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Xsplit Broadcaster tutorial
This is a tutorial on how to use Xsplit broadcaster like a pro. Do you guys like streaming games? Want to learn how to use twitch.tv like a pro? UPDATED VIDEO FOR ADDING ALERTS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_ZsbjsOtFM Follow my twitch. http://twitch.tv/gamemeetsgirl2 Video Breakdown -How to add a webcam -How to add chat to your stream -How to add graphics -How to add videos -How to add game capture from PC All using the free version of Xsplit Broadcaster. Follow me! http://youtube.com/gamemeetsgirl http://facebook.com/gamemeetsgirl http://twitter.com/gamemeetsgirl http://instagram.com/gamemeetsgirl
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Vanille Meets Tidus!
Unless you are a fan of Final Fantasy X and XIII this will probably be confusing to you. Tidus is the main character of FFX and I thought it would be funny to dub over this clip of Vanille interacting with Hope. the things I do at 1am. Yes its stupid, and I think I have been watching too much "Sassy gay Friend". hehehe.
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2 girls, 1 game: Double Dragon II
Kristen and Larissa from the GMG network play Double Dragon II! Let's just say Get to DA CHOPPA is a phrase you will be very familiar with by the end of this video. requested by The Zero Virus Sound FX obtained from http://www.freesfx.co.uk/sfx/
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2 girls, 1 game: Killer Instinct
Kristen from Game Meets Girl and Larissa from thelostvlogger get crazy. Kristen realizes she sucks at this game, while Larissa knows how to be a cheap ass. Kristen knows Dinosaurs don't really have purple blood because she watched Jurassic Park. Combo = Jax from Mortal Kombat? Enjoy the insanity! New 2g1g next Saturday! Leave a comment telling us what games we should play next! http://youtube.com/gamemeetsgirl http://youtube.com/thelostvlogger
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2 girls, 1 game: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Kristen wonders why the only girl you save is Katy and not the other kids. Larissa says only Michael can throw sparkles and get away with it. Enjoy the insanity!
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How to add Alerts to make your stream STAND OUT! Xsplit tutorial!
Hey guys, thanks for checking out my tutorial on how to add Alerts in Xsplit. I try to be diligent when answering questions about Xsplit. So ask away and I'll answer as soon as I can. MUSIC ID: Vintage Boom Bap Instrumental - "Nostalgia" [Free Use] by Oculus_Official (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsEYDdiQBReJNoSkji0zRmw) If you like my tutorials come and check out my twitch channel! twitch.tv/gamemeetsgirl2
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"Call me Bayonetta" a GMG review
Will it work? Comment, rate, and subscribe!
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GMG blog 3: Gaming of the future
Will the next generation of kids change the way gaming? Gaming console progression -Atari -NES, Turbographix -SNES -N64, Playstation -Ps2, gamecube, Xbox -Ps3, wii, xbox 360 after E3 project Natal and PS wand announced. PS eye, new interactivity? Before the changes were only graphics and gameplay its a whole new level. This new generation will grow up on these interactive games, but will it change gaming completely? Will they toss out the story, the violence for the NEW fun factor. Social focus, will console gaming as we know it die out?
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Game Meets Girl: Wet review
Kristen reviews Wet by Bethesda Softworks
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Win a Copy of Twisted Metal SIGNED by DAVID JAFFE!  By The GMG Network
Who wants their copy of twisted metal? Now who wants a signed copy by Director, David Jaffe?! You do! How to win! Spread the word of this video! TWEET and FAVORITE this! Then Email me [email protected] With your "Twisted" fan -Art -Drawing -Cosplay -Video It can be anything as long as it is Twisted Metal themed. All Submissions are due MAY 10th! Keep on following and enjoy the biggest give away the GMG network has ever done! http://gamemeetsgirl.com http://twitter.com/gamemeetsgirl Subscribe for more videos and Give Aways!
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WCG Ultimate Gamer Casting- Joel interview
Kristen goes to the casting of WCG's Ultimate gamer 2. She interview's Joel, the host of the show. Excuse the microphone pops. if you missed the first season, check out Season 1 on Hulu! http://www.hulu.com/wcg-ultimate-gamer thebitbag.com gamemeetsgirl.com thanks to my last minute camera man John or else I probably would have been able to go.
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Ravergirl's Tribute to Michael Jackson
RIP Michael. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. I know I can't dance nearly as good as good as MJ did, but I just wish to pay tribute to him as one of my many influences of dance.
