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Addressing the Top Five Cloud Security Challenges
54% of IT workers believe their organization will suffer a security breach in the next year due to cloud provider security risks (Ponemon September 2011). Use Oracle technologies to reduce risk of fraud, and secure private data for the cloud.
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Oracle BPM Suite 11g: Business Driven Modeling to Execution
Hasan Rizvi, Oracle Executive Vice President, and Manoj Das, Vice President of Product Management, showcase Oracle Business Process Management 11g capabilities.
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Boeing transforms their supply chain processes using Oracle BPM
Boeing transforms their supply chain processes for Global Services & Support division with a 38% reduction in proposal and development costs using Oracle BPM Suite 11g with Oracle Distributed Order Orchestration & Oracle Fusion Product Hub
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Oracle ADF Mobile Demo for Developing Hybrid Mobile Applications
Key benefits and features of Oracle ADF Mobile for developing hybrid mobile applications across multiple device platforms.
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Oracle Exalogic Demo: Simple IT Operations, Great Application Experience
Oracle Exalogic combines hardware, software, storage and networking into a single, easy-to-manage engineered system. This demo shows how users easily deploy new applications and how administrators manage the entire system from a single console.
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Nike achieves scalability and performance with Oracle Coherence & Exadata
Nike supports 8 million global users to monitor active lifestyle in social environment with 150,000 requests/minute using Oracle Coherence, Oracle Enterprise Database, Oracle Exadata & Oracle Spatial.
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Load and Replicate Data to the Cloud with Oracle Data Integration
Watch this short video to learn about Oracle's Cloud Data Integration solutions to load and replicate data to the cloud.
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Oracle Unified Directory
Watch this short video to learn about Oracle Unified Directory
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LADWP Transformed Customer Experience with Oracle WebCenter & Oracle Identity Management
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, serving 1.6 million residential and commercial customers, mobile-enabled a customer service portal using Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Identity Management
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Oracle Social Network: Collaboration in the Cloud
Learn how Oracle Social Network offers enterprisewide collaboration as a service, with connections to your CRM and other apps; integrated workflow; and activity tracking by customers, opportunities, and more.
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The New Business Imperative: Social, Mobile, Cloud
Social, mobile, and cloud are technology trends impacting all organizations. These trends can change how we interact, collaborate, and use applications. See how Oracle Fusion Middleware can help you embrace these trends and transform your enterprise. ** Turn on CC for English subtitles**
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Simplifying Integration in the Enterprise and the Cloud
Attend this session to get gain insight into simplifying your integration strategy while supporting the increased integration demands for connecting the new business imperatives of social, mobile, and cloud to your existing infrastructure.
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Digital Experience with Oracle
Watch this short video to learn about the capabilities Oracle provides to deliver Digital Experience solutions to your customers.
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Running Applications on Oracle Exalogic
Business applications are critical to your business, particularly in this era of mobile data and social media. Oracle Exalogic provides a completely integrated, reliable and scalable platform for Oracle applications, Java applications and cloud consolidation.
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Big Data Integration and Governance
Watch this short video to learn about Oracle's solution for Big Data Integration and Governance.
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Leveraging Data Integration for Successful Cloud Deployment
Learn how Oracle's data integration products, Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate, enable migration to Cloud computing without downtime and offer application data integration for Cloud environments.
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Oracle Identity Governance
Watch this short video to learn about Oracle's solutions for Compliance and Controls using Oracle Identity Governance.
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Northumbrian Water Mobile Enables Remote Workforce on E-Business Suite
Oracle IT Leaders Series - Northumbrian Water enables Enterprise Mobility
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Automate Your Business Processes with Oracle
Watch this short video to learn about the Oracle solutions available to Automate Business Processes including both cloud and on-premise solutions - Oracle Process Cloud Service and Oracle BPM Suite.
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Raymond James Uses Oracle Data Integration for Central ODS
Tim Garrod and Ryan Fonnett from Raymond James, talk about how it uses Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator for its centralized data store to improve application performance while reducing cost and complexity.
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Oracle BPM -- Business Driven, Accelerated Results
In this session at BPM-CON, Ajay Khanna discusses the importance of business driven BPM suite. For BPM program to be successful, business managers need to take the lead and BPM suite should empower them to do that. In addition Ajay discusses how Oracle Process Accelerators help in ensuring BPM best practices and quick time to solution. (Source: BPM-CON: Integration Developer News)
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Oracle Cloud Platform: Cloud Applications Development and Deployment
Watch this short video to learn how Oracle Cloud Platform can be used to rapidly develop and deploy cloud applications.
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AVEA Legal Department Runs Better with Oracle BPM
This video shows how Avea, one of the largest mobile telco operators in Europe, used Oracle BPM to manage time, collect feedback efficiently, monitor performance quickly and increase productivity at legal department.
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Oracle Mobile Strategy
Hear Suhas Uliyar, VP, Mobile Strategy, Product Management talk about Oracle's strategy for Mobile.
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Rise of the Mobile Machines -- Oracle's solution for Device to Data Center
With the explosion of connected devices and the ubiquity of high speed wireless connectivity, Machine to Machine (M2M) communication can change your game of operations and create opportunities for new services and revenue streams. Oracle's platform for M2M called Device to Data Center (D2D) helps support the needs of the enterprise to leverage this new opportunity by gathering actionable insight from devices and respond right at the network edge. The platform leverages multiple Oracle products to deliver a complete solution, including Oracle Event Processing (OEP) and Oracle Java Embedded to make intelligent, real-time decisions while managing massive amounts of machine data on the fly.
