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Daylighting the Sawmil River
Video by Planifax
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Sea Level Rise And What You Can Do About It!
As part of the Educating Coastal Communities About Sea-level Rise (ECoAS) project, the EAC and DFO have teamed up with PLANifax to bring awareness to the issue of sea-level rise and encourage coastal communities to take it into consideration when planning for the future! We've also created an informative website www.sealevelrise.ca along with eye-catching and educational infographics in French and English which can be found on our site. Check it out! The ECoAS project is a co-led initiative between the Ecology Action Centre and Fisheries and Oceans Canada and is designed to translate scientific climate change research into useable information to educate coastal communities within Atlantic Canada about rising seas. The aims of this project are to: 1. Help communities learn about sea-level rise and how it affects them 2. Provide access to tools that have been developed locally with the latest climate change information available 3. Illustrate the need for incorporating sea-level rise into future plans This Project was supported partially by a financial contribution from Fisheries and Oceans Canada/Ce projet fut appuyé partiellement par une contribution financière de Pêches et oceans Canada.
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Hydraulic Fracturing: Should Nova Scotia Experiment?
This is the live stream of a talk given in Halifax on June 15, 2015 by Dr. John Cherry, hydrogeologist. Dr. Cherry was lead author of the Council of Canadian Academies 2014 report, Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction in Canada. He presently heads the University Consortium for Field-Focused Groundwater Contamination Research and is Associate Director of the G-360 Centre for Applied Groundwater Research based at University of Guelph. The sound and visual quality of this video are challenging at places and there are some gaps. Dr. Cherry has generously shared the slides of his presentation to supplement the video. Because this is a Hangout on Air the feed runs much longer than the actual recording. The talk ends around 1:52:00. The powerpoint of this presentation is available for download at https://www.dropbox.com/s/oxgk6k7ig1w164s/Cherry%2C%202015%20(Shale%20gas%20talk%20Kings%20College%20June%2015%202015).pptx?oref=e&n=420133224
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Environmental Issues Election Debate
Together with Sierra Club Canada Atlantic Chapter and East Coast Environmental Law, EAC hosted a public environmental issues debate on May 16th. The event was attended by over 170 members of the public and the media. Candidates from the Green Party, Liberals, NDP, and PCs were present. The Atlantica Party submitted a written statement in absentia. The following prepared questions were asked of candidates: 1. Do you agree that every Nova Scotian has a right to clean water and unpolluted air and will you commit to adopting a provincial Environmental Bill of Rights? 2. Will you work with provincial, federal, and indigenous leaders in Atlantic regions to call for an arms-length ocean planning process in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and immediately declare the areas (including Sydney Bight) under the jurisdiction of NS off limits to oil and gas until such a review is done? 3. Will you commit to reduce emissions by 50% below 1990 levels by 2030, and how will you achieve these targets while strengthening the green economy? 4. Will you include wildlife vehicle collision prevention in a revised provincial Road Safety Strategy, and commit to analyzing the impact of highway twinning and large infrastructure projects on wildlife? 5. Will you implement the commitments in the Natural Resources Strategy, including the reduction of clearcutting to no more than 50% of all forest harvesting and reform of destructive forestry practices? 6. Will you commit to introducing a Coastal Protection Act within 18 months of getting into office? 7. Will you remove the exemption for quarries less than 3.9 ha from the Environmental Assessment Regulations? 8. Will you commit to investing in an intertie between NS and NB, that will enable us to shut down 80% of our coal-fired plants by 2020? 9. Will you reinvigorate EGSPA through a public process and establish new goals, including required local food procurement for all provincial government institutions? 10. Will you commit to opening up the Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act, to implement the regulatory framework for aquaculture recommended in the 2014 Doelle-Lahey Report? 11. In the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation calls to action and the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and Mi'kmaq Treaty Rights, what is your position on the duty to consult with Mi'kmaq Treaty Rights holders, in relation to their cultural, inherent right to protect their lands and waters in Mi'kmaki regarding the Alton Gas Project.
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Our Living Shoreline - Halifax
The EAC and 100 volunteers and experts created a living shoreline at the Saint Mary's Boat Club in Halifax in the spring of 2015. Watch this short video for the details! Big thanks to Jessica Sypher for putting this video together, to Jason Shaw at Audionautix for the background music, to Halifax for giving us the space to plant a living shoreline, to Intact Insurance for their financial support, and to Helping Nature Heal for their great ecological landscaping skills. Contact [email protected] or (902) 442 5046 for more information, or visit ecologyaction.ca/issue-area/coastal-and-water for our other projects.
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Bridgewater: Best Practices in Smart Energy Community Planning from Nova Scotia
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia has reduced its corporate greenhouse gas emissions by 15% since engaging in an Energy Management Project. Now it's launching an exciting new program to engage with its citizens about their energy use. This video was made for the SECURE project. For more information about SECURE see: ecologyaction.ca/SECURE_NPA
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