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Waiter feeds disabled customer at IHOP, gets incredible job offer
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – A waiter is getting a lot of attention for feeding a disabled customer at an IHOP restaurant. For more than a decade, Joe Thomas has been working at an IHOP restaurant in Springfield, Illinois. On Saturday, a couple of his regulars stopped in for breakfast. Thomas knows the woman has trouble eating because of a medical issue. “I always see him stop eating to feed her and I was like, ‘Heck, if I’m not doing anything why don’t I go feed her so he can eat and everyone can be happy?'” Thomas told WICS. A woman sitting at another table spotted the touching moment and snapped a photo of Thomas’ act of kindness. She shared the photo with IHOP on Facebook, where it quickly went viral, getting more than 4,500 shares. Thomas spent some time reading the comments from strangers around the world, who commended him on his kindness. “It really felt good for somebody to actually see another person is doing something and take notice,” Thomas said. “It felt good, but at the same time I was like I really don’t care for the recognition to much because it’s just something that should automatically be done regardless.” Thomas told WICS that since the photo was shared, he has received a job opportunity to become a nurse.
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Men attending bachelor party in the woods end up falling in love with puppies instead
KALAMAZOO, Mich. – A groom-to-be from Kalamazoo, Michigan is caring for seven puppies after rescuing them during his bachelor party. Mitchel Craddock and a group of his friends were deep in the woods of Tennessee celebrating his upcoming wedding when an unexpected guest showed up at their door. “The first morning we were there, we had the front door wide open and we’re cooking bacon and we look over the front door to the cabin we’re staying in, there is a dog sitting there, sweet as can be but would not come inside,” Craddock told WWMT. The men looked after the dog, nicknaming her Annie and feeding her. “She was very dehydrated, hungry, I mean everything we gave her and out in front of her she gobbled up as fast as she could,” said Craddock. The men noticed her acting strangely protective regarding a specific area in the woods. “There was one spot in the woods if anything went by there she would leave us and take off barking and going crazy, and she would go to that spot and then she would eventually come back,” said Craddock. ” We connected the dots, we put everything together and we found a giant hole in the ground.” Inside the hole, they found seven puppies. They named them Knox, Bear, Daisy, Gunner, Brimmy, Finn and Rose. “We’re guessing they were maybe around 5 or 6 weeks old,” Cradock told ML Live. Although the mother was malnourished, the puppies were robust and healthy, albeit dirty. “Well, we’re washing our puppies, because they had all come out of a hole and they were all dirty, so there was a group of rough men going down to go four-wheeling, but instead they are inside washing puppies,” said Craddock. All of the puppies have been looked at by a veterinarian. All of them now have forever homes with the groomsmen or their relatives, according to ABC News.
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“Street Outlaws” racer targeted by thieves
FOREST HILL, Texas – A well-known racer has become a common name in the racing community, thanks to a popular television show. David “Bird” Jones has been featured on Discovery Channel’s show “Street Outlaws.” However, that familiarity may be responsible for a crime. Recently, Jones say thieves targeted his racing gear, including his 1967 Camaro, 2015 Maxey air ride 36′ flat bed trailer and his 2002 Ford F-250. Jones told KXAS that he was at a car show with a friend on Saturday night and felt too tired to drive home. Instead, he decided to spend the night at a Comfort Inn in Forest Hill. “I was wore out and I needed a couple of hours of sleep,” Jones said. “I woke up, used the restroom, looked out the window and it was gone.” Investigators say the crime only took about three minutes. Now, Jones is offering a $13,500 reward for his car back.
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Foot Locker employee honored for random act of kindness
LEESBURG, Fla. - A Lake County teen's big heart is getting results for a little pair of feet. It was a normal work day for Jayden Brammeier Vasquez. The 18-year-old works at the Foot Locker in the ViaPort Florida Mall in Lake County. The mall was busy with holiday shoppers when 10-year-old Jonas Nielsen walked into the store. "I asked him, 'Do you want to try anything on?' And he somewhat mentioned he never had a pair of shoes from this store before," Vasquez said. Vasquez said he picked out a pair of teal Air Jordan 1's. "They fit great, and he had a big ol' smile on his face," she said. "His mom passed by right when we were trying them on, and she said, 'Why are you making her work? You know we're not going to get them.'" Vasquez said she can't explain why. Maybe it was the holiday spirit, or maybe she saw a little bit of herself in Jonas. She said she spent a couple of years in foster care and knew what it was like to want something, but live on a shoestring budget. She had to do something, she said. Vasquez asked Jonas' mom if she could buy the shoes for him. "I didn't really expect to get any recognition for it," she said. Jonas' mom posted about the random act of kindness on social media, and Vasquez's story went viral. It even got the attention of Lake County leaders, who recognized her on Thursday. "It shows a spirit that we can all admire that is out there every day, but sometimes, we don't see it," Lake County Commissioner Wendy Breeden said. "It's a really great feeling to know that I've inspired people," Vasquez said. The gesture was even more special, because it was Jonas' 10th birthday. Vasquez is getting results and leaving a permanent footprint on the young boy's life. "He wrote me a letter, and he had said he'll never forget it, and that really stuck with me," Vasquez said. "That one thing, he'll never forget his 10th birthday and that's a nice feeling."
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9 year old Utah boy uses smartwatch to escape kidnapper
SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah — A 9-year-old boy says his quick thinking and brave actions combined with a Gizmo Watch helped him survive an alleged abduction attempt. The boy, named Aiden, said he was walking through his own Saratoga Springs neighborhood Tuesday afternoon to meet a friend at the Aldara apartments, when he says a strange man in a SUV pulled up beside him. "He got out of the car, walking, and then he just charged at me," Aiden told KSTU. "I ran as fast as I could, but I tripped and I fell and he caught me." Aiden said he was thrown in the back seat of the vehicle. "He just tried to put duct tape over my mouth, so I couldn't scream, so I just punched it away," he said. The suspect drove a few blocks, when he turned behind a nearby Smith's Grocery Store. "I said, 'let me go,' it was very scary," Aiden said. That's when Aiden said he jumped from the SUV, spraining his ankle. "My family is more important than breaking a bone," he said. The suspect stopped the SUV when he realized Aiden had escaped. "He started following me. I hid behind a dumpster," Aiden said. As the man searched for Aiden, the frightened child said he turned to his Gizmo and he called his mom. "Apparently my step-dad answered it because he was holding my mom's phone, and I could hear wheels squealing from his car," Aiden said. Within a few minutes, Aiden was back with his family. The Gizmo Watch allows kids to make calls and receive calls with up to four different people. The watch also has a built-in GPS. Aiden said he doesn't know how long he may have been hiding behind that dumpster without it. "If moms are watching this, say this to your kids, 'Get a Gizmo for them,'" Aiden said. As for the suspect in this case, police are asking for the public's help in finding him. He is being described as a white man with long black hair and a goatee. He was driving a tan, late '90s Chevy Tahoe.
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103-year old woman celebrates birthday with a beer
MOUNT PLEASANT, SC -A Mount Pleasant woman who's about to turn 103 years old celebrated a couple of weeks early with a beer. Mildred Bowers, called Millie by her friends, lived through the Great Depression and outlived two husbands. She was one of nine girls in her family and says she was the only one who did not have children. Friday, some out of town friends took Bowers to Page's Okra Grill for an early birthday celebration. Bowers said she knows the secret to living to 103. "It's all in the genes," she said. "I feel okay because I'm in good health." She's also sharp as a tack. "My mind is good, I have no problem with that and that's the big thing that a lot of people my age don't have at my age is a good mind," Bowers said. "I'm jealous of her skin. I'm jealous of how beautiful she looks," said Janelle Sherman, who had lunch with Bowers. Bowers says there's another secret to her longevity. "Have a beer, doctor's orders." Every day at four o'clock Bowers is allowed to have a beer at the assisted living facility. She says the idea came about during a conversation with some nurses, who said, "Why not?" "They said, 'But you know what? We'll ask the doctor,' so immediately he said yes," Bowers said. It is something she'd recommend for all seniors? "Yes, if they like it," she said, prompting laughter from her friends. "Look, there are people who don't like coffee and people who don't like tea, but I want everyone to drink what they like." So with her 103rd birthday just a couple of weeks away, her friends ordered Bowers a beer. The bartender placed it on the table and Millie took a sip and liked it. "Doctor said it was good for her and obviously it is, still kicking," friend Mary Ann Hartman said. There was another special early birthday moment for Bowers: She posed for her first cell phone selfie ever. It was the perfect birthday topped off by her favorite beverage. Millie's actual birthday is on Aug. 31.