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E3 2013: The Last of us interview with Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson
The interview with Naughty Dog and Voice Actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson about the Last of Us. E3 2013 Sony Booth. The Last Of Us video game is OUT NOW for the PS3!
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2 girls, 1 game: Charlie's Angels Feat. VidjaGamez and Underbelly!
Kristen and Larissa team up with KayWhy from Vidjagamez and try to play and become Charlie's Angels! Check out VidjaGamez! http://www.youtube.com/user/VidjaGamez Special Thanks to Justin From Underbelly! Check out his youtube http://youtube.com/UnderbellyShow
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2 girls, 1 game: Crash Team Racing
Kristen and Larissa get together to play Crash Team Racing! There are doctors, bandicoots and racing fantasticness. Enjoy the insanity! Stalk us, Through social networks! http://facebook.com/gamemeetsgirl http://twitter.com/gamemeetsgirl http://youtube.com/thelostvlogger
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Kristen is in the SHOWER? (Heavy Rain review)
Quantic Dream does it again. Heavy Rain, a game that is more like an interactive movie. What does this gamer think? Sex, violence, twisted morals and more! Heavy Rain is full of choices.
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2 girls, 1 game: Mortal Kombat 5: Sub Zero
Kristen and Larissa dive into the world of bootleg games, and play Mortal Kombat 5: Sub Zero. Kristen is hoping it's like Mortal Kombat except "Classic", and Larissa screams and gets to the point of a Rage Quit. Enjoy the insanity! Check out the Facebook and Like it! https://www.facebook.com/GameMeetsGirl
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Gotham City Impostors Review: Game Meets Girl
Kristen from the GMG network reviews Gotham City Impostors. Will this spin off make the cut? Or is this a game you leave to Robin?
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Game Meets Girl: Game Collection
Since I've been getting so many requests, here is my current game collection. From the Turbo Graphix to the XBOX 360. :) I rent most of my games from Gamefly. Its cheaper.
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My full review is too long for youtube! So here's a few clips from my review! watch the full review at http://gamemeetsgirl.com http://thebitbag.com Kristen goes "in depth" with her longest review ever. FFXIII, does it top the series or plummet like its predecesor XII? Buy the game! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001EYUSJ4?ie=UTF8&tag=gamemcom-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B001EYUSJ4 I gotz teh website! http://gamemeetsgirl.com I gotz tweetz! http://twitter.com/gamemeetsgirl I gotz facebook fanz?! http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Game-Meets-Girl/60158713407?ref=search&sid=595262510.650133787..1
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Game Meets Girl: Killzone 2 review
GMG reviews a popular first person shooter game on the PS3. Killzone 2. Music from Killzone 2 and Freeplay music. http://gamesonsmash.com Check out my new website! http://gamemeetsgirl.com
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E3 2013 Voice Actors: Nolan North, Troy Baker, James C. Burns, Steve Blum and David Eddings
Interview at the Turtle Beach booth at E3 2013. Nolan North: Famous for Nathan Drake (Uncharted), Desmond (Assassin's Creed) Troy Baker: Famous For Joel (The Last Of Us), Booker DeWitt (Bioshock infinite), Snow (Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, Lightning returns) James C. Burns: Famous for Frank Woods (Call of Duty Black ops /2) Steve Blum: Famous for Wolverine (Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat), Mr. Sickle Abramovic / Waylon Jones / Killer Croc (Batman Arkham Asylum) and many animes likes (Cowboy Beebop) David Eddings: Famous For ClapTrap (Borderlands/ 2)
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2 girls, 1 game: King of Fighters XI
Kristen and Larissa tag team up with some of the best fighters around in King of Fighters XI. Kristen doesn't know what "Yuri" really means, and Larissa thinks Benimaru is gay. New Video Every Sunday! Enjoy the Insanity! www.gamemeetsgirl.com Kristen's Links Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/GameMeetsGirl Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GameMeetsGirl Larissa's Links Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/thelostvlogger Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/lostwriter87
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WCG Ultimate Gamer Casting- Starslay3r interview
Kristen goes to the casting of WCG's Ultimate gamer 2. She interview's Ciji a contestant of last year. Excuse the microphone pops. if you missed the first season, check out Season 1 on Hulu! http://www.hulu.com/wcg-ultimate-gamer thebitbag.com gamemeetsgirl.com thanks to my last minute camera man John or else I probably would have been able to go.
