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Should agile methodologies be applied to hardware product development?
There is currently a push within the project management community to extend the use of agile methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban, to other industries beyond software development. This short video advises on how realistic and sensible it is to do this.
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10 checks for selecting a project management software tool
This video talks you through the 10 things you should check for when selecting a project management (or PPM/P3M) software tool.
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SimpleP3M System Overview
This short video outlines my SimpleP3M System that will enable you to improve your organisation's project, programme and portfolio management (P3M) capabilities.
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P3M3® Assessment
If your organisation struggles to deliver projects and/or programmes successfully but are not sure why, or how to go about making improvements, then a P3M3® assessment is the best place to start.
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3 simple risk management points that organisations overlook
This short video advises of 3 important risk managment points that organisations overlook, which, when corrected, make all the difference to their success in controlling risks and therefore enhancing their chances of project/programme success.
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Does the delivery of your projects depend on your suppliers?
If the successful delivery of your organisation’s projects depends on your suppliers, this short video provides a strategy that will enable you to greatly improve their performance and therefore your overall project delivery.
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Splat the Rat
Do you have a Splat the Rat approach to resolving operational issues?
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3 Keys to Prioritisation and Selection
This short video advises of the 3 keys to prioiritising and selecting the right projects and programmes to optimise your change portfolio.
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Is Project Management Complicated?
This video explains the importance of managing projects, that may well be complex, by keeping things simple.
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How to simply (gu)estimate the costs of poor project delivery.
If your organisation is not good at delivering projects on-time, within budget and to quality expectations, this short video explains how you can (gu)estimate the costs, which can be surprisingly high.
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Do You Know How Good Your Organisation Is At Delivering Projects?
It is surprising how many organisations rely on delivering numerous projects to bring new products to market or to bring about organisational changes, on an ongoing basis, yet do not have a mechanism to measure project performance or have great difficulties in doing so, when it can, in fact, be simple to achieve.
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Have you invested in a project management software tool, but are struggling to make good use of it?
If you have invested in a project management software tool, but are struggling to make good use of it, this short video will provide you with the guidance you need to rectify this situation.
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The Simple way to be agile
This short video offers a simple way to be agile during the development phase of a project, rather than applying complex Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban.
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