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High School Choir Sings Touching Tribute To Classmate With Cancer
DELANO, Minn. — It’s a big week in the city of Delano — the boys hockey team is going to the state tournament for the first time. Alex Weed used to drive the team’s Zamboni, but he likely won’t be at the big game Wednesday. He got some tough news in September — he has cancer. Alex’s English teacher decided he could use some cheering on, too. A.J. Ragan is a fellow sophomore and close friend of Alex. “We miss him in concert choir, definitely,” A.J. said. “We miss him in church, we miss him everywhere we go. We just want him back.” Alex Weed was diagnosed with lymphoma in September, but he took it in stride. “He always makes jokes about his cancer, about how it’s his excuse to get out of class,” Alex’s friend Hailey Skogman said. “He writes on the sign-up sheet reasons why he’s leaving school, he writes ‘cancer.'” Despite his optimism, his family says it’s been a rough two weeks as he’s battling a fever. The news devastated English teacher Joe Lawrence. “I don’t know, I just felt like doing something more,” he said. “I wrote the poem and then quickly turned it into a song 20 minutes later, and then I brought it to the choir teacher and said, ‘Hey, can you make this a bigger thing? We can send it to him, make him feel like he’s being supported.'” John Guidry is the Director of Choral Activities at Delano High School “We took it as a teaching moment for the kids, both as compassion for Alex, but also it’s what we do in music as well,” Guidry said. What they learned was how to use their voices with their hearts. The lyrics encourage Alex Weed’s spirit. Ragan says it’s tailored perfectly. “Just like the one line in the song, ‘You’re a tiger, you’ll win it,'” he said. The lyrics also honor Alex’s name: “Weeds are strong, but you are stronger.” Alex woke up to spend a few minutes with WCCO Monday afternoon. He’s been watching the video and delivered his classmates a message: “Thanks for rallying behind me, guys. It meant a lot to see Delano all band together to help me out,” he said. “Thanks for singing the song, meant a lot to me.” He is hoping to make a statement about lymphoma and he and his family have already raised thousands of dollars. Here are the full lyrics to the song: Weeds are strong, but you are stronger. We know you’re hurting everyday. We’re with you now, and we’ll stay longer. While you fight this we will pray. That you feel better with every minute, Stronger by the hour. You’re a tiger man you will win it,. God’s grace will give you power. So stay strong. Keep your head up. We’re here beside you. Hope you feel our love. Stay strong. Hang tough. For God is with you, and that’s enough.
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Arizona man loses 330 pounds walking to Walmart, exercising
PHOENIX - Pasquale Brocco has been raising money online for the surgery he needs to remove 30 pounds of excess skin on his body after getting into shape. On Monday, his doctor -- a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale -- offered to cover the costs of that operation. "He's excited about the surgery. I'm excited about the surgery," said Dr. Remus Repta, MD. "We do a lot of weight loss surgery here. but it's tilted towards women. So him in particular, being a male -- but more importantly, his physique -- he has, you know, he's almost like a bodybuilder." "At this point, you know, just big muscles everywhere and lean," Repta said. "I'm excited to modify and reinvent the skin loss, skin-removal surgery to fit his body physique, you know, because there's an opportunity there to hide the scars differently when there are muscles that are showing. So he's excited. I'm excited. We'll see where it gets us." People have donated more than $1,900 to Brocco's GoFundMe page. Dr. Repta says Brocco will just need to pay that amount, and he'll cover the rest. The operation costs about $42,000. Dr. Repta initially offered to do it for about half that price. Brocco lost the weight on his own by eating healthier and constantly working out. He talked to Fox 10's Marcy Jones on Friday about his weight loss journey: "I just threw everything out in my house. And I said, every time I want to eat, I'll walk to the store and get each and every meal," Brocco said. "I used to walk a mile to Walmart and a mile home, cook my food, and when my next meal came, I would do it again. I would do it three to four times a day," he said. Brocco's weight loss journey began when a doctor recommended gastric bypass surgery. But in order to get it, Brocco needed to lose weight. "Basically, I was told I was on my death bed, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, anything you can name, I probably had," he said. A couple of years later, Brocco shed 330 pounds -- without going under the knife. Brocco's story has been viewed nearly 800,000 times on the FOX 10 Phoenix Facebook page and shared nearly 7,000 times. Many people offering their words of encouragement and saying Brocco has inspired them to get fit. "I figure if I came from where I was -- totally morbidly-obese to a professional athlete -- it'll be just an amazing story for everyone to get more motivated." Online: www.facebook.com/gymratpat
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Uber driver finds wallet with $3K, goes great lengths to return it
CHICAGO -- When an Uber driver noticed a wallet left behind in his car, he knew what he had do -- he just wasn’t sure how to do it. The passenger, who didn't speak english, had his life’s savings in that wallet, but neither could figure out how to connect. The man had just landed at O’Hare. He moved to Chicago about a year ago after selling his business in Ukraine. His sister had ordered the Uber for him and he was lucky he got such an honest driver. For the past three months Jose Figueroa has been making ends meet by driving for Uber. Figueroa likes to drive at night and likes the airport runs. The ride started around 8 p.m. Monday at O’Hare when he tried picking up a passenger who didn’t speak much English. They finally connected, and despite the language barrier Figueroa figured out a few things about his passenger. When the ride ended, the man got out and Figueroa headed back to the airport. When he got there he noticed a wallet on his back seat. He opened it up looking for an ID and found a lot more: $3,000. The Uber driver app deletes the passengers phone number when the ride ends, but Figueroa decided to drive back to where he dropped him off to return the wallet. He wasn’t about to give up, so he started ringing bells and explained to someone why he was here and started knocking on every door. He eventually gave the man and his sister back the wallet and they sent him on his way with a $100 reward. He decided to get back on the road, but shared his good deed on Facebook. WGN tried and tried to get in touch with the man and his sister, but they weren’t home
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Surry County man creates beautiful, unique dough bowls from tree wood
SURRY COUNTY, N.C. -- This Surry County man gives old logs new life. Kevin Thomas, known by man as "the log whisperer," is an expert woodworker. He's worked with wood for years, but when his dad passed away, he wanted a way to pay tribute to him. "I remember this tree that me and my dad had talked about cutting down, and I thought the tree would make a good dough bowl," he said. So he chopped it down and created the bowl. Next thing he knew, he won an award for his art and people began asking for dough bowls.
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Parents outraged after teacher calls biracial middle schooler a 'mutt'
- Parents of a biracial student are angry after a middle school teacher asked their son if he was a "mutt." "We were doing our work ... and she said I have beautiful curls, and she asked if I'm a mutt. And I asked what does that mean? She said that means if you're mixed with a whole bunch of different races," Kaden Brown said. Brown, 11, says that's what his 4th hour Language Arts teacher at Wolfe Middle School asked him Wednesday afternoon in the classroom, and he told his mother later that evening at home. "I asked him again, 'What did you say?' He said my teacher asked me if I was a mutt," his mother Liane Banks said. Kaden also told his mother another kid in the classroom started laughing at him following the teacher's question. "His classmate kind of chuckled as he said, 'Well I'm black and I'm white.' The classmate was already laughing at him because he was black and white, mixed culture. He was a 'mutt' according to her," Banks said. The parents met with the assistant principal at Wolfe Middle School Thursday afternoon and Kaden's father recorded the meeting. Meanwhile, mom and dad say they're still waiting on a resolution. "We were told we would get a phone call today, which we have not yet from the principal. They said we would investigate the matter further to see what the truth is. That's what we were told. Now he didn't say Kaden was lying, but he said we need to find out what the truth is," Banks said.
