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Standard Room and Rooftop Pool at Ibis Styles Yogyakarta
A nice little hotel situated on Jalen Dagen, not far from Yogya's main thoroughfare (and tourist frenzy) Jalen Malioboro. Free breakfast and free wifi included in the room rate, with very nice and attentive staff. As you can see, the room is very modern and chic, with a queen-sized bed, whereas the rooftop pool and bar, while not exactly Marina Bay Sands, is brilliant for an evening siesta after a day's temple exploring. Recorded March 11, 2013.
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Prambanan, Yogyakarta, HD Experience
Please take a look my blog entry for Prambanan, here: http://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/candi-prambanan-was-overrated/ A visit to UNESCO World Heritage site and Hindu place of worhip, Candi Prambanan just outisde of Yogyakarta. Recorded March 12, 2013.
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Wat Pho (วัดโพธิ์): The Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Bangkok, HD Experience
A swelteringly hot day at Wat Pho temple in Bangkok, one of the three MUST SEE temples in the city (other two being Wat Arun, and the Grand Palace). I think 39 degrees temperature, with very high humidity. Could have spent hours there, but the heat was unbearable, with very little shade. The golden reclining Buddha was a great sight, and fortunately it is indoors, away from the sun's glare! Recorded April 29, 2012.
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Avenue of Stars 星光大道, Hong Kong, HD Experience
This is the Avenue of Stars (星光大道) situated on Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade on a really hot day. The area is lined with icons from international movies, much like Hollywood's Walk of Fame, but with Victoria Harbour in the background. Recorded May 8, 2012.
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Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, HD Experience
A daytime overview of the main areas of Bukit Bintang: Part of the famed 'Golden Triangle', and KL's premier shopping and 'happening' location!
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Wangfujing Shopping District (王府井), Beijing, HD Experience
For an overview of Wangfujing Road, with many pics, check my blog: http://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/wangfujing-beijings-orchard-road/ Wangfujing (王府井) in Beijing reminds me of Xintiandi in Shanghai: a place for tourists to shop for high value goods, while at the same time experiencing a little of Chinese culture. I have also visited shopping districts such as Myeongdong in Seoul and Ximending in Taipei, and Wangfujing really is on par with them. Recorded February 22, 2013.
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✈ Airport Chronicles: Seoul Incheon International Airport
This is Seoul Incheon International Airport (서울 인천 국제 공항), late at night, with the airport almost deserted, as only a few flights occur late evening to early morning, including Emirates flight EK323 which would take me back to London via Dubai. Filmed October 31, 2011.
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Boarding Emirates A380
EMIRATES VS ETIHAD VS QATAR VS TURKISH - WHO IS BEST? Please check out my opinions on the matter in my blog here: http://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/emirates-vs-etihad-vs-qatar-vs-turkish/ This is what it looks like boarding an Emirates A380, flight EK355, flying from Singapore to Dubai. I've included some footage of pre-boarding announcements, the pilot's pre-take off message, and the unintelligible ramblings of the purser. EK355 is a redeye flight, leaving SIN at 21.35hrs and landing at DXB at 01.30hrs the following morning, so the whole flight is in the dark, therefore nothing to see out of the window. However, I will post a short video of some inflight footage later including the take-off viewed from the PTV. P.S. the man in the blue shirt in front of me when boarding really got in my way! Recorded 21 March, 2013.
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Nanjing Road, Shanghai, HD Experience
Some scenes from Nanjing Road in Shanghai, the famous pedestrian plaza. This place is crazy, not helped that I visited on a weekend. 瘋狂的中國街 Recorded May 12, 2012.
