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What is a software product manager?
This short video answers the question "What is a product manager?" based on a product manager's key accountabilities, competencies and activities.
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Ask a PM anything: What is the difference between a marketing manager and a product manager?
In this installment, I compare and contrast marketing and product management. Have a question? Post it in the comments and I'll do my best to answer it in a future edition!
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Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Overview for Product Managers
SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) is emerging as one of the best known approaches to scaling Agile development. But what does it mean to software product managers? In this webcast, we'll explore: - What is the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and why is it important? - What are the key benefits of adopting SAFe? - What is the product manager’s role in organizations implementing SAFe? - How can I determine if my organization could benefit from SAFe?
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Webcast Recording: Product Management for Complex Enterprise Solutions
Product management is challenging with a single software product. But what happens when you deliver multiple software and hardware product along with professional services to address the complex problems of the enterprise? We'll explore product management in this "solutions" context in this Webcast. Register now at http://www.gprickril.com/webcast!
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Is product management art or science?
I think this is a legitimate question. Overall, I think many of us in the PM community or perpetuating a myth about the degree to which "the art" is important. PM is science! www.prickril.com www.starvisionpartners.com
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Business Cases for Product Professionals Course 2018
Join us in Frankfurt, Germany on Septemeber 4/5. More information and enrollment here: www.prickril.com/case You get: - Access to a video course on building Lean Canvases - Video versions of important lectures - Library of templates and examples - Membership in a community of business case builders - 2 HOURS OF FREE COACHING! See you in Frankfurt!
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What is a value proposition? What is positioning? How are these two related?
The terms "value proposition" and "positioning" are used often but few people can provide a concise definition for them. In this VLOG, I'll do just that, describing them as part of an important three-step progression.
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Explaining Product Management to Your Mom (with Gordon Ramsay)
It can be difficult to explain to your friends and family what a product manager does. I hope this analogy will help.
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Product Managers: Capture Your Product's Value Proposition!
A follow-up to this VLOG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6jZUw8o8eM&t=118s
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Beyond Product Management: Solution Management in the Enterprise
Many organizations take complex "solutions" to market rather than discrete products. The complexity of these offerings requires a new way of thinking and a new organizational discipline. Read more at www.prickril.com/sol-wp
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SPM Intersections VLog: The Dimensions of Software Product Management Competency
What competencies do you need to develop to be an effective software product manager? What does organizational leadership expect? Are management's expectations reflected in work priorities?
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Webcast Recording: Creating Killer Value Propositions for Your Products
This Webcast was originally broadcast on October 7th, 2016. Join us for this FREE webcast on software product management. Global experts, Greg Prickril and Roger Cauvin will explore the following questions: - What exactly is a "value proposition" and why is it important to product managers? - How are value propositions used on a product development team? - How can I create compelling value propositions for my products? - Is there a best practice for collaboratively defining value propositions?
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Ask a product manager anything - Feb 2017
Greg answers product management question. In this installment, he'll explore how you can get support from management to give Agile a try. Get more information on my training and consulting services at http://www.prickril.com
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SPM Intersections Video Blog: Is PM in the driver's seat?
This is a fundamental question that I ask myself regularly when engaging with clients in my consulting practice. I've identified 3 key accountabilities that I believe need to be unified in product management for this role to be effective.
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PM Webcast: A tool and practice for collaborative feature prioritization
To get materials after the Webcast, please register here: http://www.prickril.com/webcast
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Follow-up: Creating Killer Roadmaps
Want to be kept aware of developments? Click here: http://unbouncepages.com/yonder-10752/
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Product Leadership Sins
What are product leaders doing that limits the strategic impact of their product managers?
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Quick follow-up on offering taxonomy vlog
Thought I'd share an interesting representation of the offering taxonomy.
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Are you a product manager or just a PMINO?
Does having the title "product manager" make you a PM? Greg doesn't think so.
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Negotiation Skills and the Product Manager
To be an effective product manager, you need to be an effective negotiator. This is the first vlog in a series on PMs as negotiators. www.prickril.com
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Are product managers only responsible for the problem space?
An age-old question regarding the role of product managers in terms of the problem and solution space. I have (to say the least) a very strong opinion on this topic. Learn more about me and my consulting/training offerings at www.prickril.com
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Product Management at "Enterprise Scale"
What are the biggest challenges of being a product manager in the complex problem and solution spaces? I discuss a few that are top of mind with me.
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ISPMA Foundation-level PM Training
Heidelberg, Germany March 27-29 Register at www.prickril.com
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Does your organization understand what it's taking to market?
Many organizations don't, so assigning accountability at the offering level is problematic.
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Prickril Consulting Vlog: Is there any value in a company "internal" PM event?
I recently participated in such an event an loved it!
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Customers and Markets: They're not the same!
These terms are too often conflated. I offer some definitions and do a quick compare/contrast. www.prickril.com
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Business Case Development for PMs: Sept 4/5 Frankfurt
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iSQI/ISPMA Webinar:  How to Build a Killer Product Roadmap from Scratch
Recorded 18-Dec-2017 www.prickril.com
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What people are saying about Prickril Consulting training!
We're helping real people achieve great results! Learn more at www.prickril.com/fltraining
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Keeping the "social" in social media
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Your company's most important business process
Prickril Consulting Vlog www.prickril.com
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Foundation-level Software Product Management Course Overview
A brief introduction and overview to Greg Prickril's Foundation-level Software Product Management Course. The course is based on the International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA) syllabus and offers optional ISPMA-based certification.
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Do you have a winning product strategy?
Join us for this FREE webinar on software product management. Global Expert, Greg Prickril, will explore the following questions: - What exactly is a product strategy? - How should I capture my product strategy? - Who should be involved in developing a product strategy? - How can you tell if you have a winning product strategy?
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You don't know what product strategy is...
The title of this VLOG may seem provocative, but it clearly reflects my 20 years of product management experience. Here, I define the term "strategy" (and related concepts). I'll use these definitions in some upcoming posts. https://www.omg.org/spec/BMM/About-BMM/
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SPM Webinar: Making the Case for Software Product Management
Join us for this FREE webinar on software product management. Global Expert, Greg Prickril will address the following questions: - What is software product management (SPM)? - Why is SPM critical for sustainable software business success? - What are typical challenges in establishing an empowered SPM function? - What steps can I take to implement or improve SPM in my organization? Register now at www.prickril.com/webinar Special guest Daniil Lanovyi will share his perspective on software product management in Poland and Eastern Europe!
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The Single Most Important Product Management Skill
Some will tell you it's strategic thinking; others, good listening skills. I have a very different opinion. It took me years and years to figure this out.
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