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Blind woman and service dog kicked off American Airlines flight
FRANKLIN, Maine -- After requesting a different seat -- Sue Martin, who is blind, and her service dog were kicked off of an American Airlines flight -- she said the pilot claimed she was a "danger to the flight". Sue Martin of Franklin has had her seeing eye dog, Quan, for the past year. She depends on him to navigate through her daily life. Martin had never run into an incident like this before her most recent trip to San Diego. There were several connecting flights -- all of which went smoothly until her connector flight from Washington DC to Dallas. She requested a different seat on the aircraft after she saw it would not accommodate her service dog. “There was not enough room for a 75 pound dog and three adult humans” Martin said.The two were asked to step off of the plan after several requests were made to change seats. "The man said, you have to leave the plane -- I asked him why and he said the crew had decided I was a danger to the flight" Martin said. "I've never had anything happen like this before". Martin claims there was no altercation between she and the flight attendants and that she couldn't understand why it escalated the way it did. She was traveling with her husband as well -- they had to re-book their flight with a completely different airline at a different airport. "I stood up, reached for Quan's harness and almost began to cry -- this is just so far out of the realm of anything I have ever experienced in all my years of travel" Martin said. "I felt helpless, I felt afraid, I was terrified. Martin filed a three separate complaints with the Airline -- it says it will be investigating the matter. NEWS CENTER reached out to the airline as well, a spokesperson said "We take all disability complaints very seriously, and are thoroughly investigating these allegations". Martin stated shes worried about traveling with the airline in the future, especially if she is alone. "Some reassurance that American will better train its personnel is the only way I will feel comfortable getting on another American Airlines flight" Martin said. "I mean if they can kick a blind person off a plane whose dog is perfectly behaved, what can they do next? I don't know"
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Batesville teachers’ year end dance goes viral
BATESVILLE, Miss. — Students at Batesville Junior High are off for summer break, but the school's halls are far from quiet. Teachers ended their year by creating a dance that has gone viral on social media. And in what looks like a scene right out of "The Music Man," Principal Charles Stevenson is leading the way. "It's actually our first time doing that video. We just wanted to do something fun to show that the teachers can have fun and that we really push student achievement. So we like to have fun throughout the entire school year. Our teachers work very hard," Stevenson said. "It's a juke box challenge that got started. Someone challenged our school to do it," he continued. "So one of the teachers presented it to me and I told her, 'OK, we will participate in it.' So it's really just a dance that they are doing. "I actually was not involved in the planning. They said, 'You'll just carry the boom box and you'll just run with it.' So it was an idea that that they had and we were just doing it really as a joke. We did not realize it would go viral. "My thing is that the way you start the school year is the same way you want to end it. We end it with a great school year the same way we started it...with a great school year."
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High school volleyball player sings national anthem when recording fails
AN ANTONIO - Marina Garcia thought it would be another night when she and her fellow volleyball players stepped onto the court. However, when the audio system went down just before playing the national anthem Garcia did what came naturally to her: She sang. "We were about to stand for the national anthem as we noticed that the CD wasn't working," Garcia said. "I didn't feel nervous. I felt like excited because I get to sing.” Unbeknownst to the high school senior someone was in the stands capturing the whole thing. At the end of the performance her teammates cheered, so too did everyone in the gym. "I honestly couldn't ask for more. They all had smiles on their faces. Some of them teared up. Some of them had told me that they had the chills and just that feeling that I can give to people that emotion, that was so exciting," she said. Though the impromptu performance happened days ago, it was not until the Northside Independent School District tweeted the video that everyone saw and heard Garcia's off-court save. While there is much debate nationwide over the anthem and sports players kneeling while the song is performed for Garcia, the song holds a special place in her life. "I have family members that were in the military that fought for freedom and just to see other people that don't understand that is kind of offending to me but I understand it’s their opinion," The teen said she will hold the memory near and dear to her heart.
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School picture day: 51 years, 17 girls, 1 dress
ELK RIVER, Minn. – With a smile and flash of light, a six-year-old Elk River girl honored a family tradition that’s dated back more than 50 years. Aubrey Brandt became the 17th girl in her family to wear the same red and green plaid dress for her elementary school photo. “It means a lot now,” said Aubrey’s mother, Sarah, who also wore the dress for her first grade photo. The tradition began in 1965 when Sarah’s mother, Jan Parker, purchased the dress for Sarah’s oldest sister, Diana. draft Diana Orr when she was 5 years old (cut) Diana Orr was 5 years old when she became the first member of the Parker family to wear the dress. Sixteen other sisters and nieces followed. (Photo: Parker family) “It’s a big deal at school for picture day,” said Diana Orr, reflecting on the day she wore the dress. A year later the dress was handed down to Diana’s younger sister Lana for her school photo. “Well, red is my favorite colors, so I’d have been happy wearing red,” said Lana Sheforgen. The die had been cast by the time a third sister, Lynelle, reached first grade. “I knew it was my turn coming and it felt pretty special, Lynelle Parker said. Each time the dress came out of her cedar chest, the girls’ mother was certain it was going to be the last, “because a boy was supposed to come along,” said Jan Parker. Instead, a fourth sister, Liza, came along – followed by two more sisters Corinne and Sarah. Each dutifully wore the dress to match the school photos of their sisters. draft The six Parker sisters who started the red plaid dress family tradition. (L-R) Sarah Brandt, Corinne Sjoberg, Liza Parker, Lynelle Parker, Lana Sheforgen, Diana Orr. (Photo: Chad Nelson, KARE 11) When grandchildren started coming, the tradition skipped to the next generation. “It’s representative of our family and how close we’ve stayed,” says Keri Parker, a member of the second generation to wear the dress for picture day. Despite its age, the dress has remained in remarkably good condition. When Sarah’s oldest daughter ripped the hem playing on the school monkey bars, Sarah and her mother simply repaired the rip with two-sided tape. Sarah’s younger daughter, Aubrey, turned out to be an even larger threat to the streak. Aubrey was determined not to wear the dress, despite her mother’s pleading. “Nope, I’m not wearing that thing,” Aubrey tells her mom. Sarah understands. “She likes playing with the boys out in the dirt,” Sarah says. draft Jan Parker holds the dress worn for elementary school photos by 17 of her daughters and granddaughters. (Photo: Chad Nelson, KARE 11) Aubrey’s grandmother chuckles at the turn of events, since Sarah had also resisted wearing the dress when she was a girl. “I told her, she had it coming,” laughs Jan Parker. In the end Sarah prevailed. Aubrey agreed to wear the dress, but only after her mother promised her monster truck tickets. In doing so, Aubrey became the 17th member of her family to continue the tradition, though the first to wear the dress in pants and a baseball cap. But as Aubrey closes the door on her generation and the dress, the tradition is hardly over. Keri Parker, one of Aubrey’s cousins, already has a baby girl and plans to carry the tradition on to the next generation. “As long as the dress holds up, I think the tradition will,” says Keri. “Just a small thing that ties us all together.”
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94 year old crochets 'prayer shawls' for cancer patients
ATLANTA - At 94, Irene Marder is handing out hope, one prayer shawl at a time. If you spend enough time in a cancer center infusion room, you start to notice things. It's crowded, it’s quiet, and, as Emory Saint Joseph's Cancer Center newcomer David Thompson is learning, it's a little chilly in there. "They tell me you get real cold,” says Thompson. “This is only my second treatment. And you get real sensitive to cold." That’s why Irene Marder is letting cancer patients know she's got them covered. "They just seem to be amazed,” Marder says. “Yes, they are. I guess because I give them something pretty." That "something pretty" is a hand-stitched blanket, a prayer shawl. It takes Marder two days to crochet each one. "Some people were just taken aback, amazed that someone would do this,” says Marder’s daughter Patricia Shida. “But it's not just the prayer shawl, it's the prayers." Because while Irene Marder crochets, she prays over every stitch, blessing the stranger who will receive her blanket. "You walk into her apartment and you see her mouth moving constantly, as she is crocheting,” says her daughter.
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Toddlers Who Were Best Friends In China Are Now Neighbors In Plano
PLANO – A 17-second video clip captures the sheer joy shared by two best friends as they were reunited at DFW International Airport. Three-year-old Dawson and four-year-old Hannah were seeing each other for the first time in 11 months. “They must have hugged 400 times! They kept hugging and getting so giddy that they would fall over,” said Dawson’s mom Amy Clary. “That went on for like 20 minutes,” added Sharon Sykes, who is Hannah’s mother. Before they were a part of their North Texas families, Hannah and Dawson had each other. They had been inseparable at the orphanage in China where they had essentially spent their entire lives. “They had so little connection, and so little consistency, [but] they had each other for those first formative years,” explained Sykes. Both parents said the children fortunately shared the same “weekend momma,” or foster mother, who would spend time with them on weekends. Both had been at the orphanage since they were just months old. “They call each other brother and sister,” said Sykes. Hannah and Dawson’s close relationship became apparent to Sykes as she and her husband were going through the adoption process. In nearly every photo update the family received from their adoption agency, their daughter Hannah was next to her best friend. The two were always playing together and always holding hands. Bringing Hannah home to North Texas meant leaving Dawson behind. Sykes was determined to find him a loving home, so she shared his story on Facebook. “He was on my heart. Really, I couldn’t stop thinking of him,” said Sykes. Through a mutual friend, Amy learned about the Facebook post. Her family happened to be having dinner at a Chik-fil-A. Her husband Christopher joked that the decision was made by the time he came back into the restaurant from the play area. “I was gone for 45 seconds, maybe it was two minutes, and then [she] said, “We’re adopting this little boy. I just said ok,” said Christopher The Clary’s already had a full house. They have three kids under five-years-old, but they also had an open heart. They had been foster parents in the past, and Amy said her faith had been calling on her to help. Nearly a year later, Dawson and Hannah were picking up where they left off. This time, they’re neighbors. The families live about five minutes away from each other. Through their children, and through adoption, two families had become one. “It’s not really what we’re doing for these kids. It’s what they’re doing for us,” said Andy Sykes. “You think you’re doing something for them, and our lives have been so blessed,” added Sharon Sykes.
