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What is a Product Manager? What is a Product Owner?
Hart Shafer and Jeannie Yang explain the role of a Product Manager in the music tech industry. Learn more at www.realindustry.org
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What is a product manager?
What is a Product Manager and what do they do in the music and video technology industry? Jay LeBoeuf explains in this excerpt from the online class "Careers in Media Technology." Learn more at www.realindustry.org
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How to break into marketing (Justin Evans, LANDR)
Justin Evans, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at LANDR explains how to break into marketing in the media technology industry. Find our more at www.realindustry.org
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Face to Face: Product Management with Gordon Lyon (Adobe)
Learn about how products are really made in the tech industry, including the product life cycle and decisions made by lead product managers. Join us at http://realindustry.org
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What's the role of a software engineering in the media technology industry?
In this except from Careers in Media Technology, Jay LeBoeuf explains the basic role of a software engineer at leading music and video technology companies. Explore more at www.realindustry.org
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Marketing basics: Acquisition, Engagement, and Retention
Turner Kirk, Artist Relations Manager at Smule, explains some fundamentals of marketing: customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. Learn more at www.realindustry.org
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What is the difference between academic and commercial software projects?
Engineering managers at iZotope and Universal Audio explain 6 key differences between university class projects and real world software development. Learn more at www.realindustry.org
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Face-to-Face: Software Engineering with Beau Silver (Avid Technology)
Join us for a Careers in Media Technology online hangout with Beau Silver, Software Engineer at Avid Technology. This session will gives you a unique chance to ask questions about how Avid's control surfaces and Pro Tools are developed, and explore how you can be part of that team.   Beau holds a Master's degree from Stanford in computer music and a Bachelor's from the University of Miami in music engineering. This Face-to-Face session is part of the free, online Careers in Media Technology course. Sign-up here:  kadenze.com/courses/careers-in-media-technology/info
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Product launches and converting brand enemies into advocates
Loic Maestracci explains how marketing teams can manage customer relationships during a product launch. Learn more at www.realindustry.org
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Face-to-Face: Product Design Q&A with Stacey Messier
Real Industry's Face-to-Face sessions put you in front of experts in the media technology industry, no matter where you are in the world.  This is part of the "Careers in Media Technology" course, offered for Free on Kadenze! kadenze.com/courses/careers-in-media-technology/info This week, we're joined by Stacey Messier, an inspirational woman whose career has progressed from Graphic Designer, to Product Design Director, to Creative Strategist at iZotope. In our live Q&A via Google Hangout, you will be able to ask Stacey anything: whether it is advice on landing a design job, best practices for becoming a great designer, her daily life as Creative Strategist, or how her career got started. The floor is open to you!
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Real Industry: Careers in Media Technology
Careers in Media Technology is an online course and mentorship network that teaches you how it all happens in the real world of media tech. Sign-up for free at https://www.kadenze.com/courses/careers-in-media-technology/info
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Careers in Media Technology / Stanford University trailer
Available NOW on Kadenze! Sign up here: https://www.kadenze.com/courses/careers-in-media-technology/info Careers in Media Technology explores how leading audio, music, and video technology companies, such as Sonos, Adobe, Smule, Dolby, iZotope, Universal Audio, and Avid, bring products from idea to market. We examine best practices, roles, day-to-day responsibilities, desired skill sets, and how industry really works.
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