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Kristen is a SAMURAI! (Samurai Shodown Sen Review)
Will this rebirth of Samurai Shodown Soar or fall? Find out in this video review! @gamemeetsgirl me on twitter! http://gamemeetsgirl Thanks to my friend John Reeve for his help!
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Street Fighter IV LAUNCH party!
Capcom's Street Fighter IV launch party. TONS OF FUN!! Music from OC remix- Guile's theme. -Kristen
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What NOT to say to girls at a convention
While attending a convention (E3 2013), Kristen (from GameMeetsGirl [gamemeetsgirl.com]) and Sarah (From NerdyButFlirty [nerdybutflirty.com]) shared battle stories with other friends about the crazy things men said/did to them at conventions. They decided to make this playful PSA!! If you like it, leave a like or a comment so we can put up part 2: What TO say to girl gamers at conventions! Cast, in order of appearance Danielle McRae, voice actress for Painwheel and many other characters https://twitter.com/DanielleMcVO https://www.facebook.com/pages/Danielle-McRae-VO-Artist/257517404288230?fref=ts Nick McCandles, CEO/Owner of TheGamerAccess.com https://twitter.com/NickMcCandless http://www.thegameraccess.com/ Jon Correa, graphic design artist https://twitter.com/DarkIcarus http://www.darkicarus.com/ Raychul Moore, gaming personality and co host of LootCrate https://twitter.com/theRaychul youtube.com/RaychulMoore Ashphord Jacoway, actress, cosplayer and founding sister of Chocolate Covered Cosplay https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ashi-Chan-Cosplay-Artist-/147819278656984?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/ChocolateCoveredCosplay Skydiddy, featured on The Tester Season 3 https://twitter.com/skydiddy23 http://www.youtube.com/user/SkyD1DDY J-Tight Baby Tooth, was he on The Tester Season 3 as well https://twitter.com/jtightbabytooth http://www.youtube.com/user/jtightbabytooth Kapwan, noted fighting game community member https://twitter.com/Kapwan http://www.youtube.com/Kapwan Featuring Jonathan! Yes, the guy that put the bag over the girls head.
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2 girls 1 game: Battle Arena Toshinden
Kristen and Larissa fight to the death in thjs psone classic. Kristen thinks Rungo looks like a caveman version of Guile and believes the entire game defies physics and gravity. Larissa thinks Fo is pretty much Freddy Kruguer./ Bearded lady.
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2 girls, 1 game: Tekken 6
Kristen and Larissa finally play Tekken 6 with a Special Guest/Fan, Sarah from Sazzosaur! Watch as they button-mash their way to victory! Check out Sazzosaur! http://www.youtube.com/user/Sazzosaur Stalk us, Through social networks! http://facebook.com/gamemeetsgirl http://twitter.com/gamemeetsgirl http://youtube.com/thelostvlogger
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GOS-TECH: Sony's HDR-FX1 Video camera
Kristen from Gamesonsmash.com reviews Sony's HDR-FX1 a HD video camera. Sony HDR-FX1 http://tinyurl.com/2tnl2l Camera Specs on Sonystyle.com I really want an XLR mic port but I know they sell adapters on ebay. You'd think it would just come with it. Picture quality is amazing, and makes the little handy cam I'm using for this review look cheap. Overall a great camera for people into video production. I love this camera to death. Thus why I named it "Jet".
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Geek and Sundry Entry: Video Game Inspiration
Hopefully I'm not too late on this contest. Wait, yes I AM. But here is my submission for Geek and Sundry! You all rock, and if you still want to see me do these vlogs, let me know in the comments down below. I like this idea a lot, and if not for Geek and Sundry, perhaps I shall do them for you guys.
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2 girls, 1 game: The BEST PSX Game EVER!
Kristen and Larissa play THE BEST PSX game ever. What if I told you, what you want, what you really really want? Enjoy the final 2 girls, 1 game on the Game Meets Girl channel and now IMMEDIATELY go subscribe to the new 2 girls, 1 game channel http://youtube.com/2girls1gameshow http://twitter.com/2girls1gameshow Do it now!