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Girl's first time trying cotton candy becomes hit at Mariners game
SEATTLE - A 3-year-old Seattle Mariners fan has become an internet sensation after she got a little too excited over cotton candy. Beatrix Hart was nicknamed "Cotton Candy Girl" after a video of her at a Mariners game was posted on social media. The Jumbotron camera caught Hart covered in cotton candy and going absolutely berserk. Her apparent sugar rush is now famous. "I feel crazy," she said. "Because I was just being silly with my cotton candy, and I was eating it all. I didn't have enough cotton candy." To be fair, it was Hart's first time trying it. Her farther says she doesn't understand yet how famous she has become.
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Kansas City woman says doorbell surveillance video prevented burglary of her home
KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - A Kansas City woman is convinced electronic eyes monitoring her front porch prevented a break in at her home. She, along with many other metro families, are using video surveillance installed inside their doorbells to catch criminals in the act. Kansas City police reviewed Glenda Smith’s home surveillance that was captured by her Ring Video Doorbell. They tell us they would like to speak with the young men in the video above. The white older model SUV backed into Smith's driveway as she slept. She woke up when her video doorbell security system sent an alert to her cellphone. It tells her if there is motion near her house or if someone is at her front door. The video shows how you can talk to visitors even if you are not home. It startled a delivery man. In Smith's case, the video was sent live to her phone of a stranger wearing a hoodie on her porch. "I watched him," she said "It was two guys. One came here and one went next door." In her video, she watched a young man appear to cover his fingerprint with his sleeve to ring the doorbell. “I think once he rang the doorbell," Smith said. "He noticed I had another camera above the video doorbell." She believes the cameras kept her safe that night. Police are investigating a break-in at her next door neighbor's house that happened the same night. The thieves stole her neighbor's Samsung 60-inch flatscreen TV, Dell laptop and Sony headphones.
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Mother claims school district 'body shamed' daughter
FORT MILL, SC -Parent Alicia Rogers is concerned that her daughter was punished for wearing a shirt she thought didn't violate the rules. It happened September 1, at Riverview Elementary School in Fort Mill, SC. Rogers, who works for WBTV, said the school didn't call her to inform her of the alleged violation. The mother found out about it when she picked her daughter up from school. "I turned around and looked at her and saw how upset she was, and she was starting to have tears," Rogers said. The 5th grader told her mother the teacher said her top was inappropriate. The 10-year-old student also told her mother the teacher made her wear a jacket when students went outside for recess. "The humiliation she felt with kids coming up to her asking her why she was wearing a jacket while sweating," Rogers said. The mother did meet with the principal, but didn't like the answers she received. She became frustrated. "The teacher said to me, 'it was the fact that she had the criss-cross straps in the back.' and I asked, 'I didn't see that in the dress code,'" the mother said. Stated on Riverview Elementary school's website is the dress code - "Tank tops, tops with spaghetti string straps over the shoulders, and other tops that expose a student's stomach or midriff are not acceptable." The mother argues her daughter's top didn't fall into that category. She also claims the school body shamed her daughter and her daughter deserves an apology. The school district offered a statement to WBTV. "The school's administration and parents have had an open dialogue regarding the parent's concerns," the statement read. "The matter is being resolved at the school level between the parents and administration." The mother also wants the district to start contacting parents immediately if teachers have an issue with students' attire. The parent wonders why her daughter would get punished if there is no policy to support it. She is speaking out to teach her daughter a lesson. "I wanted to take this situation where she felt completely powerless, and I wanted to give her a chance to kind of turn that into empowerment to stand up," Rogers said. The mother said she will speak at the next Fort Mill School Board meeting to tell school board members about what happened at her daughter's school, and how it should never happen again.
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Veteran finds nasty note on his car after parking at Wake Forest store
WAKE FOREST, N.C. — A veteran from Durham County received a hateful note on his car this weekend after parking at a Harris Teeter in Wake Forest. Rod Boyle, 56, went inside of the Creedmoor Village Harris Teeter for a quick stop. He parked in a “reserved for veterans” space. When he came back out, he found a note on his windshield that said: “You are f—— a moron. I hope karma visits you often. This is parking for our veterans.” But Boyle is a veteran. He served in the United States Navy for 20 years. He told the store manager what happened. “I just wanted them to be aware that this kind of thing has happened, to not only to me, but to any veteran,” Boyle said. He has a message for the person who put the note on his car. “I really appreciate you looking out for the veterans, I think it’s really honorable. But before you actually judge somebody and touch somebody’s car, why don’t you get your facts straight first? But other than that, I hope you had a nice day,” Boyle said. Harris Teeter released a statement saying: “It is extremely unfortunate anyone would receive a note like this, and we are certainly disappointed it happened while this veteran was shopping in our store.” Harris Teeter did reach out to Boyle directly to thank him for his service. The company also invited him to come to this Creedmoor Village Harris Teeter sometime this week.
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Ridge Point High School student forced to change out of slave
HOUSTON - A Fort Bend ISD high school student said he was forced to change his outfit after showing up to school dressed as a slave for “Decades Day” at his high school on Tuesday. Brian Ibe is a senior at Ridge Point High School in Missouri City. This week is spirit week, in honor of homecoming. Each day, the students dress up in costume according to the day’s theme. On Tuesday, the theme was “Decades Day,” and Ibe showed up to school wearing a ball and chain and a shredded T-shirt splattered in fake blood, and he was carrying a pitchfork and bag of cotton. “I decided to dress in the time when there were slaves, from about the 1600s to the 1800s,” Ibe said. Ibe said he wanted to recognize the plight of his ancestors, but school administrators weren’t on the same page. “They told me to take it off,” Ibe said. “They said I should take it off before it starts problems and makes people uncomfortable.” Ibe ended up changing out of his costume to avoid an in-school suspension. While he admitted some people might find the outfit offensive, he said it’s part of United States history and there is no reason to cover it up. Fort Bend ISD spokesperson Amanda Bubela sent Channel 2 this statement: “While I am unable to share specific information about any student, it is important to note that the RPHS administration has been reminding students that they will be enforcing the dress code despite the daily spirit week activities. "If a student is dressed inappropriately, and/or if their dress is considered a distraction to the learning environment, they will and have been asked to change clothes. In the last couple of days, less than a dozen students have been asked to change or modify their clothing. "Ridge Point High School is encouraging students to express their school spirit this week, while adhering to the dress code. It is important that the campus maintain a distraction-free learning environment.”
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Meteorologist brought her kids to work and things went hilariously wrong on-air
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Kids will be kids, even when they’re visiting their mom as she appears on live television. Heather Haley is a meteorologist with WVLT in Knoxville, Tennessee. She recently brought her kids to work with her to work during their spring break. Things went a little awry when she introduced them on-air. Her oldest son, Hayden, wore green and blended in perfectly with the set. Her nephew, Landon, dabbed on-air. And her youngest, Logan, lifted his shirt and refused to leave the set as Heather prepared to report the weather. “I should have known better,” Heather laughed while trying to wrangle Logan. Finally, an anchor came in and scooped up little Logan as his mom reported the weather.
