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DIY Night Sights Kahr CT380
This is a how to for making your own pistol night sights (aka nite sites) using Glow Inc. sight paint. Since there were no tritium sights available for the Kahr CT380 (.380) when I bought it, I decided to make my own. They work very well if you hit them with your tactical light before holstering up for the evening. After applying the paint, be sure to top coat with clear nail polish. You can get the paint used in the video from Glow Inc. The two types used are: http://glow.glowinc.com/gun-sights/ and http://glow.glowinc.com/solvent-glow-in-the-dark-paint/ultra-green-v10-solvent-based-glow-in-the-dark-paint/ The safety glasses with bifocals that are used in the video are available from Amazon, here: http://amzn.to/2dNS6XS Please check out our free holster giveaways, gun reviews, and tips and tricks at: Hanks-Holster-Review.com A short link to our to this post on our blog is located here: http://wp.me/p4pVsz-92 Thanks for watching! --Hank
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DIY Glow in the Dark Magazine and Speedloader
Using the extra paint we had left over from our DIY Nite Site video ( https://youtu.be/TqmrTJmZJaE ), we are marking our magazines and speedloaders to make them easier to find in the dark. Should you drop your magazine or speedloaders in a dark alley, a little spot of glow in the dark paint can help you find them. Just remember to hit them with your flashlight before going out on the town. If you are a LEO or have a job that necessitates frequent tactical operations, keep in mind that having a bunch of glow in the dark items on your person, may not work in your favor. But for the rest of us it probably doesn't matter. If you are drawing your weapon, the bad guy already found you. After applying, be sure to top coat with clear nail polish. Please subscribe to see more of our videos and find us at Hanks-Holster-Review.com where you can register for our free holster giveaways! Thanks for watching! --Hank
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Safety Shooting Glasses with Readers (bi-focals)
These are the glasses I use for close up work on my firearms. I used them to do the work in our Kahr CT380 Night Sight video. http://hanks-holster-review.com/2016/10/16/diy-video-make-night-sights/ They also make good glasses for the shooting range and your bi-focal lenses are built right in. You can find them here, on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2d1by5v A great Christmas gift for the shooter who has everything. I've got a little write up and some more pictures on Hank's Holster Review, where we review and give away concealed carry holsters and other things gun-related. Please check us out at Hanks-Holster-Review.com
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Lenwood Training Plug
The Lenwood Training Plug allows you to train drawing and dry firing your weapon, in a safer manner. By blocking the chamber and providing a visibly safe indication, you can reduce the chance of an accident. The training plug allows you to cycle the slide to cock the firing pin, so you can run dry fire exercises. When training, always observe firearm safety rules and treat the weapon as if it is loaded, always pointing it in a safe direction. You can read more about the Lenwood Training Plug and see our concealed carry holster reviews at hanks-holster-review.com where you can register for our free holster giveaways!
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