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Boudhanath Stupa (बौद्धनाथ), Kathmandu, HD Experience
Check out my blog post on The Boudhanath Stupa here: http://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2014/04/12/the-super-boudhanath-stupa/ It was a great experience to see this Tibetan-style Buddhist monument and I had the chance to climb to the second level, but I wasn't going to follow that maniac who went right up to the Eyes (see middle part of video). Oh and in the first clip, meet my mate, Scott. ;)
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Turkish Airlines Extreme Take Off out of the Kathmandu Valley
This was one of the bumpiest take offs I have ever experienced. Must be the Kathmandu tarmac, which I hazard a guess is not the most professionally-laid in the world. But when in the air it was nice to see the snow-capped Himalayas in all their glory.
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Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Deluxe Twin Towers View Room
Just a quick layover in KL, chose the Traders Hotel, and we were upgraded to a Twin Towers Room. The views are amazing at night. Recorded May 2, 2012.
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Myeongdong Shopping District, Seoul, HD Experience 명동
A quick guide to the shopping areas and surrounding parts of Seoul's busiest and trendiest district Myeongdong (명동)! Check out my blog review: http://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2014/05/13/myeongdong-hyper-shopping/ *EDIT* 25 Feb 2013, Universal Music Group (UMG) blocked my video in Germany because they think it contained content from Psy's Gangnam Style song. I cannot hear it myself.
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✈ Airport Chronicles: Tokyo Narita Airport, Terminal 1 東京成田国際空港
Busy morning for passengers and air traffic at Tokyo Narita International Airport (東京成田国際空港). This was filmed as we awaited the KE702 Korean Air flight to Seoul Incheon on October 27, 2011.
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Singapore Botanic Gardens, HD Experience
A guided tour through the Singapore Botanic Gardens, renowned as one of Singapore's major 'natural' tourist attractions. The Gardens are an easy walk from Orchard Road or Tanglin Road, and quite near Traders Hotel. Also included is the National Orchid Garden, which cost us S$5 each for admission. Filmed October 24, 2012.
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Lagoon View Room @ Conrad Bali Resort
Tour of a Lagoon View Room at Conrad Bali Hotel, at Nusa Dua Bali. One of my top 3 favourite hotels anywhere in the world. I liked the room, and it is quite cheap as far as top-end luxury Bali hotels are concerned, but an extra 200,000 rupiah for 8hrs of wifi (not even broadband) is just a plain ripoff! Luckily there is free wifi in the lobby so I took my laptop there. Recorded March 3, 2013 Please check out my complete 19 minute resort tour of Conrad Bali!
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Tanah Lot, Bali, HD Experience
Please also kindly read my blog entry on Tanah Lot, here: http://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/sunset-at-tanah-lot/ A quick look around one of Bali's tourist hotspots. Tanah Lot is approximately 45 minutes drive by taxi from Kuta, and costs around 130,000 rupiah each way (nearly £20 return). As this was during high tide, we could not step foot inside the actual temple itself but it was nice to experience the area on such a hot day - and no monkeys, thankfully! Recorded March 1, 2013.
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Swayambhunath: Kathmandu's Monkey Temple
Great views of downtown Kathmandu from up here at Swayambhunath Temple (स्वयम्भूनाथ स्तुप), but the place is full of monkeys, as you would expect. Stray dogs, pigeons, and monkeys. Hmmm. I had a shower immediately when I returned home. But had a good time up here, there's more to see here than at Boudhanath Stupa, which is one of Kathmandu's other main tourist attractions.
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Trip to Taipei 2012 (HD)
2 Days in Taipei. Recorded May 5-7, 2012.
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Traders Hotel Sky Bar, Kuala Lumpur
Early morning at the SkyBar at Traders Hotel in KL. You get great views of the Petronas Towers from here, although the bar wasn't open early enough for me to enjoy a drink this time. Last night we had a few drinks, but I could not film anything. I can tell you, the atmosphere at night is amazing, more like a club than a bar. Very loud music - and always packed to the rafters! Recorded May 1, 2012.