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Game Meets Girl: Prototype
Kristen reviews Prototype by Activision. Music from the OST Prototype. "Alex Theme" "Dream of Armageddon" Gamesonsmash.com Gamemeetsgirl.com Follow Me on twitter. http://twitter.com/gamemeetsgirl Follow the blog http://gamemeetsgirl.blogspot.com
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Skullgirls Review: Game Meets Girl
Larissa from the GMG network gets her "paws" on the scandalous 2D American fighter Skullgirls and goes all in. Is it even worth your money? Or is it a game sent from the fighter game maker gods?
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Kristen rocks advanced mode on the new Guitar Hero Live Comic Con 2015
Taken at the xbox live lounge at San Diego Comic Con. New button set up throws you off a little at first but it pretty easy to get into once you play a song or two. This was my second time playing, I played once the day before on medium and though it was too easy.
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Rockband "Bring me to life"
Kristen plays both guitar and vocals at same time. want to see how I learned to do this? http://www.pixelenemy.com Kristen gives helpful tips and tricks for those wanting to ROCK at ROCKBAND and GUITAR HERO. Enjoy and laugh at my insanity! It is after all, a game. Not real life. -Kristen
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Olivia Munn interview@ Lost Planet 2 Launch Party
Kristen interviews Olivia Munn from attack of the show
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Eternal Sonata "Hot Pockets" Dub over
Maybe I'm crazy or had one too many hot pockets. I blame Jim Gaffigan. Excuse my insanity, it's been quite a while since I did one of these.
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2 girls, 1  game: Gran Turismo (PSX)
Kristen and Larissa get their race on! How much does handling actually effect your car as Kristen and Larissa find some hitches in their flawless race styles.
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Tomb Raider "The Rap"
Lara Croft is done with everyone comparing her to Nathan Drake and Katniss Everdeen! She was here before everyone else! Subscribe! http://youtube.com/gamemeetsgirl
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2 girls, 1 game: Worms Armageddon (PSX)
Kristen and Larissa from the GMG network get together and play one of the CLASSICS. Worms Armageddon. Enjoy the wormy war and Kristen's random singing.
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2 girls, 1 game: Slender and Medievil - Halloween Special!
Kristen and Larissa bring your 2 games as a treat for this Halloween! Choose your own Halloween Adventure! They finally confront Slender and enjoy the classic Medievil for the PSX. Stalk us, Through social networks! http://facebook.com/gamemeetsgirl http://twitter.com/gamemeetsgirl http://youtube.com/thelostvlogger Have a Safe and Awesome Halloween guys! -Kristen and Larissa
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2 girls, 1 game: Superman 64
Larissa realizes that it is Kristen's birthday, and decides to get her the best present any person could ask for: playing Superman 64! In this awesome episode, Kristen cries hysterical to mask her rage, and Larissa tortures Kristen with the Worst Video Game that has ever existed! Stalk us, Through social networks! http://facebook.com/gamemeetsgirl http://twitter.com/gamemeetsgirl http://youtube.com/thelostvlogger
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Preview to Review: Onechanbara
Onechanbara, BIKINI SAMURAI SQUAD! if that doesn't pump you up for this future review, I don't know what will!! Royalty free music from freeplaymusic.com
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Thugs have NO MANNERS!
Seriously, who pees everywhere? -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/gamemeetsgirl2
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Crazy bug in Tomb Raider
so crazy -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/gamemeetsgirl2
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2 Girls, 1 Game: Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run
Kristen and Larissa play Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run for the SNES! See we aren't basketball game biased! Kristen remembers the nostalgia of home run derby and Larissa thinks Mark Mcgrath should be in this game. Let's be Social! http://gamemeetsgirl.com http://facebook.com/gamemeetsgirl http://facebook.com/2girls1game http://twitter.com/gamemeetsgirl
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Robin DLC Review for Batman (Guest Review) - Game Meets Girl
Time for something new! Kristen from Game Meets Girl shares the spotlight and lets a guest take over today! Meet Larissa aka thelostvlogger Do you like her style? Should she do more guest reviews? http://youtube.com/thelostvlogger Subscribe to her channel and tell her that gamemeetsgirl sent you!
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Puppy vs Bobble head
My 4 month old miniature pincher encounters a bobble head for the first time. Gamers, I've been distracted by my puppy and work lately. Please forgive me. Plus I'm looking to get a new camera. My bloggie is my only working camera left. Thanks LootCrate for the awesome exclusive funko figure!
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Grand Theft Auto V review: Game Meets Girl
Wow, FINALLY! I'm sorry its so incredibly long... I just had a LOT to say about it. Please like, favorite, and subscribe!
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