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Police officer drives 17 hours to visit young girl with cancer
RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) -- Childhood cancer affects more kids than you may expect. It's a reality for one family in the Northern Hills of South Dakota, who are running out of options for their little girl. But on a brighter day, this two-year-old was able to meet her hero, all thanks to a police officer from Texas. "When she was six months old, she was sitting on the bouncer on the carpet watching Mickey up on the television," said Kamryn's mother, Kristy Schumacher. Nothing gets two-year-old Kamryn full of energy like Mickey Mouse. K. Schumacher says, "And the hot dog song would come on and she was only six months," Kristy continued. "She'd bounce up and down in the chair." She watches Mickey on her tablet. It's her love for the mouse that lights up her family's day during a rough time. Since last May, Kamryn has been battling a brain tumor and is currently on hospice. "It's my way of making a difference," said Officer Damon Cole. This police officer has been the Clark Kent for Fort Worth, Texas, wearing this logo on his chest. "It's because I wanted to have a positive impact with the kids I was encountering at work," he said. His goal as Superman is to have kids remember him in a positive light. But three years ago, he embarked on a nationwide adventure, taking time off of work to travel around the country to be a hero for kids with cancer. Names on the outside of his car memorialize kids who lost their battle with cancer. Duty called in South Dakota, that led him to Lead, to visit a special little girl with a love for Mickey. For this surprise, Cole drove 17 hours to see Kamryn. And he says after seeing the joy on her face, 17 hours only feels like 30 minutes. "She can't really smile anymore, can't talk anymore," her mother said. "But knowing her, we could totally see her face light up." An emotional meeting, hero to hero. "I remember I had taken the Mickey Mouse head off and said, 'You know you're my hero, right?' She actually shakes her head yes and says yes real softly," Officer Cole explained. "I look over and the whole family is just crying because they say she hasn't been able to show that kind of emotion in awhile." The two shared a moment with Kamryn's favorite tune, the 'Hot Dog Song.' Kamryn, blew him a kiss, and showed her love in the way she knows how. "Good job! That's how she says I love you since she can't talk," Kristy said. It was just what the doctor ordered to brighten this family's day. "I think it did just as much for us as it did for her," said her father, Dustin Schumacher. The Schumachers have a message for families everywhere working through childhood cancer: "Never give up hope," Dustin said. "The doctors tell us there's nothing left to do but we have to believe that miracles happen everyday. And there's no reason that Kamryn can't be the next." And support from communities near and far is the prescription to better days. "I hope and wish that everyone who's affected by childhood cancer has the support that we do," Dustin added. Officer Cole pays for these costumes and trips on his own dime and takes his vacation time to make dreams come true for these kids.
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Tow truck driver leaves woman stranded after seeing Bernie Sanders sticker
ASHEVILLE, N.C. – A tow truck driver refused to help a woman stranded on a North Carolina interstate because she had a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on her car. It happened Monday in Asheville when Kenneth Shupe of Shupee Max Towing in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, was called to pick up a stranded woman, WLOS reported. “Something came over me, I think the Lord came to me, and he just said get in the truck and leave,” Shupe said. “And when I got in my truck, you know, I was so proud, because I felt like I finally drew a line in the sand and stood up for what I believed.” Shupe told FOX Carolina that he couldn’t tow her car because she was “obviously a socialist” and advised her to “call the government” for a tow. A South Carolina attorney told WHNS that the tow truck driver is not breaking any laws because political affiliation is not a protected class. The stranded woman’s mother posted to Facebook that she thought Shupe is a bigot. “Trump’s motto is ‘Make America Great Again,'” she said. “And this kind of divisive behavior is not going to make America great again.”
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Autistic Student Scores Touchdown Homecoming Night
SLE OF WIGHT -- Coach Chuck Parrish has been the head football coach at Windsor High school for the last eight years. The team may not have the best record at 0-8, but Parrish says he teaches his players a lesson that’s more important than a winning record. “We love this game but we want to use it to become better men with the life lessons football teaches us,” said Parrish. So when the opportunity came for Grant Fabits -- the team’s manager who has autism -- to get on the field, everyone jumped at the opportunity. The play happened for Fabits with a little help from the opposing Greensville High Eagles. The Windsor Dukes were behind, so scoring in the 4th quarter wouldn’t have made a difference. Both coaches came up with a plan during halftime not only to let Fabits play, but also score. With his teammates by his side, Fabits ran for the 30-yard touchdown during the Homecoming game. “I felt proud of myself,” said Fabits. The game is a night many people in Windsor won’t forget anytime soon. “Did we want to win the homecoming game? Absolutely, but when we walked off the field everybody was talking about what just happened with that young man, and that’s a win at life,” said Parrish. To make an already memorable weekend even better, Fabit’s classmates named him Homecoming King at the dance the next evening.
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Meet the man behind Craigslist 'creepiest room ad'
WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - It's the Craigslist ad for a room that's getting a lot of attention, but not for it's super-cheap price of $250 a month in Northwest, D.C. The ad's headline is "Hello, looking for someone to occupy my room." The ad goes on to say, "Nothing sexual, but I would like for someone to lay in the same bed as me or on the air mattress. Anyway, I'm Scott. Looking for a possible tenant and friend." Scott lists what you get in return for your $250 in addition to a portion of his bed, "you get free internet, free fridge use..., free outlets at reasonable use" and more. Scott goes on to talk about his likes and dislikes, and adds, "If things get more involved, and we get more comfortable with each other, there can easily be more benefits. I pay for a lot of video games, and don't mind investing more time outside of work to help you on projects or be a great friend." You can read the rest of the ad by clicking here. People on the blog Popville and on Reddit called it one of the creepiest/weirdest ads they've ever seen, and wondered who would post this. We reached out to Scott and he invited us over. We asked Scott if he could understand why people thought it was creepy. "I read how creepy it looks to some people and I guess that makes sense. I don't feel like it is because that's how I look at myself I'm not a creepy guy to myself," he said. Scott explained that he's 23, is a dog caretaker, loves getting out and meeting people and considers himself a chill guy. He lives in the home with his mother and one male tenant. His reason for placing the ad? He says he is lonely and would like a friend. "I was looking for someone who's really chill, modest, anyone who doesn't have any like hangups and too many issues with living with a guy," he said. Scott says he's gotten at least 20 responses to the ad in the last month. One almost worked out. "I actually met this one girl that I thought was going to be a tenant and literally within that month she showed her real colors, she was really crazy," he said. Scott says he was surprised his ad caused so much attention. An article about his ad on Popville garnered 120-plus comments. Scott says he found some of the comments funny. One person commented, "Just a suggestion to Scott. Let’s not post that first draft of the ad. Take a few more swipes at it. You should aim for something with less of a serial killer vibe." Scott says he let it roll off his back. He says the comments that bothered him were the ones suggesting he was taking advantage of women with few options. He says nothing could be farther from the truth. He says he specified women because he was getting a lot of responses from men offering sex in return, something he wasn't interested in. "Everybody else was like crazy, offering me sex for the room like trying to weasel their way out of paying the rent," he said. Scott explains, "I was looking for just a friend, because at the end of the day I'm not looking for any hookups, I am completely composed I already have women I talk to so it wasn't like I'm desperate out there." When asked if he had any regrets, Scott said, "a lot of my friends said you should not open with this is clearly not meant to be sexual because it draws more attention to it possibly being a more sexual thing...I also regret singling out women when actually I didn't care, it was just looking for a friend." Scott lives in the house with his mom and another tenant. He's since updated his ad to offer not only his bed, but a space on the floor. He says he wants to help out with the mortgage.
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Cedar City father of 11 gains internet fame for ‘peeing his pants’
CEDAR CITY — If peeing your pants is cool, consider Ben Sowards Miles Davis. Sowards, a father of 11 and associate professor of illustration at Southern Utah University, has been lauded by the internet for his parenting skills because of how he handled the call that his daughter peed her pants during school last week. It all began Friday afternoon when Sowards received a call from his wife who was out of town, saying that Valerie was upset after peeing her pants at school. Without much hesitation, Sowards splashed water on his own pants on his way to pick Valerie up and showed up to his daughter’s school to show there was nothing wrong with what happened. “It was just a spur-of-the-moment thing,” Sowards said, in a phone interview with KSL.com. “Your heart breaks; you feel when your kids feel. And so that was the first thing that came to my mind — just splash some water on myself and let her know it didn’t embarrass me and it didn’t need to embarrass her either, and she was fine — you have to laugh at some things.” What he didn’t expect in that moment is what happened when Sowards' daughter Lucinda, a Canyon View High School graduate planning to enroll at SUU, posted photos online of Sowards and Valerie. Lucinda thought the post would be popular with those who knew her dad, but nothing further. The post got retweeted and liked by one person, then another and then it wouldn’t stop. Sowards didn’t know what was happening until he heard the laughter from his children, unsure if they wanted to inform him that he was going viral.
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Wichita Kansas cop dancing his way to unity is viral hit
WICHITA, Kan. -- A video of a Kansas police officer dancing with a group of Black Lives Matter activists at a community cookout is going viral. The 25-year-old officer was born and raised in Wichita and said he always dreamed of becoming a cop. "I will never grow up and not know what it's like to trust a police officer and I think once you realize that, its a pretty profound thing that affects the way you do everything," said officer Aaron Moses. "I will never know what its like to grow up in a minority community, but I can try my hardest to serve them the best I can." Even if that means showing his silly side. "If I need to dance a little goofy and do the cha cha slide to help people see that I'm a real person that I do care and that I trust you, then that's what I'm going to do," said Moses.
