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Family Guy Clip: The A~HA Take On Me Scene In Full HD (READ DESCRIPTION FOR THE EPISODE)
The episode is season 4 episode 9 (so no one can keep asking) While searching for milk in the supermarket, Chris slips into a weird Norwegian musical world. I don't own this video this video belongs to Seth macfarlane New content: if you really liked the video subscribe and favorite Here is a audio re-edit of this scene go here for the new Audio re-edit http://youtu.be/GSX_XVM3mxs
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Dragon ball z gohan turns SSJ2 HD theme correction - unmei no Hi (tamashi vs tamashi) READ DESCRIP
What I did was remove Gohan's voice when he was speaking after 16 got his head smashed and also removed the narrators voice too And I put in the soundtrack
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Dragon Ball Z Kai Dubbed Properly With Battle Point Unlimited
Also I added some extra sound effects Just like in the Japanese dub there is no sound made by Frieza when trunks cuts him down the middle of his body even in the English dub the same thing happens no sound made by frieza but when it cuts to his face with his shocked expression after being cut he makes a sound trying to breath though he shouldn't because that sword cut right through his trachea
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Disneyland Indiana jones adventure sallahs safety and warning video
This was a project that I stopped working on after two years but I worked on it again this month and now it's been finally uploaded on here for you guys and this wasn't so hard to work on
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Disneyland Indiana jones all new door effects HD 2015
Yup and you need to see them in person
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My new version of the twister ride it out model
If you guys didn't notice the tornado is in the background destroying the drive in screen but the iPad screen is really bright so yea
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ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter Disney Full Maintenance Worker Night Vision Cam Original Scene
this is the original night vision cam from the classic alien encounter attraction I've been given proper permission to upload this full original night vision segment to YouTube for the fans of alien encounter. Jerry rees is the one who granted me the permission to upload this.
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Dragon ball Z Kai Yamcha Killed nearly By Android 20 4;3 Stretch (SD)
sorry for the low quality video, found this on kissanime could not find it in any better quality sorry friends yet enjoy it. and i also stretched it so it can feel like it's widescreen yet it's not. i do hate the original dbz which it's stuck in the crappy widescreen.....i love dbz but not the aspect it's stuck in
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Dragon Ball Z (OST Battle Point Unlimited) soundtrack Short Version
I do not own this soundtrack it belongs to its rightful owners
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Family guy clip: A~ha Take On Me Audio Re-edit HD
This is just the bass re-edit sounds way better than the other video I uploaded a while back
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Disney World Alien Encounter Seize The Future Main Theme Remastered
Sorry, I had to re-fix the theme because in the last video it sounded way too awful. Wear headphones for the better quality of this version.
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Alien Encounter Disney World Full Night Vision Scene Fan Made With Alien Attack W/ Master Audio mix
the full night vision scene was given to me by jerry rees full actual scene is in my pc Enjoy!!!
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Water show battle point unlimited dragon ball z part 1/10
More will come soon and I got this at toys r us
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Disney World's Alien Encounter Rare Fake Guests Audio Track 1994 Version
This is the rare fake guests from the never fully experienced show that never met the light of day. enjoy
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RIP twister ride it out tribute
R.i.p twister ride it out one of my best childhood memories show Now gone ;-; Twister Ride It Out... Closed November 2nd 2015 and was replaced with a jimmy Fallon attraction I knew it!! It's a stupid simulator!!!! Damn it universal why a damn simulator!!!!!
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Dragon Ball Z Nappa Breaks Tiens Arm Off! Japanese Dub W/Subs
Nappa using the Arm Smasher on Tien!
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Dragon Ball Z Android 20 Destroys The City (Bruce Score) HD
Audio has been remastered (not gonna put a copyright name because 1, i do not own dragon ball z 2, it makes you look like a moron when you put it 3, yes it's smart so others won't steal the content but still)
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Twister ride it out brand new tornado background animation with music
There is no music in the beginning because of copy right just the sound effects (No body needs to know) is the song And yes you can download this but download it at the best Quality
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The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter Model
After a year and a half of hard working. the model has been finally finished. the sign off: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdH8OuxMSsg&index=25&list=PL1ji8u5VTAgjAuz1_KIOa3ytijYSdskKD the full night vision segment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED4inYI2va0
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Dragon Ball Z Kai Raditz Death (With blood)
I do not own dragon ball z or Any thing all rights belong to its rights full owners
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Disney World Alien Encounter "Seize the future" Theme Soundtrack Remastered
This has been remastered with a new clear sounding quality. (Headphones recemmonded)
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NEW!! Twister ride it out model 1.k subscriber special
Thanks everyone for the 1.k subs ^_^
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40 Subscriber Special!!!!!!!!!! Twister Ride It Out Model Testing not part four
This video was re- uploaded due to the copyright fragments cause of the audio from twister, so go and try and enjoy this cause it's the coolest version i ever made it took me two days to make but as the days past on it got more and more better as the days drove by so now it's look exactly like the one in Universal Studioes Orlando Florida just a little different, Some where in the Future the tornado will be dry ice instead of cotton balls. Like,Favorite,and Subscribe OH almost for got And Share this to your Friends and remeber youtube I'm trying to keep the copyright strike from hitting 2 so youtube try to be a little NICE😡!!!!!!!.
