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ITIL Journey - The Incident
ITIL Journey - The Incident
Introducing PRINCE2 Agile™
Find out more about PRINCE2 Agile from AXELOS at http://www.axelos.com/PRINCE2Agile. PRINCE2 Agile is a new project management solution from AXELOS which combines the governance and direction of PRINCE2 with the flexibility of agile concepts. Watch our short video introducing the new best practice solution and find out more about how it can help you or your organization. PRINCE2 Agile has been built collaboratively with industry experts from both the PRINCE2 and Agile domain to bring together the best of both worlds. PRINCE2 Agile shows you how to integrate agile frameworks, concepts and behaviours so you can tailor PRINCE2 to any agile concept. PRINCE2 Agile covers frameworks including Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup and Cynefin and also builds on the principles of PRINCE2 with five key behaviours. PRINCE2 Agile represents the next phase in project management best practice.
Moving in and out of the White House
The handover of power from one President to the next constitutes one of the most complex and challenging projects in the world and requires months of planning, an army of staff and substantial budgets. Following months of planning, preparation and project management, the presidential handover has taken best practices and learnt from previous experience to deliver the most challenging project in just under six hours. On 20 January 2017, following the outcome of the upcoming presidential elections, the new President Elect will move into the White House and Barack Obama will move out. This new animation explores the process that is undertaken within this presidential transition, the challenges faced and the lessons that can be learnt from delivering such a critical project. - Moving out of the White House, the most complex and challenging project in the world - Using best practice to deliver critical projects like moving out of the White House - Are the principles of PRINCE2 helping move the President out of the White House? - Learning from experience and handing over power - How best practice was codified into US law - The Obamas are moving house, how will they do it? - So how do you exactly move in and out of the White House? - Whoever wins the election, the Obamas are moving out of the White House. Find out more about "The most complex handover on the planet" at https://www.axelos.com/prince2-whitehouse
Introducing the PRINCE2 2017 Update
In January 2017 AXELOS announced the upcoming arrival of updated PRINCE2® guidance and new Foundation and Practitioner examinations, which will be launched in the middle of the year. Together, these form the PRINCE2 2017 update and represent the first major revision of PRINCE2 since 2009. This important update reinforces PRINCE2’s unrivalled reputation for best practice in project management. As ever, the focus is on what makes a successful project.
Herding Cats
Managing any kind of project can sometimes feel like herding cats. How do you take a group of individuals with different motivations, priorities and opinions and keep them focused on the same goal? Watch our project manager Tom attempt to manage some of the more difficult stakeholders you will have come across. Look familiar? Or would do you consider yourself an expert in cat herding? Share, like and comment to tell us what you think.
Kevin Holland, Service Management Consultant Specialist and author of AXELOS white paper ‘An introduction to Service Integration and Management and ITIL’, talks to us about SIAM and how such trends will impact the industry. https://www.axelos.com
Focus on Value - ITIL® Practitioner Guiding Principles
This short animation shows how applying the Focus on Value guiding principle of ITIL Practitioner helped a business increase its customer satisfaction levels and improve its performance. By focusing on the value of the business they were able to design solutions that met customer needs and improved internal and external feedback.
Design for Experience - ITIL® Practitioner Guiding Principles
In this scenario, the CIO and Head of ITSM at a company discuss the need to reduce the number of calls to their Service Desk. They decide to create a Service Request Catalogue, but their problems persist until the company applied the ITIL Practitioner Guiding Principle Design for Experience. Following consultation with and input from end users, the company designed a service catalogue based on user needs and experience. Use of the revised service request catalogue increased, reducing costs and improving services for the company.
ITIL Update announcement, FUSION 2017
AXELOS CEO Peter Hepworth announces the update of the ITIL framework and how it is essential for everyone to get involved. Join the Global Research Programme to be part of the ITIL update: www.axelos.com/itil-research He also discusses why there is more to ITIL than meets the ‘I’. You can find out more about what ITIL can do here: www.axelos.com/itil-more-than-meets-the-i
ITIL Journey - The Stars
ITIL Journey - The Stars In the office of McLeod and Associates
ITIL® Maturity Model Subscriptions
This video outlines the different uses and components of the ITIL Maturity Model Subscriptions.
ITIL - More Than Meets The I
The fundamentals of service management start with ITIL, the most widely accepted best practice framework for service management. Find out more about how ITIL can help your business at https://www.axelos.com/itil
Keep it Simple - ITIL® Practitioner Guiding Principles
If a process, service, action, metric etc. provides no value or produces no useful outcome, then eliminate it. In a process or procedure, use the minimum number of steps needed to accomplish the objective(s). Overly complex work methods rarely maximize outcomes or minimize cost.