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Mysterious image pops up on nanny cam, woman says
WASHINGTON, DC - A woman was shocked when she said she turned on her home surveillance camera expecting to see her dog and found the image of a little girl she didn't know instead. They are designed for you to keep an eye on your child, pet or home while you're away. Sandie Kaplanis' camera was used to keep an eye on Amber, her 14-year-old chocolate Labrador. Her son bought her the Vivitar smart camera for Christmas. "I watch her and make sure she's breathing and make sure she's OK," Kaplanis said Monday. With the camera, Kaplanis can watch Amber's movements on her phone synced to the Vivitar. She said it worked fine until a few weeks ago, when the image of the girl appeared. "I log back out and I log back in and I see my dog," she said. "Then I log back in and I see this little girl. And this happened over a period of 24 hours." She said she has no idea who the girl is or where the picture came from. The photo was a still shot that never changed. Kaplanis said Vivitar offered no explanation, but the company apologized and said it is investigating. In the meantime, the company sent her four new cameras. "I wanted people to know that there's a chance that if you buy this and set it up for your little baby, that somebody else could be watching," Kaplanis said. A Vivitar spokesperson said Monday the company is still working with Kaplanis to figure out exactly what happened. So far, the company has not seen anything out of the ordinary on its end. The spokesperson said it was the first complaint like this the company has received, and it is waiting for Kaplanis to return the camera so technicians can take a look at it.
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Grieving customer leaves generous tip, kind note for New York waitress
COHOES, N.Y. – A customer at a local diner left a generous tip and a touching message for a waitress who hopes it will be the start of a chain reaction. It was a loyal customer. She ordered a cappuccino and a breakfast sandwich at the Breakfast Spot in Cohoes on Friday. But it’s what she left behind that one waitress will never forget. “Wow, that’s amazing,” waitress Becky Nielsen said. “It’s just so nice that somebody would do that when they’re grieving.” Nielsen received a 350 percent tip on a $22 bill – along with a special note: Life is short. A friend of mine died last night. Please enjoy a night with someone you love. By the time Nielsen realized, it was too late to say ‘thank you’ for the gift and the touching message of love and loss. “So I felt terrible about her friend, you know,” Nielsen said. “It’s wonderful to get a tip, but it’s much better to have that person still alive. So very bittersweet.” Nielsen posted a picture of the receipt on her Facebook page. She said she’s been on the verge of tears ever since. The diner shared it, too, and wrote, “This is the kind of stuff you only read online.” “It just kind of blew up,” Nielsen said. “We had, like, 1,600 views or something.” A simple act of kindness toward one has now reached thousands. Nielsen said the customer has started a chain reaction. “You never know what other people are going through in their person life, so be patient and be kind, and hopefully, good karma will come to you,” she said. Nielsen will use the tip in the spirit it was given by going on a night out with her friends and boyfriend and never forget the woman who channeled her grief into generosity. “Just thank you, and I hope it gets better from here on out for her,” she said. Nielsen hasn’t gotten the chance to thank the customer in person, but she said that when the customer comes back, she will get the very best service.
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Elderly woman lifted out of home in bathtub during tornado
An elderly woman and her son in Marion Co. were lifted out of their home in a bathtub during a tornado Saturday night. The EF2 tornado ripped through the homes of more than one dozen. Nobody was injured. Charlesetta Williams said she could describe that night with only sound effects. "Woo, woo, woo, woo. Boom," she said, remembering being in her bathtub one moment and her yard the next. The 75-year-old said she was watching TV with her son, Ricky Williams, when he saw the tornado coming through the window. He told his mother to get to the bathtub immediately. They both said everything happened so fast. Within the blink of an eye, they were in their back yard. "We heard a boom,” she said. “We were laying in the bathtub in the bathroom, and we heard a boom. Then when we woke up, we were in the yard." Ms. Williams said she’s lived in this Marion Co. home her entire life. Today, she sits back, still in shock she’s alive to share her story. With nothing more than a few bruises and scratches, Ms. Williams said she’s pretty stiff from the impact. Gray Volunteer Fire Department Captain, Nancy Rogers, was at the William’s home shortly after the tornado blew through. She said trees blow down in the area frequently, but the damage from this tornado was unlike anything she’d seen. "These were people's homes this time,” Rogers said. “Every once and a while you'll hear about somebody's shop getting blown over, but these were people's homes." Rogers said at least 15 homes were destroyed. Nobody was injured, which she described as a miracle. "You had the hand of God over the top of you,” she said, talking to the Williams. “He's protecting you, because roofs were gone and [people were] still kneeling in hallways." As Ms. Williams walks around her destroyed home, she can't help but feel thankful to live another day. "I'm blessed,” she said. “I couldn't live through another one. I'd have a heart attack."
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‘Creepy’: Real-life ‘Scream’ scene terrifies woman on popular jogging trail
SEATTLE — A man dressed as the masked killer in the “Scream” horror movies jumped out of the woods behind a female jogger on the Burke-Gilman Trail on Sunday, Seattle Police said Tuesday. “The woman said she was running along the trail near the 5200 block of 40th Avenue Northeast around 9 p.m. when she heard a ‘whoosh’ sound behind her. She turned and saw a man wearing a ‘Ghostface’ mask was standing in the bushes staring at her. When he began to walk toward her, the woman screamed and ran to a nearby grocery store where she called 911,” police said in a news release. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the masked man, police added. If you know anything about this incident, police ask that you contract them at (206) 625-5011.
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Metro woman has three sets of twins in 26 months
KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Over the last 26 months, there's been joy, sadness and surprise for a Kansas City, Kansas woman. She's delivered three sets of twins in that short time. It's obvious that Danesha Couch has her hands full when you see her with two-year-old Danarius and one-year-olds Delilah and Davina. "Three babies walking within a couple of months," said Couch. Then you see that she really has her hands full. She's holding Dalanie and Darla who were born last month and just came home after three weeks in neonatal intensive care. They're Couch's third set of twins and her second with her fiance. "People just consider me a freak of nature when I tell them," Couch said. With no fertility treatment, she had three sets. You see, Danarius is a twin, too. His brother, Desmond, died shortly after birth from complications of prematurity. "That was a pretty bad time," Couch recalled. She thought it was a fluke when she had twins a second time. Why did she become pregnant a third time? "I love babies," she said. What are the odds of having three sets? According to one report from Britain, it's one in 88,000. "The fact that you've ever done it before makes you more likely to do it again," said Dr. Elizabeth Wickstrom of Shawnee Mission Medical Center. Dr. Wickstrom said that's true with fraternal twins but not identical. She added that women of African descent are more likely to have multiple multiples. "I release more than one egg at a time," said Couch. "So you have two eggs simultaneously coming down the tubes getting ready to be fertilized," said Dr. Wickstrom. Couch added, "My regrets would be timing, but I'm really happy that I can even create babies or have life because some women can't do that." The 20-year-old doesn't mind the piles of laundry and the sleepless nights. But she and her fiance are not planning to have any more children -- more twins -- for at least 10 years. Couch and Jeffrey Pressler plan to marry in September. Couch said she attempted to apply for benefits but was denied, and started a fund page to help her growing family.
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Local mom, double amputee’s inspiring story
Dee Evans is a doctor of pharmacy, but she clearly has earned all kinds of advanced degrees in life. "When life throws you a curve ball, you just hit at it. I can't live my life in fear, but with intention. We're all on a journey to find out what our purpose is," the vibrant and energetic Evans said in an interview in her sunny home in Stoney Creek. What a rollercoaster ride with her health. After a bout with mono in the eighth grade, Evans developed an autoimmune disorder with her red blood cells that has since wreaked havoc on her body. "In ninth grade, they took my spleen out. When that happens, you're at risk for all kinds of infections. I was really good for 10 years, but then I had my first round with Streptococcus Pneumoniae. I was pretty much in septic shock within three hours, on complete life support," remembers Evans. "They gave me less than a 2 percent chance of surviving, but I did." The next bout came 10 years later. Evans was a working mom, married with a 4-year-old daughter. "They tried to get the circulation back in my legs and it just didn't work. They told me then, they'd have to amputate my legs." Her life as she knew it, including her marriage, ended pretty quickly after that. "It's not something you plan for when you're thinking about the story of your life and how it's going to unfold. And it's not what the other people in your life imagined either. So everybody has to figure out what's best for themselves. I'm independent and stubborn, very stubborn," she laughs. "I really think that was a good trait to have because it helped pull me through, along with what I call my 'fr-amily,' I couldn't have done it without my friends and family. I even had my physical therapist throw me on the mats so I could learn how to get myself back up. You have to do the little things like that." Evans later met a man whom she calls the love of her life. "We met at a 4th of July party. I was in my wheelchair. He wanted my phone number. We knew each other through friends, but really hadn't known each other at all. I wasn't ready to date at all. About six months later, at a Christmas party, he saw me again, bent down and kissed me. It never seemed to faze him that I didn't have legs. He calls me his 'hero,' I really don't know why," Evans said. Evans has to be vigilant about warding off future infections, takes antibiotics every day and intense immune therapy infusions every two weeks. She works as a clinical researcher in pharmacy at UNC and volunteers in countless charitable groups in Alamance County. She's even going to dance in this year's "Little Pink Houses of Hope" Gala. She shares her story to encourage others. "There are good days and bad days, but there are far more good and great days, you just have to take advantage of them. I'm lucky. And I intend to really live and enjoy my life," Evans said.
