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Five Night's at F**kboy's Debug Room and Secret Dungeon
first off i didn't know a lot about that dungeon so i need to cheat to get the vending machine and learn the combo skills and about the debug room you need to go and back at woman restroom 6 times then hold q and you need to enter a code the code is: "uuddlrlrbas" then punch the crack at the show stage 2500 times. the secret dungeon you need to beat all the cams, i was bored so i cheat to beat all the cams also you need to punch it 100 times. i guess that's all but about the night xxx video... just don't it is canceled because i become enraged at it. the w and q scenarios i will do it to end the first game once and for all, piss out...
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Five Night's at Fuckboys 1 Night X Full Playthrough (no commentary)
i give up i edited but it don't work so copyright it now i don't care anymore here is the game link:http://gamejolt.com/games/five-nights-at-f-boy-s-final-mix/53422 also thanks movie maker for wasting my time i hate you
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Fuck Nights at Wario's Full Playthrough
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Z7VgF Game: http://gamejolt.com/games/f-nights-at-wario-s/102183
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FNAFB: Withered Wackiness Lunging Bite 2.0
👍⚐💣✋☠☝ 💧⚐⚐☠📬📬📬 👎✋💧👍⚐☼👎 💧☜☼✞☜☼🖳 https://discord.gg/GjxZ5E8
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Intro For: Giant Asian Sticker
#SellOut Song: Charlie The Chicken Kill Me Now Cover
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Yes - Nero's Day more like Big Gay
Artist: Yes Music: Nero's Day more like Big Gay Album: Shrek's Day In The Swamp
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Five Night's at Fuckboys Night XX (Full Playthrough)
i sorry for hack the game but a time ago i can't beat golden freddy so i need it. and after the problem in the camera's song i change the song that plays in the fight to don't have that problem again... here is the game link:http://gamejolt.com/games/five-nights-at-f-boy-s-final-mix/53422 Night XXX Video will be soon as possible, also i will do the bonus scenarios and a special video to the secret dungeon and the debug room
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Pokemon Red: Beating Brock with only a Lv. 20 Magikarp
First off: Why did i fast foward the game: i already tried that and i didn't used fast foward that took a lot of time so i just decided to speed up so the video will not be that boring
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Intro For: Panda Designe
intro for friend new 7 years he have
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Yes - Heil
Artist: Yes Music: Heil Album: Shrek's Day In The Swamp Songs Used: Ass - Pokémon Go Theme
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Five Night's at Fuckboys 3 Custom Fight: Eminem
The moves i use is tophat toss with freddy, bunny hop with bonnie i don't use backup bash or backup barrage because it uses a lot MP, Rising Phoenix with chica, rushdown with foxy. so i count 3 turns after use rising phoenix one time use X-Large Soda than hope eminem don't use pistol or/and spread bomb, but the spread bomb costs 35 tp so him will only use it if him has like 75% hp. Eminem move set is: Attack, Dual Attack, Triple Attack, Toy Bonnie's Spread bomb, Curing Wing, Regeneration, Lying Luna, Second Wind, Dispel Dance, All Debuff and Buff's Springtrap Moves. Sing: has a base of 400 damage to all enemies and has 50% to sleep or silence. Gun Shot: has a base of 125x4 damage to all enemies. Knife: instantly make 1 hp to 2 random enemies..
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i almost got laid (STORYTIME)
cafunga carequinha
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sans gaming
sans gaming
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Sarcastic Slab The Invencible Melee Kill with Zer0
coming soon op8 version...
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Five Fucking Nights at Chica's #1
Surprise i didn't made a full playthrough in one vid? anyways so this game is really hard, but not your normal hard difficulty from the normal FnaFbs that game is really unbalanced i'll tell 2 things that made this game really unbalanced: 1: The Enemies's Stats are even bigger than the others from the original fnafb. 2: You only use 1 character which is chica, (ik that you can recruit toy chica but idk how). how the fuck can i beat that shit? i give this game a 7/10 because of it been unbalanced and for not been so original. Game: http://gamejolt.com/games/five-f-king-nights-at-chica-s/157355 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/4nBUgnr
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Shadowlock's Pizza & Grill: 20 SUBSCRIBERS SPECIAL (Final)
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/GjxZ5E8 THE FINAL OF THE BEST GAME EVER, also thanks for the 20 subscribers.