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Enable the Mobile Enterprise
Enterprise Mobility represents a game-changing technology shift on a number of levels and requires a multi-year strategic vision. Leverage a mobile platform that allows you to extend existing middleware capabilities, excite IT leaders & developers with best-in-class mobile technologies and empower everyone with intuitive mobile business applications.
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Nintendo uses high performance Exalogic and Exadata platform to scale
Nintendo of America enables fast time-to-market and provide highly-available platform for global business and gamer support systems with Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata
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Create an Engaging Multichannel Online Customer Experience
Today's customers expect an experience that is relevant and interactive across multiple online channels. Learn how your business can deliver a more engaging customer experience across web, mobile, and social channels with Oracle WebCenter Sites.
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Remove Paper and Accelerate Your Business Applications
Managing paper within business processes can cost you time and money. By digitizing paper documents and capturing them within automated workflows, you can shrink processing times while significantly reducing paper storage and handling costs.
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Oracle WebCenter: Got a Minute?
Oracle WebCenter is the engagement platform powering exceptional experiences for employees, partners and customers. It brings together the most complete portfolio of portal, web experience management, content management, social and collaboration technologies in a single product suite. Oracle WebCenter improves customer loyalty and sales by helping marketing-driven organizations deliver engaging cross-channel online experiences to customers and provides people with a single point of access via self-service portals and custom application dashboards. Oracle WebCenter helps people work together more efficiently with social collaboration tools that optimize connections between people, information and applications while ensuring timely, relevant and accurate information with an enterprise content management infrastructure.
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Introduction to Oracle Mobile Suite
Discover Oracle Mobile Suite and learn all about its components and how it's pivotal to any enterprise mobile initiative.
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Oracle Access Management
Watch this short video to learn about Oracle's Access Management solutions.
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Oracle WebCenter: Engage Customers & Empower Employees
Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Identity Management help people collaborate more efficiently with social tools that optimize connections between people, information and applications while ensuring timely, relevant and accurate information is always available.
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Masters of the Data: CIOs Tune into Data Quality and Master Data Management
Improving customer service, bringing new products to market faster -- are just a few ways that relevant, trusted data are vital. Learn about how data quality and mastering data are key to improving business results.
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Oracle Mobile. Simply Connected.
Digital transformations are everywhere and mobile is a core component. Businesses today can lead a top-down mobile revolution within their enterprise, creating a strategic ‘Mobile-Plus’ strategy that not only allows employees to work in ways they find more productive, but also enables new business models and operational processes that can drive revenue and transform the business. Mobile-Plus is about the convergence of mobile and cloud with the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as the need to consider client, content, context, and cloud as the core components of an enterprise mobile strategy. More on http://www.oracle.com/mobile
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Engage Customers with Social / Mobile / Cloud Self-Service
Learn how to use social, mobile, and cloud self-service to effectively engage your customers and employees, providing personalized, integrated, application-oriented, and mutli-channel access to improve satisfaction and productivity.
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News Limited Dominates Online News Publishing with Oracle
Jason Brock of News Limited talks about how Oracle WebCenter Sites empowers hundreds of non-technical editorial staff to publish over 60% of Australia's online news in record time. Improved online engagement fuels News Ltd sales and brand loyalty.
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Navigating a Pragmatic Path to Your Applications in the Cloud
Cloud computing offers organizations many powerful benefits including lower TCO, speeding up business, and simplifying IT. In this session, you will learn about development, deployment and runtime considerations for building a cloud environment—private, public or hybrid—that fits your business needs.
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Raymond James Uses Oracle Data Integration for Central Hub
Tim Garrod of Raymond James talks about how Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate increased innovation and reduced time-to-market at Raymond James.
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Oracle Cloud Platform: Modern Cloud for Modern Business
Watch this short video to learn about Oracle Cloud Platform and the solutions it provides to extend, integrate and analyze SaaS apps.
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Big Data gets Real-time with Oracle Fast Data
Watch this screencast to learn what is fast data, how it enables you to innovate and differentiate, and how Oracle's fast data solutions maximize value of high-velocity and high-volume data by enabling faster processing and faster action.
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Quicker Time to Value with Oracle Mobile
Watch this short video to learn about the Oracle Mobile solution and how it simplifies enterprise mobility.
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Siram  Documentary Teaser
Siram, Italy Achieves Commercial Efficiency and Business Process Agility with AppAdvantage. IT Leader Series video trailer.
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Raymond James Reduced Costs with Oracle Data Integration
Ryan Fornett of Raymond James talks about how Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate helped build a central data repository with accurate data to support financial advisors, and reduced maintenance costs with self-healing processes.
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UL achieves exponential growth using Oracle Engineered Systems
Underwriters Laboratories chose Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata as their platform to support business growth from $1B to $5B over the next 5 years.
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Securing the New Digital Experience
Providing better service and greater access to customers means securing customer information and interaction. Securing the experience means detecting fraud, preventing identity theft, complying with regulatory mandates and securing customer data. In this session, we will discuss how organizations can take a security "inside-out" approach to secure multiple channels of interaction.
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AppAdvantage Ricoh Trailer Video   Cloud and On Premise Integration20193515
Oracle AppAdvantage IT Leader - Ricoh trailer video. Ricoh delivers on Anytime, Anywhere promise with Cloud and On-Premise, Mobile Integration
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Data Integration for Continuous Availability
Watch this short video to learn about Oracle's Data Integration solution for Continuous Availability
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