ITIL Foundation Mobile App Introduction
ITIL Chief Examiner Sharon Taylor introduces AXELOS' Foundation App and discusses how the application will help students prepare for the ITIL Foundation Examination. Sharon outlines some of the key features of the app and explains how candidates can use these to test themselves before taking the Foundation certification.
PRINCE2 Agile™: What's in it, and what's in it for me? A candidate's view
PRINCE2 Agile™ combines the PRINCE2® project management framework with agile concepts and techniques to create a complete agile project management solution. PRINCE2 Agile offers a very current solution, and contains many elements of the current agile thinking such as lean start up and builds on Scrum and Kanban. Filmed during a recent PRINCE2 Agile training session with lead author Keith Richards, AXELOS asked the candidates for their thoughts on the new qualification. The students gave us their first impressions and told us what they hoped they would gain from the new approach to project management. Our candidates discussed how PRINCE2 Agile differs from and builds on conventional waterfall project management techniques and the potential it offers to help them adapt their own methods to incorporate agile. We also heard how they expected combining PRINCE2 and agile in their management would help their organizations improve processes and delivery and improve their services to clients. Please note that two of the candidates we interviewed are PRINCE2 Agile trainers, one of whom had already sat the exam. For more information about PRINCE2 Agile, see https://www.axelos.com/qualifications/prince2-qualifications/prince2-agile.
Introduction to P3O
AXELOS PPM Portfolio Manager Mike Acaster introduces Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O) and explains what it can help Project Management Offices (PMOs) achieve. Then members of AXELOS' own PMO also talk about how they use P3O in their roles.
Aligning Development Operations (DevOps) with ITSM
This video describes how ITIL and development operations (DevOps) can work together towards a common goal. By aligning the two concepts, organizations can build superior products and services.
AXELOS UNOPS Jerusalem Country Office P3M3® case study video
UNOPS Jerusalem Country Office undertook a P3M3 assessment of thir projects which enabled them to make improvements to their project management practices. Watch members of the project team responsible for introducing P3M3 discuss the challenges they faced and the benefits the assessment brought to the organization.
LV= Case Study Series Part 3: LV= and their Approach to Agile Problem Management
Watch the third video in the case study series featuring Liverpool Victoria (LV=). This episode of the LV= case study series focuses on their adaption of the ITIL® framework with Agile Problem Management. Hear from Matt Austin, Application Manager, Protection, Heritage, CIO & Shared Services and Meghana Rajgopal, Life Retirement Solutions, Application Manager as they discuss their experience, learnings and benefits of adapting the process. Find out more at https://www.axelos.com/case-studies-and-white-papers/lv-video-case-study The next video will feature LV=, focusing on their adoption of Change Management. "© Copyright AXELOS Limited 2015."
ITIL Journey - The Story of Finley Fox
ITIL Journey - The Story of Finley Fox
Katrina MacDermid, Qantas Airways – how ITIL has opened up a new world
Katrina MacDermid, Service Integration, Design and Transition Manager at Qantas Airways, talks about how ITIL has helped her both in a personal and professional sense. She has accomplished her ITIL Masters certification and explains how this has boosted her professional opportunities considerably. “ITIL has allowed me to progress my career far beyond my wildest expectations…achieving ITIL Masters has opened up a new world for me.” “Before ITIL it was simply chaos” “To the younger generation, please, please take the time to learn about ITIL Service Management because it will absolutely expand your career.”
Observe Directly - ITIL® Practitioner Guiding Principles
To know what is really going on, measure and/or observe it directly. Going to the source allows a reduction in the use of assumptions which, if proved unfounded, can be disastrous to timelines, budgets and the quality of results.
Work Holistically - ITIL® Practitioner Guiding Principles
No service or component stands alone. The results delivered to the organization or customer will suffer unless the service provider works on the whole, not just on the parts. All elements should be coordinated to provide a defined value.
Progress Iteratively - ITIL® Practitioner Guiding Principles
Even huge initiatives have to be accomplished iteratively. Resist the temptation to do everything at once. By organizing work into smaller, manageable sections the focus on each smaller improvement is easier to maintain and ensures that real results are returned in a timely manner and built upon to create more improvement.
Part 6  MoSCoW Explained
In the final part of his series of six training videos, PRINCE2 Agile Lead Author Keith Richards discusses the MoSCoW method of prioritization for managing projects.
P3M3® Self Assessment Tool
A visual breakdown of how the P3M3 Self Assessment Tool works.
Cyber Security: How safe is your organization
Organizations need to invest in effective cyber resilience awareness training for their staff which will ultimately affect their business according to research from AXELOS. This video includes some of our findings as well as intereviews with some of our members of staff including Head of Cyber Resilience Best Practice Nick Wilding and Head of Marketing Engagement UK and EMEA Mark Logsdon.