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Pokemon Red: Elite Four Beat With A Level 70 Raticate
if you think that this is easy idc i was not thinking in recording this but i asked to my friends and they said yes so i recorded. sorry for the Discord Sounds also sorry for the lag and sorry for appearing the Emulator things in some point of the vid. and you maybe have noticed that my pokedex that i had 7 pokemons so first i used the randomiser to change my starter to rattata (i was going to do with rattata but everytime that he level up i needed to cancel so i just let he evolve and if you say that everstones exists there's no everstone in first gen) so i needed a hm slave to don't catch one pokemon to each hm i caught a mew so i also caught an oddish to weaken mew so i can catch him and i catched a abra to do the mew glitch. now the other 2 was Hitmonchan and Lapras. i was thinking in do a series completing all the game with only rattata but i didn't so i just recorded the Elite Four.
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Intro For: Notorious criminals who have been done by you in my lips I life anymore and i don't know
lyrics: [Verse 1] Ask you once, ask you twice now There's lipstick on your collar You say she's just a friend now Then why don't we call her So you wanna go home with someone To do all the things you used to do to me I swear, I know you do [Pre-Chorus] Used to take me out, in your fancy car And make out in the rain And when I ring you up Don't know where you are 'Til I hear her say your name Used to sing along, when you played guitar That's a distant memory Hope she treats you better than you treated me, ha [Chorus] I'm onto you, yeah you I'm not your number one I saw you, with her Kissing and having fun If you're giving her all of your money and time I'm not gonna sit here wasting mine on you, yeah, you Ciao adios, I'm done Ciao adios, I'm done Ciao adios, I'm done [Verse 2] After three, after four times Why did I bother? Tell me how many more times Does it take to get smarter? Don't need to deny the hurt and the lies And all of the things that you did to me I swear, I know you did [Pre-Chorus] And now you take her out, in your fancy car And you make out in the rain And when she rings you up She know where you are But I know differently Now she sings along, when you play guitar Making brand new memories Hope you treat her better than you treated me [Chorus] I'm onto you, yeah you I'm not your number one I saw you, with her Kissing and having fun If you're giving her all of your money and time I'm not gonna sit here wasting mine on you, yeah, you Ciao adios, I'm done (I'm done) Ciao adios, I'm done (no, no, no, no) Ciao adios, I'm done If you're giving her all of your money and time I'm not gonna sit here wasting mine on you, yeah, you Ciao adios, I'm done
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Intro For: Pigeon Studios
Twenty One Pilots' voice(s) are beautiful man
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Osais Tribute #osais
don't strike m*therfuck
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Pokémon Fire Red: The Entire Game In One Video
that took less than what i thought whale
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Special 9/11
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Intro For: Podado Peed
that song is actually good... not the lyrics. not my grammar didn't watched the video before posting so if life sucks minecraft is roblox
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Shadowlock's Pizza & Grill #2 Engage the Glitched Spring Freddy! (RE-UP)
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/MZbk5vK I GOT A FUCKING FLAG FROM A EAR RAPE GOD FUCKING DAMMIT
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Your Reality (Mishstar Cover)
emotional click here for nudes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4qw7KO8dPfyFrNxR6ea9hw
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Osais - Wonderwall (Piano Cover)
by beat em' oven
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Osais Week #3: Fucking in the bushes
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daily vlog #1 part 2/10
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Pokemon Yellow: The Entire Game In One Video
also time counter
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How to make merchandise
I'm HowToBasic LOL! osais week coming soon btw.
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I Acquired Glasses So You Know What That Means
i can now be an osu professional but hyperdimension neptunia is better
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Osais Week #2 Supersonic
smash the like button for sick guitar
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Intro For: Webdriver Torso
intro for an alien that lives on the planet: AAAAAAAAAAAAA LITHUANIAN
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How 2 Be Rich
workers ane handred tames
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Motivational Video (EMOTIONAL)
since my last got tons of hate i decided to tell them i'm not quitting and i'm gonna keep making funny skits! you're all just jealous that i have 69 subs LOL
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fucking virgin
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How To: Infinity Pistol
100% tru Background Song: Shine by Xyperus
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sans gaming
sans gaming
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Intro For: Minecraft4Ever Gamer
kid hahahahahahhahah
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Intro For: Boner
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How To: Long Shot
ok Background Song: Blues Saraceno - Evil Ways
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Baghan Trainss - All About That B-ASS
And Me Saffering
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Pokémon Crystal: The Entire Game In One Video
no time counter because i didn't remembered every puzzle and how to get every hm
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Title Too Long Read Description
it's 1:43am i don't want to sleep so here's a snake playthrough while an edgy song plays in the background
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A friend on school asked for me to make this and i was like why not.
Anyways i'm off to watch toji no miko Tags:(please ignore) End of the hcnnales?, Opening paotreon?
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