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Military dad returns from deployment, surprises kids at school
MOODY A.F.B., Ga. -- Alexandria Aiken counts down the final moments of her husband's six month deployment. On Friday morning, SSgt. Justin Aiken and more than 100 other airmen returned from Southwest Asia. "It's a very emotional and overwhelming feeling," says Justin. The only thing missing was his three biggest fans, his kids, who think their dad is still away. He planned to surprise his daughter at Pine Grove Elementary, and his son at Pine Grove Middle. "I'm nervous. I'm just curious about their reaction," says Justin. After the surprise visit, everyone was shocked that their dad was finally home. "On my mind, I was just thinking it was a dream," says Amir Aiken. He says it's a surprise of a lifetime, after they were told he wouldn't be home until next week. "Last night she was saying I wish it was two days away and we still have eight days," says Alexandria, talking about their daughter Olivia. SSgt. Justin Aiken is back, and now, fulfilling his favorite service of being a father.
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‘He was terrified’: Mom says son tied up ‘in a straitjacket’ during dental work
BOSTON — Parents are becoming more and more concerned with a dental device some say tortures and traumatizes children: the papoose board. CBS Boston reports that one mom, Debby Barstow, came across the practice in 2009 when her 8-year-old son had a dentist appointment. The appointment took hours, she said, and she eventually forced her way into the exam room. “And I saw my son tied up completely from head to toe in a straitjacket,” she told CBS Boston.“He was crying with his mouth wired open. It was a horrible nightmare. I was in complete shock that this was even happening to him.” A papoose board is used to restrain a child’s arms or legs from interfering with their exam or any dental work. In other cases, CBS Boston reports that a four-year-old girl suffered brain damage from being strapped down. And a 7-year-old boy sustained cuts and bruises. In Barstow’s case, she contacted the Department of Health over her experience. The dentist was placed on probation. But pediatric dentist Dr. Steven Perlmanm said that using papoose boards is the “safest form of treatment,” especially for children with behavioral problems or disabilities. Children can also have unexpected side effects of medications and sedation, he said.
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12 year old California student ready to start university
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A 12-year-old Sacramento student who already has three college degrees and has been accepted to two University of California campuses says he plans on studying biomedical engineering and becoming a doctor and medical researcher by the time he turns 18. Tanishq Abraham tells Sacramento television station CBS 13 he has been accepted to UC Davis and received a regents scholarship to UC Santa Cruz, but he has yet to decide which university he’ll attend. Abraham started community college at age 7 and last year he received associate’s degrees from American River College in Sacramento in general science; math and physical science; and foreign language studies. He says child geniuses are often seen as odd. He points out he’s just an ordinary kid who likes microscopes but also playing video games.
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Teacher criticized for outfit worn to school
A 4th grade teacher is being criticized for her classroom attire.
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Co-workers buy car for dad walking about 3 hours to work to 'step-up' for daughter
Trenton Lewis, 21, goes the extra mile for his job at UPS. Actually, it's several miles. In order to start loading trucks by 4 a.m,, Lewis starts walking from his home in downtown Little Rock before midnight. "It will probably take me two-and-a-half or three hours," said Lewis. In the rain or cold and through some rough areas of town Lewis walked. He never missed a shift and was never late to work. "I had music in my head. I was just walking, not worried about nothing, I was just moving my feet," said Lewis. "[My job] got more important to me. When I had my daughter, I knew I had to step up. I didn't have a job when she was born," said Lewis. Patricia Bryant worked with Lewis in the loading docks. She mentioned Lewis' daily trek to her husband Kenneth Bryant, a veteran driver at UPS. "Man, that's got to be a dedicated young man to walk to work," said Bryant. He started collecting donations from other workers at UPS. "I was like, 'It's coming together, It's coming together, slowly," said Bryant. Eventually, he collected $1,900 and found a reliable car. "That's actually the third car because a couple of them fell through," said Bryant. Bryant even went so far as to fix a nick in the front bumper because he wanted everything to be perfect for the big surprise. The group told Lewis it was a union meeting in the parking lot. Then, Bryant reached into his pocket. "He just pulled some keys out of his pocket, and I'm like 'That can't be mine. Those keys cannot be mine.' He brought them to me and my heart just dropped. this can't be real," said Lewis. Nowadays, Lewis leaves for work at 3:30 a.m. "It feels good because it's just me and the car. I don't have to use my feet no more," said Lewis. No more long walks, but definitely some lasting friendships.
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Michigan officer is melting hearts after photo shared on Facebook
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – One West Michigan police officer is getting a lot of attention thanks to a photo snapped by a passerby. Ricky Urena is a three-year veteran who is also melting hearts around West Michigan and beyond after a recent picture of him was shared thousands of times on Facebook. "Good god where is he hiding," one woman commented on the post. "I always get an old man walking up to the window lol." "If I'm ever going to be in the back of a cop car again it better be with him 😂😛," wrote another. Urena is a community police specialist working in the Grand Rapids neighborhoods. "I was working a protest for immigration," officer Urena told WXMI about the photo. "We were blocking the roads for the protest and someone just took a picture of me and I guess it went viral." Suddenly, officer Urena said he was getting texts from friends and family and Facebook messages from all over. "It's kind of unreal. I was not expecting that at all.”
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WATCH: Mom busts a move in hopes of inducing labor
KUNA, Idaho - A Kuna mom is going viral Tuesday. Boy, can she move! The video shows Amy Jo Audagnotti dancing with her family to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. Then she turns to the camera and reveals a big surprise - her 37-week pregnant belly! She says she was trying to go into labor before the first of the year for a tax break baby. Did it work? She says no. Instead she now has a viral video. She has since had her baby, but it just didn't happen before the first of the year!
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Woman sues for wrongful conception after doctor said she couldn't get pregnant
OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. — A Michigan mother is reportedly suing her doctor for the stress caused by an unplanned pregnancy, according to WJBK. According to the report, Lori Cichewicz went to her doctor in 2008 to have a tubal ligation, which is also known as “having your tubes tied.” Cichewicz’ss doctor reportedly said her tubes were “blocked” and she had “no chance” of getting pregnant and did not need birth control. Three years later, she gave birth to a child who has Down syndrome, according to the report. Cichewicz is now suing for wrongful conception, according to the report. Wrongful conception is a medical malpractice claim that arises from the “negligent performance of a sterilization procedure,” according to the University of Missouri School of Law. “This is really very close to a medical malpractice case,” legal analyst Charlie Langton told WJBK. “That’s really essentially what it is.” Cichewicz, who is now 50 and raising a special needs child, is seeking damages for the emotional distress caused by the unplanned pregnancy. “I’m older, I don’t know, will I see her graduate college? Will I see her go to college? Will I see her get married? Will I see her graduate high school? All this is going through my mind,” Cichewicz told WXYZ. Cichewicz is not suing for “wrongful birth,” which is a claim that a health care provider has breached a duty subsequent to conception that results in the birth of an abnormal child. “The stress associated with thinking about of having to be pregnant or being pregnant when she didn’t want to be pregnant are the only damages,” Langton told WJBK. “It’s not the fact she is going to get money for having to raise a Down syndrome child, the court already said no.” The case is expected to go to a jury trial later this year.
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Snake infestation has family living in fear, but unable to move without deposit
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City woman says she`s being cheated out of her lease deposit - and she has to leave her home because its being overrun with snakes. The mother of two says she doesn't have money to move without the deposit. "It is scary! We can't sleep. Every time I hear a noise in the wall, because I know they're there. They're in the walls. It is just creepy," said Tonya Bell. She took FOX 4 into her daughter's bedroom for a closer look at a snake on a sticky mouse trap. "I'm like wow! You know that could have gotten around my daughter's neck. Anything. It could be poisonous," said Bell. Bell said she had found eight snakes within five days. "My kids don't want to come home. They want to stand outside. They want to sleep in the truck," said Bell. The pest problem started with mice. "The mice were really bad, jumping in and out of the trash cans. Eating on my bread. Everything," said Bell. She signed a two-year lease last June, but after several attempts to get rid of the snakes, the owner of the home and Kansas City Housing Authority agreed to let Bell out of her lease. However her relief turned to frustration when she learned she wouldn't be getting $500 of the $600 that she paid for her deposit. “Why? What did I do as a tenant?” said Bell. Her lease states that deposit money would be held only to cover damages if she incurred any. FOX 4 didn't find any portion of the contract saying Bell would forfeit the money for other reasons. Bell has found another home to move into, but says she can`t afford it without her deposit money. "I`m living paycheck to paycheck. I really need that money. It was hard for me to even get up all the money to give to them," said Bell. The company that manages the property declined FOX 4's request for an on-camera interview, but says several things were done to try and rid the property of the snakes. FOX 4 left a number for the property owner to call back, and as of air time Monday night, that had not happened. FOX 4 has also heard from a second woman who said she lived in the home previously and also had a problem with snakes, mice and plumbing.
