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Shane Dawson 0002
i made this for shane dawson...hahaha becuz i am a huge fan and had to much time on my hands lolz ENJOY!!! P.S. if Shane watches this...u should leave me a comment =D
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A tribute to William Beckett Jr. (lead singer of The Academy Is...)
I was bored and I thought I should make a slideshow of the hottness that is William Beckett. The Music is all The Academy Is except for the last song which is Cobra Starship...but it FEATURES William Beckett...so yeah. Watch it on the smallest veiwing size player because a lot of the pictures are small and when its veiwed on the big HD screen...well...it kinda distortes the pictures. AND WE CAN"T HAVE HIS FACE PIXILIZED!!! lolz thanks...BYEBYE!
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Cobra starship...cute and funny pictures of the group and gabe saporta
i got super bored and i love the band so much!so i hope you enjoy...AND PLEASE DONT SUE ME IF YOU FAINT WHILE WATCHING!!!
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emo fake smile 0001
this was another animation i did all by myself...it could have been better but it doesnt suck competely lolz. i used hero/heroine by boys like girls for the soundtrack =D enjoy!!
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totally emolishous (the hottest emos)
this is a collection of the most hottest emos pictures i could find. They are only the most hot and there are millions of other cute ones but there are definantly the hottest... comment and tell me if u agree ^-^
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a emo love story
this is an animation i did...it sux but this is my very first try at this. Sooo...dont judge my suckish animation. lolz...ok well enjoy.
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We must find out the real top 10 songs!!
Rules: 1.you may vote more than once but you can't put down the same song twice, if i see this you get blocked from commenting and your votes no longer count 2. you may posts video responses 3. if there is any rudness i will block you from commenting and your votes may not be counted 4.if i hear anything against anything emo you shall be kicked off from voting(this lassifies under rudness as does any perverted comments) RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND I DONT SEND OUT NEWSLETTERS TO WARN YOU BUT I WILL PUT OUT A VIDEO SO SUBSCRIBE THAT WILL ALSO BE HOW I ANNOUNCE THE SECOND STAGE OF VOTING AND THE FINAL COUNTDOWN...I WILL BE DOING 2 LISTS TOP 10 ARTISTS AND TOP 10 SONGS YOU MAY VOTE FOR BOTH
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my tribute to fall out boy
i got bored and decided to make a tribute to Fall Out Boy. this one kinda sucks but i hope you all anjoy it =)
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stick figure twilight episode 2: the stolen waffle
Edward makes Bella a Waffle. Jacob Learns the hard way that you are what you eat. My freinds helped me make this. And my lil sis. So Thanks to them. Umm...I dont know how to put links here or i would link you to my freinds youtube site...lol ENJOY!!
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twilight obsessed deux! (2)
this is the second part of my quest to supply twilighters addiction. enjoy! I OWN NOTHING!!
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attack of the crayons!
i made this as a video response to Shane Dawsons put up somthing random request...and i'm bored so i made this lolz ENJOY!!
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they are working on a new cd!!
OMG MCR is working on a new CD. YAY!!! dont know when it will be out...but i will update when i find out ok? yay!! hey dont forget to follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/doomsday_queen
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epic pics Eliza.wmv
My little sister begged me to put this up on my site.
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My Tribute To My Chemical Romance
OK i made this video cuz i'm a fan and I firstly want to apologize for using drowing pool instead of MCR...hahaha i had the wjole thing set to music. It took me a week to make absolutely perfect but i guess itz illegal to use MCR's music =( Ummm...Plz rate and comment =)
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thank you my first 10 subscribers!
this is for my first 10 subscribers...because thats 9 more than i thought i would have ^-^ well...of course anyone can whatch this and i hope everyone enjoys it enough to subscribe to my channel of randomness!!! Please subscribe!! i drew all of these pictures. Music: Dam Dadi Doo by Nightcore ( i dont own any of the music used)
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pon and zi slide show
ok i made this video becuz i think that pon and zi are super duper cute and sweet. so here u go =D
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Fueled By Ramen's Most Gorgeous
Pete Wentz, Panic @ The Disco, William Beckett, (and the rest of the academy is... but mostly william beckett =3 ) also Gabe Saporta. Music From: Cobra Starship, Fall Out Boy, The Academy is..., and, Panic @ The Disco. ENJOY!! Did I leave out who you think is hottest? Leave me a comment and I'll try to include them next time =) I'll make a veiwers choice video so leave me a comment! Follow me on twitter www.twitter.com/doomsday_queen
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stick figure twilight episode 1: revenge of the cupcake
i was really bored and my freinds were over and we were talking about twilight...and cupcakes...and we made this video. Edward decides to give Bella an edible gift...but makes the potentially deadly mistake of mixing up identities...
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twilight obsessed
this was made for all my twilight obsessed freinds and all the other twilighters out there ^-^ all the music belongs to the copyright owners I OWN NOTHING SO DONT SUE ME!!!
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