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Singapore Zoo, HD Experience
Take a look at my blog review of Singapore Zoo: http://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/singapore-zoo/ My 3rd ever visit to the world's best zoo (新加坡动物园, சிங்கப்பூர் விலங்குக் காட்சிச்சாலை) and still as memorable as the first time! My favourite part of the zoo is the Bornean Orangutan Exhibit, which includes free-roaming babies overhead! This time around, I also finally got the chance to see Kai Kai, in his new panda forest exhibit, which will be fully open when the River Safari opens later in 2013. Unfortunately, Kia Kia's mate Jia Jia was hiding somewhere and nobody could see her. Something else I enjoyed was seeing the infamous white tigers swimming in the water - something I had not been lucky enough to witness on my previous visits. If you considering visiting the Zoo, it is advisable to purchase tickets for the Night Safari and/or Jurong Bird Park as part of a combo ticket, as this saves a lot of money (although remember the Bird Park is not located onsite, so an extra taxi ride is required). Recorded March 18, 2013.
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Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, HD Experience
These Sydney gardens are a nice botanic garden beside the harbour. Some incredible flora and fauna around here, including Flying Foxes. Check out my blog entry on the Botanical Gardens: http://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2014/04/04/sydneys-garden-with-a-view/
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Nan Lian Garden, Hong Kong, HD Experience
This is the famous Nan Lian Garden, one of the true sanctuaries in the sprawling metropolis that is Hong Kong. A lovely way to spend a morning marvelling at the scenery. Filmed May 9, 2012.
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Marina Bay, Singapore, HD Experience
One of the great parts of Singapore is Marina Bay. You could easily spend a day at Marina Bay taking in all the sights and sounds, and visiting the attractions, such as the Merlion, the Esplanade, the Helix Bridge, and of course Marina Bay Sands resort! Plenty of food and drink outlets too around the Bay, just make sure you find some shade to sit in! Recorded October 23, 2012.
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KLCC Park with Petronas Towers, HD Experience
*please watch in HD* I have always wanted to visit KLCC Park (Taman KLCC). Unofrtunately the fountains on the lake were out of action until June, but I still enjoyed a nice morning stroll through the gardens. Obviously the highlight of the area is the Petronas Towers, which I will cover in another video. Recorded May 1, 2012. *edit: parts of this video are a bit shaky, sorry*
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JPL - Mirakel (Original Mix)
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬~ஜ۩۞۩ஜ~▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬­­­­­­­­­­­­­­▬ SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE MUSIC! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬~ஜ۩۞۩ஜ~▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬­­­­­­­­­­­­­­▬ This is the Original Mix of Mirakel. My favourite euphoric trance tune BY FAR. Composed by Joni Ljungqvist. Published by Statement! Recordings, 2007. All copyright to the respective owners. Available to buy on iTunes and Beatport.
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Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, Kuala Lumpur, HD Experience
This is included in the admission for the KL Tower. In comparison to similar things in Singapore, I found Bukit Nanas quite disappointing. Didn't see any monkeys, and it was hardly a trail, just a walk down the hill to the main road. Recorded May 1, 2012.
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Onboard Korean Air A380 from Hong Kong to Seoul
Check out my personal blog analysis of the top 4 Far East airlines, including Korean Air: http://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/eva-vs-korean-air-vs-all-nippon-vs-cathay-pacific/ Just a very short video, experiencing what it's like to fly on the new Korean Air A380. It was a night flight from HKG-ICN (flight KE608). There was nothing to see out of the window obviously as it was dark - and I was too tired to film. However, not only was it was my first taste of Korean Air's A380, but also my first taste of Bibimbap and Kimchi (they ran out of chicken after about 4 rows)! Recorded May 4, 2012.
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Sci Fi City, Universal Studios Singapore
This is the Sci Fi City area of Universal Studios Singapore. It's a small area of the park, but it is known mainly for Transformers: The Ride, surely one of the best theme park attractions out there. Battlestar Galactica now has security searches with metal detectors before you join the queue to make sure you have nothing in your pockets. Recorded October 23, 2012.
