. The hardest working 7 letter word: Success. Achieve it. The most enviable 8 letter word: Jealousy. Distance it. The most powerful 9 letter word: Knowledgy. Aquire it. The most essential 10 letter word: Confidence. Trust it.
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Indian Oldest Currency......must watch
Indian old currency
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Hamein Na bhoolana Bhagudi
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Invisible Chair - He is sitting on invisible chair in public
Watch magician's brilliant invisible chair prank that leaves everybody amazed A trickster bewilders unsuspecting members of the public by appearing to sit down on thin air in this brilliant viral clip. Magician and YouTube prankster Julien Dauphin confounded passersby with his hilarious "invisible chair" trick, which has become a hit online since a video of the stunt was posted over the weekend. Walking down the street with a newspaper, Julien suddenly stops, bends his legs and sits back. But instead of landing flat on his back, Julien remains sat comfortably upright, despite there being nothing below to support him. While Julien nonchalantly catches up on the news, passersby are unable to believe their eyes Cyclists, pedestrians and a running club are all bemused by what they see, repeatedly looking over their shoulders at the surreal spectacle. One woman stops and asks him: "How do you sit like that?" before a cyclist appears to turn their head for a little too long as the clip ends with a comic crash sound.
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Thai Celebrity Nude Bathing In The River
Thai Celebrity Nude Bathing In The River
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Camel riding fail
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