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Twister Ride It Out Mainshow Score Newly Fixed Stereo Soundtrack
the audio has been fixed into a better sounding version a little more similar to the attractions version
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Twister Ride It Out Soundtrack Main Show Score remastered
This has been re uploaded the other soundtrack that has been put private due to some errors in the music pieces that have been fixed And the trumpets of fear soundtrack has been updated with another mix that was from close encounters called the mother ship which I'm sure they used on the attraction because the audio sounds a bit different
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!Twister ride it out soundtrack with tornado background! Test
Yes you can download this if you like You have permission from me to use this even for your own model if you're doing a video or making a life size model out of material at your house What's new New Dorothy bleeping sound That's basically it lol oh btw a new version is coming soon
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Universal studios Hollywood the Wizarding world of Harry Potter low light full ride through HD 2016
This version of Harry Potter is way better than the one in Florida it has more light more effects NEW 3D effects and more!! And you feel the air when the whopping willow tries hitting you and it has more light than the one in Florida so you can see the whole tree it self and it has more detail and there is a lot more dementores I think I spelled that right tell me in the comments below and you guys gotta ride this it's so awesome (and the lag issue is still happening sorry about that guys)
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Dragon Ball Z OCEAN DUB Androids Meet Yamcha HD (Properly Mixed & synced)
for the ocean dub fans now you received an amazing dub over with the blu ray HD quality video
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Disneyland Indiana Jones (alone rider) WARNING READ DESC last day before refurbishment 2017
WARNING the audio is having issues so watch your volume please and yes i rode this by myself that wish has come true finally the audio messes up at the mummy chamber and the snake temple when indy speaks this was recorded on the 30th of april final day of indiana jones before they closed the ride for a one month refurbishment things are going around saying indy will re-open on the 26 of this month hopefully everything is fixed
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Take On Me Family Guy HD (reupload)
Here's the new version of the family guy take on me scene in HD http://youtu.be/DZpKPrUKn1U !PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING THING ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO (FOX) AND (SETH MC FARLANE) AND TO A-HA AND I DO NOT OWN THE BAND A-HA 😓 phew that not all, Episode 4 season 9 (breaking out is hard to do) (FAMILY GUY characters) I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS Stewie griffin Brian griffin Chris griffin Meg griffin (Peter griffin) (Lois griffin) https://mega.co.nz/#!MhMHyZiY!https://mega.co.nz/#!MhMHyZiY!tdX5u9lMLfSfnJqEdGImG77cTLmOcSIT83xHGsWJqxo https://mega.co.nz/#!MhMHyZiY!tdX5u9lMLfSfnJqEdGImG77cTLmOcSIT83xHGsWJqxo K guy ignore this crap here XD
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Stitch's Great Escape Final Month Of Operation 2017 HD Full Attraction In Low Light
I had permission to record this. Trying to do so without asking will lead up to you being told to turn off your device. And plus i made friends on this attraction so they allowed me to record. some alien encounter stuff still exists inside of this like near the end of this video
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glen's death nightmare on elm street no voices
the voices have been removed
Views: 474 Dark Doge X-s Tech
Disneyland indiana jones 2018 Alone On-Ride Back Row
This is the second time i'm alone on this ride and it was fun as always
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Twister Ride It Out Audio Track Tornado Siren Background Audio
This is heard when you enter the main show and leave from the second pre show
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Lost video twister ride it out full experience 2015 "read description"
this video was never uploaded the reason why was I didn't have enough space on my iPad. Also I edited out the sound because the sounds in the attraction where terrible so I decided to dub it out with audio from older videos so it'll sound better and I added some other sound effects as well. And yes this was recorded in 2015 but not when they decided to add the new "Dorothy" and fix the machine that would make the tornado in the middle of the stage. The sound that came from that was meant to be silent so it won't get attention from the guests but some how the pipe or volt broke so it made that loud hissing noise.
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A Nightmare On Elm Street Glen's Death Original Full Screen HD DVD Quality
This Is The Original Uncropped Version Of This Scene Enjoy!!
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Final Edit Twister Ride It Out Main Show Only Soundtrack (In memory of Bill Paxton)
My final edit onto this soundtrack. I hope you guys enjoy, also rest in peace Bill paxton 1975–2017 He shall be missed. Rip Twister Ride It Out 1998--2015
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My Channel Trailer
Views: 1241 Dark Doge X-s Tech

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