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Kowloon Park, Hong Kong, HD Experience
A very hot and humid afternoon in Hong Kong, and here's what it looked like in Kowloon Park - see how the locals relax! The park is larger than Nan Lian Garden nearby, but ultimately not as well-landscaped. Filmed May 9, 2012.
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Economy Room at Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku, Tokyo
The Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku iis a great budget hotel in the heart of Shinjuku, Tokyo. The Airport Limousine Bus stops right outside the hotel. There is a Post Office with ATM and a Family Mart convenience store within touching distance, plus a 24hr McDonalds at the end of the road. All staff speak good English. Economy Room shown here. Filmed October 26, 2011.
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Unedited walk thru Marina Bay Sands lobby
Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is a great place to stay, but even non-hotel guests can walk thru the lobby though. This is what you would see if you walked from Tower 3 all the way along to Tower 1. There is a jewellery shop there selling diamond necklaces for over S$5m - I wonder if anyone has ever bought one?
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✈ Airport Chronicles: Shanghai Pudong Airport, Terminal 2 上海浦東國際機場
This is Terminal 2 of Shanghai Pudong, awaiting the SQ831 flight to Singapore. The airport is fairly impressive, with large public spaces and good areas to view the tarmac and runways. Not one of the very best, but certainly superior to the likes of NRT and TPE which I have also chronicled recently. Recorded May 13, 2012. 上海浦東國際機場
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Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar, Shanghai, HD Experience
Please read my blog thoughts on the Yuyuan Garden here: http://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/an-oasis-in-shanghai-the-yuyuan-garden/ The Yuyuan Garden near Shanghai's Nanjing Road, and the accompanying tourist bazaar before you get to the garden, was to be one of the highlights of my trip to Shanghai. I hope this video can do it justice. Filmed May 11, 2012.
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✈ Airport Chronicles: London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3
A mid-morning walk around Terminal 3 of Europe's busiest airport, with many American and Asian airlines hanging around. However, British Airways and Virgin obviously dominate the proceedings. Recorded 16 March 2014.
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Hansar Bangkok Urban Suite
Just a quick tour of Hansar Hotel in Bangkok, a member of Small Leading Hotels of the World, then a guide of the Urban Suite. The Hotel is quite hard to find, it's on Rajdamri Road, just in between the St. Regis and the Four Seasons. Recorded April 28, 2012.
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Standard Room, Ibis Bali Kuta Hotel
A brief overview of a standard king room at the Ibis Bali Kuta Hotel in Bali. You get free wifi in the rooms, but the speed is poor and can only be used for basic stuff like checking email. All staff at the hotel were very nice and trustworthy. A very conveniently priced budget hotel.
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Standard Room at Ibis Hotel Myeongdong, Seoul
Update: I also have a room tour of Ibis on Bencoolen Hotel in Singapore. I also will have many more Ibis hotel tours on my channel in the coming months. This is what a standard room at Ibis Hotel Myeongdong looks like. Free Wifi and comfortable beds, as well as an unbeatable location make this a brilliant budget option when staying in Seoul.
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Singapore Cable Car, HD Experience
Always wanted to experience this cable car, consider it a nice introduction before I tackle the one in Langkawi next year! The video will give you a little taste of what to expect, but although I filmed the whole journey, I had to cut out a lot of onboard footage because of other people talking the whole time. That said, you can catch a good glimpse of the swanky Equarius Hotel at Resort World Sentosa, as well as the new Adventure Cove Water Park that is due to open in December, along with the S.E.A. Aquarium, which will be the biggest in the world. Recorded October 26, 2012.
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✈ Airport Chronicles: Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 3
Raw footage from October 23, 2011 awaiting the early morning SQ12 A380 flight to Tokyo we took in some sights and sounds of an eerily quiet terminal 3. It is a brilliant airport in general (ranked number 2 in the world, only behind Hong Kong International) and terminal 3 is the location of the famous Butterfly Garden and Koi Ponds.