"How To" with PRINCE2®: The leading project management methodology
Over 1 million project managers worldwide leverage PRINCE2 to effectively manage and run projects. From the Olympic games to Federal Government projects, PRINCE2 is the go-to methodology to manage and deliver projects. This webinar, hosted by AXELOS (the custodians of PRINCE2 and ITIL®), is presented by Lisa Hodges - PRINCE2 Practitioner, PMP, ITIL Expert and global best practice evangelist. The session covers: • What is PRINCE2 • The value PRINCE2 brings to individuals and organizations • How PRINCE2 maps to other project management frameworks such as PMI’s PMBOK. To find out more about PRINCE2, visit the AXELOS.com website - https://www.axelos.com/qualifications/prince2-qualifications
AXELOS ITIL Practitioner Introduction
Kaimar Karu, AXELOS Head of ITSM, explains why ITIL Practitioner was conceived and how it complements the existing ITIL framework. He explains the 9 Guiding Principle and 3 Critical Competencies and how these address the skills needed for the most common IT Service Management (ITSM) challenges. He also covers why the qualification and the guidance is structured around the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) approach.
AXELOS Company Film
Watch our company film to find out all about the world of AXELOS Global Best Practice. Learn how our products and services can help make your organization more effective.
Part 4  Blending PRINCE2 and Agile
In the fourth of a series of six training videos, PRINCE2 Agile Lead Author Keith Richards discusses how the PRINCE2 project management methodology may be combined with agile to effectively manage projects.
Fact versus Fiction – The Future is Built on ITIL
Careers, Reputations, The Future is Built on ITIL. Let’s bust some common ITIL misconceptions. www.built-on-itil.com #BuiltonITIL
PRINCE2 Agile™ - What’s in it? And what’s in it for me?
AXELOS was delighted to recently launch PRINCE2 Agile (https://www.axelos.com/best-practice-solutions/prince2/prince2-agile), which combines the flexibility and responsiveness of agile with the clearly defined framework of PRINCE2®. But what’s in the new product? What will it look like? And perhaps most importantly, what’s in it for you? To help answer those questions, lead author and Chief Examiner for the new guidance, Keith Richards will discuss what is included within the new solution and how you and your organization can benefit from it. Keith cover topics such as the reasons for combining PRINCE2 with agile methods, the respective strengths of both, the complementary aspects of the two approaches and the challenges that arise from using them together. This session covers: - How to address the common misconceptions surrounding agile and PRINCE2 - Why PRINCE2 is NOT a ‘traditional’ approach to project management - How to create a culture where PRINCE2 and agile methods can operate together - How to incorporate Scrum and Kanban - What the new training course and examination look like. To find out more about PRINCE2 Agile, you can visit our qualification page at https://www.axelos.com/qualifications/prince2-qualifications/prince2-agile. You can also download the first three chapters of the book, completely free of charge! https://www.axelos.com/best-practice-solutions/prince2/prince2-agile-guidance-preview
Introduction to AXELOS Membership
AXELOS Membership is an online membership service designed to help you excel in your role and advance your career. You will get access to a range of online tools and content designed to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date and relevant. Complete continuing professional development (CPD) activities and earn a digital badge to showcase your achievement. For more information on AXELOS Membership visit the Membership page at - https://www.axelos.com/professional-development
Webinar: PRINCE2 Agile®: It's all about delivery
Following the publication of AXELOS' first PRINCE2 Agile White Paper, 'PRINCE2 Agile: Its all about delivery', author Duncan Wade hosted a webinar building on the topics covered in the White Paper to share the tremendous potential that exists if agile delivery teams tailor the PRINCE2 methodology to their agile environment.
The Future is Built on ITIL
From an empowering IT career leap to a seamless, value-driving business transformation, it's all founded on ITIL. www.built-on-itil.com
LV= Case Study Series Part 2: The Service Management Improvement Working Party
Watch the second video in the case study series featuring Liverpool Victoria (LV=). In this video, Karen Dooling, Life, CIO & Shared Services Application Management, and Kirsty Griffiths, Problem Manager, discuss how LV has worked to drive down the number of incidents and set up the Service Management Improvement Working Party. Find out more at https://www.axelos.com/case-studies-and-white-papers/lv-video-case-study The next video will feature LV= and their approach to problem management using Agile techniques. "© Copyright AXELOS Limited 2015."
Why ITIL is Essential for IT Service Management
Attendees at SM World 18 discuss why ITIL is an essential tool in the digital age. Find out more about a future Built on ITIL: www.built-on-itil.com ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world. ITIL can help individuals and organizations use IT to realize business change, transformation and growth. #BuiltOnITIL
ITIL® Practitioner - What it’s all about
With the upcoming launch of ITIL Practitioner, AXELOS is hosted this webinar to provide more information and details on the new certification. Hosted by AXELOS Global Marketing Lead Tom Lynam and ITIL Practitioner Architect Team Member Lou Hunnebeck, the webinar gives an overview of: - The key areas of focus within the new qualification - How ITIL Practitioner will help address business challenges for individuals and organizations - The timeline for when the certification will become available.