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Idaho dog named town’s ‘Hometown Hero’ after saving family
MERIDIAN, Idaho - In Meridian, Idaho, you don't have to be a human to be a hero. Just ask Jaxon the dog, who recently nabbed the town's "Hometown Hero Award," normally given out to creatures who walk on two legs, not four. Jaxon won the award for saving his owners from a fire. When sparks flew out of an outlet in their home, Mikaela Sebree and Todd Lavoie didn't initially notice. Rather, it was Jaxon, the couple's 11-year-old pug, who took action. "Dogs have different kinds of barks, so he has his 'somebody's at the door' bark and then he has his 'holy crap something's happening' bark," Sebree told CNN affiliate KBOI. It was that particular bark which alerted Lavoie that something was wrong. He rushed to the source to find sparks turning into flames on an outlet downstairs and managed to knock down the flames with a fire extinguisher. 'He saved our house' Then the Meridian Fire Department arrived. "Certainly his actions and the actions of this dog saved that house from potentially igniting and catching on fire and going up into walls and up into the attic and causing significant damage," said Meridian fire chief Mark Niemeyer. Jaxon did not just become Meridian's first animal to ever receive the "Hometown Hero Award." He also earned an official probationary firefighter badge, challenging firehouse dalmatians nationwide. "Jaxon is definitely a super pug; he deserves the hometown hero," Lavoie said. "He saved our house, he saved our lives and he saved our memories."
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This is Victor: Woman helps homeless man build a new life
KEMAH, Texas – A Clear Lake chef is using Facebook to change the life of a man living on the streets. Victor Hubbard spent three years at the corner of Nasa Road and El Camino Real waiting and hoping his mom came back to get him. “No matter what season it is, I will always have that love for her,” Hubbard said. This winter, his warm smile, kindness and graciousness touched another woman. The married mother and owner of Clear Lake’s Art of the Meal passed Victor four times a day until she had to know why he stayed there in the same spot, rain or shine. “It really began to concern me and then I talked to a lot of people in the community and a lot of people wondered what was the deal,” said Ginger Sprouse. So she got to know all about Victor, the mental illness he battles and then shared it all on a Facebook fan page called “This is Victor.” “I would drive up and he would say 'How are you doing today?'” said Sprouse. “'Are you doing okay? Don’t ever let anybody do you wrong.' Seriously, he always asked about me.” What happened next pricked the hearts of 8,110 people on Facebook. Those fans gave Victor a free eye exam, food, clothes and hundreds crowded his block party fundraiser. Sprouse got him into mental clinics, prescriptions and hired Victor to keep him off the street. “She came around and she kind of saved me,” Hubbard said. “She helped me. It’s like grace.” All of it happened so that Victor could find his family. Thanks his Facebook page, an uncle called then drove from east Texas to see Victor. Two days ago, Victor reunited with his mom too. “I got to talk to her and I really feel like I accomplished something,” he said. So does Sprouse, whose work to help a stranger landed her business one top-notch cook and an inspirational friend she shares with her community. That is Victor now.
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Local woman reunites with her biological father after 30 years
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Carrie Taylor's mother had her when she was just 17 years old. Her biological father was involved when she was very young, but when her mother got married, Carrie's stepfather adopted her and her biological father faded out of her life, that is, until about a year ago. “He said I’ve never stopped loving you, I just couldn’t find you, and I said well I’m glad I could find you and I’ve loved you too," she says. It's safe to say, Father's Day at the Taylor house was a little different this year. “I never really had a hole or a missing piece, I had really strong male role models in my life," she says. Carrie says it took a tremendous loss in her life for her to consider looking for her biological father. “July 2012, I lost my 24 year old sister to a pretty tragic event and then my mom was taken from us 16 months later," says Taylor. She was also motivated by an incredible gain in her life. “Once I had my youngest daughter, I said you know, it’s really time," she says. So she did what any one of us might do to find a long lost loved one, search on Facebook. “I just private messaged him and said hey hi how are you? It started out with small talk and along this past year or so we decided it was really time to just take the DNA test and have a little bit of closure to the answer to that question," says Carrie. Since they had to meet up anyway to get DNA samples, Carrie decided they should have a grill out night at her house. “The day she asked me to come to her house and then grill out, I mean the tears that I shed, it’s unreal," says David Manley, Carrie's Biological Father. Then this Friday, the test results only proved what they both already knew. “And low and behold, 99.99998% later, he was confirmed to be my biological father," says Carrie. David says he always wanted to be a part of Carrie's life. “All these years, I knew she was out there, and I just kept praying every day and there was the day she actually sent me a Facebook message," he says. It's safe to say, in all of Carrie's 32 years, this was the best Father's Day of her life. “It was really fantastic to buy one extra Father’s Day card this year," says Carrie. “I mean I can’t tell you enough how much I love you everyday. I want to tell you every second," says David. Not only did Carrie gain her father, she says she's gained a whole new extended family that comes with him, who have really embraced her with love already.
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Boy battling cancer gets ‘Star Wars’ wheelchair just in time for Halloween
PORTLAND, Ore. — An Oregon boy battling brain and spinal cancer will have one of the coolest Halloween costumes around this year, thanks to a non-profit organization that fitted his wheelchair to look like an iconic spacecraft from "Star Wars." In the last year, a tumor damaged 8-year-old Daniel Shaughnessy's spinal cord, making him unable to walk. Volunteers at Magic Wheelchair spent about 200 hours transforming Daniel's wheelchair into a TIE Advanced x1, the starfighter flown by Darth Vader at the end of "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope." "There were definite tears! Definite tears... And being able to see the look on his face when they took the cover off, and he got to see it, was amazing!," said Jessica Thomas, Daniel's mother. "The things that they do and just out of the goodness of their hearts that they do these things is so amazing." People dressed in Star Wars costumes and kids holding light sabers were there when the add-on was unveiled, and Daniel wore a Darth Vader costume to match his new ride.
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Teen saved by bathroom walls during tornado in Murray County
MURRAY COUNTY, Okla. - Staring down an EF3 tornado, a Murray County teenager is alive, thanks to sturdy bathroom walls and sage advice from parents. Daniel Parks has come a long way. "He's been in special ed his whole life," said Angela, Daniel's adopted mother. "He's even had some time spent in psychiatric hospitals, because of the abuse from his parents." Adopted by Angela and her family when he was 7 years old, Daniel's kept strong in his faith. That faith, playing a key role on Monday, as the weather took a turn. "I was thinking God would deliver me through this," Daniel said. With mom away at work, Daniel was home alone, as a tornado tore through his neighborhood. "I was on the couch right there, watching tv," he said. "Then my dad called and said go into the hallway and get something heavy." Moments before the twister struck, a panicked cousin stopped by to check on Daniel. The two cowered in the bathroom for 10 minutes. "I hear glass breaking and the wind hitting on the walls," Daniel said. "My head was down, and my eyes were closed." When the storm settled, Daniel crawled through the rubble to find his house had been leveled. The only walls that remained were the only walls that had protected him and his cousin.
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This 5-year-old was suspended for playing with a stick that resembled a weapon
HOKE COUNTY, N.C. – A mother is angry after 5-year-old daughter was suspended from school for playing with a stick that looked like a gun. Caitlin Miller, 5, was suspended from her Hoke County, North Carolina school for one day for playing what her moms says is her favorite game with her two best friends. “Chloe was the queen and Jacqueline was the princess. I was the guard,” Caitlin told WTVD. Caitlin found a stick on the playground that resembled a gun and pretended to shoot an intruder. Caitlin’s mother, Brandy Miller, was outraged. “We know why it’s bad. We watch the news, but then I have to tell my kid, ‘You’re not allowed to play like that in school because people do bad things to kids your age.'” Hoke Country Schools stands by its decision. “Any student engaging in such behavior will be removed from the classroom or school environment for as long as is necessary to provide a safe and orderly environment for learning,” the school system said in a statement. Miller said she wants the school to apologize to her daughter.
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