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Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore, HD Experience
My blog experience from Bukit Timah can be found here: http://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/monkey-business-at-bukit-timah/ A VERY challenging hike up to the summit of Bukit Timah and back down again, taking in the sights and sounds of one of Singapore's main tracts of primary rainforest along the way. Saw a few pesky monkeys, but luckily they were not too interested in us Humans. Filmed March 22, 2014.
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Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai, HD Experience
I only chose to go up one of the observation decks in Shanghai, and I decided on the Jin Mao Tower. this is also famous for containing the Grand Hyatt Hotel, with incidentally its sister property, the Park Hyatt, being located in the SWFC opposite. Recorded May 11, 2012.
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✈ Airport Chronicles: Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Terminal C
This is Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), in the evening, awaiting the TG418 flight to Bangkok. Mainly showing the C Terminal of the satellite building, and towards the end of the evening it was impossible to see any planes. Recorded May 2, 2012.
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Angkor Wat (អង្គរវត្ត), Cambodia, HD Experience
Read my comprehensive review of my time at Angkor Wat over at my blog: http://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2014/04/22/angkor-wat-the-theatre-of-dreams/ A fantastic experience in the Cambodian jungles. Heat was a brutal 40degrees today. Didn't see the sunrise, as I am not an early morning person. However it was amazing to walk around and admire the architecture of the most famous religious monument in the world.
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The hustle and bustle of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar
Check out my thoughts on the Grand Bazaar in my blog post! http://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/the-grand-bazaar-magic-carpets-and-shawarma/ A little look inside the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, which is one of the top tourist attractions in the city. Admission is free. Located quite near to the popular Sultanahmet district, this Bazaar has everything on sale, from fabrics to food to electronics. It gets very busy her in this undercover market, but there is good aircon and ample security.
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Far Far Away, Universal Studios Singapore
The area of USS designated for Shrek and friends. A nice area to look at, with intricate theming, but really nothing to capture the attention apart from a 4D Theatre and a small rollercoaster. Recorded October 23, 2012.
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✈ Airport Chronicles: Indira Gandhi International Airport, Terminal 3
This is Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi (इंदिरा गाँधी अंतर्राष्ट्रीय विमान पातन), India's busiest airport. Vast, carpeted open spaces reminded me fondly of Seoul Incheon and Singapore Changi. It has great potential to be a regional leader in the near future, and DEL is clearly superior to the likes of DXB and BKK already. Terminal 3 (or T3 as the Indians call it) is huge to walk around, just a shame I arrived early morning when it was still dark, and it then became foggy as the darkness lifted. I did happen to notice an Air India flight delayed for 3-4hrs, which unfortunately is not uncommon for that airline. Incidentally, I also really like the tannoy annoucements here at DEL, 04.04 is the best example of the Hindi language version. Recorded February 19, 2013.
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The Star Ferry, Hong Kong, HD Experience
This is a trip on Hong Kong's world famous Star Ferry service, which transports passengers from Hong Kong Central to Tsim Sha Tsui pier across Victoria Harbour. Even though it was a lovely day, for some reason the ferry was rocking quite a lot! Recorded May 8, 2012.
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Standard Room at Ibis on Bencoolen Hotel, Singapore
Update: I also have a room tour of Ibis Myeongdong Hotel in Seoul, Korea. I will also have many more Ibis Hotel tours on my channel in the coming months. This is a look at a standard room at the Ibis on Bencoolen Hotel in Singapore. All rooms are the same price. It is an accpetable budget option for short stopovers in Singapore if you're not willing to pay premium prices. The hotel is quite near Bugis MRT station, and has a bar and a restaurant in the lobby area. There is also a 24hr 7-Eleven store adjacent to the hotel itself.
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Walking through Kyoto's Pontocho Alley
One of Kyoto's most famous nightspots is Pontocho Alley (先斗町) located in Gion. During the day it is quieter but you can get a better look at what's on offer. Full of restaurants and bars, serving Japanese cuisine and I also saw a nightclub at the end of the street.
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