PRINCE2 in 100 Seconds
Find out about the PRINCE2 project management methodology and its 7 themes, processes and principles. Project management is becoming a business-wide skill so delivering successful projects is key to most individuals' careers. Find out how PRINCE2 can help in 100 seconds. *Statistics given in this video are taken from AXELOS' 2016 PRINCE2 Report - https://www.axelos.com/case-studies-and-white-papers/the-axelos-2016-prince2-report
How does P3M3 help address the challenges for organizations?
Andy Murray, AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP) and partner at RSM UK Consulting discusses how AXELOS' P3M3 Maturity Model enables organizations to identify how they can improve their performance.
Transform knowledge into practice with ITIL® Practitioner
Practical guidance designed to drive continual improvement From the global leader in IT Service Management best practice comes the latest evolution in the ITIL framework. Developed by a dedicated team of IT professionals, ITIL Practitioner is the new follow on from ITIL Foundation that builds on the 'what' and the 'why' and gives users the know-how to identify and deliver improvement initiatives in the workplace. A brand new qualification to complement the existing framework ITIL Practitioner prepares individuals for a broad range of challenges faced within ITSM, equipping them with practical guidance, confidence and know-how to adopt and adapt the ITIL framework according to an organization's requirements. Key Facts - A practical approach to adopting and adapting ITIL - Covers 3 critical competencies and 9 guiding principles - Available to ITIL Foundation qualified users and above - ITIL Practitioner is not a pre-requisite for an Intermediate course - Equivalent to 3 credits towards ITIL Expert - Counts as 15 of your 20 points towards your ITIL digital badge - Launching February 2016. Visit the ITIL Practitioner qualification page for more information: https://www.axelos.com/qualifications/itil-qualifications/itil-practitioner-level
Herding Cats Behind the Scenes
Managing any kind of project can sometimes feel like herding cats. AXELOS put together a hilarious video which shows our Project Manager Tom attempting to manage some very hairy stakeholders. In this video, we show you some behind the scenes footage of how our project to create this video meant we literally had to herd cats. Ironic? We thought so too. Watch the original video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBQ8rv_MF04
AXELOS' Nick Wilding discusses the TalkTalk cyber attack on ITV News
Following the hacking attack on TalkTalk, AXELOS' Head of Cyber Security Nick Wilding discusses the need for organizations to be cyber resilient. Interviewed on ITV news, Nick talks about the importance of organizations talking to each other about the threats and impacts of cyber-attacks and how the “human factor” is critical to enabling organizations to protect themselves. Nick states that the majority of successful attacks happen due to people inadvertently compromising security, so that by using their people more effectively, businesses should be able to prevent cyber security breaches and reduce cyber risk. For information about AXELOS' Cyber Resilience Best Practice, see https://www.axelos.com/best-practice-solutions/resilia.
ITIL Foundation Exam App Video
The Official AXELOS ITIL Foundation Exam Sample App is now available to download FREE from the Apple store. The sample App allows users to experience the design and functionality of the full App before they commit to purchasing this. The sample App contains 30 questions, an extract from the case study, and the ability to sample the quick test and mock test practise modes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/official-axelos-itil-foundation/id709288961?mt=8 Upgrading to the full App unlocks full functionality and access to the complete question bank of 300 questions.
Learn about My AXELOS, an online content subscription service from AXELOS, aligned to world renowned IT service and project management frameworks ITIL, PRINCE2 and MSP.
Part 1  Agile Projects vs  Agile Product Dev
In the first of a series of training videos, PRINCE2 Agile Lead Author Keith Richards discusses agile projects and agile product development.
Webinar: MSP®: Managing Succesful Programmes in Practice
This AXELOS webinar discussed how the MSP framework can help organizations improve their programme management practices and offer better services to their customers. Featuring AXELOS PPM Portfolio Manager Mike Acaster and MSP Author Patrick Mayfield as well as Programme Manager Neil Aldridge and trainer John Edmonds, the session also provided examples of how MSP had been implemented to realize benefits for a global food and drink company and a UK university.
LV= Case Study Series Part 1: Their Journey of Adopting and Adapting ITIL
Watch the first video in the case study series featuring Liverpool Victoria (LV=). In this video, Dave Walker, Head of IT Service Management and Karen Dooling, Manager - Life, CIO & Shared Services Application Management discuss the company's journey over the last couple of years and how they are looking to continually improve in the future. Find out more at https://www.axelos.com/case-studies-and-white-papers/lv-video-case-study The next video will feature Karen and her colleagues going into more detail about the improvements they have made since the formation of the working party. "© Copyright AXELOS Limited 2015."